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Best Bollywood Horror film
Liakot Ali11 June 2006
Bollywood does not make a lot of great Horror films. In the 70s there was one Hit Jaani Dushman. If you see it now you'll see how outrageous it is. In the 80s there were the Ramsay Family, who have produced a few Horror films. Some include Purani mandir, Thakana and Dak Bangla. Veerana is no doubt their best work. After 90s there have been a few more Hit Horror Movies like Bhoot, Raaz, Raat, Vastu Shastra and Darna Mana Hai. In my opinion Veerana is better out of them all. Many people say Raaz was Great, but it was copy of Hollywood Movie what lies beneith. Veerana has its own storyline added with Indian culture. Black Magic and Witches. The witch in this movie looks a bit like a Vampire. For a 80s Bollywood film, this has some great Art added in. The way the monster is picturised is Impressive. The acting by all the Stars in this movie are Novice. The Key Girl in this movie named Jasmine who plays the daughter of the Thakur, is very Sexy and seducing. I would love to get naughty with her and who knows what happened to her after this film. It is very difficult to find this movie. I managed to Tape it when it came on Zee a decade ago. If you want to see a entertaining Horror Movie, this is the one.
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Bava-flavored, Hammeresque fun
Kurt McCoy (SheliakBob)26 September 2004
"VEERANA" is one of the best of the Indian horror films I've managed to find, to date. Like the other Ramsay Brothers productions I've watched, this one has the same Bava-like use of colored gels mixed with atmospheric sets. There's an over-the-top evil Tantric Priest who might have stepped directly out of an Indian horror comic-book, a wonderful Femme Fatale monster who preys upon the predictable weaknesses of men, plenty of fight scenes--of varying qualities, and some genuine demon-possession/monster chills. The song and dance numbers are relatively easy to take, compared to other films in the genre. Overall, this has been my favorite film to show to friends as an introduction to the Indian horror genre since I bought it.
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Truly an antique from Ramsays House of Horrors!
khayaal_e_yaar20 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
'Veerana' aka 'Wilderness' as the name suggests is a phenomenal horror film. This sensational flick was released in 1988 and soon received a strong positive verdict from the viewers. The story itself is very impressive and builds tension from beginning till end. I rented this movie long back and remembered it for superb performances and vengeful Nikita.

Thakur Mahendra Pratap (Kulbhusan Kharbanda) is the landlord of Chandan Nagar and lives happily with his daughter Jasmin (Baby Swati), younger brother Sameer (Vijayendra Ghatge), Sameer's wife Preeti (Rama Vij) and their daughter Sahila. Mahendra Pratap is a very rich man and owns a big saw mill. It so happens that the Thakurs hear a story of a local witch who wanders in the wilderness and kills people. So Sameer heads to the wilderness to find her. Unfortunately he stumbles upon seductive Nikita (the witch itself), who invites him to her palatial mansion. Sameer discovers that Nikita is a witch and forces her to take her true non-human form. Nikita is captured and is lynched by the mob. Moments later some 666 cult members take the corpse to a safe place.

Few days later Sameer is driving his niece Jasmin to her hostel when their car zonks out in the wilderness as the engine goes hot. Sameer leaves Jasmin there and goes to find water. During this time an evil cult leader Baba (Rajesh Vivek) comes to Jasmin, hypnotizes her and cuts some of her hairs and a piece of cloth from her frock, wraps them around a voodoo doll and goes away. After few minutes we see Jasmin following the Baba. Sameer returns but Jasmin is nowhere to be found. Discovering some trails Sameer comes to an old building where he finds Jasmin lying with Nikita's corpse. Baba's henchmen subdue Sameer and it appears that they kill him.

Baba takes Jasmin to her house and wins Mahendra Pratap's trust. He tells that he could only save this little girl while the man who was with her (Sameer) died in a terrible storm. Mahendra Pratap requests Baba to live with them and look after Jasmin. Soon Jasmin's aunt Preeti witnesses Jasmin's vengeful intentions. In an iconic scene Preeti is killed by evil Jasmin. Mahendra Pratap doesn't want Sahila to live along with them and sends her to her maternal grandmother.

Years pass by and now Jasmin (Jasmin) is grown up. She spends most of her time in her room, doesn't behave normally and often strolls in the wilderness. Mahendra Pratap tries hard to make her understand that she is a normal girl and should behave like others but everything goes in vain. Sahila (Sahila Chaddha) is also grown up and is planning to return to Chandan Nagar. She writes a letter regarding this to her uncle Mahendra Pratap. Baba comes to know of Sahila's arrival and sends a gigantic man Zimbaru (Gorilla) to kill her on the way. However, she is saved by Hemant (Hemant Birje) and Hemant takes her safely to Chandan Nagar.

Sahila comes to know that Jasmin is not a normal girl as she behaves like someone who is possessed. Now the death count around the village is shooting up. Jasmin lures the young men to the palatial mansion (that once belonged to Nikita) and kills them after making love. Mahendra Pratap asks Jasmin about this but she responds in a voice that's not hers but Nikita's. Mahendra Pratap takes the help of a Psychiatrist (Narendra Nath), who also witnesses Jasmin's transformation to a witch with unkempt hairs, long fangs, burnt face and over-the-top evil eyes. The doctor also gets killed in one such encounter. Soon Jasmin kills the housekeeper Raghu (Gulshan Grover) by slicing him open with an industrial wood saw at the saw mill.

