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Delightfully unpredictable, hilarious comedy with wonderful performances that tug at your heart in ways that utterly transcend gender labels.
Baltimore Sun
This movie is about the survival of the open-minded. As far as current American independents go, it's the fastest and the funniest.
Chicago Tribune
Delivers that rare combination of winning traits. It's a low-key comedy with a risque hook -- a seemingly straight woman dabbles in lesbianism -- yet it maintains an old-fashioned faith in literate dialogue, believable behavior and themes that reach beyond the plot points.
Rolling Stone
Westfeldt and Juergensen are smart, sexy knockouts, finding just the right mix of fun and tenderness in their writing and performances.
L.A. Weekly
These women are smart, funny and wonderfully real, traits that one might safely attribute to Westfeldt and Juergensen, who also wrote the screenplay.
Washington Post
The performers bring freshness to what could have been cliched roles.
While this slightly edgy comedy has moments of offbeat charm, it would carry more conviction if the acting were richer and the characters focused on more sophisticated attitudes and ambitions.
The New York Times
Amusing but extremely derivative.
The film is relentlessly peppy, often quite funny, sometimes a bit too convinced of its own adorableness and ultimately as smoothly reassuring as a TV sitcom.
New Times (L.A.)
The actual finale, which so betrays what's come before it that it leaves one walking out of the theater holding a grudge against what was.

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