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Low budget cheese-ball, but enjoyable
historian643 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Bimini Code" which, while often muddled is enjoyable. About the only thing that is clear is the budget of this flick was microscopic. Are The young ladies private detectives or did they have some water related job, such as boat rental agents or dive instructors who happened to get involved in an adventure? I'm not sure, but that's not the point. There's some fun to be had here. We can hear what the brunette is thinking while she's gagged, and she and her blonde gal pal get themselves out of their tie-up situations rather than get saved by the guys. This no doubt comes from the fact the script was written by a woman, as does the chief villain being a woman. It satisfies everybody: men get eye candy, women get resourceful heroines. If this was, as I suspect, an unsold TV pilot, we could have had something there.

Another thing that's unclear: It's rarely seen, so it makes one wonder if Hulk Hogan bought up and destroyed every print of this film.
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Rarely seen junk, OK family fare
jimadamgolfer24 April 2003
I probably need help, but I actually do enjoy this type of low budget escapism fare. The girls are nice looking eye candy and spend a great deal of time in bathing suits. They are out on the water on boats performing the adventure denoted in the plot outline. I haven't seen the movie for a long time, but I do have it on tape. That's a good thing because Bimini Code may never make it to TV despite having no nudity or profanity. Hulk Hogan makes only a cameo appearance.

I get so tired of slow moving, expensive, complicated, poorly lighted, boring, artistic (over directed) films featuring over acting performers, that a piece of junk like Bimini Code is a welcomed change of pace.
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Bikini Code
gridoon201818 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, I know my summary has already been used on this page, but honestly I couldn't think of a better one! Actually, I saw this movie under the title "Raiders Of The Lost Code", which was clearly superimposed later to take advantage of the "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" phenomenon. In truth, about 70% of this movie takes place underwater: if there's one thing that bores me, it's long underwater sequences, and there are way too many of them here. If there's one thing that excites me, it's fit and athletic women in bikinis, and (luckily) there's plenty of that here as well. But if you, like me, find a fit and athletic woman in a bikini delivering a swift kick to a man's (or woman's) face very sexy, prepare to be disappointed: it only happens twice during the 95 minutes of this movie. And the head villainess may have a cool look (a bit like Brigitte Nielsen), but she doesn't really do anything; she just keeps saying "Follow them!". An amateurish, low-budget, but still fairly ambitious production. ** out of 4.
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Bikini Code
Tarquin_Farentino16 April 2009
I think the title was supposed to be "Bikini Code" (kind of makes sense), but someone hit the M key instead of K (they're next to each other on the keyboard) and everything got printed out with "Bimini", then because the budget was so low, they didn't have any money left to change it.

But I think if it had been called "Bikini Code", the movie would have made a lot more money. The viewers would know in advance that they were going to see a lot of hot babes in bikinis. So a BIG title mistake!

Another strange thing about the title: Shouldn't it have "The" as the first word? You know, like The Omega Code, The Da Vinci Code?

Laughable movie!
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