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An impressive, chilling High School drama.
Pedro-3719 January 2002
"Memento Mori" is a well acted mix of ghost thriller and lesbian drama - a strange union, but a very succesfull one. The young leads deliver strong performances and make the subtle relationships believable. As another user already stated, there are some similarities (especially atmosphere-wise) to "The Virgin Suicides" and although I liked VS better, "Memento Mori" remains a strong movie.

Did it have any flaws? Yes it did. It got a little weird towards the end and I thought that the ghost-story part of the whole thing turned out rather silly. That said, "Memento Mori" remains a strong movie with a great atmosphere of sadness and foreboding.

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Nothing like the original, but brilliant nonetheless!
Iguanatic26 June 2003
Fans of the original "Whispering Corridors" will be disappointed to learn that this is a sequel in name only; it shares absolutely no connection with the original movie apart from its title. The story tells of a girl, Min-ah, who finds a diary kept by two lesbian lover classmates at her boarding school - and soon begins suffering from strange hallucinations whenever she reads from it. Shortly after, one of the lovers is found dead and it's up to Min-ah to discover whether she killed herself or whether someone murdered her; before her spirit returns to the school for revenge.

"Memento Mori" is a wonderful movie, but it isn't an out-and-out horror flick as some have suggested. It's actually a cross between "The Virgin Suicides" and the original "Whispering Corridors", ie. a school ghost story ridden with teen love and infatuation, and the result is a beautifully crafted dreamlike feature which is a true delight to watch.

Acting is phenomenal from all concerned, with the actress playing Min-ah using a wide range of skills to play the different states her character finds herself in to perfection. The directors do a commendable job, too, even if their choice of camera angles is sometimes confusing - and the storyline occassionally lacks a clear narrative - I haven't enjoyed a Korean movie as much as this for quite some time.

Basically, "Memento Mori" is excellent from start to finish and seamlessly blends horror, suspense and romance to create a truly unforgettable feature. You'll need to think about some plotpoints carefully in order to fully understand what's happening - but it's totally worth the extra effort. Highly recommended. ****.5 / *****
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Best of the three Whispering Corridors movies
thither25 April 2005
I saw this movie after having seen the first and third installments (except for a common setting at an all-girl Korean school, the three have no plot connections). While I found the first film uninspiring and the third yet more uninspiring, this one was actually pretty engaging.

As other reviews have noted, there is not much here in the way of horror or scares. There are some horror elements, but the film is more successful when it focuses instead on character development and on unfurling its back story (largely through flashbacks, which can sometimes confuse the narrative a bit). The acting is good as a whole, and most of the minor characters seem fully-realized, resulting in a film that has a rich setting behind it.

There are some bad sides to Memento Mori. As mentioned, if you come in expecting a Ju-On-ish scare-fest you will be disappointed. Some of the scenes towards the end (in particular, one involving mayhem and panic at the school) dragged on a little long, and began to nag at my suspension of disbelief. I didn't find the ending to be terribly satisfying, either--it wasn't terrible, but I wanted a little bit more.

Overall, though, this is an enjoyable film, one that inhabits its small world completely and doesn't try to be more than what it is.
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I don't know why I love it so much, but I do.
supernova8823 September 2001
I have seen Memento Mori twice at the Melbourne International Film Festival and I think it's a very good film. My first impression of it was that it's quite like Virgin Suicides meets Carrie. And i maintain that it weaves between the romance and horror genres very effectively. I have not seen the original Yeogo Goedam but i assume it was more of a straight horror.

Because of it's genre crossing, Memento Mori adds to the horror theme of Shi-eun's return a sadness and tenderness that coagulates very strangely, but effectively with the terror-filled images of Shi-eun's body on the ground, and her haunting of the school. I really like the love story, but i see it as a horror film about adolescent love.

