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Allison Mack is GREAT in this decent coming-of-age tale
Mark Kernes20 December 2004
Okay, "made for TV" -- Showtime, actually -- rarely means "watchable," but Smallville star Allison Mack really shines as the clunky-but-aware kid with braces, strange friends and a first crush in this purported "slice o' life" comedy. Think "That '70s Show" crossed with "10 Things I Hate About You" and you've about got it. While there are no stand-out performances besides Mack's, most of the supporting characters are quirky enough to be memorable, including Caterina Scorsone as the Bret Harte-idolizing best friend. Credit Eric Stoltz for reasonably fast-paced direction and keeping the characters, if not necessarily the plot, interesting. This is definitely a "either you like it or you don't" movie. I like it.
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Life's a bitch and then you...
George Parker26 July 2001
...get your braces off. "My Horrible Year" tells of a young woman's indomitable spirit and courageous struggle against being 15...and having braces...and the chicken pox....and twin baby brothers...and parents who may be getting divorced...and sundry other appalling, disgusting, and terrible afflictions. Allison Mack manages to exude sufficient energy and personality as the centerpiece of this film to bind all the fun, campy, teen comedic situations together into an enjoyable romp through year 15. A fun watch for anyone who is 15, is going to be 15, or who was 15 and can still remember what being 15 was like.
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Terrific fun.
hanksank3 July 2001
This one caught me by surprise this morning on a cable channel, and I watched it to the end with a big smile on my face. It's a lovely little light footed teen story, but not like I've come to expect in recent years, in that the girls are really smart and don't look like bimbos, and the guys seem to really care about them. The parents aren't dolts, either. The whole thing was refreshing. A great cast, most of whom I've never seen before, with the exception of Mimi Rogers and Karen Allen. The photography is superb, and even the music is fun. Offbeat, I'd say, not your typical fare, which I kind of like. I recommend it highly, it was really good.
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Good Movie
mrskywalker27 June 2002
Free and easy film that is great for all ages. A cross between Wonder Years and Princess Diaries but lacks cynicism. Teenagers are real people as well as everyone else in this film. The film does not mistake realism for darkness, sleaze and rudeness. It ultimately respects the characters but is still light and creates a smile.
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Unabashed delightful fun, like those old John Hughes movies.
WendyOh!6 July 2001
A neat little story with great acting, music, and camera stuff all supported by a distinct style that spells terrific fun. It's obvious that the actors had a good time making this film, and I had a blast watching it. It brought to mind Pretty in Pink and those delightfully light footed old John Hughes movies that had a big heart (but not a sappy one) at it's centerpiece. This is a very well cast film too, the ads would have you believe that Mimi Rogers and Karen Allen are the leads, but it's really the girl who plays Nick's story, and she holds it together splendidly as a teenager trying to save her parents marriage. The kids don't bitch and moan, they don't hate their parents, they just want to have fun and they do, in spite of all that happens in the story. The supporting roles of Babyface and Mouse and the parents and the great crusty old teacher `Mr. Birdwell' are good too. Only drawbacks of the story involve the slightly tired out "Will my parents get divorced' side plot, but extra points for the main character being a role refreshingly void of any typical pitfalls related to teenage girls of most recent movies- these girls aren't sex kittens or rebelious ‘tough kids'- they are smart and fun and a delight to watch.

Beyond that, this film is also very funny. My brother and I laughed a lot, and each scene flows into the next with ease. I particularly liked that these kids read books and seemed to really care about each other, and look forward to renting it and watching it again.
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Opinions of Annus Horribilus
binkiest29 July 2001
Dear Reader ...this film, amidst the cesspool of teenage-hopeful movies, really sticks out, kinda shines even. It lacks a lot of the campiness that is usually token with this kinda film, and replaces it with some refreshing realism (occasional profanity, believable scenarios, etc). I mean "Sure".... the narrator Nik (oh MAN what a cutie) tells a rather relative, angst-riddled tale, and is complimented well by her supportin' cast, includin' Mimi Rogers as the "stacked Aunt Marion". Eric Stoltz did a bang-up job directing this, from start to finish, even if the ending did leave a bit to be desired (just, it was predictable, that's all!). All things told, for being made-for-TV, delivered. It gets this fella's Stamp O' Approval.
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Actually a wonderful movie!
k h18 February 2003
I must say it was such a relief to see a movie about teenagers where the

