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Sex & Nudity

    • A boy strips down to his underwear to swim in a swimming pool (not sexual).
    • A man is shown in a bathtub, but no nudity is visible.
    • Two women discuss kissing many times, including French kissing.
    • A boy urinates in an open stall. We hear the urine hitting the water, but we see no nudity of any sort.
    • Two characters are accused of being gay, though they are not.
    • It is implied that an unmarried couple has sex. The act is not shown, however, it shows the woman laying on the man from the torso up, and both are fully clothed. From a distance, it shows them both stand up, and we can see the man zip his open pant fly up and tuck his shirt back in.
    • One character reminisceses about "making love" in a field while she listens to a certain song. She does not go into graphic detail, but she just mentions "rolling in the grass."

Violence & Gore

    • There is a short semi-playful fight scene between a boy and an adult. The adult rubs his fist on the boy's head while he has him in a headlock.
    • The boys in the movie play fight with each other frequently. Nothing blatantly violent.


    • There is virtually no strong language in this film.
    • No more than 5 uses of "damn" and "hell" combined.
    • Piss is used once (as a crude term for urine).
    • One racial slur (nigger) used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • Adult characters are shown smoking cigarettes on a lunch break.
    • An teenage boy is shown smoking in a long scene (he is obviously too young to be smoking, by law).
    • A few adult characters are shown drinking something that looks like beer during a lunch break

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

    • A boy is knocked to the ground and his head begins to bleed. The gaping wound is visible, but it is in low light. Very bloody. The boy dies shortly after he has a seizure, due to the accident. During this scene, the boy hits a stall door in a bathroom with a metal pipe while groaning and yelling. he finally slumps down to the ground, dragging his head on the stall wall, leaving a faint trail of blood on it. This whole incident is graphic, but again, it is in low light. It is hard to tell whether or not the boy's skull is visible, but it seems like it can be seen a bit. This scene is very emotionally distressing, violent, and confusing; some viewers may find it hard to watch.
    • There is a large amount of blood on the ground at the scene of a car crash.
    • A man is constantly chopping wood with an axe and is rumored to kill things with his axe as well. Later in the film, he kills George's dog out of fear. The act is not shown, but the dog's furry skin is shown later without the dog's body, with no blood visible.
    • The majority of the film deals with the violent death of a friend.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • The scene where a boy falls and busts his head open, causing him to die shortly after, may be very frightening to younger viewers.
    • The scene showing the the car after the crash with the blood is fairly shocking.

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