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6.6/10? What absolute bull. Don't believe the low rating.
ninjagaiden00728 March 2007
I heard bad things about this movie. I heard it wasn't well written and that Jim Carrey was a bad actor in it etc. DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT! It's not true. This movie is absolutely amazing. Jim Carrey did an excellent job at acting serious. He was 100% serious in this movie. He didn't try any facial expressions or noises he was 100% serious. He did an unforgettable role. He's even more serious than The Truman Show. The story is well put together and well written. Carrey losing his memory after a car crash in the river. The town people think he's someone that went to war and who has come back. Carrey must try to remember who he is. The people they know who he is are looking for him and will cause a lot of trouble if he doesn't find out quick. Fantastic, sweet and dramatic story. I recommend it to anyone. It is to be enjoyed by anyone. 10/10
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A film-writer accused of being a communist loses his memory in an auto accident and ends up in a small town where he is thought to be a missing-in-action World War II hero.
mdrebeck2226 April 2006
This is one of my favorite Jim Carey movies and I have watched it over and over. It really shows his versatility as an actor, not just a comic, and I loved the plot. An old fashioned movie with no bad language, sex or violence. It was extremely well cast and I really liked the old gentleman who lived in the basement of the theater and was so dignified. Every time I see him with his "Dog" I get a lump in my throat. Jim Carey plays such a caring role and his relationship with Harry is so warm and believable.The way he gets the town to rally around the Majestic is fun and wonderful. The woman who plays his lady-friend is beautiful and I wish I could see her in other movies. One of my favorite all time films.
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I liked it too although I'm not usually a Jim Carey fan
mjtaylor_communications21 November 2004
This DVD came in my last batch from Netflix, and I wondered why I had ever chosen it. Finally on a rainy Saturday, I put it on and was enchanted and moved. Jim Carey was great as were all the cast. The story seemed so very timely in light of recent national events. A land where dissenting voices are labeled unpatriotic and people of intellect and wide-ranging analysis are dismissed as elitist is positively frightening. "The Majestic" shows how we can get back to being our best selves and fulfill our promise as a nation that now seems so bleak to some of us. Caring about each other, our community, that is how we really come alive and make a difference. Building and striving for what is possible and making it safe to express and fulfill dreams gives me hope that we really can get back to where we belong if we'd only stop being so self-righteous, rude, and intolerant. I grew up in the party of Eisenhower but never felt that opposing ideas were unpatriotic. We need to be kinder to each other, recapture the courtesy of a lost era, be thoughtful and intellectually curious to be sure that we come up with the very best ideas and solutions we can in today's world. "The Majestic" is a wonderful reminder of what ordinary people can do when we come together and work to achieve something that uplifts a whole community. I heartily recommend it.
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Finally,a Jim Carrey movie I like.
SmileysWorld26 June 2002
I have been a big fan of Jim Carrey since his "In Living Color" days. I always felt he had a bright future ahead of him,as talented as the man is.I very much looked forward to the man's film career beginning, but sadly,at least for me anyway,his big screen efforts have left a lot to be desired.Most of Carrey's films have been ridden with oversexed dialog and toilet humor.Finally,a much more toned down Carrey gives me something to smile about.His efforts in The Majestic are simply amazing. The slapstick humor is put aside,very delicately,and what we have is a very appealing fictional story,with Carrey making an excellent romantic and dramatic lead.If you go into the watching of this film looking for the outrageous hairdo of Ace Ventura,the hideous green mask,or anything of the like from his previous films,this will be a big disappointment to you,but if you go into it with an open mind about what he can accomplish dramatically,you will be most pleased.Things are looking up for Jim Carrey.Also,Martin Landau is great as always in a supporting role.Thumbs up!
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Jim Carrey can play any role he wants!!!!
nomatterhowminor5 October 2004
By the end of this movie you will love the movies, love America, and love Jim Carrey. Every other movie staring Jim Carrey, no matter how serious, you could still see a little bit of Ace Ventura coming out. In this movie, it is a COMPLETE 180 degree performance. There were no outrageous facial expressions, gestures or body movements. It was just him, and he's awesome!

