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(II) (1999–2005)

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Season 1

3 Dec. 2000
After a night out at the club Babylon with Michael, Emmett and Ted; Brian picks up a cute guy named Justin for a night of fun.
3 Dec. 2000
Queer, There and Everywhere
Michael remains closeted at work, which results in him being invited to a "straight bar". Justin tells Daphne of his night with Brian, while his mother begins to suspect as to his sexuality. Mel and Lindsay try to convince Brian to sign a life insurance policy for the sake of baby Gus. Brian becomes annoyed by this, and by Justin's continued stalking.
3 Dec. 2000
No Bris, No Shirt, No Service
Lindsay and Melanie have a bris for their new baby Gus, which Brian decides to miss until Michael convinces him otherwise. Meanwhile Ted finally gets lucky with a guy, but ends up with devastating results.
10 Dec. 2000
Ted's Not Dead
While Ted lies in a drug-induced coma, Brian learns he's named the executor of his friend's living will. Also, Justin's mother suspects the truth about her son's sexuality.
17 Dec. 2000
Now Approaching... The Line
Michael fends off the romantic interest of a female coworker who doesn't know he's gay and instead dates a handsome chiropractor, while Brian is propositioned by a potentially lucrative client of his firm.
7 Jan. 2001
The Art of Desperation
Michael's new chiropractor boyfriend gets into a tug of war with Brian over Michael, as Ted recovers from his O.D. by dating Roger, a stable but overweight chorus director.
21 Jan. 2001
Smells Like Codependence
Debbie meets Dr. David; Justin's father learns the truth and decides to send Justin away to school; Brian's emotional hold on Michael and dislike for Dr. David intensifies.
28 Jan. 2001
Babylon Boomerang
Justin's father attacks Brian outside Babylon; Michael gets a promotion at work; Justin moves in with Brian.
4 Feb. 2001
Daddy Dearest (Sonny Boy)
Michael decides to break up with Dr. David, who surprises Michael by asking him to move in with him; Lindsay and Melanie ask Brian to relinquish his parental rights to Gus; Emmett becomes addicted to cyber-sex.
11 Feb. 2001
Queens of the Road
Dr. David pressures Michael to move in with him; Brian's loft is burglarized; Justin runs away to New York City; Lindsay and Melanie begin to drift apart.
18 Feb. 2001
Michael ends the relationship with Dr. David; Ted and Emmett get tested for AIDS; Brian throws Michael a surprise 30th birthday party and outs Michael to his co-worker; Emmett makes a pact with God.
25 Feb. 2001
Move It or Lose It
Michael and Dr. David enjoy their new-found domestic bliss; Emmett joins a "conversion therapy" group; Lindsay and Melanie continue to fight about Brian, finances and their future; Ted becomes very sexually active.
4 Mar. 2001
Very Stupid People
Brian sleeps with a co-worker who then files a complaint against him; Emmett continues to try to go straight; Melanie finds solace from Lindsay in the arms of another woman.
11 Mar. 2001
A Change of Heart
Brian is named in the sexual harassment suit and turns to Melanie for legal advice; Emmett starts dating a woman in his continuing attempt to go straight; Michael lies to David about seeing Brian.
18 Mar. 2001
The Ties That Bind
Lindsay leaves Gus in Brian's care on the weekend of the Leather Ball. Michael is nervous about meeting David's son. Ted takes a walk on the wild side. Brian comes out to his father after he learns that Jack has cancer.
1 Apr. 2001
French Fried
Michael and Dr. David disagree about finances; a strange Frenchman moves in with Lindsay and Gus causing a stir; Justin is suspended from school.
8 Apr. 2001
Solution (How TLFKAM Got Her Name Back)
Dr. David and Michael host a high-society fundraiser, Michael excludes the gang; Lindsay and Guillaume prepare for the big day; Justin continues to be harassed at school.
15 Apr. 2001
Surprise Kill
Brian discovers David at the baths; Justin finds out his parents are getting a divorce; Ted reconnects with Blake; a hunk from Babylon hits on Michael.
22 Apr. 2001
Good Grief!
In the throes of a hot session Brian gets upsetting news; Daphne asks Justin to be her first time; Ted wants Blake, despite his crystal meth addiction.
29 Apr. 2001
The King of Babylon
Who will be crowned King of Babylon? An innocent trip to the mall lands Vic in jail; Brian is beaten at his own game.
10 Jun. 2001
Running to Stand Still
Brian is chosen 'Ad person of the Year' and encouraged to take his talent to the Big Apple; Vic appears in court to plead his case; Blake gets a job; David's ex-wife's divorce takes him to Portland.
17 Jun. 2001
Full Circle
Brian turns 30; Michael and David prepare for their move to Portland; Ted faces the truth about Blake; Justin and Daphne attend their prom where a big surprise awaits; On his way to the airport, Michael receives a call from Brian.

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