I had the privilege to speak to one of the directors, Kyu-Dong Min at the festival, and he said the film was supposed to tap into the horror of being an adolescent. Which i think he and his co-director do very well. the school-girl scenes are all extremely realistic. Some parts are humorous but humour is placed so tightly in the middle of horror that things shift so quickly.

the production design must be commended. I particularly love the piano design at the end of the film. With the diary, however, (i know, it's really good), but Kyu-Dong Min actually mentioned that they researched heaps of teenage girls' diaries and many were much more elaborate than the one they made for the film. just a sneak.

The cinematography too, should gain praise. Most parts are shot with stark whites, blacks and deep greens and it's really effective in bringing out the emptiness of the school in the lives of Shi-eun and Hyo-shin. But it is also the photography of the two girls on the roof during sunset really got me. when you first see it, it's a love scene - they walk left and right, playing with socks and all. And when you see it at the end of the film, it becomes a nostalgic scene.

Lastly, i must praise the acting of all three leads. Kim Min Sun is really likeable as Min-ah. Lee Young-Jin showed great control as the living dead girl and Park Yeh-jin arguably holds the whole film's acting performances together, both in terms of performance and narrative.

I really like Memento Mori. So far, it's in my top 3 films of the year. It's not exceptional. It's not one of those films with fantastically rapturous visual imagery, complex structure, or profound philosophical narrative. In fact, i don't know why i like the film as much as i do - apart from what i've just mentioned above. but i do. if i could see it again, i would. 9 out of 10.
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It's OK to love a person, but not too much.
lim_su_jeong2 December 2005
Ever since the released of Ringu, many Asian horror movies competing to give a scary but nifty horror films. But nowadays Korea gave us more nifty horror films than Japan but Korea don't have a "classic" style that Japan have. Because most of Korean movies looks so fresh and it's a bit tired to look.

But what we want on a movie if it give us a good story. Memento Mori is one of that movies. I just bought only a VCD of it and I've never disappointed on it. Even it falls at some point it still one of the best movie I've ever seen.

What I like on the are: the story, of course. They done it very concrete and unique. As if you were reading a novel, really. Second, the cinematography. It's very stylish. Third, the soundtrack. It's the most beautiful music I've ever heard, it really touch my heart. And last the performance. It's very natural acting and at some point I really felt the actors acting. My problem about Memento Mori is that you like a great revelation on the end of the movie, you like more depth. You know, at some point, the movie makes me laugh... and it's not bad to love a person but not too much.

Well, I really recommend this film because it's a very unique and stylish movie. It scares you, it touch your heart at the same time it makes you laugh. It was one of a kind movie!
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Fantastic film, nothing like Whispering Corridors and not a horror flick.
rooprect21 January 2020
"Memento Mori" (1999) is loosely associated with the first in the quadrilogy "Whispering Corridors" (1998), but aside from being set in an all girl's school and centering around the harsh social stigmas and stresses of Korean education... with a ghost or two thrown in... it has nothing to do with its predecessor. Not only is the story completely unrelated but more notably the cinematic style and approach is totally different. While "Whispering Corridors" was a plot-driven thriller with suspense and a few scares, "Memento Mori" is more of an art house film with a poetic quality that may be hard to follow at first, but it's ultimately a very impressive film.

The story is about a girl who mysteriously dies at school, evidently having fallen or been pushed off the roof. What follows is a very cryptic piecing together of the puzzle. It happens in disjoint flashbacks, dream/fantasy sequences and frequent wtf departures from reality, so you better be prepared to be confused. However, even if you don't grasp the entirety of what's being told (and if you're struggling to keep up with subtitles), the film masterfully conveys enough of a mood that you feel what's happening even if you don't grasp every plot element.

The presentation is very stylistic with interesting camera angles and perspectives, often using hyper closeups on seemingly trivial items. But this is precisely what gives it a poetic quality. The visuals are crystal clear even on my 480p DVD player, so even though this hasn't been released on blu-ray, it's very pleasing to the eye. So if you were less than impressed by the grainy, murky DVD release of "Whispering Corridors" this will wake you up.

