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fnordfred27 January 2007
Fantastic acting -- great plot twists. All the performances are outstanding, but Milla Jovanavich in particular should have been nominated for an Oscar. The fight in the apartment is unforgettable. This is a look at an underbelly of New York you don't often (if ever) see on screen. This is not a glamorized Hollywood look at crime. The characters seem disturbingly real, and the potential for violence to erupt at any moment keeps the movie feeling tense throughout. "Honest" might be the best word to describe the writing and the performances. Very raw and powerful. It will leave you thinking about it for a long time afterward. Highly recommended.
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A Raw, Powerful and Masterfully Crafted Debut
crazymc8 March 2007
Based on other user's comments, the raw emotion and grit present throughout this film might be too much for some, but for me it added an entirely new dimension to the story that really helped draw me into the harsh reality that these characters live in.

I was truly impressed with Milla's performance as "Kate" and I was pleasantly surprised to see her outside of a movie laden with kung-fu, guns and monsters and instead see her in a wonderfully directed and extremely well written film.

While I've only seen Angus Macfadyen on screen a handful of times, he completely blew me away as "Big Al". He plays one of the most powerful, controlling and abusive characters I've ever seen on screen, yet he's still very much human.

There's something about Gary Lennon's writing that really helps you understand these characters and the reality they live in, no matter how dysfunctional and messed up they may be.

Overall, .45 is an amazing debut for writer/director Gary Lennon, full of brilliant acting and an enthralling story. Highly recommended!
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Great character development
downsized997 May 2007
While I don't think this is anywhere near the best movie I have ever seen, I think that the character development in the roles played by Milla Jovovich, Angus MacFayden and Sarah Strange were outstanding. Without these performances, the movie would have been predictable and hum-drum. The ancillary commentaries from the two elderly women were also very humorous and added to the movie nicely. I have seen almost everything Milla Jovovich has done (shame on me), and besides "The Messenger", I would rate this as one of her better roles. In fairness, I must say that her role is only strong because of the development of the other main characters. Definitely worth the rental fee!
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terrific and courageous performance by milla j.
knezmihaila5 March 2007
really good dialogue from Gary Lennon, the writer of DRUNKS (a good, little movie with a terrific cast that you might have overlooked).

like his first film, this movie has a lot of strong $50 moments spread throughout and a a few moments of real inspiration.

fantastic realism is combined with a terrific and courageous performance by the lovely milla j (showing some acting chops... who would'a thought?).

however, for me, the best part is the humor. especially in the beginning (taking your defenses away)... and then the next thing you realize -- BAM -- this is really serious subject matter.

Photography looks nice for a film of small budget (assuming it's small).

Fine performances by the supporting cast including Angus M, the always solid Stephen Dorff, and the divine Aisha Tyler.
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Milla, why?
lewiskendell6 April 2010
Well, that was a waste of 101 minutes. I never would have known that .45 existed, if not for the presence of Milla Jovovich. That ignorance of this movie, probably would have been to my overall advantage. It's safe to say that I am not a fan. 

.45 is basically an R-rated Lifetime Movie of the Week. The story is a messy mix of domestic violence, crime, revenge, double-crosses, and general pointlessness. I was massively disinterested within the first ten minutes, but I forced myself to watch all of it, because of my misguided aversion to not finishing a movie (unless I absolutely must, ex. Darkness). No one came out of this one looking good, even the pretty Ms. Jovovich. I'm struggling to think of a single redeeming quality...nope. I'm drawing a blank. Even if you're a die-hard fan of Milla, I still could not recommend this. She does have talent, but none of it is on display, here. It's been a few months since I've seen a movie that I enjoyed this little.
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Daring and Unbounded
petervj-121 September 2007
It's not often that you find a movie that's daring and not bounded to the "norm" of Hollywood. I was intrigued to see that the director let his audience become a part of the story as we watch these anti-heroes, like flies on a wall. Milla and Angus are such naturals that they fall into these rolls and you can see how much fun they are having with their intense characters. To see Milla go against her usual character type and have fun with a gritty, dirty, dare I say naive character (with a twist) extremely refreshing. She acted her heart out and I think she proved that she could do more of these kind of hard-core roles.

