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Sarah Michelle Gellar: Daphne



  • Shaggy : Hey, you guys, look. I know I'm just the dude that carries the bags, but it seems to me we all play an important part in this group. I mean, we're just like a big, delicious banana split. Fred, you're the big banana; Daphne, you're the pastrami and bubble gum-flavoured ice cream; and Velma, you're the sweet-and-sour mustard sauce that goes on top.

    Scooby Doo : Mmm-mm.

    Shaggy : That sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

    Velma : You know what, Shaggy? You've really put it into perspective for me.

    Shaggy : Thanks.

    Velma : I quit!

    Shaggy : NO!

    Daphne : No way! You... you can't quit! I was gonna quit in, like, two seconds! And now everyone is gonna totally think I copied off the smart girl!

    Fred : Now, wait a minute. wait a minute. Maybe I quit. I do. Yeah, I quit!

    Velma : I'm outta here!

    Daphne : Good riddance.

    Shaggy : Don't... no! Don't go. Come on, guys, don't do this! Please, don't go.

    Scooby Doo : Do I quit?

    Shaggy : No, Scoob... friends don't quit. Well, it looks like it's just you and me for a while, buddy, old pal.

  • Voodoo Maestro : Whatever you do, don't go into that spooky island castle.

    [points to castle] 

    Daphne : Ah-ha! You want me to go into that castle!

    Voodoo Maestro : Didn't you hear what I just said?

    Daphne : But you're scary, and you knew I'd do the opposite of what you said. So you told me not to go up to that castle so I would go up to that castle where you've set a trap to capture me.

    [thinks for a second] 

    Daphne : Unless... unless you knew I'd figure it out. So you told me not to go up to that castle so I would think that you wanted me to go so I wouldn't go, just like you didn't want me to. I'll find out what your hiding in that castle. You'll see.

    [Daphne walks away] 

    Voodoo Maestro : [to himself]  What in the world...?

  • Velma : Oh please. You get kidnapped so much you should come with your own ransom note.

    [Daphne snatches Velma's glasses off her face] 

    Velma : My glasses. Where's my glasses?

    Daphne : Who's helpless now?

  • Daphne : I'm not helpless. I'm not helpless. I am helpless. I'm gonna die.

  • [Deleted scene] 

    Daphne : [Chained up to a giant stone]  you snuck up on me you jerk,let me out.

    Daphne : [giant mechanical arm head towards her]  This can't be good. No,no,no

    [arm enters her body] 

    Daphne : no,

    [arm pulling out her protoplasm] 

    Daphne : NO!

    Daphne : [Protoplasm form]  hey,give me back my spirit thingy. This is so uncool, and you're messing up my hair.

    Zarkos : [laughs] 

    Daphne : [to Zarkos]  You're a jerk, capital J E R

    [enters protoplasm vat] 

  • Velma : Daphne? Are you okay?

    Daphne : I am so over this damsel in distress nonsense.

    Fred : Uh, where's Shagster?

    Shaggy : Like, I'm right here, man.

    Scooby Doo : Me too.

    Shaggy : Hey, Scoob, that was fun. Let's grab another skateboard and, like, do it again,man.

    Scooby Doo : Yeah.


  • Daphne : Now, who's the damsel in distress?

    Zarkos : Me?

    Daphne : Straight up.

  • [Shaggy pulls Daphne's protoplasm out of the vat] 

    Daphne : Put me back, Shaggy. I'll figure a way out myself.

    Shaggy : Like how?

    Daphne : I don't know. I'll - I'll use my tongue as an oar to swim to the edge.

    Shaggy : Sorry.

    [releases Daphne's protoplasm] 

  • Zarkos : [Holding Daphne over his back]  Captured again, señorita.


    Daphne : [grunting]  Not this time!

    [Bites Zarkos's hand] 

  • Daphne : Hey, I'm me again.

    Velma : [in Fred's body]  Yippee for you.

    Shaggy : [as Velma]  Man! Like why am I wearing a dress?