It's definitely not a horror flick. In case you missed that in my title I want to repeat it again because anyone expecting jumps & scares will be very disappointed. Although there's a creepy, menacing vibe throughout the whole film, it's more along the lines of "The Others" or "The Sixth Sense" or (the original) "Wicker Man".

Oh, I have to mention the acting is incredible. Unlike "Whispering Corridors" where many of the characters were (deliberately) two-dimensional, "Memento Mori" presents characters who are extremely complex and hard to figure out. There's no clearcut good guy/bad guy approach; it's truly a mystery as we piece together who's who. "Memento Mori" demands your full attention as it doesn't always spell everything out for you. But if you like a challenge, don't miss this one.
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The First Korean Cult Movie
hideone26 January 2001
The movie was very impressive, it had some minor flaws, but overall I appreciated devotional efforts by two bright young directors. I really liked raw and realistic dialogs between characters, and the superb art work of that mysterious diary. However, the biggest mistake of this film I found was that it had to follow a big commercial success of Yeogo goedam I, so it turned out as a confusing half-horror or half-romance genre. Actually, this version is totally different from the first one. I don't understand why the film was named after the previous one. I'd rather prefer to see this film as more focused on the romance between two high school girls, because the chemistry of two had a potential to be a sad and heartfelt lovestory. However, this is very well-made one, more like an art film. Nice use of camera work, intense soundtrack, and good performances of young actresses brought a fine result. I have never seen no other Korean films like this in an unique and artistic way.
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This is not a Horror Movie
ManicMuse12 February 2005
Yeogo Goedam II starts out as an interesting story about adolescent love and turns into a nonsensical "horror" film. I felt mislead by the first part of the film. The way Hyo-shin and Shi-eun's relationship is revealed to Min-ah through their diary gave me the sense that this film would be far better than it turned out to be (the diary is pretty cool). Instead the film has a lot of amusing school moments that are fun but distract from the plot, and adds a few subplots that are not only confusing but boring. I don't know how this can be defined as a horror movie when nothing really horrible happens outside of one tragic event. Even the supposedly scary moments at the end of the film do nothing but stall the ending of the film.

I would not consider this film a waste of time - there are many great moments in it,but they lead nowhere.

out of 10 I give it a 5 - an even split - >

the Drama part of the film was great - the Horror part of the film was terrible
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Korean film as its best.
Fru_is_Insomniac6 June 2005
The best high school movie I've ever seen. This is so superb. The acting of Lee-young Jin is very superb and brilliant, also Kim min sun and Park Yeh Jin. The camera work is very stylish and authentic. The ghost scenes are well shot. The school scenes are brilliant. The atmosphere is just pretty awesome. I first watch this film at cinema, but it seems like no Philippine release...This is the first Korean movie I've seen. And after I saw it, I start to like Korean films. This film is really excellent.

I recommend this film to anyone who loves Asian films.

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Intriguing, Tragic and Eerie Love Story
claudio_carvalho8 June 2007
In a Korean high-school, the teenagers Hyo-Shin Min (Yeh-jin Park) and Shi-Eun Yoo (Young-jin Lee) are lesbian lovers that decide to write a diary together and expose their love to their schoolmates. When Hyo-Shin has one night stand and gets pregnant of a depressed teacher, the love of Shi-Eun dies and she breaks up with Hyo-Shin leading her to commit suicide. Shi-Eun's classmate Min-Ah So (Min-sun Kim) finds and reads their diary, disclosing the innermost secrets of the two lovers, and becomes obsessed for Shi-Eun. When a close friend advises that Min-Ah would die because she was reading the diary of a dead girl, she wants to return the diary to Hyo-Shin.