actors are REALLY TEENAGERS! Allison Mack stars as 'Nik Faulkner',

you'll recognize her from 'Smallville', and she was only 18 when she

made this film, and it shows- in a good way. She looks 15 and even has a

little layer of baby fat that she's since shed for Smallville, but she's

ADORABLE. Even though it's a completely different genre, I liked this as

much as 'Smallville'; the side-characters of Babyface and Mouse are

realistic and funny and even kind of moving. The adults are good too but

they didn't really have much to do, as it's told from the kids point of

view. What's nice is that it's a film about loners and the gulf between

children and their parents, but there's no bitter irony or bad attitudes

present. These kids are deep and trying to become better people which is

something not seen in too many films for and about kids.

I loved it!
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Wonderfully offbeat and loaded with wit.
suzy q1238 July 2001
This is a charming little film, meant for kids I think.

The story is this; Nik (Allison Mack) is about to turn 16 and is

burdened with problems- her mom and dad (Karen Allen and a really funny

Brian Heighton) have hit financial hard times, and they are forced to

work at 'lesser' jobs until better times return. Also, Nik's uncle (Eric

Stoltz) has just died of a heart attack, and Nik thinks her dad is

fooling around with her sexy widowed aunt ( Mimi Rogers). But the

biggest drag is that Nik's mother recently had twins and Nik has to baby

sit them when Mom goes to work every day. It's a teenage girls

nightmare, but luckily she has some really great and funny friends that

bolster her (and us) whenever they're on screen.

It's basically teenage girl vs. the world, and from my point of view her

problems are very small, but like all teens, to her they seem

insurmountable. Consequently, sometimes I had a hard time caring about

her dilemma, but I did keep caring for her. Allison Mack gives a great

performance, deftly balancing comedy and (self involved) pathos- I

enjoyed her very much. I enjoyed the entire cast, to be honest.

There's a lot of odd moments and quirky laughs that came out of nowhere,

obviously they were trying to make more than just another teen film, and

for the most part they succeeded.
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I liked it.. actually
jeeper_white17 March 2004
Allison Mack, Karen Allen, Caterina Scorsone

I just wanna say that films like this (films that revolve around younger teens talking about boys and realizing how much life can suck) don't appeal to me. But this one was.. different, somehow. First of all, it's NOT about a loser girl with no friends and is always miserable, and by the end of the film, turns into the prettiest most popular girl who everybody loves; like 'She's all that' sort of. Nik Faulkner (Allison Mack) is a chirpy 15 year old, going on 16. She has to take care of her twin brothers and likes a boy at school but discouraged about having to wear braces.

The characters wasn't all annoying and like alot of teen movies, there wasn't someone that always had to stir things up. Even the boy that Nik liked at school wasn't that bad, he wasn't a booster of his own ego, like they usually are in movies like this. I liked Nik's friends Mouse and Babyface, they were charming and comical. The one thing that would have been better is if they'd have just stayed friends at the end, instead of dating each other. but ah well. And of course it had to have Karen Allen in it, who played Nik's mum, or mom. It's a TV movie. All thats missing is Jane Seymour and a cheesy soundtrack and you've got yourself a pretty half-decent made-for-TV-movie.
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A sweet movie with Allison Mack to be watched
Jessica Carvalho8 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
''My Horrible Year!'' is one of those cute movies made for teenagers, that even not being AWESOME or receiving an Oscar, is fun and entertaining to watch. Allison Mack,our dear Chloe from Smallville, is the lead character, and I can see that the girl was always cheerful and cute, even before being famous like nowadays.

