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Decent film with expected editing problems
BrandtSponseller27 February 2005
Ellie (Christina Ricci) and her brother Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg) are on their way home when they get into a car accident. While trying to help the other driver out of an overturned vehicle, the other driver is attacked by what Jimmy swears was a "huge man-like wolf". Both Jimmy and Ellie end up scratched and possibly bitten by the creature. When they begin noticing strange physical effects and behavior--including both of them suddenly becoming more assertive socially--they begin to wonder if a werewolf has bitten them. If so, will they turn into werewolves, too?

Cursed had a notoriously difficult time making it to the screen. It began production in 2002, then went through four major shoots with 90% of the material being tossed out at one point. Major characters, played by major actors--including Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Skeet Ulrich--were in and out of the film. Director Wes Craven even ended up abandoning the film altogether when Dimension Films chairman Bob Weinstein demanded a PG-13 cut rather than Craven's initial R. Someone else did the final PG-13 cut. As should be expected, these events appear to have harmed the film.

As the theatrical release stands, chunks of the film appear to be missing. For example, we see Jimmy and Ellie both pretty convinced that they're werewolves shortly after Jimmy first begins researching the symptoms and Ellie thinks he's being ridiculous. The transition is not convincing; there seems to be exposition missing. There are a number of such choppy, non sequitur moments. The film doesn't flow very well.

The most obvious material to be cut--during and after "attack" scenes--surely hurt the film, as well, although part of the problem with these scenes may have been Craven's fault. Like too many recent films, attack scenes are shot blurry, cut way too fast, and they're often too dark. Part of the idea might have been to make the CGI less obvious, but I'd rather have obvious CGI than incoherent scenes.

One final flaw was that the werewolf material in the film wasn't handled very clearly. Whether this was yet another editing problem or a script problem from screenwriter Kevin Williamson is difficult to say, but the film's werewolf "rules" are never well explained. For example, it's never quite clear why the werewolf would want to attack people again and why they wouldn't just be full-fledged lycanthropes the first time. Although this makes a bit more sense later in the film, werewolf "rules" are still implied that are never explained but needed to be.

But there are a number of positive aspects to the film. Craven shows that he hasn't lost his love of postmodernist reference and theatrical "wall breaking", the performances are good, occasionally the film is suspenseful (the car crash near the beginning is especially well done), and Williamson's story overall is intriguing in that Cursed is really a somewhat traditional thriller in which characters just happen to be werewolves.

Craven opens the film at a carnival, which is obviously theatrical, and quickly presents a psychic "performer" who happens to be a "real psychic", taking her job seriously rather than just providing entertainment. The parallel is to Craven as a horror filmmaker, which may often be seen as just an entertainer instead of a "real illusionist" approaching the job with serious intentions. Then he quickly takes us to a club, Tinsel, that's a veritable Madame Tussauds with a Hollywood theme, complete with full, detailed sets. There are numerous horror references in the club, including to Craven's own work, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). This emphasizes the artificiality of cinema in a way similar to the "real film in a film" conceit of Craven's New Nightmare (1994). To push this theatrical wall breaking further, many sets, such as the interior of Jimmy and Ellie's house, are lit and shot so as to emphasize their artificiality--almost as if the film were being made on the displays at the Tinsel club. Craven also has a number of characters working in the entertainment industry, and like New Nightmare, has celebrities playing themselves. As a humorous jab at filmic self-reference and comments about his use of the same in previous films, especially Scream (1996), a pivotal scene near Cursed's false climax is shot in a very artificial-looking hall of mirrors (and this is also literally reminiscent of a number of other horror films, including The Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977), Dr. Giggles (1992) and The Haunting (1999)).

The fact that Williamson has really constructed a thriller, and it just appears to be a werewolf film, is a kind of late-film twist that provides another level of "wall breaking". It's a clever idea that has some similarities to Williamson's I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) script, which continually flirted with the gray area between thrillers and slasher flicks. Williamson also spends time exploring the dramatic consequences of Ellie and Jimmy's newfound power.

