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The best super hero game ever
Op_Prime22 January 2001
This game fully grasped everything there is about Spider-Man, from the wall crawling to the web slinging. A definite plus was having other Marvel characters like Captain America and the Human Torch make cameos. Throughout the game Spider-Man faces off against Scorpion, Rhino, Venom, Doctor Octopus, Carnage and a boss exclusive to the game, among others. The only flaw to the game is that it is too short and to easy. It's only about six levels long and is not as challenging as you would expect. Hey, I beat the game a day or so after I got it. Still, this is an excellent game and I highly recommend it.
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Great gaming fun
cdtressler28 March 2002
I love this game because I just seem to learn something new about how to play each time I pop it in to kill some time. Oh, and swinging from rooftop to rooftop is so much fun, I can't explain why, it's just great. The story is stereotypical comic fodder unfortunately, but it's the game engine that makes the game worthwile, and worth coming back to.
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Fun superhero game, but why so short?
Michael Pilkington8 July 2001
This cool Marvel superhero game pays proper tribute by staying true to the comics. Of all the Marvel superhero games that have been so lame with weak graphics and gameplay, Spiderman improves in both departments. It also features the voice of Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman comics.

As you'd expect Spiderman does whatever a spider can. He does more than spin webs. In fact, he uses them as weapons and shields. When he's not using web in combat, he punches and kicks as well. Spidey has his hands full as he battles Venom, Rhino, Mysterio, Scorpion, and Dr. Octopus to name a few. Look for Captain America in a cameo.

Most of the levels are challenging, but some of them require patience to beat. The only complaint about this game is that it's so short and can be completed in less than three hours. If you're a real Marvel superhero fan, this game is for you but don't expect long gameplay. Better luck in "Spiderman 2." My evaluation: 9 out of 10.
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Plain and simply: Fun.
Lateralus4623 March 2002
Spider-Man is in my opinion the best superhero ever, and this game is the best superhero game ever. While it may be somewhat easy, you have to play it several times to get all the costumes and comic book covers, which makes up for how easy it is to get through the game. It may seem hard to control at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be web-slinging like Spider-Man himself.

The bosses, while like the levels are somewhat easy, are fun. The first boss, Scorpion, is incredibly easy to beat, which shouldn't be so because as fans of the comic books know, Scorpion is one of Spider-Man's most deadly villains. The second boss, Rhino, is also very easy. The 3rd boss is Venom, who is in my opinion the easiest boss in the game, which definately shouldn't be. The 4th boss is Venom again. This time, he is a little bit more difficult to beat but still easy. The 5th boss is Mysterio, who I think is the funnest boss to battle in the game. He is also one of the harder bosses, but once again, still fairly easy. Next boss is Carnage, who is, you guessed it, easy to beat. But Carnage is actually kind of fun to fight. 7th boss is Doctor Octopus, who is like all the other bosses easy, but not as easy as the other ones because he has a shield. The 8th and final boss is exclusive to the game, never in a comic book or cartoon. I won't spoil it for you for those of you who haven't played the game, but the boss is the only boss in the game that isn't too easy. Took me 4 or 5 tries to beat while the others I beat on the first or second tries.

All in all, a very good game. I gave it an 8 out of 10. The reasons why I didn't give it a 9 or 10 are that once you get all the costumes and comic book covers it gets kind of boring (getting all that stuff will take a while though), it is not very accurate according to the comic books or cartoon show, the bosses are too easy, and they should have used Hobgoblin and/or Green Goblin as a boss, I think it would be fun to battle someone flying around in the air! They didn't use them in the sequel to this game either! Well the Green Goblin is the villain in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, so hopefully they will make a video game based on the movie.
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A fun, entertaining game
Henrychnc2 August 2001
An enjoyable game, which offers fun and easy game play and fair replay ability. Staying true to the comic and providing a low learning curve gives this game something not seen in most action cartridges today. Also, the narration and animated scenes used (though lengthy animations are replaced by slide shows on the Nintendo 64 version) use full advantage of the platforms' capabilities.
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Amazing gameplay
khenson14 January 2002
This game was mindblowing! The plot reads out like a good old 6-book mini series, and the game play is so addictive, i once beat this 3 times in one day (on easy). Unlock everything code is : EEL NATS. Unlim. Web: STRUDL. Invincibility: RUSTCRST. J. James Jewwit mode (LOOK at bottom of character veiwer screen for bio): RULUR. NOTE: invincibility,webbing, and J.J.J. codes must be entered each time you turn playstation on. N64 Invinc.: TURTLE.
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Forget the PS version, buy the DC version instead.
johnnymacbest25 August 2009
If you played "Spider-Man" on the PS version, then you've seen it all. To truly experience it you should get the DC version. Simply put it's a much graphically superior game; the textures are sharp, levels are easy to navigate, and it has much better sound then it's PS cousin. I bought this game back in late '00s and it still holds up even till this day. Well, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is a much superior and strategic game but if you're a fan of 'ol Web Head then you owe it yourself to pick this up for your gaming library. Swinging around the city as Spidey has never looked this good and dead-on in a video game. If you have a Dreamcast, snag this up for cheap. The DC version is simply incredible.
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The-GTA-Man19 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Summary- This game is the best Spider-Man to hit the market!You fight old foes such as Scorpion,Rhino,Venom,Doctor Octopus,Carnage,...And exclusive to the game...Monster-Ock!Monster-Ock is the symbiote Carnage On Dock Ock's body.