This rare find is something you don't see every day and I found the direction unguarded and simply profound. I don't know what this first time director is going to do next, but I'm going to definitely keep an eye out.
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Hips, Lips and Tits
claudio_carvalho3 November 2007
In a dangerous neighborhood in New York City, Kat (Mila Jovovich) and her brutal smalltime criminal boyfriend Big Al (Angus Macfadyen) sell pistols and revolvers on the streets and deal stolen goods. Kat is addicted in having sex with Al and dreams on moving to the beach and start a new life. When the jealous and abusive Al beats her, the social assistant Liz (Aisha Tyler), Kat's bisexual friend Vic (Sarah Strange) and her acquaintance Reilly (Stephen Dorff) that has a crush on her advise Kat to leave Al. However, Al threatens to destroy her face if she dares to leave him. The smart Kat uses her power of beautiful and sexy woman to manipulate her friends and get rid off Al.

".45" is an amoral and cynical tale of manipulation and use of sex to achieve an objective. The story uses elements of Ken Russell's "Whore", with the characters speaking to the camera like in a documentary. Mila Jovovich and Angus Macfadyen give magnificent performances in the role of amoral losers. I liked a lot this bold movie, but it is recommended for specific audiences. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): ".45 – A Vitória é a Vingança" (".45 – The Victory Is the Vengeance")
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great underrated movie spoiled slightly by weak ending
Stryde224 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I had to travel all the way to Bali to find myself a copy of this movie. being a huge Milla Jovovich fan, i was determined to see her in another role that actually requires her ACTING ability (which, believe it or not, can be AMAZING in the right role) This movie fulfilled my wishes in that factor. Milla truly shows her raw acting ability almost flawlessly

this being said, the actual movie is not perfect. and it is definitely not for everyone. the dark and gritty realism in the movie is as intriguing as it is disturbing. the most respectable factor of the film is the way that it uses a believable plot and doesn't try to cross the line into an action movie.

The humour of the movie is dry and dirty, but very amusing. the documentary style monologues littered between key scenes give a fresh way to explore the characters. the speeches given by Kate and Als mothers are truly hilarious.

The relationship between Vic and Rielly is shown JUST the right amount to make it entertaining without being sappy or over-dramatic. they provide great sub scenes and silently hint the viewers with subliminal messages on sexuality and love

The key scene in the movie is clearly the abuse scene. at this point, Big Al drunkenly abuses Kate in their apartment. this scene is extremely disturbing and frightening. the acting is very powerful and realistic. for this scene alone i believe both actors deserve awards.


the last fifteen minutes were a steady descent downwards as far as plot was involved. at this point Kate begins seducing everyone and anyone in order to have Al framed for murder. this section of the movie seems to leave behind all the realistc plot events that were previously shown, especially when Aisha Taylors character gets involved with Milla.

in fact, despite being incredibly sexy throughout the film, Aisha's character seems to pul the movie increasingly downwards as she becomes less professional. i mean, in one sense her characters development was okay, because we saw that beneath the exterior of a strong and serious abuse victim there is still a thrill seeking and emotion driven woman. but on the other hand, her characters sudden lust for Kate and willingness to commit a crime seem unrealistic

the final twists that showed Kate caring "only for numbwer one" was a great outcome, although not brilliantly executed and far from moralistic. its also interesting to note that although the movie seems based around Kates abuse, it is quite obvious that she herself is abusing Al during most of the movie. you cant be sure how you feel about each character as they all experience different changes in the story.

I've kinda made this review all over the place XD but i think you might get the point. the movie was well developed, had great characters, great story, and Brilliant acting, but has a few flaws with its ending.
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I loved this movie!
asteele77328 January 2007
Writer/Director Gary Lennon creates a gritty, almost surreal world, and captures visceral performances from a top-notch cast, including my favorite, Milla Jovavich (The Fifth Element). The writing is crisp, with a story that pushes forward like a freight train. Lennon, who I believe started as a playwright, has a great ear for dialog. The performances, enhanced by superb direction, seamless editing, and an exceptional score, shine as the best work these actors have done to date. Angus MacFadyen, so great in "Braveheart," plays an entirely different kind of bad guy here, and he manages to pull off both barbarism and oily charm. Jovavich is sexy, tough and vulnerable. I will definitely buy this movie and keep it in my DVD collection next to "Mean Streets" and "Laws of Gravity." Lennon is the rare director who can create a film so violent, and at the same time, poetic, thoughtful and beautiful. It's tough to watch, and impossible to look away.
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Stop Gary Lennon
jake8710 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
... before he directs, or especially, writes again. This is one of the most poorly crafted movies since "Manos: Hands of Stone."

