The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (Video 2002) Poster

Jane Withers: Laverne



  • Laverne : [as she and the other gargoyles watch Quasi see Madellaine leave, he has a euphoric look on his face]  Aww, it does my heart good to see our boy like that.

    Hugo : Yep. He does seem to have a certain savoir-faire.

    [Quasi faints] 

    Hugo : I hope it's not contagious!

  • Laverne : [as she watches Quasi sadly carve a figurine of Madellaine]  Are you okay?

    Quasimodo : No. You saw the way she looked at me.

    Laverne : Well then, get to look again, honey.

    [Quasi has just finished carving his figurine of Madellaine and fastens one of the arms to it; he smiles and turns to Laverne] 

    Quasimodo : Do you believe in miracles?

    Laverne : Miracles? What kind of miracles?

    Quasimodo : Oh, you know, just ordinary miracles.

    Laverne : I'm not following ya, kid.

    Quasimodo : Well, I see people together, couples... and it looks so nice, being with someone who loves you. I guess I'm just wondering if... maybe someone could love me?

  • Laverne : [as she, Hugo, and Victor try to encourage Quasi to see Madellaine]  Get out there, sweetie!

    Quasimodo : [whispering sqeakily]  I-I-I can't! What might I say?

    Victor : Open your mouth! Something will come out!

    [Quasi stutters squeakily] 

    Hugo : Nothing came out.

  • Victor : Go to the circus, make a good impression! Hm, what does one wear to a carnival event?

    Quasimodo : Nothing.

    Hugo : Daring, ha-ho! Maybe a bit pushy for a first date.

    Laverne : Quasi, you can stay in here and hope for a miracle, or you can get out there and make a mircale of your own.

    Quasimodo : [looking at his wooden figures he just carved, Quasi thinks to himself, then smiles excitedly]  You're right! I'm off to the circus! Oh, but what am I gonna wear?

    Hugo : I've got the perfect thing, kid!

  • [Madellaine sneezes] 

    Gargoyles : Gesundheit!

    Madellaine : Oh, thank you.

    Hugo : You're welcome!

    Hugo : [Laverne bonks him on the head]  Hey!

    Laverne : Shh...

    Hugo : [clapping his hand over his mouth]  Ooh...

  • Quasimodo : [singing]  Oh, how the stars will sparkle on the water while the troubadours sing tales of true romance...

    Victor , Hugo : [both singing]  The spirits may rise... with fire in their eyes...

    Laverne : While gypsy girls enchant you with a dance! Hoo-hoo-hoo!

  • Hugo : Too bad there's only one of me to go around, eh?

    Laverne : Ha! One is plenty, believe me.

    Hugo : Ah, thanks. Hey! Was that a shot?

    Laverne : Maybe.

    Hugo : Take that back!

    Laverne : No!

    Hugo : Take that...

    [Laverne punches him; he responds, muffled] 

    Hugo : back.

  • Laverne : And what's the festival - ?

    Victor : Without the bell?

    Hugo : Or the bell *ringer*?

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