"Memento Mori" is an intriguing, tragic and eerie love story, with a confused screenplay. The plot is built like pieces of a puzzle, but without chronological sequence, and in the end there are many parts without explanation that I have really not understood. I saw in IMDb that there is an 186 minutes running time director's cut version where probably I would find the resolution of my questions, but unfortunately I have just found the imported DVD with 97 minutes. In the end, this film is a good supernatural romance but not recommended for fans of the traditional horror genre. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Intriguing premise, somewhat fumbled
CuriosityKilledShawn8 August 2006
Memento Mori, as a sequel to Whispering Corridors, ditches the grainy, atmospheric feel of a gloomy autumn for a slick-looking summery feel. It may be incongruous with the nature of the film, but if it were to be shot exactly the same as Whispering Corridors then I would moan.

A lonely student at an all-girl Korean school finds a diary out in the schoolyard and is sucked into the world of the soon-to-be dead who has left behind. The film jumps around in time as the girl reads stories from the diary. A think a lot more could have been done with this concept since it has so much potential. But the film seems to take place all in a couple of days. Which doesn't give it enough of a change to develop. However, the version I saw was the 99-minute version of the film and since there is a 186-minute cut out there it may well contain a helluva lot more interesting story.

I didn't have a lot of trouble keeping-up with the characters this time though, but the story still seemed kinda incomprehensible. The flashbacks to the past could have been made a little bit more obvious.

Aside from this, it's an enjoyable time-waster.
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"On your lips I've smelled the blood, that touches my tongue."
bensonmum222 February 2006
Although the Korean name for Memento Mori would lead you to believe it is a sequel to Whispering Corridors, other than the setting, the two films have very little in common. Having seen the first film is not a requirement to see and enjoy this film. The story in Memento Mori involves a love affair between two students at an all-girl's school. One of the girl's, for various reasons, can't take it when the other girl "outs" their relationship and decides to break things off with tragic consequences. A third girl finds the diary the two girls wrote together and, through its pages, begins a horrifying journey to understand what happened to her classmates and how one of them could end up dead.

Regardless of how Memento Mori has been marketed to American audiences, it's not a horror movie. Instead, it's a poignant look at young love and the consequences taken to the extreme of a relationship that doesn't work out. Sure, there are moments of terror to be found in the movie, but even in what should be the final chilling moments of the movie, the horror is never as front and center as the drama. It's not a movie for those who demand a new adrenaline rush every five minutes. Memento Mori moves slow and allows you to get to know the characters, their fears, their problems, and to really develop a sense of caring for them.

I haven't rated the movie any higher because this type of film and this subject matter don't appeal to me on an entertainment level regardless of how well made the film is. As with the majority of the other Asian films I've seen recently, Memento Mori is technically very sound. The direction and cinematography are solid. The movie presents numerous uniquely filmed scenes that really standout. Although the special effects are used sparingly, they are very realistic when employed. The music is fitting for a movie like this. And the acting is rock solid.

One question that has bothered me after having recently watched both Whispering Corridors and Memento Mori is: Do teachers in Korea really treat their students in the manner presented here, with physical and emotional abuse? I'm not saying it's right or wrong, it's just now what I'm accustomed to seeing in teacher/student relationships.
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a movie for anyone who was ever so in love that they thought breaking up would mean dying
bearcuddler94 February 2004
I saw the movie and i really thought it was great. It was daring, thrilling and a beautiful love story rolled into one. Although most believe it would have been better off as a love story, i think its better as a horror, otherwise it would have been boring. I loved the movie cause it has the ability to touch the viewers/audience in a very intense manner. It can make you cry, it can make you shriek and jump off from your seat, it can make you fall in'love and hate the realities of our world, and it can definitely captivate you realizing its based on a true story. I LOVE THE MOVE. Young jin-Lee and Yeh jin-Park were wonderful in this movie.
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More than meets the eye
sangepengyou23 April 2006
Better than average film for its genre, but there is clearly more going on here than meets the eye. Yes, it's another-- at times gory-- high school horror flick, but the difference here are the girls... from the two leads to their supporting cast clique there is a sense of realism that is sometimes lacking in horror films. These girls aren't just stock characters as they very well could have been. Instead, they come off quite natural even if there is nothing natural about what's going on at their school. Whether good or evil, they are played with a genuineness that sometimes makes you think you're eavesdropping on actual conversations.

