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High Times Scores Big...
glovesmeller9 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I was fortunate enough to be among the lucky few to catch the first-ever screening of High Times Magazine's feature film debut, `Potluck'. Scripted by `Summer of Sam' veteran Victor Colicchio and helmed by Aussie newcomer Alison Thompson, the film was a total riot. An all-star ensemble cast including Jason Mewes, Dan Lauria (the Father from the Wonder Years), Jason Isaacs (dude from the The Patriot) and Frank Adonis combine to create one of the most engaging and hilarious cult films I've ever seen.

`Pot Luck' is a situational comedy with an intricate plot line that involves a struggling artist, a mob crime family, a tough `grrrrrl' rocker and an aloof pair of would-be criminals – even a congressman and a transvestite – in a marijuana heist. Victor Colicchio describes the film as a cross between Cheech and Chong and the Sopranos… I couldn't have said it better myself. And while the film does give significant screen time to every one of its several main characters each character adds an important and convincing element to the overall story. Consequently the suspense is only heightened as the audience views the marijuana heist through many different eyes.

The plot unravels as Arneau (Isaacs), a struggling artist supporting his passion by peddling joints, finds himself being robbed by would-be criminals Mickey and Ryan. As the robbery goes awry mob soldier Frank (Adonnis) is called in to complete the heist of Arneau's supply – `a suitcase with what must be at least $50,000 worth of weed' – and turn the pot into cash. The film begins to follow the suitcase as it travels through the beautifully-photographed, gritty Manhattan streets. Along the way we are introduced to mob boss Carmine (Dan Lauria), a bite-your-fist HOT girl rocker (Theo Kogan, lead singer of the independent Lunachicks) and a variety of other sublime characters. The film climaxes in the midst of a hilarious pot legalization rally, with the movie building to a crescendo that will have you on the edge of your seat… at least if you don't fall of that same seat laughing.

Some have compared `Pot Luck' to the Jim Brewer vehicle `Half Baked'. I was not a fan of Half Baked – in fact I thought it was a total waste of celluloid. Still even though I didn't appreciate `Half Baked' as a whole I do admit that a few of the jokes had me in stitches. So I was reluctantly expecting the same thing with `Pot Luck'. Fortunately High Times Magazine, with its almost fifty some-odd pages of pornographic detail involving growing and smoking weed, picked a writer/director combo who were savvy enough to create a film enjoyable by moviegoers over the age of thirteen.

Don't get me wrong -- any thirteen-year old would still count themselves lucky to catch a peak at the movie. I'm only nineteen and I loved it! Yet Thompson has carefully layered the plot twists and multiple characterizations to create a noir pot caper that gray-haired parents can enjoy right along side their angst-ridden teenage child.

Really any further spoilers in this missive would destroy Potluck for even the most enthusiastic audience member. The only other aspects of the film I'd like to note are Jason Mewes's hilarious piece as a drug dealer and Tommy Chong's part as a hippie pot enthusiast. For those two performances alone I'd pay to see the movie ten times again.

I don't know when this film will be released or who's going to pick it up, but make a point to check it out. We need more movies like this!
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"Dazed and Confused" meets "Goodfellas".
smoussa17 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely loved this movie. An excellently paced comedy that boasts a colorful cast of characters. I was thoroughly entertained and wished it was longer. The culture clash between Mafia and punkers was priceless. Its "Dazed and Confused" meets "Goodfellas". The plot twists and turns keeping you smiling throughout. Definitely scores an A+ in terms of the type of movie its supposed to be. Funny, and poking fun at everyone on all sides. Definitely a Dark Comedy along the lines of a "Trigger Happy", you either loved it or you didn't get it. The mob discovering baba ganouche and hummus after getting the munchies was hilarious. Is there any substance that renders a character more hilarious when they are stoned than Marijuana? Definitely a keeper on DVD. Something you can watch several times and still continue to laugh.
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a female Scorsese arrives
ucandoit427 December 2007
A female Scorsese is born. New York Streets, gritty, street actors, experimental, witty, great direction, in your face camera work. Times square chase scene with wild animal sound affects underneath are very cool. Lots of very subtle things you could miss. Mobsters, punk rockers, transvestites, upper east side yuppies, cops, politicians, rappers, bankers, potheads. It reminded me of a cross between the movie "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Mean Streets" on Pot. I rented this from the video store and watched it twice as i found extra stuff I missed the first time. I am a big fan of Jason Issacs work he is a cool actor!! I loved him in "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson, in every film he plays someone different you can hardly recognize him. He's also in Armageddon and the Harry Potter films. I'd watch Potluck again! I wonder what Ms. S will do next!
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very funny ending - worth watching to the end
chasmilt77724 November 2005
I really enjoyed this movie. After buying it used, I feel like I got a bargain for $15 bucks. "Potluck" was different and the old gangsters made me laugh. The main character, a favorite gopher for a mob boss, discovers the joys of being a viper, when a suitcase of high-grade pot is dropped into his lap, time and time again - lol.

