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Stephen King's The Long Walk Is Happening at New Line

New Line Cinema is staying in business with iconic author Stephen King, after the success of It, the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. The studio is moving forward on an adaptation of Stephen King's The Long Walk, hiring James Vanderbilt to write the screenplay adaptation, although no one has been brought on to direct at this time. Vanderbilt will also produce through his Mythology Entertainment company, alongside partners Bradley Fisher and William Sherak, with Tracey Nyberg serving as an executive producer.

The Long Walk was first published in 1973, with Stephen King writing the book under his pen name RIchard Bachman. The story is set in a future dystopian version of America that is ruled by an authoritarian leader. Every year, the country holds an annual walking contest where 100 teenagers must keep walking under strict rules until only one is left standing, with the winner receiving a sizable prize. The
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Netflix's Murder Mystery Reunites Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler

Netflix's Murder Mystery Reunites Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler and his Just Go With It star Jennifer Aniston are finally reuniting, with the stars joining forces for the new Netflix movie Murder Mystery. Insiders claim that both stars had been looking for an opportunity to work together ever since 2011's Just Go With It, which earned $103 million domestic and $214.9 million worldwide, from an $80 million budget. After seven years of searching, it seems they have finally found the perfect project to reunite with.

The story centers on a New York City cop (Adam Sandler) and his wife (Jennifer Aniston), who surprisingly become prime suspects in the murder of an aging billionaire, while on vacation in Europe. Murder Mystery is Adam Sandler's sixth movie for Netflix, with four coming under the original deal with his production company Happy Madison, The Ridiculous Six, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler and the upcoming The Week Of, debuting April 27. His fifth Netflix film was
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Die Hard Director John McTiernan Returns After 14 Years to Direct Live-Action Ghost Recon Wildlands Commercial

Die Hard director John McTiernan has been Mia in the director's chair for the past 14 years. He hasn't directed anything since his 2003 film project Basic with John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. That's a long time to be out of commission, but it looks like maybe he'll make some kind of a comeback.

Well, he quietly jumped back into directing action with a live-action trailer for the upcoming video game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, which I embedded for you below to watch. The director proves that he's still got it, as the commercial has a strong, intense build-up with a cat and a sniper, and it's awesomely executed with its slick and fun style. 

The commercial is short, but I loved what I saw, and it'd be awesome to see McTiernan come back and direct another action film! Hell! He should direct the Ubisoft's live-action Ghost Recon movie,
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‘Die Hard’ Director John McTiernan Returns After 14 Years With ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Trailer

After 14 years of cinematic silence due to no shortage of legal troubles, Die Hard director John McTiernan is back. And if you did a double take upon reading the title, rest assured your eyes have not deceived you. Taking an… alternate route for his return, McTiernan made a quiet splash when he directed a recent live-action trailer for the new video game Ghost Recon Wildlands. Not since 2003’s Basic has McTiernan explored the visual medium of storytelling, making his chosen method of re-acquaintance slightly befuddling. At the same time, the minute-and-a-half runtime permits nothing except lean, concise visual engagement. The build-up is strong, and the execution is slick and proficient.

While one may have hoped for news of a Die Hard reboot with McTiernan helming, or just an original feature project all together (like the seemingly stagnant Red Squad with Nicolas Cage), it is better to have some McTiernan than none.
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John McTiernan's first film in 14 years is Ghost Recon promo

Matthew Byrd Jan 18, 2017

Die Hard director John McTiernan was the man behind a videogame promo released earlier this year...

Director John McTiernan may have three excellent action films on his resume (Die Hard, Predator, and The Hunt For Red October), but that resume only consists of 11 feature length movies. In fact, the last film we received from the legendary director was 2003's Basic. Since then, McTiernan's career has gone as silent as the Red October (partly due to his incarceration, which he continues to protest). 

As such, you would think that the first John McTiernan directed live-action piece in 14 years would be a cause for uproarious celebration that would have genre fans lining up around the block. Instead, that release took the form of a Ghost Recon: Wildlands trailer quietly uploaded online earlier this year. 

