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(1958– )

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Unknown Season

27 Apr. 1958
Brussels Exhibition
The effect of great exhibitions on everyday life and design in the house, including still photos of the Great Exhibition of 1851. Excerpts from "Brief City," a 1952 documentary about The Festival of Britain, held in 1951, are shown. A study of French expressionist Bernard Buffet at work is seen as well.
29 Mar. 1959
Gordon Jacob
A portrait of the English composer Gordon Jacob, shown at home and at work and interspersed with visualizations of his music.
7 Jun. 1959
Fritz Kortner/The Guitar Craze
A tour of how Britons are enthusiastically taking up the guitar in all sorts of ways.
27 Sep. 1959
Variations on a Mechanical Theme
An illustration of various mechanical instruments, from the musical-box to 1950s electronica.
25 Oct. 1959
Scottish Painters
The Scottish painters Robert MacBryde (1913-1966) and Robert Colquhoun (1914-1962) at work in their Suffolk studio.
28 Feb. 1960
Journey Into a Lost World/Mary McCarthy
John Betjeman explores the history of London's great public exhibition venues, from the Crystal Palace to White City and the Festival of Britain.