If you like "tough-guy" type of humor, I reckon this flick is worth a view. Our mobster's relationship to the the older members of the gang will make you laugh, especially at the end. Stick it out to the end ya'll . If the movie starts to get slow, twist up another one and ride it out - lol.
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Excellent Cult Movie
AlbertRo1 April 2005
So many films these days try to be "cult" movies, while wasting large budgets and stupid story lines in order to get there. They should follow High Times Potluck's excellent example of how to get it right without breaking a sweat. All the actors were brilliant, the story was different class, and there is heaps of pot smoking which can only be a good thing in this day and age. One thing for sure, this story would never had worked if they had been using alcohol, coke, Prozac etc instead. A very funny and totally underrated film which I really hope will one day get the recognition it truly deserves. You can bet your bottom dollar that some sharp eyed big studio exec has probably got his/her eye on this movie, and will remake it in 5 years with a big budget and well known actors, and it will probably be pants. As far as I am concerned over the past year two of the best marijuana films of all time were released. Potluck of course was one of them, and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Buy the DVD, light up a big fat one, and enjoy one of the coolest and non stressful movies of the last few years. Enjoy!!!!
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Cheech and Chong meets Goodfellas
TivoTron9 December 2004
The plot of this flick is pretty simple...I don't want to give it away to you, but it's not rocket science. That said, this cast really puts it together into what turned out to be a pretty funny and exciting movie. I'm a big fan of Jason Mewes and his role is great...Frank Adonis is also awesome at the lead role (think mob guy who sees the light!).

If you're chilling on the couch with some friends and want to be entertained for a couple of hours, I definitely recommend this movie! It's got the funny parts of any good stoner movie (you KNOW the folks at High Times must like this one...) and the action/plot of a good escapade movie. I give it the 5 leaf seal of approval!
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A new cult film is born.
athompson418 May 2001
If you like to laugh and come out of a picture feeling a little high, then this is the movie to see. Potluck takes you on a ride through the streets of Manhattan with a cast of cool underground players. A new cult film is born. There are a lot of characters to choose from including Jason Mewes, (Clerks and Silent Bob) Jason Isaacs( The Patriot)to Sylvis Miles( Midnight Cowboy)to Frank Gorhsin ( The Riddler)and about 20 others. I think this movie reaches all ages as it has so many different aged characters. You need to see it twice to soak it all in. Theo Kogan of the Luna Chicks puck rock band is very sexy playing herself and her songs are in different scenes throughout. She also sings live on stage.
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funny times with pot and high times!!
tgsag4 January 2005
I went to see High Times Pot Luck with a friend and was given the ticket as a gift. I did not really know what I was walking into but was interested and eager to see what it was about, being a fan of the magazine and also of the plant. I had never seen any movie produced by High Times but gave them the benefit of the doubt and I am very glad that I did.

The movie grabs you as soon as it starts and takes you on this extremely funny, witty, and all out in your face comedy. There are few movies that can stand with HTPL and the roller-coaster ride that you go on. The cast is excellent! The direction is extraordinarily innovative and capturing. This movie also offers wide variety of cameos appearances that each add their very own flavor to their scenes. An all around good time and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. This is definitely a "Cult Classic" in the making.
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Slow start, but worth the wait
alpalmer16 February 2005
I wasn't sure what to expect from this film, having received it as a gift from a friend. All I knew was that Jason Mewes and Jason Isaacs had small roles, and that Dan Lauria was in it. And, that it was about pot.

Aside from the scene with Arneau, I felt that the first half hour dragged. However, as the film went on, the characters became more engaging, and as a result, as a viewer I was more interested. I appreciated the quirks of the story, though I'm sure I didn't catch them all. I especially liked how the characters were linked - nearly everyone knows Arneau (since he's a pot dealer), the mobsters watch old movies, and the cops know the movie stars in their old age.

I'd recommend this film for anyone who wants something out of the ordinary. Hopefully this will be released outside of the USA sometime in the near future.
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A True Native New York Film
Sarabi529 August 2003
In a day and age of corporate formula films, it is refreshing to see a film about New York that is shot in New York using actual New York Actors and streets that I have walked down. On the recommendation of a friend we went to see this film in the East Village and the story was clever, intelligent and well paced. It kept us interested and entertained which is more than I can say for 90% of the current crop of big budget Hollywood cineplex fare. In a city where anything can happen, everything does in this film. Even my 70 year old mom loved it.
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