  • Scrappy Doo : Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!

    Scooby Doo : Hey!

    Scrappy Doo : Ghosts don't stand a chance with me! Let me at em. I'll rock 'em and sock 'em.

    Fred : Scrappy, for the thousandth time, there's no such things as ghosts!

    Scrappy Doo : Sure there are, and when I find them I'll give them a good of puppy power!

    [Urinates on Daphne] 

    Scrappy Doo : Ta-da!

    Daphne : Oh, God! He's peeing on me!

  • [Talking to Fred and Velma] 

    Daphne : I'm a black-belt now. I've transformed my body into a dangerous weapon.

  • Daphne : I've got this. I've got this.

    [Door closes] 

    Daphne : I don't got this.

  • Velma : What's the problem, exactly?

    Mondavarious : I believe somebody is casting a spell on the students. Now listen and look around. Can you notice any difference between those arriving and those departing?

    Daphne : They look like sober, well-behaved college kids.

    Mondavarious : Precisely. And they didn't before they came. They've changed. In other words, a magic spell.

  • Shaggy : [to Daphne]  Like, Scoob and me don't do castles.

    Daphne : And why not?

    Shaggy : Because castles have paintings with eyes that follow,suits of armor that you think are a statue,and a that keeps following you every time you turn around.

  • Daphne : Wait. I know how to deal with this guy.

    [shouts to Voodoo Maestro] 

    Daphne : Hey you! What are you doin'?

    Velma : Yes, that is masterful.

  • Daphne : I'm looking for clues behind the strange behavior of the college students.

    Voodoo Maestro : Well, here's a clue for you: Purple is a fall color. It's the middle of May!

  • Daphne : [in Fred's body]  Fred keeps touching me.

  • Daphne : Those creatures are taking over the world? That is so mean.

  • Fred : I'm me!

    Daphne : I'm back.

    Shaggy : Like, me too.

    Velma : Told you so.

  • Velma : I'm gonna solve this one first.

    Fred : Not before I solve it first.

    Daphne : You guys are going to look like total,total idiots when you're captured and I'm the one saving you.

    Mondavarious : Well done.

  • Daphne : [to shaggy and scooby]  We're here to solve a mystery.

  • Shaggy : [Scooby-Doo and Shaggy have stumbled upon a television studio inside the castle and are wandering around for clues]  Jelly beans...

    [Scooby belches] 

    Shaggy : I'll have whatever he's having!

    [Shaggy belches back at Scooby. Scooby then lets out a loud belch and Shaggy looks back at Scooby, thinking he's challenging him] 

    Shaggy : Are you challenging me?

    Scooby Doo : [thinking about it]  Hmm... raybe!

    [Scooby lets out a very loud and long belch. Shaggy belches twice then points to Scooby, indicating that it's his turn. Scooby then leans over and points his leg out and farts] 

    Shaggy : [points his finger up]  Pull my finger! Uh-oh! Too late!

    [Shaggy burps, warms up his arms, then prepares himself by leaning his bottom over] 

    Shaggy : You're in trouble!

    Scooby Doo : Roh, boy!

    [Shaggy farts loudly. Shaggy points his finger up loudly and resumes farting. Daphne walks in to the studio, and looks disgusted as she hears Shaggy farting. Scooby waves his paw at the smell, then looks surprised when he sees Daphne] 

    Shaggy : [resumes farting]  I'm not stopping 'til your fur's singed off!

    Scooby Doo : Raggy!

    [Shaggy resumes farting, as Scooby signals with his paws for Shaggy to stop. Shaggy is about to fart again when he notices Daphne behind him] 

    Daphne : We're here... to solve a *mystery*!

    Shaggy : [agreeing with Daphne, to Scooby]  Yeah, Scoob!

    [Scooby looks at them both, offended] 

  • Zarkos : [while grabbing Daphne and throwing her on his knee]  Ah Ha! Damsel in Distress!

    Daphne : Let go of me! Help!

  • Daphne : I've got a major wedgie.

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