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Classic Tribute
RicanRic21 August 2004
Elvira! What can one say? Well for starters, this movie is a wonderful tribute to one of the Kings of horror and suspense films – Vincent Price. I think he would have found this tribute to be hilarious and well representative of the genre he so magnificently sharpened through the 40-70's.

This take was filmed in Romania on an admittedly `low' budget. Of course, ultimately, this is one of the things that make this movie a classic. Elvira is at the top of her game in this movie.

Having finally gotten a gig in Paris, Elvira and her maid (unpaid for quite some time and, showing the attitude of someone who hasn't been…) are on the way to Paris to open the act when they get sidestepped in Romania. To any fans of Vincent Price films, the rest of the story is a combination of such thrillers as `Pit & the pendulum' & `House of Ushers' with a taste of our heroine Elvira tossed in.

Check out the Herculean translation job used with the Fabio-like `Stable-Stud'.

Fans of Mad TV will recognize Mary Scheer (Cabana Chat) as the the adulteress Lady Ema Hellsubus. The movie boasts a terrific - albeit short - musical number which tells the story of Elvira's past. It's a wonderful tribute to the Paris Can-Can.

Overall, this movie will be enjoyed by fans of Vincent Price or Elvira. You'll find yourself laughing, snickering and remembering those scary films of your childhood!
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jasonpaulcollum22 July 2001
I managed to catch a sneak-preview of this film, which is an entirely new feature, not a sequel, while it was still in post-production. For as wonderfully hysterical and charming as it appeared in its rough form, I can't wait to see the final result! A campy, lighthearted send up of the Vincent Price/Roger Corman/ Edgar Allan Poe/ Hammer horror movies from the 1960's, it follows true to both those films look and tone. Most of the film seems to take notice of THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, but there are bits spoofing other films, plus plenty of original material as well. Most delightful, in addition to Elvira's newest dance number, is the budding romance between the Mistress of the Dark and a hunky care taker whose voiced-over words (deliberately) never match his mouth. A hoot. Additionally, The Divine Miss E lets the boob jokes run wild as expected and you can just SEE how much fun the cast had making the movie. Demand to see it in theaters! It's worth it!
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A great second installment.
spoogy15 July 2003
It seems that all of the negative comments about this film are based on the fact that most of the jokes are old. That's the point, isn't it? Elvira is supposed to be campy, and so is this movie.

This movie shines because Peterson's performance is, as always, superb. Her timing and gleeful delivery make the film impossible for anyone with an appreciation for the subject matter to resist. The only possible complaint that a fan may have is that, by placing the character out of the ordinary, she becomes somehow less extraordinary, and feels almost normal in comparison to her surroundings. Even then, though, she's hilarious.

As for claims that it was too bad for a major studio, well, that's really an impossibility, isn't it? The films Elvira hosts are nearly always major studio releases. The problems with shopping this movie around to studios and distributors is that the movie is completely built around the character, but the industry would likely only have been able to pay Peterson as an actress and writer, in spite of the fact that her copyrights are the basis of the film.
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preppy-316 June 2002
An affectionate (and dead on) parody of Roger Corman horror films and those Hammer horror films.

Elvira and her maid are traveling to Paris for a show. Unfortunately in Romania they get waylaid in a creepy castle with mysterious characters and going ons. Basically the plot is a combo of Corman's "House of Usher" and "The Pit and the Pendulum" with huge dollops from Hammer films thrown in.

Every single cliche in those films is trotted out and hilariously torn apart. Still it's not vicious...just fun. Also the film has a PG-13 rating so the humor is pretty tasteful. Some of the one-liners from Elvira are hysterical and there's even a song and dance number which stops the show. Also the "stable stud" with his purposeful awful dubbing is a scream!

