Finding Nemo (2003) Poster


Willem Dafoe: Gill



  • [last lines] 

    [the fish have managed to roll into the ocean in their plastic bags] 

    Bloat : Ha, ha, ha, ha!

    Gill : We did it!


    Bloat : Now what?

  • Gill : [Catches Nemo staring at his broken fin]  My first escape. Landed on dentist tools. I was aiming for the toilet.

    Nemo : The toilet?

    Gill : All drains lead to the ocean, kid.

    Nemo : Wow. How may times have you tried to get out?

    Gill : Ah, I lost count.

  • Gill : All drains lead to the ocean.

  • Gill : From this moment on, you shall now be known as Sharkbait.

    Bloat , Gurgle , Bubbles : Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!

    Gill : Welcome, Brother Sharkbait!

    Bloat , Gurgle , Bubbles : Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!

    Gill : Enough with the Sharkbait.

    Gurgle : Sharkbait! Hoo... bop pa doo.

  • Gill : You see that filter?

    Nemo : Yeah.

    Gill : You're the only one small enough to get in and out of that thing. All you have to do swim inside, jam a pebble in the fan, and swim out. Once you do that, this tank is going to get filthier and filthier, and the dentist will have no choice but to clean the tank himself. He'll put us in individual baggies, then we roll out the window, down to the ground, across the street, and into the ocean. It's foolproof!

  • Gill : To the top of Mount Wanna-hock-a-loogie!

  • Gill : Who's with me?

    Bloat : I.

    Deb : I.

    Bubbles : I.

    Gurgle : I think you're nuts.

  • Nemo : I'm sorry I couldn't stop the...

    Gill : No, I'm the one who should be sorry. I was so ready to get out, so ready to taste that ocean, I was willing to put you in harm's way to get there. Nothing should be worth that.

  • [Nemo is stuck in the filter intake. The others are about to help him out when... ] 

    Gill : Nobody touch him! Nobody touch him.

    Nemo : Can you help me?

    Gill : No. You got yourself in there, you can get yourself out.

    Deb : Ah, Gil...

    Gill : I just want to see him do it, Okay? Keep calm. Alternate wriggling your fins and your tail.

    Nemo : I can't. I have a bad fin.

    Gill : Never stopped me.

    [Turns to show Nemo his broken fin] 

    Gill : Just think about what you have to do.

    [Nemo wriggles out of the filter] 

    Gill : Perfect.

  • Gill : All right, gang, we have less than 48 hours before Darla gets here. This tank will get plenty dirty in that time, but we have to help it along any way we can. Jacques.

    Jacques : Oui.

    Gill : No cleaning.

    Jacques : I shall resist.

    Gill : Everybody else, be as gross as possible. Think dirty thoughts. We're gonna make this tank so filthy the dentist will HAVE to clean it.

    [Bloat belches] 

    Gill : Good work.

  • Gill : Fish aren't meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to them.

  • Gill : Look at that. Would you look at that? Filthy. Absolutely filthy. And it's all thanks to you, kid. You made it possible. Jacques! I told you not to clean!

    Jacques : I am ashamed.

  • Nemo : How many times have you tried to escape?

    Gill : Eh, I lost count. Fish weren't meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to ya.

    Bubbles : [treasure box opens, and bubble rise out just as Gill says last line]  Bubbles, the bubbles, bubbles!

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