If it were true to its characters and had anything to say, it could be a sleazy slice of life, not to everyone's taste, but still a respectable effort. But Lennon doesn't have the chops to do that, and his leads compound his troubles.

Hairy Angus Macfayden does such a poor New York accent that the script actually has to explain he was taken to Scotland as a boy. That pathetic explanation comes in one of many faux documentary interviews interspersed through the show because Lennon has no idea of how to develop character through plot.

Milla Jovovich's so-called career continues to go down the, uh, drain. The only thing she brings to this part are her gigantic nipples, again exposed from time to time to underscore her lack of anything else.

But even if Milla could act, it's hard to get over terrible writing. This is a movie where a battered woman's counselor also winds up advising the perpetrator. And the counselor's advice to the victim is to use her lips, hits and tits _ it clearly didn't occur to Lennon to use a brain anywhere. And the supposedly clever revenge plot simply involves a montage of scenes of the scrawny Jovovich in various states of undress followed by one twist-you-can-see- coming-a-mile-away. As bonus, it also indicts her character and a seemingly decent character as more mindlessly violent and cruel losers.

As secondary characters, Stephen Dorff and Aisha Tyler seem like they're visiting form a better movie, but they'd have to write that one themselves.

In short, if you come upon a copy of this movie, burn it.
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no point 45
landrupog26 April 2007
Maybe 3 is a little generous, it's a surprise to me that this movie has been so favourably reviewed by some. The director seems mighty uncertain about how to portray the material and ends up with somewhat of a half-baked mess. The humour and straight-to-camera monologues make you cringe, the dialogue if often shouted and is laden with swearing to try and make it all seem 'street'. Milla's performance is good at times but often desperately overplayed, Angus Macfadyen as Big Al gives a crude over-bearing performance with a rather baffling accent.

If you want to see a really realistic film about domestic abuse watch Nil By Mouth and appreciate Ray Winstones raw multi-layered performance, if you want a steamy revenge thriller ( as this tries to be later in the narrative ) pick one out of a guide because,chances are, it'll entertain you better than this. Kudos to Stephen Dorff and Sara Strange who actually manage to inject some humanity into their underwritten roles.

Skin fans who like skinny women might disagree but I found the nudity ( and I like nudity in film- sometimes it's the only thing to keep you awake watching a bad movie) gratuitous and unsexy. It's a bad one, steer clear.
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Gratuitous F words
parhat5 December 2007
Jovovich is a well known actress and this is perhaps the worse unwatchable movie I have ever seen. It is no surprise that it went directly to DVD. It would have never made it in the movie theater even if you tried. I promise you a typical high school thug who likes F word could have written and direct this a lot better and a lot more wholesome. The movie starts of with Jovovich talking about the size of his organ and sex as a shocker, then the movie starts off with her boyfriend selling guns and his jealous fits which leads her being beaten pretty badly. With that incident, she schemed with many people to get back at him and put him to jail. In most typically bad movies, they can be surprisingly funny that makes up for it. But this movie has no redeeming quality, made to look like a bad documentary. It's bad because it doesn't look like a documentary. You have no feelings for any of the characters as they are shallow, lack motivation, with possible exception of the lead actress, and continuing the life of crime is the moral of the story. The story doesn't have a surprise ending, most would have guess fairly close who have done it, since those who didn't denied it, so you are left with the obvious choice. The director and writer should have written children's story before writing this movie, at least they can understand the concept of simplicity and that F words is not needed. The best thing I can say about this movie is the packaging. It has nice DVD cover if Mila Jovovich on it, but I regret that I have bought this movie, perhaps I can make it into a frisbee for my dog to catch.
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Bad people with bad language in BAD movie
pkpera24 October 2007
Interesting are comments and rates of this movie, here on IMDb. Mostly very praising or very negative. What makes good movie? Certainly not dull beginning with main actor speaking into camera and admitting that she is with her man because of his organ size. Unfortunately rest of movie is not much better.

