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  • "Clerks."

    • The "I Assure You, We're Open" sign on the front.

    • The "If You Plan to Shoplift" sign on the register.

    • The appearance of Dante and Randal.

    • In Jay's monkey rant, Dante says "I'm not even supposed to be here today!", which is his catchphrase from Clerks. Also, a customer asks Dante, "Are you even supposed to be here today?".

    • The sign that the girls have in their hotel room says "Congrats on our 37th heist" - 37 is a very important number in Clerks.


    • The appearance of Brodie and the grappling gun.

    • A still behind the register of Brodie's secret stash is a still from the end of Mallrats.

    • Brodie says, "Say, would you like a chocolate-covered pretzel?", which something he asked Mr. Svenning in Mallrats.

    • The monkey, Suzanne, first appeared in Mallrats.

    • Shannen Doherty makes an appearance.

    • Trish "The Dish" Jones makes an appearance.

    • Alyssa says Bluntman and Chronic Strike Back was better than Mallrats.

    "Chasing Amy"

    • Bluntman and Chronic were first introduced in this film.

    • The appearance of Holden, Banky, Hooper and Alyssa Jones.

    • Holden's apartment has a dartboard, which is a reference to the dartboard scene in Amy.

    • Holden's company is called Potzer's Inc. Potzer is something that Holden repeatedly said in Amy.

    • Chaka's inker rant is a reference to the opening scene of Amy.

    • Jay mentions Silent Bob's Amy story, which he told in Amy.

    • Banky says to Willenholly that he does not kiss guys. In Amy, Banky is kissed by Holden.

    • Trish mentions the comic Chasing Amy and that Mirimax optioned it for a movie.


    • George Carlin and Chris Rock make appearances.

    • Matt Damon says that he was talked into doing Dogma by Ben Affleck.

    • Jay says "God herself", which is a reference to God being portayed by Alanis Morrisette.

    • A Buddy Christ statue is seen in the scene with the nun.

    • Jay and Bob beat up clergy members.

    • God appears after the credits.

    • Jay and Bob meet Justice at a Mooby's restaurant, which was first seen in Dogma.

    "Clerks: The Animated Series"

    • Randal calls Jay "Burn Boy", which he called him in the cartoon.
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  • While 'God' literally closes the book on The Askewniverse at the end of the movie, if you look closely, you'll notice that the final page she has bookmarked is roughly 3/4 of the way through the book, as opposed to the end of the book where one would normally find "THE END".

    Director Kevin Smith has stated that this subtlety was purposely included as an out in the event they should ever want to revisit the Askewniverse again.

    Indeed, they would do so once more in Clerks II. A hidden easter egg on the DVD release of that movie reveals the director discussing the Askewniverse prop book used in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and also shows Smith moving the bookmark about 9/10th of the way to the end.

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