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Empty homoerotic fluff disguised at horror.
capkronos20 June 2002
No, this is not Male Model University, but judging by the student body you need to look like one to attend. It's apparent you need a muscular physique, perfectly gelled hair and tight leather duds just to take a stroll around campus. At parties, name drop Nietzsche and make sure you wear a fine suit and tie so you have something nice to puke all over. Never button up your top three buttons, hang out in juvenile high schoolish cliques and always wear shades. No, this thing isn't set on Mars, but close enough: it's set in the minds of horny skeezers David DeCoteau and scripter Matthew Jason Walsh, so any resemblance between this and any real college campus is strictly coincidental.

Oh yeah, the so-called plot... Hunky freshman stud-ent Christopher Chandler (Nathan Watkins) is anti-frat, but still wooed by the most popular house on campus. I mean, aren't Devon, Barry, Jordan and Mikhael the type of dudes everyone wants to hang with? No, not really. They're conceited, shallow, boring, and stupid, they throw lame parties and they drink blood to stay young and desirable. Go figure.

DeCoteau began his career exploiting the bods of B-babes like Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens and now he's switched to men's bodies, which is completely fair in our more enlightened age. Men deserve to be treated like meat, too, but it's too bad these talent-dry bonehead boy toys ACT like meat. You'd be hard pressed to find more lifeless, listless performances (particularly Bradley Stryker as the main bad guy) but hell, they DO look great in their matching boxer briefs. Save yourself the time and skim through a Calvin Klein catalogue instead. And this thing merits a pair of sequels?!
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Dismally bad attempt at homoerotic vampire flick
JThomas-216 April 2001
A bunch of hunky guys with bodies to die for march around - say a few stilted sentences - pull off their shirts, reveal they are vampires and then say a few more stilted words. That pretty much sums up this baaaad film. If you want to look at really hunky guys - go for it. Don't expect much in the way of script or acting though. There is only one actor with anything resembling talent and he's relegated to being the "ugly geek" though he is not. You could drive trains through the gaps in the dialogue - which is too elaborate and wordy for what is being said. Expositional information is related that doesn't fit the characters presenting it. And explain something to me - how does the most popular fraternity manage to have only four members, yet have parties where dozens upon dozens attend - and yet they "rush" only one candidate?

The "best" thing about this film is its blatent homoerotic overtones. There's a particularly cheesy scene in which one vampire helps his novice drink blood from a girl's arm...from the camera angle, for all practical purposes, it looks as if one guy is having oral sex with the other. And the guys seem to hang all over each other and walk around half naked in front of each other for no reason at all. I think this had to have been scripted, shot, directed, or lensed by either a woman or a gay male because it is just "too" much.

I'd like to find out how to become a filmmaker of this caliber because it seems like there is some sort of market for this trash. However, I would imagine that it is probably just as difficult to make a film like this as it would be to make a good one - so why not go the extra mile?
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Snake-66618 September 2003
In this feeble horror tale Chris (Samuel Page as Nathan Watkins), a college student, is offered the chance to join an elite Fraternity by Devon (Bradley Stryker). Unknown to Chris this particular Fraternity happens to be the cover for a vampire coven.

‘The Brotherhood' (known in the UK as ‘I've Been Watching You') is one of the worst movies I have ever had the displeasure to watch. With no real storyline, a poor script and dismal acting this movie appears to be nothing more than a softcore gay porn movie disguised as a supposedly stylish horror movie. If the homoeroticism served a purpose to the story then I would not be as unimpressed but there is nothing in here remotely resembling a horror movie. The story comes across as exactly what it is – a tacked on and meaningless narrative with no redeeming features.

The homoeroticism is not what makes this movie dire, that dubious distinction belongs to the appalling story closely followed by the inept acting and the inexcusably bad script. Veteran director, David DeCoteau's direction was the only real highlight of this movie and even that seemed to be of a particularly low standard. While it may be nice for some to watch a bunch of college jocks wandering around with their shirts off, anybody who wants a half-decent story should look elsewhere. This movie is really nothing more than boring tripe! My rating for ‘The Brotherhood' – 2/10.
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Oh for...
imran-1225 August 2001
David DeCoteau's film "The brotherhood" has brought the word 'bad' to new levels of badness. Bad acting. Bad effects. Bad everything. This bad film just oozed rottenness from every bad scene... simply bad beyond all infinite dimensions of possible badness.

