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''Together we will be!''
RaspberryLucozade24 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Three and a half years ago I became a father for the very first time which then gave me an excuse ( as though I needed one ) to relive my childhood and show my son some of the children's television shows I watched as a tot. 'Pinky & Perky' was one of the many shows I grew up on. I was wary of revisiting it after so many years, fearing it wouldn't have lived up to my fond memories but I had no cause to panic as it was still a joy to watch after all those years, and to add to the bargain my son loved it too.

'Pinky & Perky' were two beret wearing pigs ( puppeteered by Jan and Vlasta Dablor ) who had their own TV station 'PPC TV' ( I fondly remember the opening titles which see the two driving into the car park at BBC Television Centre and entering a small hatch in the ground where a sign reads ''PPC TV - No connection with firm next door!'' ). Many episodes saw them perform funny sketches as well as songs such as 'The Drinking Song' from 'The Student Prince', 'What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor', 'Short Shorts', 'I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts' and 'The Runaway Train'. The puppets usually had a human companion who acted as straight man. John Slater was their straight man for many years until other actors such as Fred Emney and Jimmy Thompson ( who was the only presenter I can remember ) took over.

Jan & Vlasta Dablor tried to distinguish between which one was Pinky and which one was Perky by giving one red clothes to wear and the other blue however it was a useless effort as viewers were unable to tell as 'Pinky & Perky' was filmed in monochrome ( though they did have colour publicity photos ).

It was pretty cheesy stuff if truth be told but then that was what endeared it to us cheeky tikes. Celebrity guests such as Michael Aspel, Freddie & The Dreamers and Stratford Johns ( under the guise of his character from 'Dixon Of Dock Green' ) were happy to come along and join in the fun.

Three episodes were released on VHS in the early '90's by Channel 5 Video featuring the episodes 'Where There's Life, There's Soap', 'Z-Pigs' and 'You Too Can Be A Disc Jockey' but it is not available yet on DVD. In 2008, a revival done in animation form appeared entitled 'The Pinky & Perky Show' but it was not a patch on the original.
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Early String Puppetry
screenman29 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, well; I've given it 6-stars because the programme should be taken in context with its vintage. In truth; it was crap.

P & P were a couple stylised little pigs that did very little but jog about and roll their eyes. They stood on hind-legs like extras from 'Animal Farm' and wore humanising clothes and hats. I think they were berets. There were a number of other equally lethargic creatures as well. The series as I remember it was titled 'Pinky & Perky's Pop Parade', and original single music tracks were played as a backing to which the various creatures mimed. It was a back-door access to the 'Top 20'. You didn't so much as watch it, as listen to it.

Without the pop music I don't think the programme contained a particle of entertainment even for 1957. Unless you were a tot.

Strangely, it carried on in one guise or another for over 20 years, so clearly some people didn't agree with me. I sentence them to watch it through eternity, with the cheesiest rock anthems ever written.

Their plaudits certainly haven't overflowed onto this website.
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