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Sex & Nudity

  • There was actually a very easy-to-miss innuendo, with a young octopus commenting on how a tentacle is shorter than his other tentacles. In octopuses, the penis is shorter or slightly differently structured. It's an innuendo thats very easy to miss for younger audiences.
  • A fish points out a boat in the far distance and calls it a 'butt'

Violence & Gore

  • A barracuda with very long and pointed teeth snaps viciously at two fish, one fish is knocked unconscious, and the other fish along with many eggs are gone when he comes around (the barracuda apparently ate them although we do not see it).
  • A shark exposes a fish skeleton in his mouth. He is implied to have eaten the fish.
  • A fish is hit in the nose, her nose bleeds, a shark gets a whiff of the blood and goes into a frenzy chasing two fish through a wrecked submarine, crashing into doors, lunging through hatches, breaking through the hull and trying to squeeze into a torpedo tube; the two fish push a torpedo into his mouth, he spits it out, and it floats toward an underwater mine field setting it off.
  • Two fish swim into very deep and very dark water, they see a light and begin to follow it, but it turns out to be a anglerfish with very sharp teeth, and it chases them and snaps at them (one fish ends up in its stomach, along with its lighted lantern, briefly).
  • Two fish are surrounded by jelly fish (one is stung a couple of times), they bounce off the tops and try to get out but one is trapped; the other returns to save it and they both fall unconscious after being stung several times (one has scars on its side).
  • There are tense moments when a young fish goes into an aquarium filter to clog it with a pebble and is sucked back into the filter tube toward a fan -- it is pulled out just before hitting it.
  • A wrecked submarine slips off a reef and nearly pins two fish against a rock formation.
  • Two fish are sucked into a humpback whale's mouth and one rams repeatedly at its "teeth" (actually baleen plates used to filter krill and plankton) trying to get out. Eventually, water rushes through, the two trapped fish cling to the whale's tongue, and they are shot out of its blowhole.
  • A large fishing net scoops many fish into it, they scream and panic, but then they swim hard downward and the net breaks and the fish are freed -- one fish seems injured but it's fine.
  • A father fish panics when his son swims into open water, a diver rises behind the young fish and scoops him into a net. The father fish chases in terror but is pushed away by a boat propeller.
  • A girl screams when a pelican flies through a dentist's office and a fish jumps into her hair.
  • A girl grabs a bag with a fish in it and shakes it violently.
  • Two fish flop onto a table and one is flipped down a drain (we see him swirling through pipes).
  • We see a photo of a girl holding a plastic bag with a dead fish in it and we hear that she "shook the bag too much."
  • A man's mouth is drilled by a dentist (he yells and the drill whines).
  • A dentist pulls a tooth out of a man's mouth when he is startled and the man yells.
  • Two fish flap around on a pier surrounded by seagulls, and one is picked up and pulled on by the seagulls.
  • A pelican scoops the two fish up and flies off, is chased by many seagulls, they swoop and fly and end up slamming into a boat's sails (their beaks poke through).
  • A large shark smiles and laughs menacingly at two fish showing his many rows of pointed teeth, he escorts them to a meeting with two other sharks and the fish are frightened that they will be eaten.
  • A frightened fish swims erratically in a tank and runs into the glass a few times, and a pelican flies into a window a few times.
  • Two fish approach an eerie trench with fish bones in it.
  • A pelican swallows two fish, but they fight back and he has to eject them.
  • Two crabs snap at fish as it passes, a fish threatens a crab by holding it out of the water where seagulls can see it as a potential meal.
  • Two fish twirl and spin through an underwater vortex.
  • A young fish goes through initiation rites in an aquarium and swims through a fast-flowing stream of bubbles that they call "ring of fire."
  • Fish and turtles swim through a fast moving underwater current.
  • A fish swims through a large school of fish, runs into one and they fall to the sea floor.
  • A boy turtle head-butts a fish, one fish smacks another fish in the face with its fin, and a group of baby turtles playfully tackle a fish.
  • Two fish yell at each other in a couple of scenes, one fish tells another fish to go away and hurts its feelings.
  • A puffer fish yells and puffs up a couple of times.
  • A fish says "I have a hook in my lip," a fish asks "Am I dead?," a shark has a hook in his nostril, and a fish is scarred and we hear that he fell on dental tools.
  • A fish gets stuck in a tube, two fish steal a crab's shell to tease it, and a baby fish bounces off a sponge and lands on the sea floor crying.
  • A scary looking anglerfish chases Marlin and Dory and tries to eat them up. If you stay during the end credits, there is a scene where a small nervous fish eats the anglerfish up.


  • In a dirty tank, a fish says "We're swimming in our own..." but gets shushed before he can continue.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A bird starts choking and thrashing around, and another bird says "Sun's barely up and Gerald's had more than he can handle."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The sight of a huge shark (Bruce) with a mouthful of sharp and nasty-looking teeth might be scary to younger kids. We then learn that he's going through a step program to help him not eat fish, but when he spots some blood, he sets out after Dory and Marlin (through an old sub and open water) and repeatedly bites at them and slams into various things while trying to get them. They end up in an old sub's torpedo chute with Bruce repeatedly banging into the opening, forcing a torpedo (and them) closer to his mouthful of teeth.
  • Several bits with large predator fish could definitely scare younger kids.
  • The net part at the end is quite intense.
  • The scene in the abyss with the Anglerfish is bound to scare big ammounts of children, although it has some comedic relief in it, it can leave some children scared of the dark and ocean.
  • A fish almost gets caught in a tank filter.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the opening scene, Coral and all but one of her eggs are eaten by a barracuda, but the actual process is not shown. We then see Marlin, who was knocked out unconscious by the barracuda, discover that Nemo's egg was the only egg that didn't get eaten.

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