I have nothing against when movie displays bad and awful things or talk. Life is not fine and nice for everyone, nor everyone is fine. But in this movie all looked unrealistic, forced - one dimensional.

Especially last half hour was complete unbelievable and stoopid - or just some soft porn? Badly directed - I even did not try to understand what exactly happened. Totally uninterested for characters and forced plot.

Better watch No Good Deed (with same IMDb average rating)if you are Milla without action fan :-)
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You are the walking talking reason that we should all be lesbians.
lastliberal10 November 2008
Picking out a great line in this film is very difficult. There were a lot of great lines in writer Gary Lennon's directorial debut. These are lines, of course, that you will not likely hear on his TV shows that he writes for.

Besides the lines, you had Milla Jovovich. I don't gravitate towards the tall skinny ones with the itty bitties, but she is hot, and she did a good job as a battered girlfriend. She was incredibly believable after the last incident, and as someone who was definitely in fear for her life.

Lennon's story has her finding a way out of her predicament that was sweet and sneaky. Using her hips, lips, and tits, she conned several people into soling her problem; including Sarah Strange ("Da Vinci's Inquest"), who played a bisexual (mostly lesbian) BFF to Milla that wanted much more, and Aisha Tyler (Charlie from "Friends," and the only reason I ever watched "The Ghost Whisperer"), She was a former battered wife that was now a counselor, and she was also very believable in the role.

Stephen Dorff (Blade) was also good, and I wish him luck in his quest for the impossible dream.
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dbborroughs8 January 2008
Milla Jovovich stars as woman who wants revenge on her boyfriend after he beats her up.

Unremarkable crime drama would work on a b-movie level but is sunk by a supporting cast that doesn't seem to be adept at acting. Then again they simply may not care because there really is no real intensity in the lot. The fact that they don't seem to care makes it so we don't care.the result is a film that is not particularly anything, it's just sort of there, like a piece of art that was bought to match a sofa, this was made just to create a pay check. Ultimately the sort of thing you'll forget after ten minutes.
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Kat wants out and has to figure out how to get just that.
candlewell22 August 2007
Rich characters! Each character had a life a back story that I got to know enough of about. Usually I'm annoyed by narrative, it takes me out of the movie, but they weren't distracting at all. They were funny and smart and it was a creative way to get insight about the character instead of 'telling' dialog, which can get tedious. Love watching little films with a lot of everything: raw grit, action and heart. Milla was great, never seen her that emotional and focused. This was a 3-d performance for her. Read Gary Lenon's credits- good stuff for a directorial debut. He made efficient choices that tell the story. It's hard to do that the first time around. Didn't know Aisha Tyler was in it, another pleasant surprise. Her performance was subtle. The cast was authentic Big Al owned the role! I really liked this one.
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Horrible, just awful. Beware.
academicpc5 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I feel like writing Milla Jovovich a letter demanding the 1 1/4 hours I lasted through this movie refunded to me.

Imagine a director fresh out of film school who loves the movies of Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese, but has no talent himself. Now imagine that he gets it into his head that if he just has the actors scream and curse enough, he will make a masterpiece. Now get him addicted to crystal meth and grain alcohol, and in the final days of his addiction, let him direct a film without the use of a script.

That movie would be 10 times better than ".45", which was just horrible.

The acting was so bad that at first you'll think it's some kind of joke. The script is unbelievably stupid. One of the main characters is such a bad actor that he can't do a passable American accent, so you get this Lower East side Bowery Boys version of an American accent by a Scottish actor who does an American accent so badly that they have to write something in the script explaining that his father divorced his mother and took him away to Scotland, so he grew up with this bad accent. It has no other relationship to anything in the movie except to explain why this American tough-guy has a Scottish brogue coming through his awful American-ese.

Milla should be embarrassed. Maybe after Ultraviolet she decided she wanted to be considered a serious actress, so assumed she needed to play a role where she gets naked and does drugs and her boyfriend beats her up and everybody hollers a lot. Wow, I'm so sad for Milla. Stephen Dorff must have wanted to have the negative burned because even he's sleepwalking through the whole thing.

