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Nice story.....
Suman Shakya21 December 2013
"Yeh Kaisa Insaf?" is a family drama with a nice story. It concerns a story of a normal working class couple who both need to fend their families and have a hard time to meet the ends meet. Things are alright when the husband needs to support his family financially, but same doesn't hold true when the wife supports her family through her salary. This creates a tension in the relationship and the whole theme of the movie unravels on this discussion why the issues on fending the family don't hold equal for a husband and wife. Perhaps the tension created through this theme brings the essence of the drama and grips you most of the time. But the film is interesting only for the story and rest of the drama meanders in the ordinary 80s gimmicks with unnecessary sequences and mediocre songs which you can skip. The film is interesting only during the discussions on our social structure which has set different values for a husband and wife which creates tension in the relationships ultimately breaking the marriages. I would recommend this movie if you like social dramas from 80s.

Rating: 2 stars out of 4
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