The story was good too, of course. Peter Appleton (Jim) is a movie writer during the time of the communist witch-hunt and he gets black-listed, loses his memory and winds-up in this town in which he looks like a guy that was lost in the war. He adopts this life because he doesn't know any better and he falls in love there. When he realizes who he is and is called to testify on his own behalf, he realizes that he needs to stand up against the committee because, "if a bully rises up, it's up to us all to beat them back down, no matter the cost."
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A throwback film in the Frank Capra style
Roy Jaruk18 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
That comment sums up the movie. If you happen to like Capra-esquire movies, you will adore The Majestic. If you think they are silly, sentimental and simplistic, you won't. It's just that simple.

The movie plot runs on two levels. Jim Carrey, playing straight, is Peter Appleton, a B-movie screenwriter in 1951 Hollywood who is trying to break into A-pictures when he is accused of being a Communist by the House Un-American Activities Committee. As the witch hunt begins to unfold, he has a traffic accident that ends with him and his car falling into a river. He is carried out to sea only to be washed up on the beach below Lawson, California - with no memory of who he is, his past life, or how he got there.

He is promptly mistaken for Luke Trimble, a local hero missing and presumed dead by the entire town, who like 62 other Lawson boys gave his life for his country in World War II. Lawson's sacrifice was recognized by President Roosevelt declaring the town a national monument and sending a bronze sculpture to commemorate its dead. However, the town's losses have caused Lawson to lose its heart and its way.

The reappearance of 'Luke,' and Peter's actions taken in another man's shoes, revitalize the town beginning with Luke's father, Harry (Martin Landau, in a great role) and The Majestic, the theatre owned by the Trimbles, which Harry had closed in 1942 presumably on learning of Luke's death. While Adele, the doctor's daughter (and Luke's fiancée) tries to restore 'Luke's' memory, Peter and Harry refurbish and reopen The Majestic, and bring life back to the town. All is going well in 'Luke's' life... until the investigators for the HUAC show up with a subpoena a couple of days after Harry's death - on the day of Harry's funeral, in fact - and coincidentally after Peter's regaining his memory.

Peter's agent also shows up. He has news. It has occurred to the HUAC that in Peter's case, perhaps they are mistaken; but they have to save face. All Peter, a man who has never had much in the way of personal convictions, has to do is stand up at an HUAC hearing in Los Angeles and read a prepared statement in which he abjures his membership in the Communist Party, apologizes for his error, promises to mend his ways and name names, and all will be forgiven. He'll get his life back. His A-list film, which the studio shelved, will go back into production. He'll get everything he ever wanted.

But Peter has a problem. It's Luke, you see. He was not just a local hero. He was a Hero with a capital H, and Peter has been him for a few months, as Adele points out to him; and when Luke reaches out from the past to touch Peter, Peter is ready to listen.

If you are a Capra fan, you can guess the ending and will approve. If you aren't, you'll say this is a mixture of schmaltz and hokum with just a dash of idealism and SO not realistic. And if you say that, I say you're wrong.

