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In a Cult of their own (Part – I)

Films that gained a ‘cult following’ over the years, despite being unnoticed on release

Back in the 80s, all we had was Doordarshan. Anything you wanted to know about cinema, mythology, world literature, astronomy, science fiction, history; it was all there – right in your living room. So, in that glorious age of kitsch, I remember noticing this bubbly-looking but rather demure young woman in two films – one was Raghuveer Yadav-starrer Massey Sahib (1985) and this obscure film with an interesting name – In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones (1989). By the third time I caught her on TV, she had won a Booker Prize for fiction, for her book The God of Small Things. She was Arundhati Roy – the above-mentioned films were made by her then husband, Pradip Krishen. But we’re more interested in the second film – In Which Annie… was about a group of students in an Architecture College in Delhi,
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DVD Review: Bollywood Horror Collection Volume 3

Mondo Macabro has returned with another installment in their Bollywood Horror Collection. Like the previous DVD collections, volume three maintains a focus on Tulsi and Shyam Ramsay, who are sibling purveyors of horror films that merge Western genre tropes with Indian sensibilities. Mahakaal (The Monster) and Tahkhana (The Dungeon) display the elements that made the Ramsay brothers innovators in Indian cinema.

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