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6 Jan. 2002
Home Is Where the Ass Is
Brian helps Justin recover from his bashing at the hands of Chris Hobbs; Lindsay suggests marriage to Mel; Michael returns home, without David.
13 Jan. 2002
All Better Now
Still traumatized from his bashing, Justin is unable to get close to Brian; Ted's boss fires him for surfing porn at work; Michael and Emmett work as nude waiters.
20 Jan. 2002
Hypocrisy: Don't Do It
Brian wins an award for saving Justin, despite a scathing editorial from a gay columnist; Michael wants to re-establish his friendship with Brian.
27 Jan. 2002
The entire gang celebrates the Gay Pride Parade in Pittsburgh; Michael worries his co-workers may see him there; Lindsay feels threatened when Mel's ex shows up.
3 Feb. 2002
...Wherever That Dream May Lead You
Ted decides start a gay website; Justin decides to leave art school until his motor skills return; Michael quits his job to open his own comic book store.
10 Feb. 2002
Mixed Blessings
Brian suggests to Justin that they expand their relationship; Ted new business takes off, with a little help from Emmett; Michael is smitten with a new customer.
17 Feb. 2002
The Leper (Hath the Babe Not Eyes?)
Michael decides to keep seeing Ben, despite Brian and Debbie vehement protests; Emmett starts acting like a star; Mel and Lindsay ask Lindsay's parents for cash.
3 Mar. 2002
Love for Sale
Michael starts dating again, after having broken up with Ben; Justin meets someone his own age at a party; Emmett is shocked to discover he has a secret admirer.
10 Mar. 2002
Accentuate the Positive
Michael decides to win Ben back, no matter how much Brian and Debbie are against the union; Ted tries Viagra; Brian's new man turns out to be his mother's priest.
17 Mar. 2002
Priorities, Please! (Beat the Time)
Debbie finds a dead body in the diner's dumpster; Michael is more upset when his favorite comic book hero dies; George and Emmett get closer.
31 Mar. 2002
The Wedding
The entire gang pitches in to plan Lindsay and Mel's wedding.
7 Apr. 2002
One Degree of Brian Kinney
Debbie takes matters in her own hands to discover the identity of a John Doe; Michael is upset to learn that Ben and Brian once slept together years ago.
14 Apr. 2002
It's Because I'm Gay, Right?
Michael wonders what his connection is to a celebrated Drag Queen who shares a past with Debbie; Justin decided to become a go-go dancer to pay his tuition.
28 Apr. 2002
The Dangers of Sex and Drugs
Justin is rolling in the dough, but his schoolwork suffers; Carl asks Debbie out; George asks Emmett to accompany him on a world tour.
5 May 2002
Rage Against This Machine
Brian is jealous when Michael and Justin decided to start a comic book; Leda offers to renovate Mel and Lindsay's attic; Emmett is barred from George's funeral.
12 May 2002
You Say It's Your Birthday! I Couldn't Care Less!
Michael plans a surprise party for Ben, which doesn't go well; Ted wonders what to tell his new beau about his career; Justin meets a young violinist and is smitten.
26 May 2002
You Can Leda Girl to Pussy
Busy impressing his new boss, Brian cancels plans with Justin; Emmett receives a surprising gift from George; Lindsay and Mel try to spice up their relationship.
2 Jun. 2002
Sick, Sick, Sick
Bitter about Brian, Justin turns to Ethan; Michael panics when Ben is hospitalized; George's estate offers Emmett millions to keep quiet about their relationship.
9 Jun. 2002
Bowling for Equality
Michael discovers Justin's affair, and is tempted to tell Brian; Mel and Lindsay feel awkward with Leda around; Debbie challenges Carl to a bowling contest.
16 Jun. 2002
Out with a Whimper
Justin must decide who he should be with, Brian or Ethan; Ben tells Michael he is going away for six months; Ted reveals his true feelings to Emmett.

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