However, given the final result, at least with the cut I watched, these more intellectual touches from Craven and Williamson may have ended up being too hip for the film, which Dimension apparently wanted to sell as a more by-the-numbers horror flick geared to pull in younger teens (and a surprising amount of pre-teens in the showing I attended). I'm not usually one to complain about the existence of PG-13 (or even tamer) horror, as I do not think that gore, language, etc. are necessary for a good film. It's not that I dislike gore, but I love the first three Universal Frankenstein films, say, as much as I love the Evil Dead series, Romero's zombie films, or any of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films (and certainly more than I like, say, Andreas Schnaas' work, which has the gore but not much else). But when the result of studios pushing for PG-13 results in such an apparent botch-job, I have to add my voice to the protesters.
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Wes Craven gets "Cursed"
dibot125 February 2005
I went into "Cursed" with high expectations, I'll admit. But how could I resist the re-teaming of the "Scream" team, director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson? I should have known after re-shoots and delay upon delay of the film's release (It should have come out last November), that this would not be another masterpiece in the works. Though I tried to keep my hopes up, the results of this recombination are mixed at best.

Christina Ricci ("Monster") and Jessie Eisenberg ("Roger Dodger") star as siblings who are attacked by a mysterious animal in the Hollywood hills while trying to pull a woman from a wrecked car. Both are wounded by this animal and as the days go by, they begin to change. Eisenberg is most convincing as the younger brother who researches the animal that attacked them. He believes they were infected by a werewolf. The rest of the film chronicles their changes and quest to find the beast who infected them.

Aside from Ricci and Eisenberg the cast mainly consists of a smorgasbord of television actors, mostly from the WB. And I'm not sure that I'd call what they were doing acting. It seemed they mostly showed up and had a good time. Which can work, as long as the audience is enjoying it, too. However, I found myself groaning at much of the dialogue and wincing during emotional moments.

The film is slow to take off but does pick up the pace in the middle before falling off again towards the end. The computer graphics already look dated, and the werewolf makeup is most definitely sub par. A word to filmmakers everywhere, if you can't make a werewolf transformation look convincing, then don't show it at all. There's a lot to be said for implication.

Though there are several scenes where something pops up in the frame to make you jump in your seat, nothing haunts you as you leave the theater. There's no fear of bad dreams here.

Overall, the geniuses behind one of the classic fright films of the 90s (and possibly of all time) did not bring their best work into this decade. I hate to say it, but Wes Craven seems to be suffering from his own curse - the loss of fright.

For a smarter, more imaginative take on the werewolf theme, check out "Ginger Snaps" or "Dog Soldiers."
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Better than one might expect.
Ky-D23 June 2005
'Cursed' has already earned a place in Hollywood history for it's infamous production problems. Massive re-shoots (rumored up to 75% of the movie), recasts, rewrites, over a year of delays, basically any and everything that could possibly go wrong. Pass this off as credit to Craven as a director and Williamson as a writer that they were still able to pull off something of a fun movie.

A pair of siblings are bitten by a werewolf following a car crash that leaves one woman dead. Amidst their sudden development of new powers they must contend with the traumas the curse brings. Discovering that the only way to lift the curse is to kill the cause of the infection, they must now find out whom the beast is.

On the evolutionary ladder of Craven's films, this is above 'Shocker', below 'Scream', right about on par with 'People Under the Strairs'. Meaning there is some good, gory fun to be had if one doesn't take it too seriously. Those in the market for some blood and laughs ought to have a fine time.

What hurts so much about this, and is the source of much of the films bashing, is that it could have been so much better. While the talents involved worked hard to salvage as much as they could it still feels like an overall missed opportunity. The scares are OK, but not great; the jokes are OK, but not great; the pacing is OK, but not great; noticing a pattern? Technically it's a mixed bag. Great, energetic camera work with some lively stunt work adds a lot of energy, but on/off pacing slows things down again. Characters and scenarios are OK, but dialogue lacks pizazz. And while there is some good gore being tossed around, the creature itself never looks all that believable (neither in CG or costume incarnations).

In the end this is not the ultimate failure fan-boys have tried to pass it off as; time will be kind to Craven's unfortunate child and horror fans should too.