Capra could have made this picture, with Jimmy Stewart as Peter/Luke, June Allyson as Adele, Edward Arnold as the head of the HUAC, and a whole bunch of MGM's "old reliable" character actors in the supporting roles. The movie is a throwback to a more innocent time when people still believed in heroes and dared to dream about more than just maintaining the status quo. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it an 8; and I wish Carrey would make more movies like this. He's a better straight actor than he is given credit for. This is one of the movies you can tell will stand the test of time, and as such you should add it to your collection and your list to the 200 Greatest American Movies.
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Feel good
rbverhoef8 February 2003
This is a nice film. A movie that will make you laugh. I smiled most of the movie, and may be that was too long (146 minutes), I enjoyed it all. The story (a man with amnesia is seen as a long lost son in a small town) is not that special, but it has some nice things to avoid the bigger cliches. Jim Carrey is great as he was in The Truman Show. The movie is very well made, and in the end you will have a nice feeling about it.
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Majestic-ally Well Done
LieutenantFrankDrebin24 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The Majestic stars Jim Carrey as a Hollywood writer Peter Appleton who gets in a car crash and loses his memory. He is found in a town that has been hit hard by the war. The townspeople want so badly to have their boys back again, that they mistake Appleton for one of their soldiers.He comes back with a soldier's welcome and he believes for a while that he truly is their lost son. Eventually Appleton comes to grips that he is not who the people want him to be. This movie is well done by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption/The Green Mile). Martin Landau was great as the grieving father of a lost son at war. This movie has some great moments and it has a well put together romance in it. Also, notice Matt Damon's voice is cameoed when reading the letter from the lost son. 8/10
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Best Carey movie ever
brainybrailler25 February 2006
Like most people I know, I've seen Jim Carey preform in movies where the writers expected him to have a warped sense of humor or outlook on life, or a zany personality - or both. Sometimes I appreciated it, such as in Batman Forever or Bruce Almighty; other times I didn't, like when he preformed a butchered Grinch or when Ace Ventura made me sick with his humor. Still, whether I liked the movie's story, I admired the way his acting brought the crazies to life. The only exception I'd ever seen was him as the quiet, grown narrator in Simon Birch - until I found The Majestic. Here he doesn't have an outburst of anger, or a goofy-acting moment. He plays a Hollywood screenwriter, Peter - or Pete - Appleton, who thinks life is good and lives it normally. He's on the verge of making 1st-rate films, has an actress girlfriend, and is respected by all. But all that changes when he's blacklisted for attending a communist meeting, unawares, with his college girlfriend. He's now stripped of his girlfriend, who dumps him, and his career when his latest screenplay is examined by the FBI to see whether he is indeed a communist. Having too much to drink at the local bar, he makes the mistake of going out to drive afterward and crash-lands in a river, managing to escape the car but knocking his head so when discovered on the beach of Lawson the next morning by resident Stan Keller (James Whitmore, The Shawshank Redemption) he doesn't have a clue who he is or why he's there. The townspeople find him familiar, and shortly after he arrives former theater owner Harry Trimble (Martin Landau) is convinced that this is his son Luke, MIA almost a decade ago in WWII. The people, still grieving over the lost of 60 others, are delighted to welcome "Luke" home. He is content to live surrounded by people who admire him, Luke's girlfriend Adele, and work in the Majestic movie theater, unaware that he has both another life and a government agency waiting to catch up to him. This movie itself really is majestic. Someone I know who's always thought Carey overdid his roles saw this, and loved it and called him a good actor. I loved it myself. I thought it was odd how we barely met Pete's original girlfriend, who wasn't even shown breaking up with him, and the fact that the government suddenly had doubts that he was the communist spy they'd thought the day his trial was set, especially after they rejected his movie script as communist work and wrote his vehicle as belonging to a commie in the papers when it was found (and with the wallet picture found with it, why did nobody see its resemblance to "Luke"?). but I enjoyed everything about this anyway. This is by far the best Jim Carey movie I've seen.
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The serious side of Carrey
helpless_dancer4 January 2004
I often wondered how Carrey would handle a drama and now I know. Totally enjoyed this trip through nostalgiatown as Carrey rejuvenated a town with his infectious personality. Heavily dramatic at times but always with an undercurrent of jollity running through it. I especially appreciated Carrey's dead on comments in the military graveyard.
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Just perfect, should be rated 10:-)
Pancho25044 September 2009
Having seen the mediocre rating this film has garnered on here I began to watch it expecting nothing more than an average film and a forgettable way to spend a couple of hours on a Friday night, how wrong was I! What I ended up with was an absolute gem of a film, from the quietly emotional performance of Martin Landau to the very restrained yet brilliant portrayal offered by Jim Carrey, every actor was cast to perfection and as the film moves gently along it takes you on an ultimately uplifting journey. I would recommend this film to anyone who is bored of the constant stream of action blockbusters or who has never seen Jim Carrey do anything other than gurn his way through a film, if only more of his performances were laced with the kind of down to earth humanity he shows in this picture our perception of him as an actor would be quite different, my only complaint is that it took me 8 years to find this film but all good things come to those who wait I suppose:-) Do yourselves a favour, find a copy of this film, open a bottle of wine and sit back with someone you care about and just let it wash over you like a soft breeze on a summers day.
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The Majestic Moose
hammytl6 July 2004
This installment from the Frank Darabont, director of Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and soon to come Fahrenheit 451, came back in 2001. This film highlights th actor Jim Carrey in a more serious role aside from his brilliance ion the realm of comedy. This film has a great message about standing up for what we believe in against any kind of oppression or tyranny even if it comes from our own government. This is told using a flavorful twist of identities, which of course is based primarily upon the old French Medieval legend- Return of Martin Guerre, and the growing concern of communism in the late 40's and early 50's. There are also some other historical aspects that need to be addressed. This movie came at the eve of 9-11, which led to a massive hysteria over, not Commies, but of Muslims. Interesting how the writer/director Darabont takes this lost character who takes another's identity and transforms him a hero by simply adding that Carrey had amnesia. He now has a great message to give to the courts and to the "whole of mankind." At the time this movie came out, it seemed like the movie had little purpose and meaning. Watching it today, it has gained a new meaning and warning on our civilization(wasn't Darabont lucky). Unfortunately, I don't buy the argument and disagree. There are too many little details either missing or unlikely that hurt the story. Still, the originality, color, relationships, character development, angles, and plot development all draw to make this film highly enjoyable. This film receives 88.5 out of 100 points.
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A Classic
fire-585 July 2009
What can I say about this movie that it does not say for itself? I love this movie and I saw it in the theater and I have it on DVD. The story is really good and Jim Carey plays the part of Luke perfect. I am use to seeing him in silly comedies. But in this movie he plays two different people at once and its just one of those movies that I think every body likes. I think that all of our leaders in this country should watch the end of this movie. Every now and then a movie like this comes along and takes me by surprise. I recall when I saw it in the theater, I left the movie very happy with what I had just seen and I can't say that has happened to me in a long time. Really good films like this are rare. Plus the whole family can watch it and get behind it.
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A nostalgic trip into movie theatres of the past
gar4210 June 2003
Most people that I suggest this film to usually come back with "Jim Carrey, I don't think so". After all, Pet Detective, The Mask and "shudder" Dumb and Dumber don't leave the best taste in most peoples mouths. But then there's The Truman Show, still a bit "Jim Carreyish" but an excellent film all the same. In The Majestic Carrey shows that given the right vehicle he can indeed carry the show without the slapstick antics. The movie itself is directed by Frank Darabont, the director of two of my personal favorites, The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. The film itself follows one man's loss of his identity; his subsequent adoption of another mans life and the eventual melding of the two into one better person. The supporting cast in this film is amazing; it is very pleasant to watch a film in which you find not just one or two characters that you learn to love but easily a dozen! I cannot suggest this film too strongly; I enjoyed it from beginning to end.
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This is the film I think Frank Capra would have made out of the story of "The Return of Martin Guerre."
Emanuel Goldman10 February 2003
The Majestic", with Jim Carrey, apparently got poor reviews when it was first released, and didn't do much box office. Nevertheless, my brother suggested I catch it, and I'm glad that I did. Had I still been an active film critic when it appeared (I've published over 200 reviews mostly from 1968-80, including many in the Boston Phoenix), I would have given it a very favorable review. Yes, it does get a bit sentimental and maybe too syrupy for some viewers. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a positive statement -- but I was thoroughly engrossed and moved.

