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Season 5

22 May 2005
Move and Leave
Michael arranges a surprise 10th anniversary party for Mel and Lindsay, not realizing that the two have separated.
22 May 2005
Back in Business
Furious about Mel and Lindsay's separation, Michael decided to hire a lawyer to gain joint custody of his daughter.
29 May 2005
Fags Are No Different Than People
In what is shaping up to be a three-way custody battle, Michael is stunned when Brian gives Lindsay financial help so she can make a bid for custody as well.
5 Jun. 2005
Hard Decisions
Debbie finds she is not missed at the diner, as her replacement is just as popular as she is. Classmates find out about Hunter's HIV status.
12 Jun. 2005
Excluding and Abstemiousness
Hunter is ostracized at school for being HIV positive; Loretta expresses her love to Debbie; Brian is stunned to find out he has an STD.
19 Jun. 2005
Bored Out of Ya Fucking Mind
Ted plans to seek revenge against a guy who shunned him; Hunter starts skipping school; Brian feels he is no longer number #1 as a new younger guy hits the scene.
26 Jun. 2005
Hope Against Hope
Ben sinks into a depression after Hunter leaves home; Lindsay moves back home with her parents; The community starts a protest against a law that would limit same sex couple's rights.
3 Jul. 2005
Honest to Yourself
Justin finds himself in jail for protesting Proposition 14 in front of his father's store; Mel starts dating; Emmett is surprised by a familiar face.
10 Jul. 2005
Anything in Common
Lindsay feels threatened by Mel's dating; Justin's mom announces she is seeing a younger man; Drew decides to come-out on national television.
17 Jul. 2005
I Love You
An event at Babylon to bring more attention to Proposition 14 ends in tragedy.
24 Jul. 2005
Fuckin' Revenge
The Babylon bombing brings Mel and Lindsay closer; Brian decides to make some changes in his life; Michael continues to struggle for his life in the hospital.
31 Jul. 2005
Mr. Right (Never Broke a Promise)
Brian proposes marriage to Justin; Mel and Lindsay want to to escape sexual preference discrimination: in Toronto; Emmett catches Drew with another; Ted thinks to have found Mr. Right.
7 Aug. 2005
We Will Survive!
Brian and Justin prepare for marriage, while Mel and Lindsay prepare to move to Canada; Both Ted and Emmett find surprises at a ski-weekend.

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