7/10 (Note: review based on R-rated version of film)
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Pretty Cool Little Werewolf Movie.
BraveHawk23 March 2005
Every once in a while, Wes Craven comes out with something new that I enjoy. Scream was the last noteworthy movie I can recall (and that I have seen) that was good. While Cursed was no Scream, it was a pretty good little werewolf movie, despite what Wes, himself, thinks of it. I think it would have been better if it was left uncut, but I still thought pretty highly of it, even if most do not agree.

Cursed is about a brother and sister named Ellie and Jimmy (Christina Ricci & Jesse Eisenberg) who get into a car accident and end up getting bit by something while helping the other motorist. Neither knows what it was, but Jimmy saw the creature directly and describes it as a wolf-like creature. Slowly, they begin to feel the changes one makes when turning into a werewolf and they have to solve the mystery of how to stop it.

I do have to say that Christina Ricci was absolutely stunning. I love the way she looks with her hair down. Also, Kristina Anapau as Brooke was also quite a knock-out.

The plot does take a few turns, some of them not so good but overall, not too bad. The good far outweighed the bad with me. The werewolf itself was awesome, with the exception of the one time you get to watch the transformation. It was OK but could have used a little flair or a bit of violence in the change- maybe something along the lines of Van Helsing's vampire change would have suited me better. Also, the little gay sub-plot thrown in for no apparent reason could have been left out. I realize this sounds weird to say about a horror film, but coming out of the closet in the way shown in this movie was completely unrealistic. Even more so than the fact they were running from werewolves.

I was also a bit disappointed with the ending but I was truly entertained throughout the film and can recommend it with an 8 out of 10.
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so it's nothing to Scream about , SO WHAT?
A_Llama_Drama23 April 2005
First of all, sorry for the name on the summary it is really bad .

I have to ask something...why are so many people panning this movie!?!I loved it! So it was in no way terrifying and i only jumped a few times but it was well worth a Friday night where i could have been sat in.

So many people have complained about it not exceeding expectations but i will not blame Craven or Williamson for that. I would blame the board of Dimension who asked Williamson to rewrite the script and end up having what could have been a good cast ensemble reduced to one or two noticeable actors - Christina Ricci, who looked gorgeous and provided eye-candy for many guys, and Shannon Elisabeth, who i wished had had the part of Judy Greer but Judy's performance wasn't terrible. And i'll blame Dimension for cutting out gore which i swear was the only thing i missed.

The transformation wasn't very 'American werewolf in London' but does it have to be? I am not going to stick up for that part 'cause it could've been better but don't moan about it.

I think the script was good and it had a few fantastic one liners- the werewolf screaming LIAR and giving the finger...hey, anything can happen, its Hollywood. And the script was hardly thin or terrible, just lacking in some detail about the werewolf rules.It was a bit clumsy though, the first werewolf dies but the head doesn't become separated and it isn't shot by silver...rather silly mistake.

I am very happy that Craven didn't take the movie seriously and started to turn it into a parody from early on because it was enjoyable otherwise it would have been nothing but a few unseen deaths and a very dull plot but the humour and in-jokes made it better.He did try to work with what he had and i guess he gave up because of Dimension ( I don't have a problem with Dimension films, honest!)

All in all, if you are looking for something to do and are out of ideas, go and see this movie but do not take it seriously at all and you should have an enjoyable night without the bad after-effects of scary films with nightmares and anxiety.
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I liked this movie!
OXRandyyXO26 February 2005
I'm sad that so many people have not liked this movie! It was a total parody of every werewolf movie you have ever seen. I thought it was hilarious and I think that's what Kevin Williamson wanted (but who am I to speculate?). I thought of the movie in the same way I thought of Scream... a lot of people saw Scream as just a cheesy horror movie, but those that are huge horror fans and have a sense of humor, got the joke.

Lighten up.

