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Overwatch trophy list revealed, only one gold available

Overwatch, the highly anticipated multiplayer shooter by Blizzard, is coming out soon and its trophy list has been leaked online ahead of launch. The game will feature a pretty hefty 60 trophies up for grabs.

Appearing on Psn Profiles, the trophy list is made up of one platinum, only one gold, five silvers and a massive amount of bronze trophies. The trophies don’t look easy either, with one of the silvers requiring you to earn a 20-player killstreak. However, the bronze trophies do appear to be an attempt to make players use each of the 21 individual heroes.

Here is the full list:


Overwatch Platinum Trophy: Collect all other Overwatch trophies.


Centenary: Win 100 games in Quick or Competitive Play.


Undying: Get a 20 player kill streak in Quick or Competitive Play. Shutout: Win a Control map without the enemy capturing an objective in Quick or Competitive Play. Level 50:
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2016 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Bart Freundlich’s Wolves

This is what we can already confirm. 2016 will be an epic year for Michael Shannon and not because he just received an Indie Spirit nom for Best Supporting Actor in 99 Homes (see pic above). With his services enlisted by Jeff Nichols, Liza Johnson, Tom Ford, Robert Scott Wildes, Werner Herzog and Matthew M. Ross, the versatile actor will be everywhere…including Bart Freundlich‘s sixth feature film. Freundlich got his big start at Sundance back in 1997 for The Myth of Fingerprints and would follow that up by bringing World Traveler (2002) to the fest but he hasn’t been back since. Shot this past June in NYC, Wolves stars Shannon, Carla Gugino and newcomer Taylor John Smith in this tragi-family drama.

Gist: Taylor John Smith will star as an 18-year-old basketball star who is being recruited by Cornell University. He seems to have it all figured out: captain of his team,
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'City of Lust' coming to DVD and VOD

by Seth Metoyer,

Brain Damage Films will be releasing a Neo-Giallo Thriller on July 1st called City of Lust. One of my favorite indie actresses Heather Dorff is in it, so I'm looking forward to checking it out on that merit alone.

The film is Directed by David A. Holcombe and stars Margaret Grace, Jill Oliver, Derek Ryan, Shelley Nixon, and Kyle Greer among others. Check out the full details and trailer below, and watch for the film to release on DVD and VOD on July 1st.

From the Press Release:

On July 1st, Brain Damage Films will release the indie horror-thriller City of Lust (previously titled "Yellow"), an imaginative and intense film styled in homage to Giallo horror films from the 1970's but set in the present. DVD availability is set to include many retailers and websites including Amazon, as well as rental chains including Family Video.
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Toni Collette, Gary Ross, Whoopi Goldberg named to Tribeca festival juries

Toni Collette, Gary Ross, Whoopi Goldberg named to Tribeca festival juries
The Tribeca Film Festival announced its jurors for this year’s event, which runs from April 16-27. The list includes Toni Collette, Lake Bell, Whoopi Goldberg, Catherine Hardwicke, Heather Graham, Anton Yelchin, Paul Wesley and 26 other leaders of the filmmaking community.

In addition to the Festival’s main competition juries in seven categories, Tribeca named Delia Ephron, Natasha Lyonne, and Gary Ross to select the second annual Nora Ephron Prize, which awards $25,000 to a female writer or director.

Click below for the entire list of jurors, with biographical information courtesy of the Tribeca festival:

World Competition Categories

The jurors for
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Prince George Has First Family Vacation at Caribbean With Mom Kate Middleton, Prince William Stays Home

Prince George Has First Family Vacation at Caribbean With Mom Kate Middleton, Prince William Stays Home
World traveler! Prince George is getting his first taste of a family vacation. Kate Middleton and her baby boy have jetted away to the Caribbean, a source confirms to Us Weekly. Middleton, 32, and 6-month-old George traveled to the island of Mustique, and have also been joined by her parents Carole and Michael Middleton, brother James, and sister Pippa and her boyfriend Nico Jackson. Prince William joined the group last year at the same villa, but unfortunately couldn't make it this time around. "William is staying back in [...]
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The Big Bang Theory: 8 Reasons To Be Excited For Season 7

We are just several weeks away from the return of The Big Bang Theory on CBS television, and so it’s time again to take a look ahead at what we can expect from the series as it enters it’s 7th season on broadcast television. Season 6 was a mixed bag of some fine moments and mostly minor character development, but on the whole the show was sort of stuck in neutral, with very little moving forward in the way of the overall stories for our main cast of characters.