Storyline- Dock Ock was supposedly reformed and using his inventions for mankind...supposedly...He was really planing a symbiote invasion! See the rest for yourself.

Features- You can play in numerous old costumes seen throughout the comics.Almost every costume has special abilities!You can collect comics in the game and then view them in a comic viewer.And last but not least..............Spidey-Armour!Collect a gold spider symbol to change into Spider-Armour.It gives you another health bar!

Graphics- Great!Though they they can be rough at times.But still great!

Sound- Sweet!Nice music on every level and great voice overs!

Overall- 10 out of 10.This game rocks.Buy it today!
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Fun and Clean Video Game
gangstahippie16 July 2006
Rated E(Contains Violence).

I had the original spiderman game for the PC for a couple of years now.I still have not beaten it because on Windows XP there is a glitch on one level which I cant beat because of it.So be warned if you have XP.But for those who don't have XP give this game a try.Its a fun clean family game with action and its great for any spiderman fan.In the game you play spiderman and you take on various criminals who commit crimes.Spiderman is a fun little game and I recommend it to any spiderman fan or a parent wanting a fun,clean game for their kids.

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paco sanchez5 July 2012
I got this game for Mac in 2002, when I was five or six. It was the first action game I had. All my other games were Winnie the Pooh and Putt-Putt (which were great, don't get me wrong) but I couldn't stop playing this game. since I was so young, I wasn't too good, but I was the only person I knew with this game at first. My friend would come to my house, and we would play it for hours on end, while arguing about who was better at it. (Eventually, some teenage girl came to my family's house on Thanksgiving and beat it, much to my chagrin.) I don't have the game anymore. I wish I did. This was a big part of my childhood. I owe my current love for spider-man to this game. Only problem with it was that Spidey always swung from nothing. He wouldn't swing from buildings, i guess he used clouds or something. It was weird but pretty funny.
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A fun Spidey game on the Playstation.
Aaron13754 October 2008
This game is fun and it has a plot that you could actually expect to see in the comics. Spider-man has been framed by a mysterious impostor. The city is being overrun by a strange gas, and symbiotes like those of Venom and Carnage are appearing all over the city. Who is behind these crimes? Could it be Doc Ock? Well he seems to have turned over a new leaf. Venom also does not seem to be involved as he is just ticked off that Spider-man has apparently cost him a rather good photo opportunity. Well cameos from other heroes and lots of villains later Spidey will unravel the mystery. The fighting is basic, not to hard to pick up, the fights with the bosses are rather fun. You get to collect comics, you run out of web and it is somewhat fun traversing the city. However, that is also a weak point. The swinging is not all that great as all you do is hover through the city as Spider-man seemingly attachés his webs to the sky. You also do not have much maneuverability web-slinging either especially compared to a say Spider-man 2 movie video game. Still, it makes up for the rather bad swinging with the other elements especially the story. So be prepared to see Scorpion, Rhino, Venom, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, and Carnage for one wild action packed ride.
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Awesome game, with flaws
dee.reid22 December 2007
"Spider-Man" for a while was considered the best superhero video game ever made. I still own the Sony Playstation version and have recently begun to play it again on my Playstation 3 after it's been collecting dust for the last six years or so in my basement. This is true video game magic: it not only captures the spirit of the Marvel Comics icon, but it's a damn-fun game to boot, too. A new villain is in town, and it's up to Peter Parker, better known as our red, black, and blue-suited wall-crawler Spider-Man, to stop this new menace before it's too late. It features many prominent characters from the world of Spider-Man as well as the entire Marvel Universe, including Parker's love interest Mary Jane Watson, Dr. Octopus, Black Cat, Venom, Carnage, The Scorpion, hard-nosed Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson, and Johnny Storm/The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. Spider-Man comic book co-creator Stan Lee also narrates Our Hero's tale. There are plenty of extras here as well, that make playing it again after you've beaten it well worth it, including extra costumes, a gallery of famous Spider-Man comic book covers, and character profiles. The biggest flaw with "Spider-Man" was its spotty camera system, which could sometimes make it difficult to know where Spidey has to swing to during times of intense action. A good game, despite its flaws.

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Decent Action Game
David20 June 2002
I bought the PC version for my 12 year old son for $15. Graphics are not bad, just a little dated by today's standards. My son really enjoys the game and it does seem geared toward the 10-15 age group. Worthwhile investment for the bargain price.
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