My advice to those who haven't seen the movie: Don't take it so seriously! It's supposed to be fun. The obvious jokes aren't the only ones you are supposed to laugh at ;)
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Predictable Collection of Clichés
claudio_carvalho14 January 2006
After five years without directing a film, I bought this DVD expecting a good return of Wes Craven to the genre horror teen movie. I like his last works in this genre ("Scream 1, 2 & 3") and also the drama "Music of the Heart", and Christina Ricci is very cool. Unfortunately, "Cursed" is a forgettable and predictable collection of clichés. It is amazing how the viewer can predict the next scene! Further, it is amazing how easy is to replace a fancy car in Hollywood: Ellie wrecks her car in the middle of the night, and on the next day she has a brandy new car. Jake breaks the window of the driver of the new car, and on the next sequence we see Ellie driving in a rainy night in high speed without disheveling her hair. Ellie's brother Jimmy unsuccessfully tries to be funny. If you want to see a great werewolf movie, there are many excellent options, but you can forget "Cursed", which is only recommended for killing time. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Amaldiçoado" ("Cursed")
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An October Favorite...
stephenfrakes-14 October 2012
I honestly don't understand the bad ratings that some people have given this movie. It is a favorite of mine and one that I watch every October when I am watching my Halloween collection of movies. The well-known actors (Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson, Milo Ventimiglia, Jesse Eisenberg, Portia de Rossi, Judy Greer, Michael Rosenbaum) are great, not to mention the dog Zipper (Solar). The movie is certainly not the same-O, same-O werewolf movie. And it is kind of fun having it take place in the Hollywood Scene with some actors and singers playing themselves. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie for the Halloween Season. My only problem with it is that they never made a sequel.
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Seen Better, Seen Worse
Gafke25 February 2005
Ellie and kid brother Jimmy are driving home late one night through the Hollywood Hills when something huge and monstrous crosses their path. One nasty road accident later, the annoyingly whiny female passenger of the car they just hit is dragged off into the woods by a mostly unseen creature which rips the woman to shreds - and good riddance. Ellie and Jimmy do not escape unscathed themselves. The creature has mildly injured them both and soon, brother and sister are experiencing heightened senses and suffering the Mark of the Beast on the palm of their hands. For Jimmy, it's a blessing in disguise as he returns to high school and battles the school bully. For Ellie, it's the first step on the path towards discovering who the real monster is, and the suspects are numerous. Will she and her brother discover the identity of the beast in time to save themselves from the curse? Or will they too become full fledged werewolves at the next full moon?

"Cursed" doesn't take itself very seriously as a horror film, or as a comedy. It seems to be trying to decide which it wanted to be, and hadn't made up its mind in time for the closing credits. There are a few genuine laughs to be found throughout, and some nifty references to the bygone days of Universal Creature Features, but for the most part this is a silly, airbrushed effort, filled with Beautiful People acting stupidly. I should have considered myself warned when I saw Scott Baio's name in the opening credits. The werewolf itself has a few good scenes, but I was kind of disappointed to see the legendary Rick Baker's name in the credits, and then find myself face to face with a CGI beast later on. And what was Christina Ricci doing in this? Did she lose a bet with Wes Craven or something?

This film might have fared better in the 80s, but it seems somewhat lifeless and unimaginative these days. I'm just glad I had a free pass, otherwise I would be feeling profoundly ripped off right about now.
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Remember, Werewolf movies are almost never scary...
mfuson7726 February 2005
I've been waiting to see Cursed for a very long time, probably more than a year, since the first time I heard about it. I expected a great movie, with Wes Craven at the helm why wouldn't it be a great film? I went to the opening day matinée showing and this is how I sum it up.

Cursed fails to capture the audience's attention for a few main reasons. First and foremost, it follows too much standardized formula and fails to think outside the box. Watching Cursed, you can almost predict exactly what will happen and when it will happen. The script could have been improved with a few minor changes which would have changed the entire direction of the film. Instead you have an A-Typical werewolf film with the protagonists fighting to save them selves from the "curse". Sorry folks, this story has been done in other horror films more times than I can count, and not just in werewolf films!

One element I didn't care for was when the brother, Jimmy, suggests being a werewolf could be cool. This is exactly where the story should have gone from that point onwards. But as quickly as he says being a werewolf could be cool, he falls back to the standard "gotta kill the head werewolf and end this curse" attitude. The movie would have been better if Jimmy had welcomed his "curse". Had that one change in plot occurred the story could have gone off in several darker and more interesting plot lines.

I can't fault the CGI effects for a change. I am strong opponent of CGI technology as the effects usually look awful.In Cursed the effects are better than normal, although they are still no where near the traditional "An American Werewolf in London" make-up and prosthetics quality.