And while there are definitely some horror clichés, it is, after all, yet another high school horror flick(!), it just feels different this time. Maybe that's because for much of the film the horror is lurking in the background, taking a backseat to the girls. In fact, the basic plot of star-crossed lovers could have worked just as well in a more conventional teen-drama without any real blood and gore. The haunting musical score adds just the right positive note.

There are some third act issues which might leave you scratching your head but the character study of teen girls at their best and worst leading up to the climax is more than worth the effort.
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Although Very Different to Whispering Corridors, Memento Mori is a Worthy Sequel as Unique and Poignant as the Original
totalovrdose23 January 2015
High school love stories are fraught with difficulty, especially when depicted on camera, and even more so when the couple in question are involved in a same sex relationship, as shown in this suspenseful thriller, that, despite a couple of brilliantly unpredicted scares, works best as a character drama, much like its prequel, Whispering Corridors, though the two are completely unrelated.

Min-ah (Gyu-ri Kim), a cheerful high school student, discovers a diary which illustrates the relationship between two of her fellow students, Shi-eun (Yeong-jin Lee) and Hyo-shin (Yeh-jin Park), which transitions from a contemporary friendship, to a complicated romance. Much like a car crash, Min-ah is unable to keep her eyes from the two young ladies, the diary being far from beautiful, proving to be as sad as it is sometimes disturbing, which reflects the tone of the feature.

After one of the lovers commits suicide, the entire school is affected by not only the emotional turmoil of such an incident, but the ramifications that come after, as bizarre, haunting occurrences begin to dominate the school. To articulate any further about the plot would be telling, Memento Mori been one of those films where every scene is pivotal to the understanding of the feature, potentially requiring more than one view to comprehend segments of the plot, though unanswered questions will continue to prevail.

Unlike the original, the second film in the Whispering Corridors franchise is not in chronological order, rather, past and present are simultaneously conveyed, the beginning portions of the film on initial viewing appearing to blur together, before viewers inevitably become accustomed to the story's unique portrayal. However, in using this style, the filmmakers are able to intelligently lead the audience in one direction, before surprising them with an unexpected twist, occasionally showing a moment of beauty, but once its perspective is fully realized later, the tenderness of the moment is reduced to sadness.

The characters are brilliantly portrayed by the talent, the chemistry, both good and bad been exceptionally achieved, and on more than one occasion I felt as though I could be friends with some of them had they been real, a rare feeling that was quite enjoyable. This is heightened by the genuine high school environment, which captures not only the hardships of school life, but its fun atmosphere as well, although occasionally, the focus on the three central characters leaves little room for the development of Min-ah's closest friends.

Questions persist after the conclusion of the film, regarding not only the directionality of the characters, but the reasons behind some of the decisions they made over the film, a query which especially relates to Shi-eun's character, whose hypocritical behavior potentially requires further in-depth perspectives. Despite characters been well articulated, additional back-story's could have proved helpful. Though the movie feels complete, viewing the special features provides the audience with the knowledge that several scenes were cut, and had they been included, the film's impact would have remained unchanged, but the many complexity's might have been more thoroughly understood.

Like Whispering Corridors, viewers are able to provide their own answers to the many questions that remain, the filmmakers laying the foundations for a story that continues long after the credits have rolled. Half an hour after watching the feature I became quite sad after continuing to contemplate much of the film and character decisions, which impact the audience for a long while afterwards.

