The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) Poster

Gwyneth Paltrow: Margot Tenenbaum



  • Eli : I'm not in love with you any more.

    Margot : I didn't know you ever were.

    Eli : Let's not make this any more difficult than it already is.

    Margot : OK.

    Eli : OK, what?

    Margot : OK, I'm not in love with you either.

    Eli : Yes, I know, you're in love with Richie. Which is sick and gross.

  • Margot : I think we're just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that, Richie.

  • Richie : I have to tell you something...

    Margot : What's that?

    Richie : I love you.

    Margot : I love you, too.

  • Margot : Do you send my mother your clippings and your grades from college?

    Eli : Please stop belittling me. You never gave me the time of day til I started getting good reviews.

    Margot : Your reviews aren't that good.

    Eli : But the sales are.

  • Raleigh : You don't love me any more, do you?

    Margot : I do, kind of. I can't explain it right now.

  • Margot : [about Richie's suicide attempt]  Why'd you do it? Because of me?

    Richie : Yeah, but it's not your fault.

    Margot : You're not going to do it again, are you?

    Richie : I doubt it.

    [Margot starts to cry] 

  • Ethel : How long have you been a smoker?

    Margot : 22 years.

    Ethel : Well, I think you should quit.

  • Raleigh : Are you ever coming home?

    Margot : Maybe not.

    Raleigh : You're joking.

    Margot : No.

    Raleigh : Well, I want to die.

  • Royal : [Points to Henry]  He's not your father.

    Margot : Neither are you.

  • [at the hospital, after Richie has slashed his wrists] 

    Margot : Dudley, where is he?

    Dudley Heinsbergen : [has Richie's blood splattered all over his shirt]  Who?

  • Royal : Can we get somebody over here to kill these mice for us?

    Margot : No. They belong to Chas. Or anyway he invented them.

    Royal : Get him to stick them in a fucking cage or something.

  • Royal : [about Raleigh]  You're two-timing him with that bloodsucker Eli Cash. Now, that's just not right, dammit. You used to be a genius.

    Margot : No, I didn't.

    Royal : Anyway, that's what they used to say.

  • Raleigh : You've made a cuckold of me.

    Margot : I know.

    Raleigh : Many times over.

    Margot : I'm sorry.

    Raleigh : And you nearly killed your poor brother.

    Ethel : What's he talking about?

    Margot : It doesn't matter.

    Raleigh : She's balling Eli Cash.

  • Ethel : Raleigh says you've been spending 6 hours a day locked in here, watching television and soaking in the tub.

    Margot : [lying in the bath]  I doubt that.

    Ethel : Well, I don't think that's very healthy, do you? Nor do I think it's very intelligent to keep an electrical gadget on the edge of the bathtub.

    Margot : I tie it to the radiator.

  • Margot : You probably don't even know my middle name.

    Royal : That's a trick question. You don't have one.

    Margot : Helen.

    Royal : That was my mother's name.

    Margot : I know it was.

  • Ari : [about Margot's severed finger]  Did you try to sew it back on?

    Margot : Wasn't worth it.

  • Eli : [hearing the news that Royal is dying]  I am very sorry, Margot.

    Margot : It's okay. We're not actually related anyway.

    Eli : True.

  • Chas : Please don't get in the middle of this, Mr. Sherman. This is a family matter.

    Margot : Don't talk to him like that.

    Henry Sherman : Call me Henry.

    Chas : I prefer Mr. Sherman.

    Ethel : Call him Henry.

    Chas : Why? I don't know him that well.

    Ethel : You've known him for 10 years.

    Chas : As your accountant, Mr. Sherman, yes.

  • Royal : First thing I want to do is take you out to see your grandmother, at some point.

    Richie : I haven't been out there since I was 6.

    Margot : I haven't been out there at all, I was never invited.

    Royal : Well, she wasn't your real grandmother, and I never knew how much interest you had, uh, sweetie. Anyway, you're invited now.

    Richie : You know, Rachael's buried out there too.

    Royal : Who?

    Chas : My wife.

    Royal : Oh, that's right, isn't it. Well, we'll have to swing by her grave too.

    [Chas slams his book shut and angrily walks out] 

  • Richie : And I heard about Eli.

    Margot : I know. Poor Eli. Anyway, we mostly just talked about you.

    Richie : You did?

    Margot : Yeah. I guess that was the attraction, if you know what I mean.

  • Eli : How's Richie?

    Margot : I don't know. I can't tell.

    Eli : Yeah, me neither. He wrote me a letter. He says he's in love with you.

    Margot : What are you talking about?

    Eli : That's what he said. I don't know how we're supposed to take it.

  • Richie : You dropped some cigarettes.

    Margot : Those aren't mine.

    Richie : They just fell out of your pocket.

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