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Troma's darkest since Combat Shock
chaosnbeer23 April 2004
Unspeakable is an unusual movie even for Troma , it is completly inept low budget amaturish poorly directed , acted , or written film-making ya know the type of stuff Troma is known for and their sick devoted following (me) loves in their movies...but most Troma movies are so shockingly violent but hillarious and cartoonish at the same time or extremely revolting and dark (Bloodsucking Freaks,Combat Shock) but they too have a sense of dark humor and stomache churning artstic vision. However Unspeakable is a movie that has the poor inept hammy style of direction like Lloyd Kaufman's films and absolutly no humor that was intentional...which makes it kinda hard to get but a fun movie to watch. This movie is very extreme lots of sick degrading filthy stuff that would send Travis Bickle on a rampage again but its all carried out so incredibly inept and amaturish its funny..when it shouldnt be..it should be revolting and disgusting (see the aftermath of the car crash in the beginging and the expression and acting on Roger Cline's face and tell me you didnt laugh)...a very good movie but it's still a little hard to tell whether it was trying to be serious or not...

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Brutal,disgusting and BRILLIANT!
Deadbeatfan4 November 2006
Chad Ferrins Unspeakable is not your every day horror film by any means. This film is downright repulsive and disgusting, shot on 16mm film this movie is like The Last House On The Left meets Bill Lustigs Maniac. It revolves around a guy named Jim who gets into a car crash with his wife and little girl in the car. His little girl dies( he liked to molest his little girl) and his wife gets crippled. After this horrible accident Jim goes nuts and starts killing hookers while his wife gets raped by Barry a male nurse who takes care of her. This movie is super twisted, when you watch this film you can see that Chad Ferrin has great talent, a talent that has been prefected with his latest film Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!. Chad Ferrins movies have a great and unique style, once you see this film you will never look at Vegan Chili the same way again! The movie also has some funny scenes involving homeless people....''S*it man! I already paid!''
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Mixed feelings
guyfromjerzee6 August 2004
This basically has a lot of what you expect from a Troma film: unrelenting gore, cheesy acting, demented sexual content and a nonstop outpour of gratuitously shocking moments. The problem with "Unspeakable" is it seems to be taking itself seriously. How else can you explain the over-dramatic music score? But how am I supposed to take the film seriously with such horrible acting and unsympathetic characters? The main star is supposed to be constantly depressed over the loss of his daughter and disfiguration of his wife, yet he never sheds a tear. All he does is howl and make faces like he's constipated. It's revealed early in the film that the main character has abused his daughter sexually in the past. So how am I supposed to feel sympathy for him and his quest to kill? He should've just killed himself. And his wife deserved to be disfigured (or better yet, dead), since she's revealed to be nothing more than a nag. The director gives us no reason to feel sympathy for her. Despite the flaws, I really wasn't too disappointed with the flick. First of all, it's made by Troma. I've acquired a taste (or "tastelessness") for Troma, and can officially call myself a Troma fan. So it's hard for me to be disappointed by the poor aesthetic quality of Troma film. You can attack this movie from all angles.

Aside from the things I've mentioned, the cinematography is sloppy and so is the editing. I was, however, slightly disappointed by the lack of gratuitous nudity. That is a Troma trademark. It's best to view this as an exploitation film. As I said, the major problem with it is it seems to take itself seriously. If that was the director's intention, then he failed. The plot doesn't contain the same drama as Thomas Jane avenging his family in "The Punisher." Like in any trashy exploitation horror flick, you're just waiting for the next violent murder to occur. And to give the film credit, it did sustain my interest for the whole 81 minutes. I don't care how it sustained my interest--the point is it did. I guess you can say this film is not for the squeamish, but I found the blood and gore effects so cheesy that I couldn't be disgusted by it. The most disgusting part of the movie, for me, is the gag that involves a demented caretaker having oral sex with the main character's disfigured wife, who just crapped all over herself. But if there weren't moments like that, Troma wouldn't release the film.
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Troma quality without the Troma humour
DexX16 March 2003
Try to imagine this... a Troma film, that has typical Troma gore, Troma acting, Troma production values, Troma sound effects, Troma script quality, and Troma direction... but it isn't funny. It doesn't try to be funny, and it isn't unintentionally funny because it's so bad. This is Unspeakable, a film so unbearably terrible that I rate it amongst the worst films ever made. It is shot on low-quality video, looking like a perverse home movie. The sets seem to have been made by unskilled schoolchildren. The acting is just stupid, utterly stupid. The script has been written with one goal in mind: to include every offensive thing imaginable. That is about all this film does well - it is certainly a thorough catalogue of disgusting human behaviour. Paedophilia, rape, drug addiction, murder, and childishly-written obscene language.