Intelligent, beautiful and poignant, Memento Mori is every bit as unique and fascinating as Whispering Corridors. Although on most occasions the movie is not in your face terrifying, the story feels like a rite of passage that anyone of any age should view, in order to understand the complexities of an adolescent mind, the teenage girls of the feature inevitably forging paths that will lead them into adulthood.
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When Love Dies, Ghost Will Haunt
Vomitron_G27 November 2011
I've only had the pleasure of previously seeing the 4th installment in the "Whispering Corridors" series, "Voice", which left a good impression at the time. So did "Memento Mori". The "Whispering Corridors" films are pretty much just sequels in name & theme only, with a high school setting - including the school girls - as the main reoccurring elements. "Memento Mori" is a mixture of drama, lesbian romance and a bit of ghostly horror. The latter part is the least pronounced, so this might be a bit off-putting for die-hard horror fans. But we get a beautiful film in return that draws the viewer real close to the three female leads (two of them being a lesbian couple, the other one reading their diary). The narrative might call for some attention, as its chronology is cut up and this is one of the intriguing aspects that will make you want to re-watch this film at some point. Nevertheless "Memento Mori" presents us a compelling story, held together by the touching performances of the (young) leading ladies and serving up a suitable climax to the events. I'm definitely interested in checking out the other movies in the series.
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Tragic love story masquerading as horror
Leofwine_draca15 November 2011
MEMENTO MORI is a South Korean ghost story and follow-up to the similar WHISPERING CORRIDORS, although the two films are unconnected in terms of plot. They're both set in girls' boarding schools and involve similar situations with female bonding and sadistic teachers, but there the similarities end. While watching MEMENTO MORI, it soon becomes apparent that this is an extremely atypical horror film: it's more of a touching, tragic love story between two lesbian school friends rather than anything else. It turns out that the director had no desire to make a ghost story featuring any of the traditional ghostly stuff from Asia, but the producers forced him to add some ethereal menace to appeal to the ready fan base.

I found the film to be one of two halves. The first forty-five minutes is stodgy, dull and slow: it's a depiction of school life full of interchangeable characters and unappealing sequences. I found little to keep me watching, but persevered nonetheless and was rewarded by an improved second half, which actually features intriguing plotting and some intelligent, well-filmed moments. The ghostly stuff is kept to a minimum other than in a few situations, and it works better that way. It's not a film which I can actively describe because doing so will spoil it; but if you're looking for an unusual take on a usually familiar genre then this might be up your street.
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Surprisingly much better than the first movie.
Boba_Fett113821 August 2011
This sequel got released only just one year after the first movie, which normally really isn't a good sign but surprisingly enough this movie is not only different from the first movie, it's also a much better one.

I really wasn't too impressed with the first installment out of the Yeogo goedam movie-series. Luckily its sequel is a superior one, in about every way possible. It's still not a perfect movie but it at least is a greatly watchable and refreshingly original one.

It must be because this movie is being directed and written by two new fresh persons. It makes this movie quite different from the first one, which only works out positively for this movie. Their fresh new take on this movie ensures that the story works out better this time around, as well as its tension and mystery,

It still is mostly being a movie that mostly consists out of buildup, without too much happening in it but at least the movie this time remains a far more interesting one. It's also really because the characters work out real well.

The movie has some very convincing characters in it. They all behave like real schoolgirls and you actually believe that these girls have known each other all for years. I really liked their relationships and how they and the teachers got portrayed in this movie. It gave the movie a real realistic touch, which made the movie a compelling one.

Visaually the movie is also definitely an improvement over the first. The camera-work and lighting all seems far more professional, as if they also had an higher budget to spend. My guess is that both Tae-Yong Kim and Kyu-Dong Min had watched lots of Japanese horror flicks in preparation for this movie. Yes, it's a South-Korean movie but it really got done in the style of a typical Japanese horror flick, that has supernatural tendencies in it.

And it's also perhaps better to call this movie a supernatural thriller instead of an horror flick, in order not to create any false expectations for this movie. It's one that really builds on its atmosphere and mystery, rather than having scare moments and gore in it. I don't mind this, since this movie handles it all really well and effectively.