Well maybe not that bad, but lord, it wasn't good.
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Really bad
drgreenstein25 January 2008
This movie fails on all accounts.

The script is pathetic. The story is weak and the characters shallow. You couldn't set out to write a B-movie script this bad. The plot is so weak that the framework seems like it's designed for pornography.

The cinematography is juvenile. The camera angles are contrived, close-ups are used without good purpose and the lighting always seems artificial. It feels like one never leaves the same simple set.

The acting, save Josh Hammond as Dan, is really bad. The actors' deliveries are monotonous. The range of emotions is zero.

The men are all beautiful, each one an Adonis, but to what end? Adolescent girls and adolescent gay boys will surely revel in these images but beyond that, there is no artful purpose served by the physiques.

I hate to pan someone's work so badly but this movies is truly horrible.
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It's okay to be gay. It's not okay to make crap movies
Coventry13 April 2008
Wow, this movie is even gayer than "HellBent"! What are the odds of that ever happening? I don't think David DeCoteau ever had the intention of making a horror movie… He clearly just wanted to surround himself with athletic & handsome twenty-something boys, so he quickly thought up a scenario about a college fraternity of vampires. Instead of action & suspense, we get an whole army of male students parading in their matching tight white boxer shorts and instead of gory massacres we get insecure boys openly talking about their feelings and emotions…for hours! Two young losers meet each other on the first day of college. Chris has the body of a regular jock, but he's the sensitive type, so he doesn't want people to judge him based on his appearance. The other one, Dan, never stops nagging about how unpopular he was in his previous school. They befriend a girl with an incredibly beautiful rack; still all they ever talk about is their mutual friendship. In come the boys of the Domo Tau Omega fraternity; pretentious little pricks with sunglasses that rule over the university. Their leader – super gay dude Devon – wants Chris to join his elite group because he fancies him. Poor Chris doesn't know, however, that they form the gayest coven of vampires horror cinema has ever brought forward. "The Brotherhood" is a terrible film. There's not even an attempt to build up tension or atmosphere and DeCoteau didn't even bother to insert some cheesy horror effects. The vampires suck, all right. But not blood… They suck at making themselves appear menacing and evil. The dialogs are abysmal and the production values are overall poor, barely disguising the fact that our director is more interested in shooting porn movies. Or maybe put together catalogs for men's underwear. He should do so, and quit misleading fans of horror films. The cast members may be yummy eye-candy (at least, for certain target groups), but none of them has the slightest bit of acting talent. One to avoid at all costs.
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It doesn't get any worse.
DDoyleR24 December 2000
Let's see...what was worse? The crappy acting? Maybe it was all the seven minute scenes? Maybe it was the lame writing and poor directing. Or it could be the billing as a vampire movie while it didn't really have any vampires? How about a frat that uses a couple of real Greek letters plus one that doesn't even exist (Doma?) in the Greek alphabet!?

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Let's see...what were the good parts? Hmmmm... Nope. Let's go back to what's left: the bad parts. How about that actress with the dirty, limp hair? Maybe it was the un-nude scenes where they all strip to socks and matching underwear?

Honestly, I've seen better film on old milk. My friends and I did kind of make this a sort of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" event, so that was fun. I challenge anyone to come up with a worse movie. Go ahead. Try.
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Pathetic MST3K Fodder
Foggy-731 December 2000
One of the worst vampire movies I've ever seen, this movie feels like it was written at random with no consistency whatsoever from scene to scene. The actors sometimes do their best, but the lead vampire reads every line the exact same way.

The camera work is claustrophobic, usually zoomed in way too close on the actors. At one point, we're supposed to believe something is happening because the camera is being shaken while the actors flop around.