After hard trials Hemant and Sahila are able to find out the reason behind Jasmin's erratic and vehement behavior. The question is will they succeed? The movie is not just a tale of horror, but has several spicy moments that one would surely expect from a Bollywood horror movie. The budget is out of question as most of the Ramsay movies hail from low budget but do a decent business. I think this is the last best Bollywood horror movie of the last century. Ramsays' efforts is well visible because most of the foreboding moments are fairly spooky. Satish Shah has tortured the viewers to his best and so has Rajindernath. The good thing is that Rajindernath doesn't have much time to irritate the viewers.

It's a must buy movie. I consider it a video nasty and also an ideal midnight movie. 8/10
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Honestly, I still think this movie has good horror potential you know why? Because of its low a$$ budget!!! High budget horror movies are not as scary. There's something about low budget horror movies (Halloween part one) that just dominates all other high budget horror movies. I'm the kind of individual that can fall asleep in a haunted house after having just watched exorcist but I still think I can analyze horror movies since I watched them ever since I was a child.
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Hokey Hindi horror.
BA_Harrison22 October 2017
Hindi horror Veerana opens with the hanging of an evil witch, Nakita (Roy Kamal), executed by Noble Thakur Mahendra Pratap (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) for feeding on the blood of locals. Soon after, Nakita's body is taken by her loyal followers, led by evil magician Baba (Rajesh Vivek), who performs a ritual that allows the witch's spirit to possess the body of Jasmine (Baby Swati), Thakur's ten year old daughter.

Years later, Jasmine (now played by the comely Jasmin) is still controlled by Nakita, and proceeds to exact her revenge on her unsuspecting father, and his family and friends, including his pretty niece Sahila (Sahila Chaddha), her hunky new pal Hemant (Hemant Birje), wannabe horror film director Hitcock (comedy relief Satish Shah), and servant Raghu (Gulshan Grover).

Clocking in at 135 minutes, I reckon that Veerana could have done with being at least 40 minutes shorter (although a running time of over two hours seems to be standard for this type of film); however, I still have no hesitation in recommending it to fans of the weird and wacky, the film delivering a huge helping of bonkers Bollywood excess, with, of course, a few song and dance routines along the way.

In addition to its genuinely unsettling witch, who boasts bulging red eyes and an evil grimace, Veerana delivers a little titillation (both Jasmin and Sahila showing as much skin as is permitted in such films), some really cheesy fight action, lots of hokey sets filled with tacky dime store Halloween props, strange rock-headed beings (whose stony noggins explode in the finale), impalement by golden 'Om' symbol, and a couple of truly inexplicable 'WTF?' moments (including a child playing a middle-aged man smoking a pipe, and a dead cat pulling Hitcock into the ground). Special effects are generally cheap and unconvincing, with the two best shots lifted from a couple of Western horror movies (the dog with a human head from the 1978 version of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, and the erupting eyeballs from David Cronenberg's Scanners), but the lack of technical prowess only adds to the fun.
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Medusa,Ate,Litai or Jasmin you pick
dhanish-7344725 July 2016
After watching this movie you will confess jasmin is indeed superior than those Greek mythological bunch of evil goddesses,Am i the only one who says this movie is better than mahal?Then yes youheard it,This is far better and one of the best movies of Ramsaybrothers,Kudos..It has sex,gore,romance and don't forget action as well as comedy,A complete masala with a twist of classic Italian pace type movie. When jasmin is near by,you won't leave your seat until whom she targets with her absolute disgusting cruel intentions,There is no boredom in this movie and everything just looks perfect,I don't know why Filmfare didn't award them.So guys,Please check out this movie or buy it online,Warning do not watch it alone at night or else Jasmin is gonna get you.This movie will haunt you like never before certainly not the type of vikram bhatt or ektha kapoor kind of super natural movies,We are in business and Jasmin means business.
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Best Horror Film Created by the Ramsay's
superindrajit12 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Shyam Ramsay and his family are the masters of Indian horror flicks. There movies have a variety of horror types, from witches to vampires to ghost horror types. There movies are usually superb and thrilling except a few like Purana Mandir which was crap. There movies do have violence but never use violence as a horror tool like most crappy English horror flicks like Amusment. Coming to this movie, it is very well directed and the horror is timed very well. The actors are very good except Hemant Birje, he overacts regularly. Jasmin was the best, her horror look was a million times better than any horror looks in other horror movies. Heck, it even beat Revathi in Raat which was also damn scary. The rest were also good, no one did bad or mediocre. There were some disturbing scenes(gory or violent scenes) but the movie is still U. The editing and final touches were well made but the climax could have been better. But, this is not much of a big affection for the movie. This movie is the best work of Shyam Ramsay with no doubts. It beats violent horror flicks like Friday the 13th, Elm Street. Overall, another great classic horror flick from the late 80's.
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nothing new
zath29 September 2003
i've seen this movie and it is taking the indian line of being a long movie ( more than 2 hours) nothing new in it and it can be classified as very light horror suitable for children because no animation or masks or even screenplay that can attract your attention to finish that movie.
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