Basically, this film is crap.

If you want to see a funny, silly gorefest, pick up one of Troma's good films, like The Toxic Avenger, Terror Firmer, or Tromeo and Juliet. If you want a serious, disturbing portrayal of a serial killer, watch Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer or Nightmares.

If you want to see an utterly awful film with nothing whatsoever positive to recommend it, and waste an hour and a half of your life in serious psychological discomfort, by all means see Unspeakable.
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planetrenzy12 July 2019
I love Horror ,thrillers and Gore but this movie is another beast altogether. If you're unfamiliar with Troma this will change your DNA and leave you in such a state of shock you'll need the paddles to revive you lol The nursing home/hospital scene alone will ruin you for life,theres not enough bleach to clean your eyes It's so so very bad that you just have to see it to say you've seen it And once you see it you cannot unsee it And you will never forget it lol
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Deliciously sleazy
MyFriendsCallMeDirt16 August 2018
I think I can sum this up perfectly:

This is one of only two movies I have seen that I can watch and need to take a shower afterwards because of the way it makes me feel.

This is a great genre film, absolutely sleazy. There are unforgettable thematic elements, the cheap effects that never fail to be completely effective, and the last 20 seconds put this right over the top. Director Chad Ferrin has something to be very proud of here.
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Utterly Icky
nicola4226 February 2004
I really, really wish I had left this on the shelf. I watched it with a group of friends. We're all broadminded people, several of us are huge horror fans. But this left us all shaken and disgusted. The film seems to have no purpose, merely breaking taboos for their own sakes. There's defecation, murder, implied incest, the abuse of a catatonic woman and I won't go on because I really wish that I could erase all trace of this film from my memory. The plot (man on a killing spree following the death of his daughter) seems utterly ignored in the rush to shock the viewer. It's nauseating, confusing, jumbled and senseless. But if you dig being revolted, this is the film for you.
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Sick, could use a bit more cash thrown at it , but gooooood
bhardesty6 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I literally stumbled upon this little indie gem when I slipped on the case in the video store. I hadn't heard a thing about this movie and bought it b/c it was cheap and from Troma. What a discovery! If you like twisted, you got it. Let's imagine a home health worker enjoying the watery bowel movement of a mutilated and paralyzed patient, while performing cunnilingus on her. Perhaps you would enjoy a bit of incest. Throw in a pimp named "Hell" and some guy named "Tard" with a splash of forced oral sex in front of a little kid and you have a really sweet Troma pot pie.

With a bit more cash and a better effects crew, this movie would smoke a lot of movies out there. Actually, I think it does already. The story is actually smart and the production cost - to - final product ratio is great.

Give this one a look.

A little about the acting: The lead guy: Looks like he needs some Exlax. Poor acting and he has an annoying look (face). He kinda reminds me of Gomer Pyle. The home health aid: ROOOOOCKS! Sick and twisted redneck. The mutilated wife: Thank god she doesn't speak after the first five minutes! The pimp named "Hell": Awwww Yeahhh!