This could have been an interesting movie, if someone had taken the time to edit the script for continuity and give the characters more believability in their actions. Sadly instead, they released this piece of garbage.
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Teen horror for girls
wadeboi11 December 2004
It is nonsense to say this is a "gay" horror film. We see these same shots of women in conventional horror films and don't think about the director's sexual orientation. Would this be considered gay if the director was a woman? I think not. This film is meant to be a beefcake horror film for the ladies. And while it delivers some handsome faces and a few fleeting shots of boys in their

underwear, it's strictly G-rated stuff. Indeed, I've seen more nudity in G-rated films from the 1960s where bare butt shots of men and boys can be seen in

"Planet of the Apes" or "Maya" where 15-year-old Jay North appears nude from the back side. The "Brotherhood" series films are surprisingly bloodless and nudity-free, which bucks the trend for horror films and teen sex comedies and may be why so many people feel a bit "cheated." One wonders why on direct- to-video releases David can't push the envelope a bit and show more explicit nudity of either sex. Probably because the video rental chain which finances these films through pre-production distribution agreements would decline to participate. Or it may be that the young actors who appear in these films draw the line at showing their gear or bare butts. But if you're going to have a scene where nudity is the logical costume, as in a shower scene, it doesn't make much sense to show guys showering in their underwear -- something we have seen in more recent DeCoteau films. There is a similar problem in "The Brotherhood," with the frat initiation ("make- out") scene being more logical as a nude scene.

On another point, since so many have commented on why the protagonist wears black boxer briefs, this is an obvious nod to Alfred Hitchock's use of a black bra on Janet Leigh in "Psycho" after she turns "bad." (Before she turns bad she is seen in a white bra). Or more classically, the boy in the black briefs is akin to the outlaw in the black hat.
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Good cheesy fun
Paul Robbins13 November 2000
Typical DeCoteau low budget movie that "Works" on two levels. First, it's a teen vampire flick set in Southern California (as in the Buffy oevure). Second, it's an excuse to have attractive males run around in designer boxer/briefs. It probably works better on level two. However, the humor and bonding between the two main characters actually has some depth, and was a pleasant surprise. For lovers of really good "cheese" - just like DeCoteau's new modern camp masterpiece "Voodoo Academy" (the DVD edition). Relax, suspend your critical faculties, and enjoy!
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I love this film!
louisemcmahon6 April 2002
How can people say they don't like this? Sure it's kinda strange and cheap looking but i think that the overall story line is pretty good. The ending could have been improved though. I felt that it was rather rushed. I didn't mind at all that the film had lots of scenes where the characters were wearing matching underwear! When the blokes are that good looking does it really matter if it's relevant?! I'd say that if you like vampire films watch this. Even though it has an unusual take on the vampire myth, it is still very intersesting.
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Decent enough, if for only a few reasons
slayrrr66618 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"The Brotherhood" is a decent enough entry that doesn't have too many flaws.


During Pledge Week at Drake University, Dan Myerson, (Josh Hammond) meets with his new roommate Chris Chandler, (Sam Page) while a strange murder rocks the whole campus. After a few days on campus, he is recruited by Devon Eisley, (Bradley Stryker) to join his brothers in his fraternities, and when Megan, (Elizabeth Bruderman) offers him the opportunity to meet them during a party, he decides to go along and meet up with him. When they come back from the party, they soon discover that he's been acting strangely, and when he announces his intention of joining the fraternity, they discover that the organization is a group of supernatural beings that is intended on prolonging their longevity by sucking the blood of others, and race to stop him before he becomes a full member of the group.

The Good News: There was some good stuff in this one when it counted on it. There's a really great ability of the film to be able to make sure that the guys in this film are presented more in a sexual light than the women are. There's plenty of useless, throwaway scenes of the men in here running around topless or in their underwear, which is usually the type of tactic that is reserved for women in these films, and there's some good stuff to go around for this. The finale with all men in here performing that tactic makes it really stand-out, and the other scenes of them running around the campus like that only reinforce this view even more. There's also the fact that the film's manages to make the mystery about what's happening feel really good and worrisome, which is normally one way or the other. Here, it takes a while to finally catch on, which results in many instances of there being something really weird happening that doesn't have much sense for it. The unusual amount of time that this uses for these methods is really good, making them more important than they really are and has some really nice tactics to do so. There's also the film's really fun climax, which is really great. There's a fun, energetic and gory brawl with the guys, the perfect resolution to the mysteries and a great feeling of excitement when it's all going on. It's one of the best things about the film, along with the film's lone sex scene, which is a little erotic and definitely a little out-there but still fun and enjoyable. That alone sums up the film as a whole.

