K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) Poster

Liam Neeson: Capt. Mikhail Polenin



  • Capt. Mikhail Polenin : They'll send you to the Gulag, like your father.

    Captain Alexei Vostrikov : Well, it's a family tradition, isn't it?

  • Capt. Mikhail Polenin : At every stage of this disaster, which came within moments of being a far greater disaster, the officers and crew did what had to be done. Seven are now dead and nobody knows how many more are dying, or how fast. These are the men who returned home to be interrogated as if a crime had been committed, questioned, even while undergoing treatment for radiation poisoning, locked up and denied access to wives and families but they and their comrades saved K-19 and maybe, just maybe, they saved all of you as well. one thing more, please, no captain in the soviet navy has ever been faced with such decisions the fate of the boat, the crew, and the fate of the world all in balance. The navy is my life. And one thing I know, there can only be one captain of a ship. The burden of command is on his shoulders, and his alone. None of you - none of you - has the right to judge captain Vostrikov. You weren't there. I was. He was our captain. He was my captain. And it would be an honor to sail under his command again.

  • Capt. Mikhail Polenin : Where are the radiation protective suits?

    Chief Engineer Gorelov : We don't have any. The warehouse was out, so they sent us chemical protective suits instead.

    Capt. Mikhail Polenin : They might as well wear raincoats.

  • Capt. Mikhail Polenin : They might as well wear raincoats.

  • Capt. Mikhail Polenin : It's never difficult to do one's duty, Captain.

  • [first lines] 

    Capt. Mikhail Polenin : All compartments: report readiness!

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