Just watch it...if you're sick like me.
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All underground film fans check this out, Troma has done it again!
richajtaylor16 June 2006
Another slick production from the Troma team and this time its this little nasty indie film. This dirty little number deals with everything from incest, drug addiction, paraplegia sex, prostitution and everything else in between. The film-making style reminds me of Combat Shock or in the same vein anyways, showing the worst sides of society, no character in this film is good, they are all a bunch of scum! Low budget all the way. If your accustomed to these type of films you'll love it but otherwise steer clear, strictly for the genre buffs. If you think everything Troma makes is along the lines of Toxic Avenger then this flick will change your mind, while your at it check out Combat Shock, another great flick and also check out No Way Home.
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An unsung schlock sleaze riot
Woodyanders28 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Impotent and unhappy middle-aged James Fhelleps (stiffly played by the hopelessly cardboard Roger Cline) goes murderously around the bend after an automobile accident claims the life of his beloved daughter Heather (the cute Leigh Silver) and turns his naggy wife Alice (bitchy Tamera Noll) into a pathetic grotesquely disfigured cripple. James embarks on a savage killing spree, brutally butchering such low-life scum as hookers and dope pushers so he can reach Heather from the other side. Writer/director Chad Ferrin gleefully wallows in the unsparingly rancid urban filth; he offers a foul catalogue of all-out no-holds-barred offensive depravity that includes incest, pedophilia, defecation, urination, and an especially nasty subplot about sick male nurse Barry A. Carter (a hysterically lewd Timothy Muskatell) sexually abusing the helpless invalid Alice. The unceasingly sordid tone, gritty Hollywood locations, nonstop coarse dialogue, and vile subject matter all add to the grimy feel of this disgusting junk. The acting is really hit or miss: Cline fails to convince as our tormented main character, Wolf Dangler hilariously hams it up as evil dope-dealing pimp Hell, and Eddie Shea contributes a memorably slimy turn as a twisted Catholic priest with an unsavory penchant for young boys. The shoddy make-up f/x leave a good deal to be desired, but both the rough, grainy cinematography by Jason Tosta and Nicholas Loizides and Nich Smith's moody, alternately harsh and melodic score are up to speed. Nice startling twist ending, too. A real trashy hoot.
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Very disturbing
tromatic16 December 2000
I have seen many great horror films, but this is perhaps the most disturbing one I have ever seen. It begins with a man surviving a car crash which claims the life of his daughter and leaves his wife in a coma. This apparently causes the man to commit a series of sociopathic murders, guided by the voice of his dead daughter. He commits these murders, in an increasingly confusing fashion, until the final scene. It is in this final scene that everything becomes clear, and we are made to understand his motives. Of all the horror in this movie, nothing is as disturbing as this. This is one of the better movies I've ever seen, but it is not for everybody. Before you go to see it, ask yourself if you want to see something that will truly terrify and perhaps disgust you. The DVD version of this has a number of extra features, including a director's commentary and a short film made by Chad Ferrin. These are both wonderful, but for a Troma DVD it is a bit light on extra features....
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Near Perfect Indie Filmmaking- Watch this guy!
woods_k19 January 2004
I have watched Unspeakable numerous times, as every opportunity I get I try to share it with those that have not been introduced to the sick, twisted world the film presents. Strangely enough, though, this is a world we all live in everyday. The film just presents it on a darker level. It is effective, creepy, and downright disturbing. Director Chad Ferrin has created a dark and sinister story revolving around a man whose life is turned upside down after an accident claims the life of his daughter and permanently disables his wife. As he sinks deeper into his depression, he begins a descent into madness that eventually drives him to murder. Sure, its been done to death, several times over. BUT NEVER LIKE THIS! Kudos to Troma for putting this out to the unsuspecting world. And BRAVO, Mr. Ferrin. I cannot wait to see what you have on tap for your follow up to this incredibly affecting film.
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I feel dirty
benjamindlevin10 July 2007
I cannot believe that this is a film that I did not like. . . I usually find that I am open minded about all sorts of stuff. . . but this flick is just, well, bad.

