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Unique and surprisingly impressive
deproduction29 May 2002
I was so utterly impressed with this film, I ended up spending half the time holding my head in my hands and taking deep breaths to try to calm down. This film was made for $30K! That just blows me away. It is well-shot and has great acting, but what makes it so amazing is the film is written so well. Reading the summary, the film had the potential to be trite and cheesey, but the story continually avoids the contrived, usual developments we've all come to expect from today's films. This team of film-makers is a production company's wet dream. If they can make a film this incredible for $30K, imagine what they could do with a "normal" budget.
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A film you don't want to miss!!
Carliney22 October 2001
I saw a trailer of this movie on the official website and I have to say that I didn't expect the movie to turn out as it did. I was expecting a very dark movie but was suprised to see some very light and funny scenes. I truly enjoyed this film and am actively recommending it to everyone I know so this movie will get as much support as possible. I am a native of Chicago and I enjoyed seeing locations that I was familiar with in the film. I highly recommend this film!!
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budgetbabecouture18 January 2017
I did not expect much from this film, but it ended up impressing me. The actors and actresses did quite an amazing job and the plot never left me bored. Like I said, I did not expect much from it, but I found myself glued to the TV until the very end. It is a real movie about HIV hitting close to home, people dealing with the repercussions of their sexual choices all while hitting them at the complete wrong time in life when there is a marriage about to take place and people having to face the results even when they think it could never happen to them. This was a very low budget independent film, but did not feel like it at all. My only complaint is that I wish I had seen it sooner and it makes me sad that movies as good as this get left off of the radar for main stream Hollywood.
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A Splendidly Cautionary Tale
Leslye Allen (LJAllen)23 October 2001
One Week (2000), the independent feature film directed by Carl Seaton and written by Seaton and Kenny Young (II)(who also stars in the role of Varon Thomas) draws the viewer into the lives of an engaged couple. The working-to-middle class and genuinely ambitious Varon Thomas learns one week before his wedding to Kiya (played by Saadiqa Muhammed) that his name has appeared on a list of "previous partners" by a young woman who has tested positive for HIV.

This film takes the audience along on the rollercoaster ride of events and emotions that Varon and his friend Tyco (also on the "previous partner" list) go through in seven days when they both will receive their tests results. Varon struggles to tell his fiancee Kiya of the potentially life-threatening news as he struggles to keep his job and his sanity. Tyco (brilliantly portrayed by Eric Lane)is so fearful, he admits he doesn't want to know his HIV test results.

One Week essentially tells a tale of how easy it is for ordinary, basically decent, yet flawed individuals to be confronted with life-altering and life-threatening circumstances as a result of risky, yet all too common, past sexual behavior. The strength of this film is that it pulls off what no other film or public service announcement about STDs has managed to do thus far: convey a serious message about HIV and AIDS without preaching (thereby alienating its audience) and without reinforcing the stereotypical view that only Gay and intravenous drug users are at risk.

With a superb script and cast, this film is an entertaining, warm, and frequently hilarious story that manages to deliver a sobering and cautionary message without hitting its audience over the head or trivializing its serious subject. For this and many other reasons, One Week is a must-see film that offers a lesson in exemplary filmmaking while it delivers a valuable and timely message.
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I still love this movie
jyounge-321977 October 2016
I saw this movie years ago -- when people rented movies from movie stores. I rented it from Blockbuster. I have never forgotten it -- it was poignant and patiently told. I highly recommend it.

I loved the plot, and I empathized with the characters. The events ranged from mundane to tragic, as a young man reflects on the sexual choices he has made, all against the backdrop of the pique of romantic promise in a young person's life.

I'd love to see this movie, again, now that the prognosis for HIV patients has changed. Either this movie is, now, a time capsule revealing our feelings and attitudes about HIV a decade and a half ago, or people's fears and presumptions lag behind advances in HIV treatment.
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caught off guard!!
sbrad45109 April 2013
This small obviously independent piece of filmmaking caught me completely off guard. It's a small budget film with an important message. The acting was superb and the writing was immediate and heartfelt. It defied the clichéd cinematic techniques so common today and it stuck by its literary guns, so to speak.

