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MPAA Rated PG for some rude humor, language and some scary action

Sex & Nudity

  • In the beginning, the Luna Ghost is implied to have groped Daphne.
  • An illusion to masturbation is mentioned.
  • There is some cleavage from Velma.
  • Fred and Daphne kiss passionately.
  • Shaggy quotes the song Lady Marmalade, particularly the verse "Voulez vous coche, avec moi?" The song is about prostitution.
  • In the beginning sequence a woman with exaggerated plastic surgery has a low cut shirt.
  • Fred tells Velma that she "turns him on".
  • There is an incident where the souls of the four members of Mystery Inc. get mixed up with each others' bodies. Fred, in Daphne's body, says, "I can look at myself naked!" and then looks down his (her) shirt.

Violence & Gore

  • There are creepy-looking monsters who have the head of a dog with big fangs and horns, and tall skeletal bodies with long pointed claws; they blow a green fog in people's faces that knocks them unconscious.
  • Spooky Island is inhabited by people wearing skeleton masks; their faces are painted and their bodies are covered with tattoos.
  • Monsters chase and grab a young man and woman (they are dragged by the feet while unconscious); the monsters also chase and try to catch other people (they break through floors, windows and roofs).
  • A haunted castle becomes animated with armored suits moving and swinging bladed weapons, food flies off a table, covers a man and dog up and pins them to a wall while fanged jaws snap at them, and blades swing toward two people as they run away and one of them is hit and tossed through a glass window.
  • A roller coaster car runs into a young woman, who clings to it and stops just short of several swords pointed toward her.
  • A pool of "protoplasmic" heads float around, as the heads are plucked out, they seek their bodies and when they find them they slam into them knocking them to the ground and a monster pops out; the monster then disintegrates when exposed to sunlight.
  • A "protoplasmic" head flies around a cave knocking people down as it bounces around.
  • A dog goes into dark woods alone and he is confronted by a monster who slashes and growls at him and chases him up a tree, causing the dog to hit his groin on a branch.
  • A young woman fights a man with lots of kicking, punching, twirling, flipping and the man ends up hanging over an opening in the ground through which he falls and knocks over a cauldron of "protoplasmic" heads.
  • A young man punches and elbows a man in the face and kicks him in the groin.
  • A young woman hits her head on a branch while riding a four wheeler and her eyes and face become distorted; she stretches her skin and it goes back to normal.
  • A group of young men chase another young man and a dog; they hide in a shack and the young men on the outside punch out the windows and jump on the roof trying to get at them.
  • A young woman grabs a young man and a dog by their respective throats and breathes green fog in their faces.
  • A young man and a dog skateboard along a conveyor belt and through many hazards (swinging blades, stamping arms, etc.) and end up crashing into a pile of toys.
  • A dog falls down a hole in the ground and a young man jumps in after him (he lands hard on the ground at the bottom).
  • A dog is slammed into a windshield when the car he is riding in stops short.
  • A dog hits another dog who slams into a rock wall.
  • A dog punches a young man in the face.
  • A dog kicks a young man in the face.
  • A man swats a dog.
  • A young man flicks a dog on the nose.
  • A monster-dog sneezes green slime on another dog.
  • A young man and woman swing out of control from tethers high off the ground and they slam into rock walls; one slams into a man knocking him to the ground, and a young woman falls over a railing and dangles from a chain wrapped around her ankle.
  • A ghost flies through the air while holding a screaming young woman under its arm.
  • A young woman picks a young man up and throws him through the air.
  • A man picks up a young man and throws him onto the ground.
  • A man performs a voodoo ritual and draws a knife up over a dead chicken hanging from the ceiling (he says he's going to perform a sacrifice).
  • A young woman grabs a young man around the throat.
  • A young woman is nearly trapped in a pyramid.
  • A young man nearly hits a young woman.
  • A dog urinates on a young woman.


  • PG - for some scary images and mild action, some language and rude humor
  • 1 use of "frigging" and also 1 slang use of "chicks".
  • 1 use of "bitch", "crap" and "scrote".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Velma gets drunk from a tiki drink. There are several references to marijuana.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Suggested MPA Rating: PG for Scary Action/Images
  • The film is much tamer in its final form than it was originally filmed, which was as a PG-13 raunchy comedy parodying Scooby-Doo. Despite this, the film still pushes its PG rating very hard, with some sexual and drug references, though children won't pick up on most of the adult humor.
  • The monsters may be frightening to some viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A small dog grows into a monstrous creature with fangs and a booming voice, and chases and threatens another dog.
  • A machine (called "The Pincers") opens a hole in a dog's chest and pulls out a "protoplasmic" head leaving the dog's body limp and presumably dead.
  • A man's mask is taken off and it reveals a robot with a small dog inside.
  • A monster-dog's chest is opened by the pincers and he shrinks back to normal size.

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