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Borgnine Classic
whpratt14 September 2008
Did not think I was going to like this film, but as the film moved on, it caught my attention. Ernest Borgnine, (The General) played a very evil role as a man who hated the Catholic Church and set out to kill all priests throughout Mexico. There was a man who lived in one of the local villages named Miguel Pro, (Humberto Almazan) who wanted to become a priest but he had his doubts mainly because he loved to entertain people with his music and jokes. There are many churches burned to the ground and the killing of innocent priests increased during the entire picture. The ending to this story you will never to able to figure out, however, after a few years acting, Humberto Almazan actually became a priest in real life.
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shadow of the original (and not a "Western")
winner5515 April 2009
Now billed as a 'spaghetti Western," this is actually a uncredited remake of the Graham Greene/ John Ford classic "The Fugitive," with a twist - in this version, the priest is not plagued with the any of the doubts or crises of courage that made Henry Fonda's characterization so memorable. So the film loses weight thereby, which it attempts to replace with th humor and humanity of Humberto Almazán's performance - and it almost succeeds, he is eminently likable as a grass-roots padre.

It's not a bad film, not an uninteresting film. I just kept getting haunted by flashbacks to the Ford original, with it's high-contrast shadows, and tense moments of confrontation between the priest, his own conscience, and the wannabe atheist soldier. Despite the clarity of the priest's commitment in this version, the original actually carried the message better.
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