Black Hawk Down (2001) Poster

Tom Hardy: Twombly



  • Yurek : [Looks at Nelson strangely]  What's wrong with him?

    Twombly : Oh, he's deaf. My fault.

  • Yurek : [ducking behind a car after being shot at by Nelson]  Rangers?

    Twombly : Who?

    Yurek : It's Yurek! You fucking assholes!

    Nelson : [Twombly turns to Nelson and taps his own flag patch to indicate "friendly"]  Fuck!

    Twombly : Dude, we almost fucking killed you! Well, come to us!

    Yurek : Fuck you! Come to me!

  • Smith : I'm sorry.

    Eversmann : You have nothing to be sorry about. You saved Twombly, you did it perfect.

    Smith : You okay Twombs?

    Twombly : Yeah, I'm okay, Jamie.

    Eversmann : See, you did what you were trained to do. You should be proud of that, be proud of that.

    Smith : Ev?

    Eversmann : Yeah.

    Smith : Do me a favor, okay? Tell my parents that I fought well today. And tell them that I... that I... that I fought hard.

    Eversmann : You're gonna tell them yourself okay, Jamie?

    Smith : Are... are the humvees here?

    Eversmann : They're coming, Jamie. They're coming. You just gotta hold on for a little longer. Can you do that?

    Smith : I can, I can. It's nothing. It's nothing.

  • Yurek : Dude, where the fuck have you been?

    Twombly : Never mind. You brought NOD, right?

    Yurek : No. No, I didn't bring it, and you wanna know why? Because you said: "You're not gonna need that, dude. We'll be back in a half-hour."

    Twombly : Well, I wasn't saying it to you.

  • Steele : Open up the hatch, we've got men back here!

    Pakistani Driver : No room here, go on the roof!

    Sanderson : What's going on?

    Steele : The roof?

    Twombly : I ain't gettin on no fucking roof!

  • Nelson : Twombly! The convoy's leaving! Hey Twombly!

    Twombly : What?

    Nelson : I think they've forgotten us!

    Twombly : WHAT?

    Nelson : It doesn't matter.

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