Cassandra Peterson is just perfect as Elvira. Richard O'Brien goes all the way over the top doing a mean Boris Karloff impersonation. Actually, all the cast plays it over the top but it totally fits the material. Also there's beautiful, atmospheric settings and a Hammeresque score to top it all off. Only the ending is a bit of a let down. Still, this is well worth catching. A must see!!!!!
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Must have for Elvira devotees
Miseri21 October 2002
Well, I must admit I was eagerly anticipating this release. I was especially psyched to see Richard O Brien making an appearance as Lord Hellsubus.

I thought that the first movie surpassed Haunted Hills, however, the more I watch Haunted Hills, the more it grows on me. I was so happy to see that Elvira is as beautiful as ever---truly an icon. I really like noticing more and more Poe references each time I watch-- Ligeia (Elvira/Elura), Morella (buried alive), House of Usher (castle's demise), the Black Cat/Cask of Amontillado (being walled up), and of course, the Pit and the Pendulum. I really loved the musical number "Life Is a Music Hall" (and i thought Elvira sang better in this one than in "Here I am").

Oh...and I recommend buying this movie...Cassandra Peterson financed much of it herself!!!

Elvira's still got it!
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Much More than it Seems at First
haygraphics14 September 2005
On the surface this is a spoof of the films made by Roger Corman and other directors who worked in the genre during the same period. There are direct references to "The Pit and the Pendulum" and "The House of Usher" as well as less direct references to films such as "The Raven" and "The Comedy of Terrors". The overall "look" of the film resembles those films and the work that came out of Hammer Studios during the same period but does so without looking like an imitation of them. With its rich textures and lush colors its appearance is never less than striking.

The performances from most of the supporting cast are all way over the top. Scott Atkinson is hilarious in the role of the doctor, Bradley Bradley. Everything he comes out with seems as if it's sucked from his chest and thrown at the camera. The way his accent changes as his role in the proceedings becomes more defined is a brilliant touch. Mary Scheer performs her role as the adulteress as if she were a classic comic book villain, the type whose passion burns most brightly when she's manipulating everyone around her to the max. Elvira's character makes an excellent foil for her. Heather Hopper's portrayal as the sickly Roxanna (part whooping cough, part "Night of the Living Dead" stiff and full time punching bag for the rest of the cast) is a howl. The notion of dubbing in the dialog spoken by Gabriel Andronache (who reportedly speaks next to no English) was a brilliant one. The first scene between him and Peterson is one for the books. Richard O' Brien has a role that that demands all the pork from Ham Central, and it's one that he appears to have relished playing. The scenes he shares with Peterson appear to have been a joy for both of them.

The excesses of most of the performances are balanced by the understated work from Peterson and Mary Jo Smith. Smith is absolutely adorable as Zou Zou, Elvira's much-abused maid. She plays the role with a combination of dry wit, self-depreciation and vulnerability that can't help but strike a chord. Peterson plays the "Elvira" character with her usual flair. That mix of impish playfulness and canny intellect combined with sweet innocence, brazen sexuality and doltish buffoonery that made the character a cult classic is wholly intact. Her comic timing remains razor sharp.

There's far more to the film though. It goes past the obvious to address (and skewer) a variety of topics. Richard O' Brien's soliloquies put the most overblown passages of Shakespearean Theatre to shame. The dubbing in foreign action films takes a hit or three. The way the use of accents is often bungled by actors and filmmakers is harpooned in a way that's wonderfully original. The "special effects" used for the cataclysmic moment of the film look as if they were intended to be worse than things Ed Wood would've come up with (though it doesn't quite hit that mark). Aging women who cram killer bodies under thick layers of paint (makeup) and thin layers of tight clothing spend parts of the film taking one hit after another.

There's no doubt the reigning Queen of Vamp Camp is showing her age. But she's using it to great advantage. The character seems older. Her sexuality is more overt. She has less patience for playing at being coy. She works too hard to be the center of attention. She doesn't miss any chances to show her "assets". The camera captures the physical side of things. One of the most revealing of them highlights the ways gravity works on an aging figure regardless of how well it's been taken care of, and it happens early in the film as if to make sure all the viewers take note her of age. Peterson is far too intelligent not to have noticed it but she left it in.