Yes, the story and the movie can get quite confusing at times but I like that this movie tries to be different and more creative and original with all of its story elements.

A surprisingly good sequel.

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A school drama and romance story with some artificial and poor horror moments
kluseba6 May 2011
First of all, let me tell you that this movie has no connection to the first part of "Yeogo goedam" and has also a quite different style. While the first movie was a psychological suspense movie with some creepy elements, this movie is rather a drama or romance story of a lesbian couple and its fate. Even though the main story line is intriguing and seems to be courageous for its time, there are too many unnecessary subplots that are not only less addicting but distract from the well done parts of the movie.

The supernatural elements in this movie had to be included to please the producers and are absolutely redundant. Don't expect a creepy horror movie with a twisted ending. This drama is very human and philosophical. It's a lot easier to follow than you might think while watching this flick. The movie is full of details and entertaining anecdotes but in contrast to similar Korean movies such as "A tale of two sisters", those details are not of a big interest in the end and everything is relatively clearly revealed.

The problem is that all those details let this movie go nowhere and add nothing interesting to it. The flick seems stretched and sometimes a little bit empty and built on a weak plot. Some characters are also acting in a weird and not quite credible way and the ending of the movie crowns this hazardous development.

If you want to see a realistic and visionary school drama, this flick may be partly interesting for you but doesn't go profound enough to truly convince. If you are expecting something as creepy as the first part of the series, you may be completely disappointed. Compared to the third movie, I must say that this second part doesn't really fit into the series at all and would suggest to simply skip it if you are not a big fan or collector of the "Yeogo goedam" universe.
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Not scary at all... >.<
yachiru-chan7 March 2006
This film was quite disappointing really. Not much happens in it, and it certainly wasn't very scary at all. The freakiest thing in the film will be the fact that the diary was very densely written in, and it reflects a very obsessive personality of the writer. At the beginning, the intrigue of the diary barely keeps you on your toes, and as the film dragged on, you just start losing any other interest in it.

Acting was pretty OK, but by no means amazing. I guess the film does reflect on the compulsiveness of the characters within it - this is the only interesting bit I think.

If you wanted to see a film scarier than this, and leave you with something to think about, I suggest 'A tale of two sisters' instead.
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OK but not a horror
Rating: 6 of 10 stars Genre: Horror, Drama. Scare Factor: 3 of 10 Acting: 5 of 10 Story: 5 of 10 Nation of origin: South Korea Viewed on: Tartan Asian Extreme DVD Video Format: Widescreen Audio Format: 5.1 DTS

"Memento Mori" is the second of movie in the "Whispering Corridors" trilogy. I wasn't all that crazy about "Whispering Corridors" but I thought I would give this a shot (as I'm sure I will give the third in the series (named "Whishing Stairs") a try once I can get a hold of it. "Memento Mori" really had little if anything to do with "Whispering Corridors" and could be watched by itself. "Memento Mori" like many Asian movies time warps back and forth throughout the course of the movie making it, like most Asian movies, more confusing than need be. It however doesn't spin and twist so much you can't follow it.

If you simply accept the fact that "Memento Mori" isn't a movie with any horror value I think you will find it somewhat enjoyable. Despite some extremely slow spots I never really felt unattached to what was happening which is a positive change from "Whispering Corridors". The story itself was nothing special however and wasn't one that I was really curious about what was going to happen next.
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Pretty good, but not as good as Yeogo goedam I / Whispering Corridors
mandiapple12 December 2002
I actually kind of enjoyed this film - I thought it was pretty brave and tackled some traditionally "awkward" issues such as lesbian relationships between schoolgirls very sensitively. The horror aspect of the story was pretty well lost under the romance/tragedy part though, unlike in Whispering Corridors, where it was more of a mystery-thriller type story throughout.

