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A petty criminal (Raaj) is released from prison and visits his girlfriend. Together, they rent a room in a dilapidated 'Dak Bangla' owned by an old woman (Mrs. Briganza). With only a taciturn manager (wearing a neck brace for sinister effect) and a tongue-tied servant for company, the old woman lives a life of solitude by today..but by night, she wanders around searching for her dead son, whose body was never found. Raaj's investigations into the mysterious house begin a chain of events that leads to more death and drama surrounding a secret room with a crib on the ...
Madhumati, a college student, is brutally murdered by Ashwin- a fellow student who has been spoiled by his family- when she refuses his advances. When Ashwin is acquitted by his father, a cunning and unethical lawyer and his elder brother, a corrupt Police Officer, the ghost of Madhumati haunts the family by possessing the body of Ashwin's newly wedded wife.

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