I could deal with the subject matter if the script and story were better. I could deal with the acting if the camera work was better or if the characters were better established. . . I think it mostly boils down to script and direction though.

it was just bad.

i want to give this the lowest rating, but . . . I don't believe in that, at least this guy got off his tail to make a movie. . . so he gets four stars (just above the average rating which this has so far)
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I Can See Why Troma Picked This Up
gavin694215 October 2012
Impotent and unhappy middle-aged James Fhelleps goes murderously around the bend after an automobile accident claims the life of his beloved daughter Heather and turns his nagging wife Alice into a pathetic grotesquely disfigured cripple.

Although Troma only acted as a distributor on this film, their stamp is all over this. Low production value, sexual assault of a crippled woman involving feces... homosexual, pedophile priest... oh yeah, this is Troma material. Uncle Lloyd probably could not open his wallet fast enough. (I love Troma, but sometimes they make some strange investments.) This film had very little going for it. If you want to be shocked or disgusted, it has some scenes that are pretty disturbing and gross. But a decent-looking movie with a solid plot and excellent acting? That is not this film.
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Genius -- my favorite Troma film
polysicsarebest23 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Troma is a film studio usually known to put out excellently "trashy" films that are filled to the brim with gore and humor. As much I love those films, my favorite Troma films tend to be the more "serious" ones like Combat Shock, Bloodsucking Freaks, and this, Unspeakable.

Unspeakable is the tale of a guy who loses his daughter in a car accident. His wife is also badly injured in the car wreck, and a caretaker comes over to take care (and rape) his wife while he is a away, killing prostitutes as an act of revenge against God.

What we have here is a film that is legitimately disturbing. In fact, it's probably one of maybe 5 films I could ever say this about -- there were at least 2 scenes in this that disturbed the hell out of me. The film is dark, violent, well-acted, and at times pretty funny. The whole thing was well-made, the music was good, and it's barely 80 minutes long, making it one of the easiest films ever to watch.

Really, for what it is, it's a completely perfect film. Stay away if you're easily disturbed. I think, as usual, a lot of people come to films like this, seeing the Troma brand name, and expecting Toxie ripping people's heads off or whatever. This isn't really anything like a typical "Troma" film, so be warned... however, it is easily amongst the best films you'll ever see. A classic.
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Diturbing to say the least.
pulpnicktion16 March 2008
Relesed from Troma (which is my favorite movie company)Unspeaksble is a messy horror film that can be interesting but very dark and twisted.

Unspeakable starts with a family in a car, they get into an accident which leaves a daughter dead and a mother deformed. the father eventually goes crazy and slashes prostitutes. He sees his daughter in other people. He kills for her. Meanwhile his now deformed wife is being raped by her orderly. These are sick people!

Unspeakable tries to be sick and disturbing and it does manage to do that as a good horror flick this is not. Most Troma movies have a sense of humor to them but however this one doesn't.
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"Can't is not part of a whore's vocabulary." One of the worst films I've ever seen.
poolandrews3 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Unspeakable starts in Los Angeles with Jim (Roger Cline) & his wife Alice Fhelleps (Tamera Noll) arguing as they drive along in the pouring rain, unfortunately Jim crashes the car & his daughter Heather (Leigh Silver) ends up dead while Alice is turned into a wheelchair bound vegetable. Devastated by the death of his daughter Jim starts visiting prostitutes, he then kills them because of voices in his head. Erm, that's it really.