Yes, it turns out that the incredible live-action short intended to promote Ubisoft's next entry
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On this day in pop culture history: ‘Die Hard’ opened in theaters

  • Hitfix
On this day in pop culture history: ‘Die Hard’ opened in theaters
July 15, 1988 must have been the day to celebrate Christmas in July because it’s the day classic Christmas movie (don’t argue) Die Hard was gifted to us. 28 years after the Die Hard hit theaters, it’s difficult to accept that the movie’s great villain is gone, and it’s wild to think about the fact that this was his first Hollywood film role — Alan Rickman was in his first movie at age 42, which makes it all the more tragic that his life and career were cut short this year. Since 1988, Bruce Willis has made four more Die Hard movies. Meanwhile, director John McTiernan’s last completed film was 2003’s Basic, and these days he’s keeping busy bashing modern blockbusters, Captain America and Mad Max: Fury Road included. Die Hard is available for purchase here on Fox Connect Other notable July 15 happenings in pop culture history: • 1963: The
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'Showgirls': Paul Verhoeven on the Greatest Stripper Movie Ever Made

'Showgirls': Paul Verhoeven on the Greatest Stripper Movie Ever Made
After getting his start in his native Holland with wild, sexually explicit dramas like Spetters and Turkish Delight (a 1974 Oscar nominee for Best Foreign-Language Film), director Paul Verhoeven came to Hollywood in the Eighties and rebranded himself as a can-do-anything sci-fi filmmaker with a slightly satircal bent. If you needed to make a film about a cyborg cop (Robocop) or send Arnold Schwarzenegger to Mars (Total Recall), he was your man. But after tooling around postapocalytic Detroit and outer space, Verhoeven took a step back to his eroticsploitation, semi-perverse roots to make 1992's Basic Instinct.
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Back to "Basic"

  • MUBI
Director John McTiernan at La Cinémathèque Française's masterclass.Last autumn, my friend and colleague, Christopher Small, and I took the vacation of a lifetime to Paris. Did we go to eat macarons, drink wine and sneak a peek at the Mona Lisa? No, no we didn’t. We went to Paris to watch movies. Movies? Yes, movies. Did we go to Paris to watch the latest Godard, visit the site of the first cinema screening or drink beer with friendly Parisians until 4 in the morning? No, but we did anyway. What Christopher and I went to Paris to do was to watch John McTiernan’s movies on glorious 35mm at the Cinémathèque Française. To understand how special this trip was, I should probably provide a bit of background information: my husband, Jake Barningham, and his best friend, Daniel Gorman, started Mission:McTiernan back in 2010. They were right there with Notebook alum
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36 Things We Learned from John McTiernan’s Predator Commentary

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of director John McTiernan‘s release from jail after being convicted of lying to the FBI in a case involving wiretapping and a disgraced private investigator. He hasn’t made a film since 2003’s rough-to-watch Basic, but he has some great ones on his resume including Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October, The Thomas Crowne Affair and… 1987’s Predator. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a mercenary tasked with leading a team into the jungle on a mission only to be interrupted by an alien presence. It remains a ton of old-school action fun nearly three decades later, and while four sequels/spinoffs/reboots have come and gone the original is still the best remembered. McTiernan recorded a commentary track for a special edition DVD release several years ago, and we gave it a listen to celebrate the anniversary of his freedom from the hoosegow. Keep
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DayZ Beta To Arrive In Late 2015; Full Game Won’t Release Until 2016

There was a time when players assumed that Bohemia Interactive’s post-apocalyptic survival title DayZ would remain in Steam’s Early Access in perpetuity. After all, this is a game that has flirted with release since 2012, after creator Dean Hall stated that an early, standalone build would be available to play by the year’s end — however, it wasn’t until December 2013 that the zombie-infested mod arrived.

Now, though, it appears as though the game is beginning to make some real, tangible headway, after the studio confirmed that a playable beta has been scheduled for late 2015, while the full and final build will make its debut in 2016. The beta will be available for $43.99 — which is slightly higher than the current price of $29.99 — and Bohemia confirmed that the asking price for DayZ will gradually increase in price as the title inches ever closer to release.