If anyone is the right person to be spoofing the foibles of aging vamps it's Cassandra Peterson. She's old enough to be one of those characters in day-to-day life and she would look great in any of the outfits they pour themselves into. More importantly, she understands any subject matter she touches thoroughly, addresses it without meanness or cynicism and applies a measure of balance to it in the process. She jabs Zou Zou for her looks but makes sure that character is the first to light a fire under somebody's libido. The man with the dubbed-in-lines may look silly because his mouth doesn't match his words but he gets the girl. The aging vamp may fall in holes because she's wearing heels instead of runners the way those vamp wannabees would but the male characters still can't keep their hands off her. It all works because of Peterson's charm and because of the balanced overview she brings to the subject matter.

This is a picture that may find its wider audience in years to come. It's played as camp in a way that may alienate a lot of viewers and there's no doubt a lot of the jokes are lame. But that's all done intentionally. Essentially, it's a good movie that's made to look as if it was bad. Don't be fooled. There's a lot there to stimulate thought and enough light fun to make it easy to keep going back for another look. Today's dog (though it's anything but one) may be one of tomorrow' classics.

Thanks Cassandra. This was worth waiting for.
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This movie gets an 'A+' for trying to be a 'B-' movie.
DragonMageRed25 March 2005
The BEST worst movie ever! This movie was fantastic! Anyone who can watch "horror" movies and have a good laugh at the corny stuff that makes it to screen today should see this movie. And best of all, it's not a "dirty" movie with lots of unnecessary nudity and bad language like some other horror movies or even spoofs of horror movies. No gag is too cliché; no pun is unworthy of being exploited; no opportunity for a cheap laugh passed up. But this isn't a kids' movie! Elvira is the Mistress of the Night for good reason, and she makes sure you know why...while keeping the rating a very tame PG13. But she still manages to make sure that everything is in good fun!
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Great fan fun!
fantasmic19712 October 2002
I just bought the DVD of Elvira's Haunted Hills today. Elvira's one of my favorite horror hosts (her and Svengoolie). We sure did wait a long time for this movie, and I'm glad to see it finally got made. Some of the sets in this film were really first-rate, and the hokey one-liners can still crack anyone up.

The DVD transfer was very good, both sound & video. There are lots of cool extras on the disc too, including "The Making Of Elvira's Haunted Hills" featurette; Interview with co-star Richard O'Brien and the Original theatrical trailer.

Elvira's Haunted Hills is a lot of fun - you'll enjoy this movie!
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How's she do it?
TedEBear28 October 2002
Most of the jokes are older than the Carpathian hills, but they're delivered with such verve and glee, I couldn't help but laugh! Cassandra Peterson continues to deliver with one of the more unique characters in TV and film history, this time in a heart-felt tribute to the horror movies of the 50's and 60's that helped launch her career. The entire cast really got into their parts, delivering worthy performances and adding to the atmosphere of fun. Too bad this didn't get more wide-spread distribution; hopefully, the word of mouth from pay-per-view and home video will help.
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Interesting Sequel
aesgaard416 August 2004
Elvira's Haunted Hills is the long awaited sequel to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, or not considering it's lacking in continuity and Elvira's back in 1851 where she sticks out like a couple of tomatoes in mashed potatoes. The movie might actually be a reference to her figure, though, as there's no haunts but a thick Hammer Movies-like atmosphere. Considering the modern references, it might just as well have happened in the present. Elvira is ageless in this and looks even more vampire-like with a black cape added to her attire. Mary Scheer from MAD TV is on hand in a limited role and Robert O'Brien ambles looking bored but having fun in this. (I hate The Rocky Horror show as should any horror purist, but O'Brien is still a respected actor none the less.) The movie exteriors were filmed on location around Sighisoara, Romania, the birthplace of Vlad Tepes for a matter of trivia, and the interior castle scenes are interesting enough for a second look. Dedicated to the memories of two great actors, Phil Hartman and Vincent Price, the movie does have a big budget look despite the actual low budget of the film, but its not as funny as I had hoped it would be. A more Mel Brooks/Monty Python direction would have worked. There's several funny lines and one-liners which Elvira rattles off effortlessly along with plot points and references stolen from other movies. Along the way, the movie just gets more surreal and turns into a parody of itself. In all, the movie is not as good as Elvira's first movie. Maybe her appeal has waned since the Eighties to anyone who is not a die hard fan as I am. I'd still want to see a third Elvira film and even more like to be able to have a hand in being in it as well.
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reminds me of a Edgard Alan Poe story, with cartoon humor
snek_one5 February 2003
This movie is interesting in various ways. It combines cartoon like humor with a quite sinister story behind it.. Add Elvira the voluptuose yet bad acting heroine of darkness and you are left with a pretty strange movie. It is entertaining, yet only as a nice 'background' movie. The typical character that is Elvira is comical to say the least!

