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14 May 1957
Episode dated 14 May 1957
Derek Hart presents a report about the town of Gretna Green, where differences between English and Scottish marriage laws have led to an influx of young couples from England crossing over the border to get married.
9 Aug. 1957
Episode dated 9 August 1957
Features a special report on a 'no passport required' day trip service from Folkestone, Kent to Boulogne, France.
6 Sep. 1960
Episode dated 6 September 1960
Features the only filmed interview of reclusive author John Wyndham ever given.
15 Apr. 1962
A Railway That Pays
A look at the success of the Japanese railways.
27 Apr. 1962
Episode dated 27 April 1962
Features reports on Japanese flower arrangements and the difficulties in finding wives for inhabitants of Inchaquin Island, Lough Corrib in Ireland. Plus interviews with artists and a science journalist.
22 Oct. 1962
Episode dated 22 October 1962
Includes a report by Macdonald Hastings on new developments in farmyard grazing methods, an item on how people react to a baby throwing a teddy from a pram and a compilation of Aneurin Bevan's speeches.
11 Feb. 1963
Episode dated 11 February 1963
Christopher Brasher reports on the decision of the Oxford Union to admit women - making Cambridge University the only institution not to admit women to all its activities.
27 Mar. 1963
Episode dated 27 March 1963
Features a response to The Beeching Report. Against a backdrop of footage of steam trains a list of some of the most remarkable station names in Britain are read out as a reminder of what will be lost.
24 Feb. 1964
Episode dated 24 February 1964
Includes reports on Americans buying British chamber pots, useful phrases if you fall ill on holiday, orangutans, oysters and fish farming. Plus an interview with Barnes Wallis.
11 May 1964
The Great High Dam
The construction of the High Dam at Aswan in Egypt.
12 Nov. 1964
Episode dated 12 November 1964
17-year-old David Jones (later known as David Bowie) is interviewed by Cliff Michelmore about the right of men to wear long hair without receiving public mockery and abuse.

 Unknown Season 

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