I did enjoy the humor in the film. Cursed does offer several very funny moments and a few corny ones too. Without the humor the movie would have been an utter waste of time. The humor helps detract from the poor plot line which you can tell was attempting to be clever like Scream, but failing miserably.

I wonder if Wes Craven was even on the set when this film was made. It seemed to lack of the trademark qualities of a Craven film. Whatever the case may be it is obvious he did not do his research in what makes a great werewolf film.

Werewolf films, to be effective, must have several good transformation scenes, graphic mauling and mutilations and an innocent protagonist who is seduced by the curse. Cursed really has none of these qualities.

Overall I did enjoy the film, but I also expected the movie would fail to "wow me", which it did. It seems to me that the problems with Cursed were mostly script and plot related. Don't expect to be scared, but try to have a little fun with what it is.

Remember, werewolf movies are almost never scary...especially if they throw in a happy ending!
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Howl for me
ctomvelu120 December 2009
With CURSED, Wes Craven has made an exciting if not terribly scary werewolf movie, and pays plenty of tribute to such past horror flicks as THE WOLFMAN, A WEREWOLF IN London, THE HOWLING, SILVER BULLET, TEEN WOLF and even FRIGHT NIGHT. A young woman (Ricci) and her kid brother (Eisenberg) fall afoul of a werewolf and must do something to keep themselves from becoming werewolves themselves. The flick adds a touch of mystery as the siblings attempt to determine who among their acquaintances is the true villain. The primary werewolf is impressive looking, but appears to be almost 100 percent a CGI creation, which harms the overall effect. The delightful Judy Greer plays a p.r. flunky, and steals every scene she is in. Hardly Craven's best, but certainly entertaining.
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More a chihuahua than a werewolf
petra_ste25 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
As formulaic as its generic title suggests, Cursed's paper-thin premise has a werewolf attack and bite Ellie (Christina Ricci, badly wasted) and her brother Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg) after a car crash. The two start changing and yada yada yada.

Cursed was written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven; in those years, the two had just delivered the excellent Scream and Scream 2. Sadly, this is the anti-Scream with werewolves. Scream was clever, Cursed is dumb; Scream was funny, Cursed is boring; Scream was original, Cursed looks like the product of a "Make your own PG-13 horror movie" plot generator.

Relative highlights are, for their unintentionally comedic quality, the attack of a weredog and a minor character's abrupt comeuppance, unceremoniously grabbed by an off-screen werewolf. Apart for those, Cursed is the kind of movie which elicits in viewers a single emotion: a sense of smug, bored superiority.

For a much better werewolf movie with compelling atmosphere and dark humor, watch Neil Marshall's underrated Dog Soldiers instead.

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Grisly horror and gore in this formulaic terror film by the duo Craven and Williamson
ma-cortes22 November 2006
From creators ¨Scream¨,bring us this ¨Cursed¨,a creepy terror movie that have you breathless.After an appointment with her boyfriend(Joshua Jackson), a publicist(Christina Ricci) along with his brother,a geeky high school student named Jimmy(Jesse Eisenberg) are going at home.But they have an accident against the occupant(Shannon Elizabeth) another car in Mulholland road,Hollywood,Los Angeles.An strange animal spontaneously bites to the driver and the brothers. Later they are developing an extraordinary force and aware themselves which there happened more than an accident and they have a terrible curse who cannot to control.Then they undergo a dental and hirsute transformation at the night and going on a murderous rampage every time the moon is full.They increased strength,heightened senses and unnatural sexual allure and they sprout hair and pointy ears,their hands have a five-pointed star like a pentagram,but it's the mark of the beast and pretty freaks occur them.They've been infected,there're cursed ,they've got to sever the line of the beast.They bear the marking of the beast,the only way to break the curse is to find the werewolf which attack them.The problem is how to kill the werewolf , no with silver but actually have to separate the head from the heart ,silver just hurts a lot.