This is part of a gradual
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Look Who’s Still Talking – The Strange Hollywood History Of John Travolta

John Travolta is as fascinating and complex a member of the Hollywood fraternity as you could wish for. Iconic performer, experienced pilot, vocal Scientologist and mangler of pronunciation of Idina Menzel.

He has managed to appear in not just some of the best known, but also some of the best-full-stop films of the past forty years – Saturday Night Fever, Carrie, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, Face/Off, The Thin Red Line, Hairspray and the upcoming Gummy Bear The Movie – whatever one might think of the consistency of his output (and there have been some horrendous misfires), it is hard to imagine too many actors playing Danny Zuko, Vincent Vega, Castor Troy, Sean Archer, Chili Palmer and Edna Turnblad with equal conviction.

After the temporary resuscitation of Look Who’s Talking turned out to be a false dawn, Tarantino did Travolta a favour of inestimable proportions by casting him in Pulp Fiction,
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Sam Jackson's Mother F--king Supercut

How many times as Samuel L. Jackson said "mother f*cker" in filmc According to The Huffington Post and this following supercut, 171 times in 27 different movies. Here's the breakdownd: School Daze (1988): 1 motherf*cker Jungle Fever (1991): 7 motherf*ckers Strictly Business (1991): 1 mother- what Menace II Society (1993): 5 motherf*ckers True Romance (1993): 4 motherf*ckers Fresh (1994): 1 motherf*cker Pulp Fiction (1994): 26 motherf*ckers Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995): 7 motherf*ckers Hard Eight (1996): 1 motherf*cker The Great White Hype (1996): 2 motherf*ckers The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996): 3 motherf*ckers Jackie Brown (1997): 37 motherf*ckers The Negotiator (1998): 2 motherf*ckers Rules of Engagement (2000): 5 motherf*ckers Shaft (2000): 13 motherf*ckers Formula 51 (2001): 6 motherf*ckers Basic (2003): 2 motherf*ckers In My Country (2004): 1 you mother- choke move Freedomland (2006): 1 motherf*cker, 1 brotherf*cker Snakes on a Plane 3 motherf*ckers Black Snake Moan (2006): 6 motherf*ckers Soul Men (2008): 24 motherf
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John McTiernan Wrote A Thomas Crown Affair Sequel While In Prison

First he went to director jail, then he went to actual jail: director John McTiernan was a long way from Die Hard and Predator when he was behind the camera for junk like Rollerball and Basic. A conviction for lying under oath in the infamous Anthony Pellicano wiretapping trial sent McTiernan to prison, where he's been since. Though, wouldn't you know it, he's spent the time writing a sequel to one of his most beloved movies, The Thomas Crown Affair. Speaking to Empire, John McTiernan has revealed he finally penned a sequel to 1999's The Thomas Crown Affair entitled Thomas Crown And The Missing Lioness. Take it away, Johnny! "Nebuchadnezzar had two lion statues commissioned in 1100Bc: a male and a female. Alexander the Great took them when he conquered Persia. Mark Antony had them taken to Rome. Constantine moved them to Constantinople. And at some point the lioness went
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Crowdfunding Friday: Chaos Reborn

Feature Ryan Lambie 21 Mar 2014 - 06:02

In a Crowdfunding Friday special, we salute the stunning games of Julian Gollop, and take a look at his Kickstarter project, Chaos Reborn...

It's often the case with games from the 70s and 80s that you had to be there at the time to appreciate how exciting they were to play. Some of us may have fond memories of something like Atari's Battlezone, for example, but would a 12-year-old of 2014 respond to it with the same excitement as a youngster in 1980? Probably not.