This is the film I think Frank Capra would have made out of the story of "The Return of Martin Guerre" (and remade as "Sommersby"). It has the small town sense of community so brilliantly created by Capra in "It's a Wonderful Life," and the passion for justice and American idealism of Capra's "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." A review posted on this site sees the film as a vehicle for an attack on the McCarthy hearings and the infamous Hollywood blacklist. While the film certainly contains that element, I see the film as much more about the transformation of a character, and the political subplot is more a vehicle to accomplish that. It's a film that has yet to find its audience, but I hope it will succeed in doing so, just as "It's A Wonderful Life" was not fully appreciated as the masterpiece that it was until many years after its release.

In addition to the strong and intriguing story of a man who suffers amnesia after an accident and finds himself thrust into another persona, the film also has marvelous cinematic qualities in the photography, music, and settings. Carrey's testimony at the committee hearing is breathtaking not only for its content, but for the way it is depicted on film.

And the love story is also one that will make you weep.

This is a very rich film, with multiple layers and meanings, and a true-blue wholesome core that has rarely been seen since Capra's days. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
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Leaves you without words and welcome tears
finnerss7 August 2002
Not enough words to comment on this film. Put simply, Darabont still is and will be one of the greatest directors in history, and time will grant reason to this comment. Jim Carrey simply shows the GREAT actor he is, it was about time he received roles and direction like this, he is among the greatest now. The movie overall might be a little long, but not one scene, in my opinion, is wasted, it all builds up and simply could be considered as a work of art which would deserve a lot more recognition.