The motion picture displays action,suspense,terror with fun touches and is quite amusing.It's a crossover with a little of the classic version Lon Chaney Werewolf,John Landis' Werewolf in London and Michael J Fox's Teenwolf and wrapped in a postmodern style.It's some different but with clear reference to previous films.The transformation of man into werewolf is complex and is made by computer generator FX,and a device under remote control ,thus the radio-control moves the eyes,ears,nose, lips werewolf ,besides an actor into the suit brings the life and of course a magnificent make up by the master Rick Baker and Greg Nicotero. The story contains various versions Nc 13 parents guide and Nc 17 with more or less gore.The famous screenwriter Kevin Williamson provided a well-knit plot with mystery and horror,giving full rein to Wes Craven natural talent for the terror genre.The film is dedicated to the producer movie Dan Arredondo.It's a standard terror and sometimes graphically gory and turns out to be an average attempt to cash in the werewolf sub-genre.
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Semi-scary, enjoyable, yet somewhat disappointing movie
Matt_Crussial22 February 2005
My summary title is random but that is how I felt the movie was. I do not think it was as bad as the other reviewer posted here. The first two-thirds of the movie was great. The movie from the opening on the Santa Monica pier to the car crash until the club opening was classic Wes Craven. There were moments where I jumped out of my seat and brought back memories of the high-tension scenes in Scream. There are funny scene and one-liners as well. The last 1/3 of the movie was bad. It is obvious that they had all the problems that they did. I felt that there was no smooth flow and some scenes did not make sense. If you expect a quality movie like Scream, you will be disappointed. If you want a campy movie that is all-in-all entertaining, then definitely go. I jumped in my seat and laughed at times. I would say that it was worth the ticket price, but I won't own the DVD.

BTW, I saw the R-rated version. I don't think what they cut from the version I saw to make it PG-13 will make the movie any scarier; there are some gratuitous blood/gore shots that will probably be cut out. This will obviously make the movie more attractable when they release it on DVD as uncut.
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'Cursed' is a well-made, taut horror flick that suffers from a major problem...
joaniekilbride9 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Cursed Ellie(Ricci) is a struggling, self-conscious young woman working as a make-up person for a talkshow. She lives with her brother, Jimmy, and they live alone because their parents died a few years earlier. One night, they are driving down a dark winding road and something slams against the windshield, and Ellie swerves the car and knocks another driver off the road. That night changes their live after a giant, mythical werewolf rips the girl apart. From there on, Ellie and Jimmy learn they might be "cursed" after they suddenly have the most recognizable feature... a star on your palm.

As they learn more about the situation, they find out that, to end the curse, they must kill the original source... a twist of fate brings them to Ellie's unexpected crush's grand opening of his store. Joni, Ellie's rival/nemisis at work, shows up and chases the place empty. After killing Joni and narrowly escaping her, they return home... but all their predictions where wrong... and only they can stop the curse.

Wise-cracking writer Kevin Williamson has written creative pieces in the past. I like his style most of the time but I personally think he makes his screenplays too diabolical, particularly in the "Scream" films. Stylish-horror director Wes Craven directed the first two "Scream" films and various other horror films. As a pairing, I enjoy their ability to weave suspense, blood, and creative death scenes. 'Cursed', their most recent project, is not a film to be called bad... but it's not up to their potential as a team.

The negative points:'Cursed' begins introducing us to a bunch of characters. As the plot slowly unfolds, it becomes somewhat lackuster. We can't believe anything the supporting characters say because most of them are thrown into the film to add another body to the body count pile.

Onto the positive points, which are more then negative. 'Cursed' has good atmosphere, is well-made and taut. It has a few jolts and Christina Ricci is eye-candy to guys on-screen. The film also has a few interesting elements in it. This 'curse' showed us how much the characters really valued each other, or their own lives. The death scenes are nothing to yelp about, but they are fun to watch, particularly one with a woman in the elevator. :) There are a lot of funny moments, also which adds a lot to the film.

The main problem I said in the summary is this... it is not scary at all. A few jolts aside, the scares begin predictable, such as someone turning around and someone is standing right there. They're nothing to jump about. Kevin Williamson seemed to hold back this time, like he was trying to keep his reputation good, so he took it easy.