There is a great contrast when comparing Elvira to the rest of the entire movie, it's along the same lines as other comedies where you are just eshamed of the main actor for strange behaviour.

It's nice for a cheap rent, but don't expect too much of it.

If you are familiar with House of Usher by Edgar Alan Poe you might be surprised at the similarities ;)
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One for the fans
sleazydinosaur19 September 2003
Whether or not you like this movie pretty much depends on what you think of Elvira. I've been an admirer since the late 80s, her look, and campy sense of humor has always appealed to me. The movie is pretty silly, and low budget, but if your an Elvira fan, then you wouldn't want it any other way. I saw this at a charity screening in Dallas, and Cassandra Petersen appeared and introduced the movie, answered questions, and signed autographs. She wasn't dressed as Elvira, she was just there as herself, I got to speak to her for a few minutes, and she signed a picture for me, she is still absolutely gorgeous, and a very sweet woman. She and her husband had to finance the movie themselves, the only deal the studios would offer wouldn't have allowed them to make any kind of profit from the movie, so if your a fan, then buy the DVD, you'll enjoy it, and if your not a fan, then buy it anyway, you can always look at Elviras "hills", that's worth the price alone.
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Great fun... but not for all ages
TelevisionJunkie3 November 2002
I can't say much about the film that hasn't been said already. Despite a few continuity errors and looking past the fact that it's set a hundred years before the original, it's a great movie for Elvira's fans and fans of the Corman/Poe films. The film was greatly cast, with people who obviously had a love for the campy 60s flicks they were spoofing. Rocky Horror's Richard O'Brien, who oddly enough wasn't the first choice for the role, is hysterical as the wacko Lord Hellsubus. Scott Atkinson did such a fantastic job as the horny Dr. Bradley that I'd love to see him in more roles (nice touch with his accent becoming more common by the end of the film). Mary Jo Smith was perfectly cast as the French maid, and she did make a great comedic sidekick for the Mistress; whilst Mary Scheer and Heather Hopper turned in deliciously campy performances. I hope this makes enough money to lead to more films for my favorite horror hostess! But...

While I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to let a small child see her first film, "Mistress of the Dark," this one is iffy for kids. In the first film, the sexual innuendo was just that - harmless innuendo. In this film, it's a lot more blatant, with many more boob jokes, "hide-the-hotdog" scenes and a lot more frank sexual humor (especially in the "Music Hall" song). "Mistress" should have had a PG rating, but this film solidly deserves its PG-13 rating.
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Shocking, atmospheric chiller.
goodellaa9 July 2002
Not for the faint of heart. SEE the jolly ghost of William Castle handing out "barf-bags" at the door. ALL kidding aside, this is quite a fine movie. Hope your local movie house puts it on a double bill with "Young Frankenstein". It really does belong in theatres. Laughs galore. Obviously a send-up of the early 60's work of Vincent Price (especially with Roger Corman), but someone pointed out that it seems to be an homage to Hammer horror also, and I guess this is true. So much to enjoy, here. There's my excuse to see it over and over, given the opportunity.
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funny but corny maybe over done.
dakota_loves_it11 July 2005
If you are a fan of Elvira then you might just get a kick out of this movie. It was a long over due sequel. it might have had better success if it was released closer to the original Elvira movie. or if they had mad a fuss about it and re released Elvira Mistress of the Dark. If you were a fan of Elvira when you were a kid and saw the original Elvira movie and the TV show you might have been waiting a long time for the Elvira sequel. you might be disappointed by the story line but you will not be sad about the was Elvira still looks okay is was alright ill recommend it. Ilke give it a 7 out of 10. if you liked Elvira then watch it but i still recommend the first movie she did more then this one.