Should become one of the 250 greatest films ever made.
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The Majestic is truly one of the best movies I have watched.......
nancymm4 August 2002
Believe me when I say I have watched a lot of movies in my 30+ years. Working the shifts I do for the past 4 years, I rarely get to go to the movies. I just ordered The Majestic on PPV, and I was so sorry I didn't get to see it on the big screen... What a fantastic, wonderful, entertaining, romantic and emotional story it is. I started crying soon after Peter gets his memory back, and I couldn't stop. If you've seen the movie, you know what part I am talking about. If you haven't seen it yet, PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch it!!! I didn't have any tissues, and I couldn't leave to get some, because I would miss some of the movie. I now have a partially wet T-Shirt and I can't wait to buy this on both DVD & VHS.

And I honestly can't say enough about Jim Carrey's performance... It was incredible. What a great actor he truly is... I can't wait to see him in more dramatic movie roles. I will be sure to make the time to go to see him on the big screen. I know it will be well worth it.
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old fashioned Kapra-Korn, well-done
stephenksmith6 August 2002
Jim Carey is a man who literally re-defines himself in the mold of the small-town hero. A recently black-listed Hollywood screenwriter, Carey, is leaving Tinseltown on a feel-sorry-for-yourself drunk drive and winds up washed up (literally and figuratively) on a beach having suffered amnesia. He's taken to a picturesque coastal California town and is mistaken (or is he?) for one of their boys lost in WWII. And what a boy he was--handsome, caring, talented... and engaged to the local Drs. daughter. Carey's character is confused and taken in by the love given by this town for their supposed returning war hero. But is he that man? Will he marry the girl "he" left behind? Will the commie chasers from J. Edgar Hooverland find him and make him face the music? Who is he, really! This is a throw back to the Kapra-Korn of earlier years. This is a movie that unabashedly creates a small town America that never was so polished and gleaming. But despite the cornball-ity of the whole thing, the sincerity of Mr. Carey's acting along with a fine ensemble cast pulls it off. It successfully explores the questions of just who are we, as inviduals and as a society? Can we measure up to the ideals that we hold for ourselves and for our nation? When is expediency--discretion, the better part of valor? Is there a nobility in self-sacrifice and in the angels of our naive and better natures? I like movies (and books and things) that ask questions and explore territory that is often neglected in this fast-cut, MTV film't age. Sure it's corny. More than a bit unrealistic, but the sincerity of script and cast pulls it off. What is the greatest generation? Any one where enough of us face the music... and dance.
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A feel good movie through and through
Shaun15 July 2012
Very rarely do I enjoy a movie from start to finish, I'm always left with a nagging feeling that something just doesn't add up. The Majestic is not one of these films. I enjoyed it so much that I was compelled to write this review, so that others may read it and decide to watch it too. The acting is stunning - but it's the story and dialogue that grabs hold and pulls you in. In terms of the style and tone, Jim Carrey's performance is more along the lines of "The Truman show", without the usual Jim Carrey comedy. If you are a Jim Carrey fan, you will love this, if you're not a Jim Carrey fan, you will LOVE this. 10 Stars.
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Thoughtful and moving
Neil Welch10 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Pete Appleton is a blacklisted screenwriter in 1950s Hollywood. He arrives in Lawson (typical small town America) having lost his memory in an accident, and is mistakenly identified as Luke Trimble, the son of cinema owner Harry, and missing in action in the war 9 years earlier. Knowing no better, Peter accepts that he probably is Luke, and slips into Luke's life, starting with the town adopting him as a returning hero.

Frank Darabont has produced a movie which stands shoulder to shoulder with The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption: it is leisurely, gentle in many ways, always engaging, concerns the triumph of the spirit, and has some tremendously affecting, emotional moments.

It is worth saying that the blacklisting issue is revisited - the audience always knows that Pete has been wrongly identified, and the discovery of his personal truth drives the last act - but the issues addressed are universal even though set during the McCarthy hearings.

There is a large cast, all of whom are excellent. Jim Carrey's Pete is an absolutely straight part - it is unfortunate that one customarily needs to make that clear with regard to Carrey's films - but, to me, this film belongs to Martin Landau, with a performance which brought me to tears several times.

I recommend this excellent film.
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Jim Carrey in a Capra-esque film
blanche-219 February 2011
I admit I only saw this film recently, many years after its release. Unlike some early reviewers, I wasn't surprised that Jim Carrey could do a dramatic role, as I'd seen a very early film of his, "Doin' Time on Maple Drive," as well as "The Truman Show" and "Man in the Moon." This film is directed by Frank Darabont, who has directed two wonderful films I've seen - The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption. Here he channels Frank Capra for a feel-good film that takes place in the 1950s. A blacklisted writer, Peter Appleton, gets drunk, has an accident, and washes up on the beach of a town called Lawson. And he can't remember a thing about who he is. In Lawson, he is mistaken for a World War II soldier believed dead, Luke Trimble, to whom he bears a resemblance. Luke's grief-stricken father Harry (Martin Landau), having not seen his son for some years, accepts Peter as Luke, and Peter believes that's his identity.