CURSED--- 3 from 4 PG13-

horror/terror violence, sexual content/references, language and some images of nudity.
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Not bad at all, if you ask me
Mechanical_Luby18 March 2005
OK, I've like read all of the bad reviews some of you gave to this movie and I really think that some of you people took this movie too seriously. I mean come on! Some of you actually walked in that theater and expected a blockbuster film to blow you out of your shoes! This was just a humorous, somewhat scary teen movie! I really liked the beginning b/c it really does get down to the point of things, unlike some other so called horror movies out there! The werewolves could have used a bit more tweaking but overall, this movie was fun! Christina Ricci was great, also. I really liked how she gained confidence after she had been "cursed"!. Everybody else was great, too. PEACE!
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Cursed? Should be retitled "Sucked."
TheMovieMark25 February 2005
Cursed, huh? Well, that appropriately describes what a lot of moviegoers did when the final credits started to roll. This has to be one of the most irrelevant, insignificant movies to come along in quite a while. There's not a single thing I can recommend about this movie. Not a single thing. It offers absolutely nothing new or original to the werewolf genre. Why even bother? The acting is bad, the special effects are unimpressive, I couldn't have cared less about any of the characters or their relationships... seriously, is there a less appealing screen couple than Pacey from Dawson's Creek and Christina Ricci? Wooo, look at Pacey! He's got a neatly trimmed beard! He's all grown up now! Whatever. All he did was spit out some cheesy lines about how Ricci, who he'd been dating for all of two months, was the one for him and he really wanted to make it work and BLAH BLAH BLAH! WHO CARES?!?!?!?! I just wanted to punch the guy in the face. Repeatedly. Until my knuckles bled. I couldn't care less if I never see this guy in another movie ever again.

If you're gonna have characters that I couldn't be less interested in, then please try to have a somewhat interesting story with a few good scares. Oh, you couldn't do that for this movie? Well, believe me, I could tell. The scariest thing about Cursed is Christina Ricci's bulbous forehead. Were those CGI werewolves actually supposed to be scary? Heck, if that's what werewolves were really like, then I'd have pretty good chances if I had to go up against one.

And was it completely impossible to have a semblance of a story? You call those plot twists? Folks, no one over the age of 5 will be surprised at who the main werewolf is. The story is so non-existent that it gives me a headache trying to figure out why. Did Kevin Williamson even try when writing this script? It's as if he asked himself, "How can I make this as clichéd as possible," and then ran with it. In case you forgot, Craven and Williamson teamed up on Scream, which was a very original, clever, and entertaining movie. What in the world has happened since then? How were these two movies written by the same guy? If nothing else, you've gotta at least love the irony in the fact that Cursed is exactly the kind of teen horror movie that Scream poked fun at.

It's pretty sad that Corey Feldman couldn't even keep his name attached to this film (his scenes were cut), but it's even sadder that this movie would've actually been better by having Feldman in it. Ouch. I think that's the true hallmark of a movie's failure. If someone tells you, "Man, you should've kept Feldman's scenes in there, it would've helped," then you need to do some serious soul searching before attempting another movie.

Cursed tries to take a Scream approach and not take itself too seriously, but man, that doesn't mean it had to be a complete joke. I admit that I laughed a few times, but most of the time I was laughing it was because what I was witnessing was just so stupid. Let me ask you something - if you're in the bathroom, and you friend is in the stall making weird noises, and you think he or she is sick, do you go OPEN THE STALL DOOR???? NO! Nobody does that! You may ask if the person's all right, but you don't put your ear to the stall and then open it unless you're just a freak. Sigh.

The most genuinely funny thing in the movie is Scott Baio's cameo as Scott Baio. The running joke is that he's supposed to be the third guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn behind Ashton Kutcher and Carrot Top. But even this is pretty sad since Kilborn's been gone from the show for a few months now. Way to stay on top of things, guys! Looks like somebody has his finger directly on the pulse of today's pop culture! I can't think of a single person to recommend this to. Not even the biggest werewolf movie fan. But I can recommend they change the tagline. Here's my suggestion: A Werewolf Movie That Really Bites. There, I just wrote something more clever than anything found in the script of Cursed, and I wasn't given a $40 million budget to do it.