love yours truly also you can email me at dakota_loves_it@hotmail.com
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Silly haunted humor
vamp884 October 2002
Fans of Elvira shouldn't be disappointed. I used to watch Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira weekend afternoons in California hosting bad horror movies and loved her. The movie was good silly halloween humor. Many of the jokes didn't work, some did. Worth seeing just don't go in expecting the next great comedy. I enjoyed her first effort Elvira Mistress of the Dark better.
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100 times better than a lousy Mel Brooks movie...
Tonton_BDM23 February 2005
Sorry guys I'm french I hope you'll understand !!!

Oh, come on, it isn't a so bad movie ! Some of the jokes made me laugh, it's better than a lousy Mel Brooks movie ! And it's a pretty nice way for 'Elvira' to show her love of Roger Corman's masterpieces. I'm glad I saw this film. I really think it's worth seeing it ! If you like horror movies from the 60's, especially Roger Corman/Mario Bava/Vincent Price's ones, you'll be delighted by the 'retro' touch of the film, and maybe you'll laugh sometimes, 'cause there are some good lines anyhow.

This film is, in its first part, a sort of 'homage' to the slapstick cinema of the 30's, that's... huh... awful. There it is, Elvira slips because of the fat lady, there she goes, doing some strange cartoons noises when she fall to the ground : BOING!!KLING! That isn't really funny indeed, but it's like a Chuck Jones cartoon... Funny in an old-fashioned way.

30 minutes after a lousy beginning, the movie becomes interesting, no more lousy slapstick gags, here come the good stuff, a titillating homage to Roger Corman's horror films (especially the 'Edgar Poe' series), Cassandra Peterson is prettier than ever (gosh, did I say that ?? she's older than my mum !!) (yummy anyhow)

I think it's good she dares to show her love of Corman's work because nowadays it's a new fashion to say the world we love Hammer films... but without Corman in the 60's : no Hammer films in the 70's. Hail, King Corman !
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Another fun Elvira film, just lacking some of what made her first film great
BrianCTyler23 April 2006

directed by: Sam Irvin

starring: Cassandra Peterson, Richard O'Brien, Mary Scheer, and Scott Atkinson

plot: Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) travels with her maid Zou Zou (Mary Jo Smith) through Carpathia in 1851 on her way to a show in Paris. Along the way, they decide to take refuge at a castle belonging to Lord Vlademiere Hellsubus (Richard O'Brien) and his wife Ema (Mary Scheer). Also in the castle are Vlademiere's doctor (Scott Atkinson), niece (Heather Hopper), and stable master (Gabriel Andronache), who Elvira can not keep her hands off of. Ten years ago, Vlademiere's wife Ellura supposedly committed suicide and he believes her ghost is haunting him, but Elvira discovers that there is much more going on.

my thoughts: I could not wait to see Elvira's follow up to her first film ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK. Elvira is definitely my favorite celebrity and she never fails to amuse me with her look and her sense of humor.

This time, instead of spoofing Roger Corman witchcraft movies, HAUNTED HILLS spoofs 50's hammer horror films, mostly starring Vincent Price and taking place in an old dark castle in England. This film does a very good job at that, making the film look cheesy yet dark and atmospheric, even though the castle looks fake.

The jokes are hilarious - we got boob jokes again, Richard O'Brien hilariously over acting, and a lot of references to modern times which are only funny because Elvira is in 1851. The Village People are among many references to the times where Elvira is really from. We also have a foreign character with very bad dubbing, on purpose of course.

