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You are Bond, James Bond, behin the wheel of the famous Bond vehicles and a new rental car. When a freighter bound for Halifax, Canada was intercepted and eliminated with military precision, Bond was elsewhere, distracted by a decoy mission that was orchestrated by a Dr. Hammondd Litte indicating that his daughter Cherise was kidnapped. Bond was dispatched to New York City to meet up with Jack Wade and find out about the conspiracy. He discovered a truck load of cars and found information that led him to Mexico to end up being captured and brought to Louisiana to find out that Litte actually orchestrated the attack on the freighter and that his real plan was to unleash a deadly virus that would kill millions. Can Bond Stop Litte in his Aston Marton DB5, his Lotus Esprit, his BMW Z3, his BMW 750iL, or the new BMW Z8?

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