I'd normally recommend this movie just because you get few shots of Milla mostly naked, but it's not even worth it for that. Shame on anyone who had anything to do with this movie. The only reason it gets two stars is because I save one star for the movies that actually hurt people, like Nazi propaganda or racist films or Passion of the Christ. This is just a hair better than that.
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What a find!
jonesfilm9 September 2007
I am a voracious viewer of DVD's. I stalk my video store for new releases, and I will rent just about anything regardless of hype, trend or word of mouth. When I saw Milla Jovovich sitting on the cover of the splashy DVD for the new release of .45 with a gun, I said I asked myself, "why not?" I searched out a few more "bad girl" titles to make the evening a theme, and once I got through the two other cookie cutter Hollywood Tarantino-esquire "grind-house" titles and finally popped in .45, I was pleasantly appalled and equally as surprised. Appalled by the fact that the dangerous behavior of the two main characters (Milla and Angus Mcfayden) was definitely performances that I wasn't used to seeing in mainstream American fare, but surprised that the filmmakers finally got what has been missing in film lately.

I cut my teeth on Scorsese, Casavettes and the unflinching cinema usually found in foreign films from the 70's and 80's. What the film ".45" does is reminds me that there are great ideas, writing and film-making in America, if only the corporations that run them give filmmakers a chance.

Sure .45 is vulgar, and at times hard to watch, but one of the most remarkable scenes in the film (the beating) shows that through performance and craftsmanship one can be truly horrified by brutality of a situation without actually seeing a person totally annihilated. Kudos to Milla Jovovich whose performances have been marginal for perhaps her entire career. Thank goodness the director saw something in her to give her the opportunity to play in a role that is at times transformative. The supporting cast is stellar, and seeing the woman who plays Milla's turkey kicking mother is well worth the price of the rental. It's strange to see this film in the video store and not released in an actual theater. Or perhaps I blinked… RENT THIS!
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Scarecrow-8811 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone around Kat(Milla, unfortunately annoying)wishes for her to dump big-man-on-the-street Big Al(Angus Macfadyen, lowering his standards for this sickening human pig he portrays..to the film's "credit" he succeeds)who has a unique ability to sell hot goods to street denizens(..and a few rather well-off clientèle as well). His right-hand stooge, Reilly(Stephen Dorff)wants Kat so badly he contemplates putting a bullet in his partner-in-crime. Also, Big Al(who got his name, not only for controlling the streets, but for his large pecker)has to contend with cops always trying to bust him for selling guns and the Puerto Ricans, such as tough-talking Jose(Vincent Laresca), wish to move in on his business. Kat, who has a knack for selling weapons for her man, makes the no-no mistake of selling a weapon to Jose despite Al's strict orders not to sell to the Puerto-Ricans. Sarah Strange is Vic, a lesbian who tries manipulating Reilly into killing Al with her own desires to land Kat for herself.

Incredibly grating with every character in the film representing their own form of scumbag. From start to finish, these characters plot and scheme against each other. Kat is in the center..she's quite hot, but when that mouth opens..phew. Quite surprised to see, summarizing through the user comments on here, the love towards this film. Pointedly, the respect seems aimed at the film's supposed raw power and in-your-face bluntness. To each his own, I guess.
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Great acting
wodny19 September 2007
I've always thought about Mila as a good looking young woman whose talents are mainly: smiling and showing her sexy body.

But no! At last - I've seen Mila acting. Great creation. Simultaneously a victim and a strong female, who can use everyone just to reach the goal.

The scene when her guy bits her hard was well done - Mila as a little frightened creature. And then the revenge...

Don't be upset with the beginning, when Kat talks about the huge cock. The rest of the film explains the use of this primitive form and becomes better and better to the very end.
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l o u s y i n e v e r y w a y --- h i d e o u s
wwwbarnfinds11 April 2011
this is trash.

awful movie.

don't even bother.

bad at everything.

good at nothing.

it's a waste of my time to bother pointing it all out.

too bad my 'review' ends up on the bottom of the pile.

wish i could bump it up to number one in the list just to warn others away from .45.

facts be known, i feel so strongly about how AWFUL this crappy movie is, i went to the trouble to sign up here.