The Bad News: This one did have a few problems with it. The main one is that there's very little action in this one. Most of the film has them running around the campus talking about what's going on with them and why they want him in the club, which makes for a boring beginning that doesn't have a whole lot worthwhile about it. The fact that there's a ton of scenes that also go on a lot longer than they should've makes for this being another factor about that. The rescue from the fraternity rivals, the first date in the coffee house and most importantly the two guys psyching themselves up to go to the party, which lasts for a near-eternity, all help make this one a little more harder to get through. There's also the film's almost complete-dryness that the film exhibits. The couple kills in here are really dry, which is something that needs to be overcome. It needed a little more blood in this to be able to showcase how brutal they were, which is another factor as they needed to be bunched up a little as well. The last flaw to this is the uncomfortableness some might have with the film's frank portrayal of men as sexual objects. Rather than doing this for women, it does the same tactic for men, and because it's so different than the norm, it can be something that is new and a little off-putting for some, even though it's not a complete detriment and doesn't hurt the film at all like the others do.

The Final Verdict: A rather entertaining entry that is actually a lot better than expected if only hurt by a few flaws, this one is watchable at the least. Give it a shot if you're into the general style or are in the mood for a more homosexual experience, while those who can't get around that factor are urged to seek caution.

Rated R: Violence, Language and a mild sex scene
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Simply to avoid.
PeterKurten9114 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I stepped into the story with a third of the running time passed & seemingly nothing vital to the story had yet occurred. A 30 second flashback near the end wrapped the missing part up nicely. Any brief outline wraps up the entire movie as well, for that matter. The president of a vampiric college fraternity needs to occupy a new body every century or he'll die as will his brethren. His victim manages to sabotage the plan in the final 15 minutes of the movie. The end. I don't want to examine the illogicalities of the present vampire mythology; you can't enjoy a vampire movie without accepting that part of the story. However, there's plenty left to pick out of this corpse. The bright illumination & the sets somehow reminded me of 1990's video erotica, the cast consisted of annoying Baywatch stereotypes with the acting talent of wooden dolls & every opportunity to insert some flesh or gore into the pelicule (classic lifesavers for crummy B-movies) was thoroughly waisted. Overall the feeling occupies the middle ground between gay horror-erotica & the Worst of Buffy. This could've been a film loaded with evil charisma, Freudian subtlety & psychological confusion from the part of the victim some nudity & blood where fit. I've never seen THE LOST BOYS but no doubt it's a superior treatment of the same theme. As a final remark, the plot served one so-called twist: the female sidekick is a traitor. She happened to be the one out of 3 "heroes" to carry an invitation to the Brotherhood's party where the first contacts are established, wasn't that a hint ?
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snflwrmare14 October 2003
I totally agree with the other person who wrote up this movie--seriously the worst movie ever made. I have seen some terrible movies but this "horror" flick was such a friends and I literally laughed through it. Do not ever see it! I can't believe they made not one but two sequels to this piece of garbage.
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Homoerotic spin on The Craft
Leofwine_draca5 May 2015
Following the minor success of all-girl teen witch flick THE CRAFT, David DeCoteau made his own Z-grade spin on the franchise in THE BROTHEROOD. These are gay-friendly horror flicks in which female cast members barely feature. DeCoteau is too busy shooting his young male models lounging around in their boxer shorts or getting up to some mischievous hijinks as part of a longevity cult. The British title of the film is I'VE BEEN WATCHING YOU and it sounds like something DeCoteau might have said to his male cast members during audition.

Needless to say that this is a surprising production in that it manages to be sleazy and tame at the same time. Certainly the constant ogling of the young male bodies is off-putting although vaguely enlightening given the amount of films that chronicle female flesh. Sadly, the homoerotic stuff is the only real content this movie has, as nobody was really interested in telling a proper story.

As usual, the acting is horrible from these planks of wood masquerading as breakout stars, and the script is dumb beyond belief. Every dialogue scene rings hollow and there's a general feeling of falsity in the air. Add in an almost entire lack of story and incident and you have a bomb of a film. Incredibly, no less than five sequels followed this mess.
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Welcome to Doma Tau OmeGAY.
BA_Harrison21 March 2012
Doma Tau Omega is an exclusive fraternity whose privileged members drink blood in order to preserve their youthful good looks. When their hunky leader Devon claps eyes on the firm, muscular frame of innocent college newcomer Chris Chandler (Sam Page), he sets about recruiting the handsome freshman, tempting him with the promise of eternal life, but secretly schemes to enter the young man's body (spiritually speaking, although one could easily be mistaken for thinking otherwise at times) in order to replace his current corporeal form.