I enjoyed it immensely and would advise all film and fiction writing students to take a look at this unheralded film. This film would make a unique addition to any film buffs collection. and could also qualify as a great object lesson for would-be fiction writers, so like all great films it is important on two levels. for its writing and its filmmaking. This is simply a good piece of cinematic effort. It stands out.
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Really emotional movie
Nikkol-rawr6 July 2012
I had an idea of what this movie was about when I came across it on Netflix, however I had no idea it would be as good or as emotional as it was. It is definitely a must see for anyone who may still, even at this day and age, have doubts that ANYONE can get HIV. It is not a gay disease. Nor is it only an IV drug user disease. Your average neighbor can contract it if they are irresponsible with protection while having sex.

Varon had a week from hell. Everything seemed to be going so well for him. He had a good job, with a possible promotion on the horizon, a beautiful fiancée, her family had accepted him as their own and things only seemed to be getting better. Until he received word that he was put on a list of "past sexual contacts" of someone who tested HIV+. Waiting for a week after his test for the results seemed like a lifetime. I laughed, I cried, I sat there with my jaw on the floor. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Only thing I was slightly confused on was the ending. I think I know but am still not entirely sure.

I recommend this movie to anyone who is sexually active, regardless of age, sex, race or religion.
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Sometimes, one week can feel like a lifetime!
Fafa Says7 November 2001
"One Week" is one of those movies about which you're not quite sure what to expect. At the end, you walk out of the theater pleasantly surprised and happy that you saw the film.

Everything seems to be going well for Varon Thomas (actor Kenny Young II). Abandoned by his drug-addicted parents, as a child, and made the ward of the foster care system for most of his young life, Varon has finally found a family of his own. Kiya (actress Saadiqa Muhammad) is the woman of his dreams. She is beautiful, loving and a supportive fiancée. Her family has happily embraced him as one of their own. There is also a possibility that he will get a promotion at work. Life is good.

Unexpectedly, Varon is informed that his former sexual partner has contracted the AIDS virus and he needs to be tested. Varon is not given the person's name. In disbelief, he takes the test without telling his fiancée. The test results will be released within one week, exactly on the day of his wedding.

During this stressful time, the young groom-to-be has to figure out who put his name on the list. He tries to move through the week with his daily routine at home and work. Unfortunately, the following days simply get worse. Things start to unravel for the young man. In addition, Varon discovers that his close friend has to be tested for HIV as well.

How does Varon handle the pressure? It is a long week for him -- Sometimes,one week can feel like a lifetime! What happens is not only entertaining but educational as well.

Directed by Carl Seaton and written by the director and lead actor, Kenny Young II, the movie spotlights an important issue in a stimulating way. There are no boring clichés, the actors are refreshing and the storyline captivates the viewer to the very end.
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A better public health PSA than drama.
George Parker8 February 2003
"One Week" is an Afro-Am flick about a working class man (Young) who learns his name is on a list of sexual partners provided to Public Health Services by an HIV+ person. After his blood test the film takes us one day at a time through an anxious and eventful week as he awaits the test results, prepares for his wedding, struggles with a promotion op at work, and much more. A technically poor flick with subpar directing, questionable acting talent, poor sound, obvious budget constraints, etc., "One Week" is a better public health service film than drama and not very good as either. (C-)

Note - The bare bones DVD I rented had no closed captions or subtitles.
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A Lesson Learned
myneenee26 March 2006
What a person does in his past will eventually catch up with him. I recently saw the end of this movie on BET, so I decided to rent it even though I already knew the ending. It was a roller-coaster ride of emotions for me. It started with the day Varon (the main character) went in to the Diggs clinic and was notified that he had been exposed to HIV and ended with him receiving his results. The 7 days he waited were excruciating. Within a week, he lost his job, found out his fiancée was pregnant, and had to struggle with the fact that he may have infected his fiancée if he was indeed HIV+. I would recommend that everyone, 18 and older, see this movie. The acting was pretty decent, but the best part was the message it sent.
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Real people with real problems trying to handle it the best way they think possible
BizzyMoney27 December 2003
One Week was a well crafted movie that gave detailed opinion of what goes through the mind of theses guys that come across contact with AIDS. The people acted well and is a must see for anyone looking for a movie with truth. Wouldn't you like to confront that evil person too. This movie gave you its all and made you think.....yeah, I'd probably do that too.
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