Likewise a game like 3D Deathchase for the Zx Spectrum, a racing game that felt like a white-knuckle recreation of the speeder bike chase from Return Of The Jedi back in 1983 - would it illicit the same gasps of excitement from a player now as it did back then? We doubt it, even if it is a game we remember with cosy fondness.
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John Travolta Struts Into London’s West End For A Conversation With Barry Norman

Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, Face/ Off. Just five of the many iconic John Travolta movies in a career that has spanned five decades and over fifty movies. In that time Travolta has appeared in musicals, horror films, thrillers, comedies, action movies, dramas, animated fares and science fiction epics. He is the actor that has seen it all and done it all. In last 35 years, since his career blossomed with a role in a 1977 musical named Grease, he has overcome personal tragedy, critical acclaim and critical mauling, career highs, career lows and at least two movie rebirths in the late 80s and 90s, most notably with the 1994 cult movie Pulp Fiction, from director Quentin Tarantino; and here he is in London, on perhaps the most glamourous nights of the year, BAFTA night, to celebrate his career and his life with the people he clearly adores the most,
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McTiernan Unchained: Director Set For ‘Red Squad’ Upon Prison Release

It’s been some time since fabled action director John McTiernan made his last film Basic in 2003. The man who brought such explosive classics as Die Hard, Predator, and The Hunt For Red October, was incarcerated last year for his alleged involvement with notorious private investigator Anthony Pellicano. After a long and controversial battle in the courts, the director pleaded guilty and is currently serving his time.

He hasn’t been idle in the big house however and is set to direct Hannibal Classics’ Red Squad upon his release in April. The film centres around a former DEA agent as he leads his crack team of mercenaries on one last charge against a vicious Mexican drug lord. While McTiernan’s last title Basic was a justifiable flop, it’s great to see the director back in the game.

His career has defined the action genre and deserves a return to top form,
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John McTiernan is Getting Out of Federal Prison and Already Has a Directing Gig

Man, I remember the last time I wrote about director John McTiernan — back in 2010, when he was going to federal prison for illegally wiretapping a producer on the Godawful “Rollerball” remake. It was pretty big news, especially because McTiernan is responsible for some really awesome action movies, from a pair of “Die Hard” flicks (including the original), “The Hunt For Red October,” and “Predator.” He also directed the aforementioned “Rollerball,” but hey, no one’s perfect. Well, McTiernan has served his time and is due out of the federal pen later this month, and he didn’t waste a whole lot of time landing a directing gig. The director, whose last movie was the military thriller “Basic” in 2003, has signed on to direct the heist thriller “Red Squad” for Hannibal Classics. Written by Cam Cannon and Jorge Suarez, “Red Squad” would follow “a former DEA agent with a rogue streak
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Director John McTiernan set to direct action pic Red Squad this spring

  • JoBlo
It's been 11 years since John McTiernan released Basic, his last film since the long turmoil of a seven-year legal battle began, which ultimately ended in a one-year jail sentence, which he is currently serving. However, the action auteur of such films as Die Hard, Predator, The Hunt For Red October, and The 13th Warrior is not out of the game entirely. McTiernan is expected to be released from prison this spring and has already signed on to direct his first film literally out of the...
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Get Ready for Basic by Voting for Your Top Ten John Travolta Movies

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson star in all-action thriller Basic appearing together for the first time since their Oscar-nominated performances in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Following DEA agent (Travolta) as he investigates the disappearance of a ruthless sergeant (Jackson)and his cadets during a training exercise, Basic promises a truly intense thriller. Catch all the action this Sunday, September 1st as it airs on Reelz at 8p Et/5p Pt but not before you vote for your top ten John Travolta movies. After all, we know he's not always Mr. badass. Hairspray anyone?

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John Travolta | Basic
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'Devious Maids': What happens when 'Desperate Housewives' meets telenovela

The over-the-top soap "Devious Maids," coming to Lifetime Sunday, June 23, reveals messy lives inside spotless homes.

"Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria are executive producers, and both shows share a sensibility, and both begin with a violent death.

In this, a maid is raped and murdered. The first two episodes do a great job of establishing the main characters -- five housekeepers and their employers.

The maids are friends and share an easy rapport. A new housekeeper, Marisol (Ana Ortiz, "Ugly Betty"), enters their Beverly Hills world and tries to befriend them, but it's clear she has an agenda. She's different -- more educated, removed -- and asks too many questions. She also wears red high-heeled wedges to clean.

Inspired by a telenovela, "Devious Maids" has broadly drawn characters, particularly the employers. Evelyn Powell (Rebecca Wisocky, "American Horror Story"), whose maid was slain, could teach royalty about entitlement.
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