Vampire films have long been linked with homo-eroticism, but rarely has the theme been so blatant as in David DeCoteau's I've Been Watching You, a horror film that oozes gayness from virtually every frame. With scene after scene of young men gazing wistfully at each other, exchanging bodily fluid (only blood, thank heavens!), parading around in silky shirts, rubber vests and tight PVC trousers, and stripping to their Calvins, this wasn't quite what I had in mind when I spied the DVD, which caught my eye because of the beautiful buxom woman on the cover: there is a hot chick in the film, Megan (Elizabeth Bruderman), but she doesn't show any cleavage, the only exposed chest area on display belonging to the guys.

Although clearly intended for a different demographic to myself, I would still rate this film as much as a four: it wasn't totally unwatchable, the hilarious homo-erotic content, diabolical dialogue, and crappy acting providing me with a more than a few unintentional laughs (the frat guys' atrocious taste in clothing is particularly amusing!).
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Pin Pricked
wes-connors14 December 2008
Blond super-hunk Sam Page (or "Nathan Watkins"/ as Chris Chandler) goes to Drake college, on a swimming scholarship. Stripping down to his gym shorts for a run, Mr. Page catches the eye of blonder super-hunk Bradley Stryker (as Devon Eisley). Mr. Stryker is the leader of Drake's weirdest fraternity; and, he travels around with good-looking men in sunglasses. Stryker decides he wants Page's perfect body. Page tells super-geek (but cute) roommate Josh Hammond (as Dan Myers) he isn't interested in joining a fraternity. Then, Page admires Stryker's big fraternity pin, and gets sucked in…

Director David DeCoteau is definitely going after something. Page and Stryker make an interesting couple, especially when they play a "three way" love scene; note, the female ("Sandy") is incidental. "The Brotherhood" may have worked better if Mr. DeCoteau had either gone all out, or made the "gay subtext" more subtle. The subtle route is often taken by other filmmakers. The "vampire" storyline is more than a little hard to swallow (if the guys in question are supposed to be vampires).

*** The Brotherhood (2/01) David DeCoteau ~ Sam Page, Bradley Stryker, Josh Hammond, Elizabeth Bruderman
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Slow camera movement equals beefcake
the_screaming_muse12 November 2006
The idea that this movie isn't homo-erotic is hilarious. Anyone on the local planet who's seen this dud would never think that the director did not expressly want to illustrate the intimacy (of many different types)demonstrated between all the male characters of this film, especially since he spends *so* much film time doing just that. This film is so slow its speed could be measured with a Confucian calendar. The dialogue takes about three times longer than it should, and what we found most disturbing is the _very_ clear homo-eroticism demonstrated in every scene. No straight woman who watched this felt that it was geared towards her entertainment in the slightest. This film is strictly by men for men. The supernatural underpinnings, clumsy and badly-F/X'd as they are, run a distant second.

Don't rent this unless you're prepared to feel distinctly uncomfortable and painfully bored, or you're entertained by C-budget mini-horror.
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Bruderman glimmers in drab Brotherhood!
auslandur14 January 2001
Yes, the critics' comments are well taken, but not all was bad in this offering. With some fine tuning of the dialogue, this would have been a fine B-movie. I can't help but to think what a Jos Whedon type spice would have done to the characters and scenes. The plot premise was unique, even if the delivery was weak. Often, the actors seemed to be begging for the camera to stop rolling, mostly because of the limp dialogue.

I too could have done with less homoerotic images, or at least a balance of time spent traveling along the wondrous smile and sexy shimmer that Elizabeth Bruderman delivered. Even with a weak script, she managed to shine. She has a flash about her that seems to promise a glamorous future. I look forward to seeing her in future films. I suspect that she simply needs a better vehicle to put her on the road too glamour and fame. They should have used her siren abilities even more, and I don't mean that she needed to take off her clothing. Bruderman seems capable of seducing with a wicked smile, devilish glance, and dusky voice.
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I didn't realize it was _that_ bad...
TheOneTrueJody1 January 2001
I laughed, I cried, I wet my pants. Having been attracted to the box cover on the Blockbuster shelf -- it was right there next to another film with hunky guys with their shirts off -- I knew going in the film would be bad. If it had been at least passable it would have already aired on SciFi, it's 85 minutes stretched to cover two hours. But I thought I could at least get a few good laughs and enjoy shirtless men cavorting about with the occasional exploding vampire death thrown in for gores sake. Oh but this was just PAINFUL to watch. Yes the guys are either super hot or dorky cute and the director never misses an opportunity to pose said actors without shirts or pants, but why oh why did he have to write the most horrible, stilted, expository laden dialogue ever to grace B-movie heaven? The scenes drag on forever -- I spent five minutes fastforwarding through one and the angle, action and characters never changed! -- the acting is horrendous and the homoeroticism while present is never really used to anything more than wink-wink nudge-nudge effect. As for gore there was none, just kayro syrup used to laughable effect.