Allison plays Nick Faulkner, a young teenager who is close to her sixteenth birthday and is having the worst year of her life: the guy she wants is dating the hot girl from school, she never gets proper attention from her parents, she needs to take care of two baby brothers and everything she tries to do gets eventually wrong. But when Nick starts to believe that her parents are going to divorce, and that her father is having an affair with her aunt, is when the real problem in her life begin,specially when she tries to do anything to help her parents to be together.
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A Very Delightful Family Entertainment
Claudio Carvalho19 August 2006
In Ohio, a few days before her sixteenth birthday, Nick Faulkner (Allison Mack) listens partially a conversation between her parents, and misunderstands believing they are going to divorce. With the support of her best friends Babyface Hamilton (Caterina Scorsone) and Mouse Donovan (Dan Petronijevic), Nick tries to fix the marriage of her parents.

"My Horrible Year" was a wonderful surprise for me! The lovely Allison Mack is simply fantastic in this delightful family entertainment. The story is delicious, with the distressed middle-class life of a typical adolescent turning upside-down with the expectation of the supposed divorce of her beloved parents. The direction of Eric Stoltz is surprisingly sensitive, capturing in a delicious way the anxieties of Nick. Also amazing how the fifty years old Karen Allen is still very beautiful. I believe it is impossible not loving this movie. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil) "O Pior Ano de Minha Vida" ("The Worst Year of My Life")
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The first user comment I saw on this movie was "Good Movie." I had to
D3ATHB4DISHONOR25 December 2002
The first user comment I saw on this movie was "Good Movie." I had to stop and start multiple times because the movie could not keep my attention. After it was all over, I thought it was a good little film. If it moved a little faster, I think it would have been up there with some of the better movies I have seen. The acting was very real. This was an honest movie.


(I grade out of a scale between 1 to 10. If it is really bad, it will be under 5. 5 is average. 10 is a most own. 3 and under are for those true movie freaks. Please note: When you reply, either to a post, email, or comment and it is sent to me via email, please include all of the message that I posted or stated. I go through so many emails, it is hard to remember what I was talking about.)
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CUTE! Successful directorial debut, loved it!
azito22 July 2001
ABSTRACT, bright, light yet thoughtful, funny, offbeat, lyrical, musical, harmonious, relaxed, sincere, genuine relationships between teens to teens, and teens to their parents, affectionate, infectious, eclectic, there's a little bit of everything for everyone in this film, it's all over the place yet it has continuity. It's about teens with braces, and loves yet to come, a little loss, a pinch of salt and a little pepper. Stoltz speeds up the film then slows it down to reference certain points, catapults you from the present to the past and back again with great black & white home movie flashbacks of himself playing funny, good ole Uncle Charlie,(deceased) Aunt Marian's husband, in a cameo role he wrote for himself. Everyone can identify with one Uncle Charlie in their family.

Mimi Rogers is as vibrant as ever. "Her leftovers are better than mine," complaintive retort from Karen Allen (nice to see her back on "the big screen) to her husband as he flys out the door to see if Aunt Marian "needs anything" which creates a misconception on the teen's part who begins to think her father's having an affair with Aunt Marian and her parents are splitting up. She goes to Aunt Marian's for confirmation and the girl's suspicions become well met as Aunt Marian confesses to everything, including "you're mother is all for it," but are they talking about the same thing here? Cleverly done slight of hand.

Funny lines throughout the film like "putting bourbon in the twin's baby bottles" leaves a smile on my face. Everyone's so normal in a quirky sort of way, and relaxed. The whole films gives you a feeling everybody's welcomed! I loved it. Good goin' Eric!

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Actually a horrible movie!
Cipher-J5 November 2002
Other than a couple of amusing moments, this dubious "coming of age" attempt at portraying angst ridden modern teens with dyed hair and shrapnel in their faces, fails to be convincing on all levels. In the worst place, the actors cast in the roles of fifteen-year-olds are, in reality, twenty or more years old, and that is all too obvious, especially in the case of the over developed females. These, as frequently shown wearing little "school girl" uniforms, look ridiculous at best and like hookers at worst. The main character does an okay job of "acting" like a teenager occasionally, but when she does, it comes off more like one of those Gilda Radner routines where an obviously older person is acting all self-conscious and awkward on purpose. Otherwise, it's a "mistaken identity" plot, with no likeable characters. The so-called teens are hopelessly superficial and annoyingly banal. It could perhaps be more believable as a story about teens if it actually included any, but even so, this type of "growing pains" story has been done before and much better.
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