The town is excited that Luke is back, and Harry decides to bring back his movie theater, the Majestic, to its former glory with Luke's help. Luke becomes involved with the town and its people; and Luke's old girlfriend Adele (Laurie Holden) is back on the scene. Little does Peter know, but the FBI is looking for him. One of his old films jogs his memory, and Peter realizes that he's not Luke after all. And he's wanted in Los Angeles to testify about whether or not he's a Communist.

This is a beautifully done film, released three months after 9/1/2001 and very relevant when seen today. It's about standing up for what you believe in, the power of love, and what's really important in life. Jim Carrey is marvelous as an ambitious young man who finds his heart in Lawson; Martin Landau gives a magnificent performance as Harry, a man who finds a new lease on life.

The Majestic stands as a symbol of a time when we walked into glamorous theaters to attend movies; when we sat wide-eyed in the dark; when films were more of a family affair; when life was more high touch than high tech; and when a person's principles and integrity were more important than anything else. It's good to be reminded of all of that once in a while.
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Hollywood Writer Amnesia Old Movie theater Glamour Patriotism The most underrated movie of the last 20 years
dfwforeignbuff24 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The Majestic (2001) Directed by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption/Green Mile). In this Capra-like drama set during the 1950's Hollywood blacklist. A young, ambitious Hollywood screenwriter loses his job and his identity, only to find new courage, love and the power of conviction in the heart of a small town's life. Peter Appleton is a script writer during the 1950's who is suspected to be a Communist among many Hollywood film people (which is not true). Along the way, he gets into a freak car accident and suffers amnesia, then ends up in a small California town. There he lives in a rundown movie theater where he learns the magic of experiencing a movie in it. Soon, the Communist hunters find him and call him to testify before a Senate hearing committee. This is kind of sweet simplistic movie like Hollywood used to make in the great days of CinemaScope color films. It's that kind of big film. Great Colors Great Fantastic Cinematography and for me the main hook of the film was its relation to the old movie theater (the Majestic) where most of the movie takes place. So you get a mystery about a somewhat lost Hollywood writer. You get an old theater removed to its classic state. You get the films glorious colors and a great plot and story. The story is sentimental but who cares-it gave me total escape into a fictional world which I seldom get. This helps us recall the golden age of Hollywood and film. This could be Carrey's finest role. We see a more toned down Carrey giving all many smiles in this very appealing fictional story. Carrey makes an excellent romantic and dramatic lead. Carrey deserved an Oscar for his performance in the Majestic. The film is long at 146 minutes but it is a beautifully executed film. One of the most underrated films of the last 20 years. I would pay a lot of money to see this on the big screen. I can't believe I missed it in 2001. (I was not a great fan of the other kind of Jim Carrey movies) 5 Stars
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Finally A Great Movie
boots-1521 July 2002
My wife and I rented "The Majestic." We loved it. We do not like a movies with special effects but no plot. This movie was one of the best ones we have seen in years. A great old fashioned, W.W. II era film, without the special effects that try to make up for a lousy movie. The writer actually had a great plot. We give it a 10 and an A plus.
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This is one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time.
JEU432813 January 2002
I find it very difficult to believe that this movie has not received better ratings. I was completely captivated from the very beginning. I was pleasantly surprised by Jim Carrey's performance and look forward to seeing him in more movies of this type. This is one of the BEST films I have seen in a very long time. A VERY ENTHUSIASTIC TWO THUMBS UP!!!
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By far Jim Carrey's best movie...
nyshedevil00115 March 2006
he proved what a good actor he was in this role. As much as I enjoy The Truman Show his performance in The Majestic was much deeper and I think much more moving. Too bad it's not as recognized as his other roles in lesser movies. I also loved him in Earthgirls are Easy. It's a silly movie, but you get to look at Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis so who cares how silly it

Okay, I can't think of anything else to say, but I can't post this until I have enough lines of text, which is kind of annoying, but what can ya' do?

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