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Season 5

11 Sep. 2004
Relics of Demon Past
Drago escapes from Section 13. He recruits the Dark Hand for a new quest. Collecting the immortal weapons that contain demon chi.
18 Sep. 2004
It's All in the Game
Discovering an item used as a prop on an Island Game show contains some Demon Chi, the Chan Clan participates in the game.
25 Sep. 2004
Black and White and Chi All Over
Drago recruits some new henchmen for his quest. Two demon chis are activated, spoiling Jade's birthday
16 Oct. 2004
Dragon Scouts
Jackie suspects the Enforcers are up to their old tricks, but they claim they've reformed for the sake for their visiting nephews.
4 Jun. 2005
The Demon Beneath My Wings
Jade's teacher gets possessed by the Sky Demon Chi in Windsor Mansion. Now the Chans must face the teacher, Drago, and the ghostly residents.
4 Jun. 2005
Mirror, Mirror
While visiting Uncle's hometown, the Chan encounter evil spirits trapped in a mirror with the ability to make people's worst fears a reality.
11 Jun. 2005
Antler Action
An earthquake breaks the containment unit freeing the demon chi. One of the demon chis ends up in teenager longing to be a hero.
11 Jun. 2005
Clash of the Titanics
The castanets with the Thunder Demon Chi lie in a sunken ship in the Arctic.
18 Jun. 2005
Stealing Thunder
Drago possesses the Thunder Demon Chi. He moves to a new base where he can increase his powers. The Chans must remove the Thunder Chi before it becomes permanently linked to Drago
18 Jun. 2005
Weight and See
The Immortal Weapons with the Mountain Demon Chi are found. But they're mixed in with other normal items. The Mountain Demon Chi is absorbed just as Drago decides to take a new approach to dealing with the Chans.
8 Jul. 2005
J2 Revised
The Chans recover half a mystical object. It is stolen, Jade follows the thief through a portal where she encounters her adult self.
25 Jun. 2005
The Powers That Be: Part 1
Drago kidnaps, Captain Black, Uncle and Jackie. He's willing to return them in exchange for the containment unit with all the demon chi.
25 Jun. 2005
The Powers That Be: Part 2
Drago has all 8 Demon Chi, and begins to summon his demon brethren. With the ultimate threat, Section 13 must accept help from whomever is willing. The series finale.

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