Yet somehow you can't hate this film. I don't know why. Perhaps its all the brilliant pecs on display, the well intentioned riff on straight T&A movies or the joy the director obviously took having five cast members and $100 to work with. Whatever you do though, don't watch it alone. After all, why should you and only you be subjected to this piece of c***?
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If you are looking for comments on the worst movie of all time, you just found them.......
Albino Rhino13 November 2000
I have a style for watching movies. I try to find stuff in them, or "points", that make me glad I am watching this movie. This is the first movie I have ever watched that didn't have any points. This is the worst thing ever to be called a film, and I have seen "I, Zombie." If it isn't the terrible acting job done by most of the cast, then it is the horrible "special" effects (It's always lightening but never raining). The movie has plot holes and one of the longest, most useless scenes in movie history (You will know what it is if you watch this waste of film). In the end you are left with $3.50 less in your pocket and a reason to boycott movies forever. If you think I am being over-dramatic, then go to your local video store and pick-up the abomination know as "The Brotherhood."
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Not Bad, For Such a Low Budget Movie
Claudio Carvalho12 December 2004
Dan (Josh Hammond) joins the University of Drake and shares a room with the handsome abstemious athlete Chris Chandler (as Nathan Watkins). They become close friends. They meet Megan (Elizabeth Bruderman), who invites them to a party in the best fraternity of the campus, leaded by Devon Eisley (Bradley Stryker). Chris in invited to join the brotherhood, where deep dark secrets are disclosed. "The Brotherhood" is a kind of "Lost Boys" and "Buffy" in the same plot, and it is not bad for such a low budget movie. The story uses unknown teen actors and actress and only a few locations, but there is a good chemistry between the characters of Chris and Dan, some good lines and the film works on DVD, being a good entertainment for the fans of this genre (probably teenagers girls will love this movie, since the male cast is very handsome). My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Irmandade de Sangue" ("Brotherhood of Blood")
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not the best of the best but good
xindi00515 April 2005
This isn't the best of all of the horror movies that I have seen;I wouldn't even call it horror-more of a thriller-but it was good. A bit cheesy in some scenes,not very high-tech in the s/f/x department but worth a look. If your into hot, well-built guys and cute girls and movies without the gore, and some cool music(especially the ending credits),then this is your movie. Try it at least once. If you hate it then don't bother watching the other two with this title. If you like it and get over the low-tech s/f/x, then get or rent the sequels. This is truly a good movie and as the title of this comment states, its not the best but it is good and interesting and definitely the best of what David Decoteau has done before and to date.

P.S.: I also own this movie and its sequels.
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Straight-to-video flop horror at its worst
noizyme1 September 2004
I made myself sit through this BS straight-to-video for what reason again? Boy...well, 1st off, I have no problem with the gay communities throughout the world, but god...some other user had it penned correctly as a homoerotic flic disguised as a horror film. I mean, there's nothing very scary about it.

THIS MOVIE NEEDS TO BE SPOILED! Therefore, basically GQ models who form a fraternity try to get the new hot stud on campus into there lair of bloodsucking...but they're not vampires. (?) whatever...they are led into the frat parties they hold by some annoying actress (whose disinterest in her role comes through in her delivery) and later reveal that the other brothers are in the fraternity to act as catalysts for the main guy's spirit to live in after his time on earth is through. gaw...

This movie gets a 2/10 from me because the later Brotherhood sequels are pure 0/10. Even this one has a better-looking evil lead. That gives it the 2 points...and the original musical score that is reused in the sequels first got played here. Good god, throw it away and damage every copy in your neighborhood video store!
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