So let’s take a look at what we had, what we can expect and ultimately hope for, as Season 7 is set to take off within the next few weeks.

8. Leonard Hofstadter: World Traveler

As Season 6 drew to a close back in May of 2013, the great Leonard Hofstadter had left Pasadena in order to go to work halfway across the world,

Top 10: Reasons why James Bond rules the world

“Bond. James Bond.” Since the moment those words were spoken James Bond has been a mainstay in pop culture. What started as a novel series written by Ian Fleming has grown into one of the biggest franchises ever. Bond has been everywhere and has continued to rule the world since his arrival. When looking back at the lucrative history of James Bond one wonders what is the secret of this overwhelming success. I attempt to answer that question by looking at the Top 10 Reasons Why James Bond Rules the World.

- Dan Clark

1. Longevity

As one would think Bond has some staying power. Fifty years is quite a long time to stay relevant as a movie franchise. That’s longer than both Star Trek and Star Wars. While there certainly have been some ups and downs Bond has made it through it all. To put it in perspective when Dr. No
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B-Sides: The Ballad of Bigfoot on Blood Mountain

Tim York is the man heard crooning about Bigfoot during the opening credits of Blood Beast of Monster Mountain Aka Monster Mountain Aka The Legend of McCullough’s Mountain. The lyrics talk of how the tale of the creature changes. Not nearly as many changes as the movie itself went through.

The 1976 docudrama Blood Beast of Monster Mountain is actually the 1965 horror comedy Demon Hunter: The Legend of Blood Mountain retitled and chopped up with new footage inserted by Donn Davison, who appears in the film billed as “World Traveler, Lecturer, and Psychic Investigator”. Really more like a producer who made a go of it in the Seventies repackaging obscure, older movies with new footage for re-release.

Demon Hunter: The Legend of Blood Mountain was the starring vehicle for a little known 1960’s Georgia horror movie host who went by the name “Bestoink Dooley”. Sort of a bumbling
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Eric Winter: Sebella Is an ‘Amazing’ Traveler

Eric Winter: Sebella Is an ‘Amazing’ Traveler
Courtesy Sánchez-Winter Family

Sebella Rose: World traveler?

Taking to the skies for the first time at only two months old, the daughter of actors Eric Winter and Roselyn Sánchez is already racking up the pages in her passport.

“We went to Bogotá, Colombia where my wife was shooting a miniseries. We were very nervous because the flight was long and it was the first time traveling with Sebella, but she did amazing!” the proud father, 35, tells People. “She slept pretty much the entire time.”

With Winter recently wrapping his new film, Fire with Fire, and Sánchez, 39, currently working on Devious Maids,
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Kristen Stewart Joins Julianne Moore For End Of World In ‘Backwoods’

Kristen Stewart Joins Julianne Moore For End Of World In ‘Backwoods’
Julianne Moore, who appears with Amanda Seyfried in the new film "Chloe" (opening in limited release next week), will act opposite another hot young starlet in a film titled "Backwoods." According to Roger Friedman at Showbiz411, the four-time Oscar-nominated actress will be joined by "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart in the film, which Moore's husband, Bart Freundlich, is directing.

All that is revealed about the plot of "Backwoods" is that it involves the end of the world, a concept Moore has dealt with previously in "Children of Men" and "Blindness," two very different stories. I immediately presumed the actresses would play mother and daughter, but there's no actual reasoning for this. I just think it'd be neat to have Stewart, who played daughter to Jodie Foster in "Panic Room," now have the same role opposite the actress who replaced Foster in the "Silence of the Lambs"/"Hannibal" franchise.

Both Moore and
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New iPhone App Tracks Real-Life Achievements

Just a few months ago, Keith Lee was the Lead Producer on "Diablo 3." Before that he was Lead Programmer at Insomniac Games, in charge of the "Ratchet & Clank" series. His new company, called Booyah, is much smaller than either of those development houses, but it's allowed him to delve into a space he's always been curious about: Real-life achievements. You know that feeling you get when you unlock a particuarly difficult achievement in, say, "Halo 3"? Keith wants you to get the same feeling of accomplishment from, say, climbing a mountain or seeing an exclusive movie screening. And thus "Booyah Society" was born.

"Booyah Society" is a free app for the iPhone. Inside the app you can create an alien-like avatar (pictured above) and write about what you're up to. That's currently it. Say you're going to see the new "Transformers" movie. You'll go into "Booyah Society" and write a status
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Catch That Kid

Catch That Kid

Friday, Feb. 6

With its athletic 12-year-old female lead, Catch That Kid is an action romp with heart. If that heart is somewhat misguided, it's hard to deny the family-friendly thrills and spills along the way.