don't believe the others who praise it- probably just a lot of trolls anyway- put up to saying 'great' things about it in either self promotion or they were paid to do it.

this is a crappy movie--- just plain sucks. plastic characters, lousy acting, terrible plot (if there was one), wannabee director copying all the tired old tricks and banal lines trying to shock a viewer into submission. sad. terribly sad and distasteful.

mila hits bottom of barrel. all them others, probably wish they didn't quit their day jobs. lennon needs to go back to whatever thing he did before- this ain't working man. stupid, ridiculous, predictable, blocking in scenes that borders on criminally amateur, laughable and contrite.

at every turn, at every 'important' exchange, it falls on its knees and flounders around. a few witty quippy lines does not make a good script.

we've seen the worst he can do now- is there any hope? he'll have a career of making up for this turd, as will anyone else in it. shameful piece of crap that it is. only good thing to say it is a formidable Back Marker for the worst ever-- bad art is bad art and this is neither --- are there worse words to say. 'bad' seems so ineffectual in a way. and 'art' - don't even go there. pieces of feces on the wall is all.

and, this is me holding my tongue. what i'm thinking is enough to turn your screen afire. it's so bad, you can't even get nightmares from watching it through.

well, now that i think of it, .45 does excel in one area: proves that any jimmy joe with a camera can make a 'movie'. problem is, most of them (like this one) aren't worth watching!
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Milla is good
billcr1225 March 2012
.45 stars Milla Jovovich as Kat, a girl who grows tired of being beaten by her boyfriend, big Al, a gun dealer and low life in general. She finally works up the courage to leave him and befriends Liz(Aisha Tyler), a counselor at a women's shelter.

Another woman, Vic(Sarah Strange) also tries to help Kat and is in love with her in a romantic way.

The final piece of the puzzle is Reilly(Stephen Dorff), another criminal who is a partner of big Al's and like everyone else, lusts for the sexy Kat. He tells her to get revenge on her former lover by killing him.

Kat must make a big decision as to whether or not do away with Al forever or just go along her merry way.

New York City is the backdrop for .45 and it works well, as usual, for a street crime drama. Milla Jovovich is convincing as the gun moll, Kat, and the story is interesting enough for a rating of 7.
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.45 sticks with you
jimhalterman26 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw .45 at a screening recently and there are scenes that visually and creatively are still with me...the performances, nuances and intense tone of the story is captured by Lennon, who obviously has a knack for getting way beneath the surface. What could've been an overacted mob story with gratuitous emotions and sex instead is soulful...you really FEEL what everyone through and, though she's no angel, you can't help but root for Milla Jovavich's character. The scene where she is being abused by McFadden and breaks the mirror is about the rawest emotion I've ever seen in film. It's right up there with Scorsese, if you ask me. Hope to see this in theaters soon!!
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Really not as good as people have been saying.
jhpstrydom9 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
While .45 features some passable performances from its cast and an okay storyline it's far from being masterfully made. The main problem for me mostly is the dialog that gives you the impression that Gary Lennon was trying to craft a Martin Scorcese style film featuring a lot of uses of the "F" word and a lot of vulgar language which easily offends the everyday sensitive viewer. But for myself who looked at the film without finding anything about it offensive the real problem with the dialog is it's both extremely repetitive and boring. A common problem with just about every film with a dialog that could very well be an encyclopedia of swearing.

The second problem are the characters, I never really grew to care about any of them as sometimes through the course of the film they just seemed stupid. Like the main character Kat, played by Milla Jovovich who stands out the most, she's smart enough to plot revenge but not smart enough to avoid a guy like Big-Al (Angus Macfadyen) who pounds her to a pulp altogether.

Final Verdict, This film is really not as good as people have been saying despite the cast giving passable performances, the main problems are the repetitive and boring dialog and the uninteresting characters.
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Supershow: raw, rough, and real!
rbrb14 August 2009
This is a superb adult drama.

Every character in the movie is repulsive in their own way but hugely convincing and totally pivotal to the story. This is a intense drama about how a woman tormented by abuse seeks out her revenge.

The play rages with raw language, unpleasant action and rough sex; it is brutal, nasty and real.

All the actors give brilliant performances and the director and producers ought to be congratulated for giving us some reality.

Deserves very high marks:

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