Written, produced & directed by Chad Ferrin I hate Unspeakable as a film. There are some films you occasionally see that move the 'goal posts' as it were in regard to everything you watch thereafter, some films are so brilliant that all other's will be judged by it while other's like Unspeakable for example are so bad that it sets a new cinematic low. This is truly one of the worst films I've ever seen & I am seriously surprised by the largely positive comments on the IMDb although I'm not surprised the the low overall rating on the main page, I not sure if I missed something but for a start Unspeakable has no plot, it has no story & a lot of it seems almost random. There was nothing in Unspeakable to maintain my interest or entertain & as a result became a test of endurance to get through to the end. The film tries to be shocking with some limp scenes of sexual abuse of a rent boy by a priest, there is a scene in which a disabled person craps herself, it splats on the floor & her dodgy male nurse starts feeling her soiled genitals, legs & underwear. If anyone can find such crap entertaining then I'll just cut my wrists now, the character's are some of the worst I've had the misfortune to know, the dialogue is hilariously bad with some it sounding like it came straight from some dirty faggot porno of the worst kind. It doesn't work as a horror as it's not scary in the slightest, it's absolutely hilarious & frankly insulting to claim that it is trying to be a serious drama about someone suffering a great loss & attempting to cope with it & overall I just think it's a pointless, rubbishy, badly made piece of crap from Troma.

Director Ferrin films like some badly made documentary, the special effects are terrible & are of the 'let's pour tomato ketchup on our actor's face & the audience will be convinced that they died a gory death' variety, there is no graphic violence at all apart from a suicide where someone sticks a knife in their own mouth. Considering the amount of prostitutes in Unspeakable the nudity levels are kept to an absolute minimum...

Apparently Unspeakable had a budget of about $20,000 & all I can say is where did all the money go? Oh, a quick note to the filmmakers, if your going to record sound live make sure you don't have your actor's deliver their lines next to a main road that half of Los Angeles seem to be driving up... The acting sucks, period.

Unspeakable is, in my opinion, total crap. It's probably not the worst I've ever seen but it's right down there & I can't remember seeing such a awful film recently. One to avoid unless your a masochist or insomniac.
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Aptly named, do NOT let children see this movie.
Leigh-1722 March 2001
True art creates a strong emotional response in the viewer, be it pleasant or unpleasant. In this respect, this film is Art. It is truely unpleasant, in fact it is revolting. Since writer/ director Chad Ferrin openly states that his goal with this film is to shock and offend as much as possible, it must be acknowledged that he has succeeded. When I saw Unspeakable I set out and located Ferrin himself the next day. The man is brilliant and will be as well known as Tarantino once he creates something that appeals to a broader audience. All in all, I really liked this movie, though it's somewhat upsetting.
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What An F'd Up Film!
jjdosha7 February 2010
Forive me for going waaay too deep into this, but Unspeakable, ironically has much to say and show. I don't want to rekindle any reviews, but for those of you who have not seen it, you are going to see one of the most disgusting films in terms of shock. The shock factor on this film is GOLDEN! I think the scariest thing about Unspeakable is that people like Roger Garcia exist, which makes this all more real. I am entertained by being disgusted, and this film delivers! It has plenty of vomit, feces, blood, scat and multiple scenes of "oh my god" moments, but what I think makes this film unique is that it "pushes the envelope" on your level of tolerance for being appalled. If anything, Unspeakable, teaches you a lot about you.

If you were critiquing it by film quality, set/background, camera style, etc. this would be one of the worst films ever made! If you can look past that..and watch Unspeakable for what it is, it is a viewer's delight......but it's a troma film.....it's not suppose to make sense, it's no suppose to impress....it's not suppose to be blockbuster......it's suppose to entertain. Is looking at something disgusting, gross and appalling entertaining to you? If it is, enjoy.
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Watchable, if you're used to Troma movies, but not great
amazing_sincodek2 February 2008
I really wanted to like this movie, because I love Troma and loved the trailer and loved "Ghouls," another of Ferrin's films. It did have some almost-good moments, like the oldies love song playing over the car crash scene, and a scene near the end where the protagonist gets some closure. But on the whole, it was just boring and mildly unpleasant.

The "unimaginable" shocks that Ferrin came up with were really predictable and worn-out. Poop, murdering prostitutes, incest. Could have still been good, but poorly done. Unsure whether it was trying to offend, amuse, or both. Ultimately did neither.

IN conclusion, we watch Troma movies because we want films with heart. This film did not consistently feel like it had heart. There were some good scenes, but ultimately it was dull and unpleasant.
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