The supporting cast is perfect. Richard O'Brien purposely over acts to make his character even funnier, it worked; Mary Scheer is great at playing the bitchy wife with something to hide; Scott Atkinson is very over the top and it works; Mary Jo Smith is slightly amusing as Elvira's maid but her character is kind of pointless; Heather Hopper does good as the 'catalepsy poster child'; and Gabriel Andronache's bad dubbing and funny face expressions are hilarious.

But then the final 20 minutes focuses way too much on the story over the jokes and the entire climax is way too overlong. At least we get some pit and pendulum fun and a funny little TITANIC joke.

If you're an Elvira fan, check this out. If not, don't bother. I personally love Elvira and don't see how anyone couldn't.
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Take THAT, Nicolae Ceaușescu!
lee_eisenberg24 June 2014
This time, the ever campy Mistress of the Dark has to spend the weekend in a Carpathian castle that appears to be based on every Vincent Price movie. Although it takes place in 1851, the beehive-haired hostess never misses a chance to reference popular culture from a more recent era. Although the production was likely the first time that a number of Romanian citizens learned of Elvira, there's the chance that some of them knew about her in the 1980s: I recently read a New York Times article about someone in Ceaușescu-era Romania who obtained pirated copies of movies from the US and showed them. Most of them were apparently action flicks, but one would hope that Elvira was in there somewhere (understanding that her puns probably wouldn't have translated well into Romanian).

The point is, "Elvira's Haunted Hills" is a funny movie, and it's enough to make anyone want to go to Romania. I hear that Dracula's castle is pretty impressive.

Deșteaptă-te, române!
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disappointing followup to the original Elvira movie
cherold3 November 2007
I always thought it was a shame that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark wasn't a success. It was a silly, dumb but very funny movie, one of those things like Scary Movie that everyone complains is tasteless and stupid but that I found wildly amusing.

So I always thought it was a pity that Casandra Peterson (Elvira, if you don't bother reading the credits) didn't have a hit so she could make another movie. But then I discovered that she did make another movie a few years later, Elvira's Haunted Hills, and alas, it is downright lame. Not unwatchable - Elvira is likable and some of the jokes are amusing - but this feels like a Saturday Night Live sketch stretched to an hour and a half. And not even a very good SNL skit. The acting is generally poor and the Roger Cormanesque parody script isn't funny enough to make up for being so trite and predictable.
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A Big Bust In More Ways Than One
gftbiloxi18 April 2005
Her creation of the bouffant-haired, wise-cracking, and sexed-up "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" put Cassandra Peterson on the map, and she's had a memorable career playing the character in more venues than you can count. But where her first big-screen effort ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK was a truly funny film with a good script, good cast, and good production values, ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HILLS is pretty much a bust from start to finish--and I don't mean Peterson's justly celebrated figure.

HAUNTED HILLS is, in theory at least, a send-up of Roger Corman's so-called 'Edgar Allen Poe Films'--a series of ultra-cheap 1960s flicks very loosely suggested by various Poe stories and poems. But sad to say, HAUNTED HILLS is not even as good as the films it pokes fun at. The production values are ultra-cheap, the cast is largely no-name and noticeably untalented, and the script has all the comic effect of roadkill.

But the major attraction here, of course, is Elvira herself. Sad to say, the camera man and the lighting designer seem to go out of their way to catch Peterson from angles and in unflattering light that shows her advancing years--but even so, Peterson continues to wear the character extremely well; when well-photographed her face retains considerable youth, no one could ever argue with her physical charms, and the gets more than you might expect out of this extremely lackluster script. Richard O'Brien (of ROCKY HORROR fame) also scores a few chuckles as one of the several suspicious characters that plague Elvira during her stay in the mysterious castle. But even so, it's all very, very thin stuff, a disservice to both Peterson and the character she has created. Recommended for hardcore Elvira fans only.

Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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Childish mess
lbk4 November 2004
I was intrigued by Elvira when I saw the IMAX 3D feature. So I hurried to buy her films available on DVD. Mistake!

It was a pain to watch Haunted Hills. The acting is terrible, the script boring, the humor absent and worst of all the dialog is pitiful. It consists entirely of clichés hip to 10 years old children. The plentiful affected attitudes are also extremely childish. And why it is considered funny to scream whenever someone opens a door, sees an animal or turn towards another person is a mystery.

I started out 100% positive so is there nothing good to be said. I'm sorry, no! What a mess, oh dear, oh dear ...
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The 'Elvira's Haunted Hills' Drinking Game
A_Boy_And_His_Dog3 November 2017
If you're so inclined, have a sip every time:

  • a lady screams at something - Elvira's breasts are the punchline of a joke - somebody falls down/over - somebody is being overtly dramatic and then abruptly interrupted - you see a deliberately crappy prop or special effect

Summarily, the movie is a parody of classic Hammer and Universal films, especially the ones loosely based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. If you liked 'Dracula - Dead and Loving It' and/or the Elvira character, you will also like this. All good fun.
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Elvira's bombed movie
angelicseven16 December 2011
While most people like Elvira, her fans will be disappointed in this movie, which seem dull and not funny or scary at all. It is like all the B-movies she hosts on TV that she scoffs and pokes jokes at. It's like Elvira is laughing at her own jokes. Not something enjoyable enough to watch over and over. This movie really needs to be redone better. It lacks the kind of quality a fan would expect from Elvira and any regard for her vampire side, which should of been developed more; there's just absolutely nothing for fans to follow. At least in Elvira Mistress Of The Dark we got to see something interesting than just her beautiful assets... her vampire looking car.
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Fun parody of old fashioned horror movies!
photoenthusiast26 October 2010
First off, I'll tell you right away that I'm a devoted fan of ELVIRA, so one might expect a non-objective review. However, I have watched this movie many, many times, and can honestly say it is an entertaining and satisfying vehicle for it's gorgeous star.

If you start off by thinking you'll be seeing a sequel to her previous comedy, ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK, then you might be disappointed, because it is definitely NOT that. A true sequel can not be made, because specific plot-points and characters are owned by that film's original studio (and those who picked it up when said studio crashed). Luckily for her fans, the rights to the character of ELVIRA herself belong to her creator, Cassandra Peterson, so we were able to be treated to a second movie, simply with a different premise and setting. I, for one, am grateful for that!

ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HILLS is a lovingly crafted parody of cheesy 1960s era horror movies of the Roger Corman and Hammer House variety. Time is taken to develop plot and character, to some extent, so it is not a gag-a-minute spoof such as AIRPLANE!, but is more like YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN in providing chuckles as well as atmosphere. I'm happy to say that, although it is a period piece, the character of Elvira remains Elvira no matter what, dispensing anachronistic quips and the sense of humor for which she is famous. Many lines are laugh out loud funny, while others are funny because they are groan inducingly bad. Sure, a few gags just don't pay off, and in my opinion the editing could be tighter overall, but when it all works the movie is hilarious. Peterson gets lots of the best moments, naturally, including a terrific musical number, but many funny lines are delivered by the supporting cast, as well. My favorite scenes include Elvira's exaggerated display of grief over someone's death, and her first meeting with the 'stable stud', who is overdubbed like so many bad foreign movies of the 1960s. My least favorite is an extended torture sequence, which is very well staged, just a bit too long.

The cast does a great job, for the most part, though some get better material than others. Richard O'Brien, as the lord of the castle, provides some humor, but is actually most effective when his character is more menacing. There are actually several moments of genuine suspense, too. All in all, this is absolutely worth a look for casual fans, and worth a purchase for those of us who can't get enough Elvira. It is best viewed with a big group of friends, by the way. Every time I've seen it, whether at a party or on the big screen in a packed theater, this is without a doubt a 'more the merrier' experience!
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