A low-wattage cast helps conjure resemblance to a video game masquerading as a theatrical release (the character names of the three young leads even flash onscreen when each is introduced). The film, from prolific producer Andrew Lazar (Space Cowboys, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind), looks to have more of a future as a home rental than catch fire at the boxoffice.

The movie is a remake of the 2002 popular Danish film Klatretosen. In view of the success of the Spy Kids franchise, American youngsters may enjoy this heist story in which the three preteen leads are rarely offscreen. Most intriguing of all is fact that the director of this broadly comedic CGI caper is indie filmmaker Bart Freundlich (The Myth of Fingerprints, World Traveler).

Maddy (Kristen Stewart) and her 2-year-old brother, Max, have a busy security-consultant mom (Jennifer Beals) and a loving dad (Sam Robards), the owner of a popular go-kart track. Dad once climbed Mount Everest, but he discourages his own daughter's dangerous zeal for rock climbing. When he suffers a medical trauma that necessitates coming up with $250,000 for an operation in Copenhagen, Maddy opts to rob the high-security vault in the monolithic Harderbach Bank headquarters -- her mother's current client. Maddy and her two best friends -- and prepubescent romantic rivals -- Austin (Corbin Bleu) and Gus (Max Thieriot) do their homework and case the joint.

Thanks to Maddy's agility, reaching the 100-foot-high (!) state-of-the-art tower vault is a no-brainer. Austin is a videographer and, apparently, a Silicon Valley-caliber computer genius, while Gus knows his way around mechanical engineering from the hours spent in the pit at the go-kart track. The combined high-tech skills of our young heroes and the bank's security measures provide some sharp visual effects during the elaborate heist.

The less said about the acting the better, though Stewart (Panic Room) is earnest in the lead. (Between the confined set of the Jodie Foster thriller and the vault here, Stewart must be Hollywood's go-to teen actress for scripts featuring "safe rooms.")

Also in support are an over-the-top Michael Des Barres (channeling Terence Stamp) as the dastardly bank president and John Carroll Lynch (channeling Robert De Niro), as a sympathetic executive whose lifelong dream is to be a method actor. Stark Sands is Chad, a bank security intern -- and Gus' obnoxious older brother -- who helps keep an eye on the video monitors and the attack dogs. Chad's boss is played by Freundlich regular James Le Gros, who seems to be giddily overacting in his own personal movie.

Catch That Kid may captivate very young audiences but more for its cartoonish storytelling than any high quality of production.


20th Century Fox

Fox 2000 Pictures

Mediastream III presents a Mad Chance/Nimbus Film production


Director: Bart Freundlich

Screenwriters: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas

Based on the film Klatretosen written by: Nikolaj Arcel, Hans Fabian Wullenwebe, Erlend Loe

Producer: Andrew Lazar

Executive producers: Damien Saccani, James Dodson, Mikkel Bondesen

Director of photography: Julio Macat

Production designer: Tom Meyer

Costume Designer: Salvador Perez

Co-producers: Gym Hinderer, Jeff Graup

Music by: George S. Clinton

Editor: Stuart Levy


Maddy: Kristen Stewart

Austin: Corbin Bleu

Gus: Max Thieriot

Molly: Jennifer Beals

Tom: Sam Robards

Mr. Hartmann: John Carroll Lynch

Ferrell: James Le Gros

Brisbane: Michael Des Barres

Chad: Stark Sands

Running time -- 91 minutes

MPAA rating: PG

ThinkFilm, CTHE pact on vid releases

ThinkFilm, CTHE pact on vid releases
TORONTO -- Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment and ThinkFilm on Wednesday said they had signed a three-picture home entertainment distribution deal for the United States and Canada, beginning with the DVD and home video release of The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, which Jodie Foster stars in and produced. That release will be followed by CTHE handling the video releases of World Traveler, starring Billy Crudup and Julianne Moore, and Merchant-Ivory's Mystic Masseur, starring James Fox and Om Puri. The distribution arrangement was brokered by ThinkFilm president Jeff Sackman and Benedict Carver, vp of acquisition for Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Newly launched ThinkFilm has offices in New York City and Toronto, and has a film release slate that includes Gus Van Sant's Gerry, The Event by Thom Fitzgerald, and Love in the Time of Money, by Peter Mattei.

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