That said, it's well worth watching, though I seriously recommend you see Whispering Corridors first.
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A supernatural lesbian love drama...
paul_haakonsen1 February 2021
After having just sat through the 1998 "Whispering Corridors", I must admit that my expectations for the 1999 sequel weren't all that high. But still, I had the opportunity to sit down to watch "Whispering Corridors II: Memento Mori" (aka "Yeogo goedam II"), so of course I did so, given the fact that I hadn't seen the movie before.

Turns out that I had actually seen the movie before, but that is maybe 10-15 years ago, so I only vaguely remembered fragments of the movie. Luckily, as it turned out, then "Whispering Corridors II: Memento Mori" was an improvement in comparison to the predecessor. It wasn't much of an improvement, but enough to make it more bearable and watchable at least.

Now, IMDb has "Whispering Corridors II: Memento Mori" listed as horror, romance and drama. You might leave out the horror and replace it with supernatural, because there wasn't much contents of horror in this movie. Even for a South Korean movie, then the horror aspects were few and far in between. This was, as a lack for better terms, a lesbian supernatural drama.

The storyline told in "Whispering Corridors II: Memento Mori" was at least more coherent and interesting than in the previous movie, which meant it was more entertaining to watch this 1999 sequel. It definitely had some interesting aspects to it, but it was by no means an outstanding movie in the South Korean cinema history.

As for the acting in this movie, well I will say that the actresses and actors were definitely putting on good performances, especially since the characters in this movie were more detailed and interesting than they were in the 1998 "Whispering Corridors". So thumbs up to writers Jung-Ok In, Tae-yong Kim and Kyu-dong Min on that achievement.

Ultimately then "Whispering Corridors II: Memento Mori" made for a movie that is good enough for a single viewing, but it is hardly a memorable foray into the South Korean horror cinema. My rating of "Whispering Corridors II: Memento Mori" lands on a mediocre five out of ten stars.
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Well it's a improvement from the first
KineticSeoul11 October 2010
This is a improvement from the first movie in the saga, but it still has a lot of flaws. The subplots in this film is pretty much boring and didn't really add much to the story. The plot is basically this, this two lesbian girls decide to both make a diary, but when one of the girl doesn't show the same feelings as the other lesbian girl things start to go bonkers. With one girl who finds the diary and investigates it caught in the middle. So this time around it has more to do with being an outcast than teacher brutality. Almost the first hr of this movie has hardly no scary or even creepy scenes, just two lesbian girls doing stuff and one girl who finds the diary investigating. Most of the horror elements come near the end, but it wasn't executed very well and seemed sort of lame than actually scary. The drama aspect of the film wasn't too bad, but the horror parts wasn't done that well. Let's just say I slept like a baby after watching this movie. What started out okay, just became a kinda boring horror flick, with hardly any horror elements in it. One a positive note, most girls will be able to sit through the whole movie with little to no screams. It's basically a supernatural revenge flick from being a outcast by the other girls for being lesbian. The main negative thing I can say about this movie is that it really felt, all over the place at times and didn't stick to a more fluid method and direction. In another words it leads to a simple story to be more confusing that it should be at times.

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Superior "sequel"...
poe42621 January 2006
Haunting the Foreign Film section of the local Hollywood Video (the only local video outlet that boasts a substantial selection) has proved greatly rewarding on numerous occasions. Among my favorite foreign films are the Asian fright films- not the gory stuff like ICHI THE KILLER or the over-the-top fare like BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL (which borders on being the kind of movie that Troma Films cranks out with alarming irregularity), but the understated (and underrated), satisfyingly spooky stuff like WHISPERING CORRIDORS, DARK WATER, PREMONITION, PHONE, A TALE OF TWO SISTERS and MOMENTO MORI (to name but a few). The latter, in particular, warrants a look. Though it's referred to as a sequel to the aforementioned WHISPERING CORRIDORS, it's very much its own entity (chuckle). If you're tired (as I am) of American "murder movies," I suggest a subtle (and most satisfying) change of pace: MOMENTO MORI.
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