THE GIST You've been warned, so if you pay money to see Cursed then you've got nobody to blame but yourself. I tried to tell you. Cursed is nothing but a bad made-for-the-WB movie, and I can say without flinching or smirking that Michael Paré's Bad Moon is a better werewolf movie than this toilet log. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know, then there's nothing else I can say.

Rating: 2 (out 5)
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slightly scarier than Teenwolf
rhyatt127 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Before I get to the review I think it should be noted that Corey Feldman was supposed to be in this movie, but his scenes were cut. Normally that information would bode well for a movie, but not in this case. All you really need to know about this movie is that after seeing it you'll be left wondering how bad Feldman's scenes must have been that they weren't good enough to make it into this pile of garbage.

This movie is a less clever version of Scream with a video game werewolf tossed in. The only thing worse than the plot "twists" are the ridiculous cgi effects.


The movie begins with the over done scene involving teenagers at a carnival encountering a fortune teller who sees blood in their futures. This particular fortune teller seems to deal in the immediate future because less than 5 minutes later the girl who's palm was read is in a car accident with Christina Ricci that results in her being killed by the werewolf. Here is the first CGI nightmare when her lower torso is ripped off and her digital remains crawl around on the ground in an attempt to gross out anyone afraid of Adobe Photoshop.

The story revolves around Christina Ricci, who works for the Craig Kilborne show (why?) and her wimpy brother who has the jimmies for the class hottie that happens to be dating the guy who always picks on him. Believe it or not, word is that this movie has been years in the making which is the best explanation one can come up with as to why the writers chose to have Ricci work for the Craig Kilborne show (it's cancelled now you tard). The only thing lamer than that would have been if she worked for Carson Daily. Although seeing that metrosexual get killed by a werewolf might have given the moviegoers something to cheer about.

The other main character, who is obviously the werewolf, is Joshua Jackson (aka Pacey from Dawson's Creek or the guy from that horrible Skulls movie). They try to sell Pacey as a playa who is ready to settle down with Ricci, but gets foiled by all of the hot women hitting on him at parties and what not. Oh yeah, and he might be the werewolf.

The rest of the ride to the final battle isn't worth analyzing, but I will say that one especially horrible scene involves a female werewolf flipping the digitized bird to Ricci after she insults her hair and skin.

From here we get to the last scene were Pacey comes to convince Ricci that they can be happy together as werewolves and she rejects him on cue so he decides to kill her. Surprisingly though she kills him instead. Surprising if you missed the entire movie because you thought you were at Shark Boy and Lava Girl and wore 3-D glasses the whole time that is.

Needless to say, immediately after chopping off Pacey's head, Ricci and her brother walk outside and the hot girl is suddenly there and just happens to like the brother and makes out with him in the yard. Then he walks her home with her gay friend and Ricci makes a joke about having to stay home and spend all night cleaning the house. ha ha. Oh yeah, too bad she just decapitated her boyfriend 2 minutes ago and his murdered carcass is laying on the kitchen floor.

So basically the camera cuts away to the credits and it's considered a happy ending. This seems impossible for the characters who have just had to face the fact that they live in a world were werewolves can come at night and kill you. I mean once you reach that point wouldn't pretty much everything else scare you? "Hey honey, what's that noise outside the window?" "Oh it's nothing dear, oh wait a second...maybe it's not nothing. I forgot, WEREWOLVES EXIST."
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More Wes Craven/Kevin Williamson horror rubbish!
Coventry30 April 2005
"Cursed" is another new and horrible excuse for a horror movie from the talentless pen of Kevin Williamson. He proves (again) that he's the worst thing that could happen to the horror-industry, while director Wes Craven enlarges his list of embarrassingly bad movies (that actually started right after his 1977 film "The Hills have Eyes"). Craven and Williamson's previous collaboration "Scream" actually is a masterpiece compared with this piece of garbage that messes with the – once marvelous – myth of werewolves. Set in Hollywood and revolving on characters you couldn't feel less connected with, this movie feels like another dreadful episode of "Dawson's Creek", only with a wolf instead of James Vander Beek. All the rest is the same: high school popularity contests, glamour-girls battling over the same stud and we even have the classic case of siblings looking after each other due to their parents' sudden death! Sigh...I'm a great fan of classic atmospheric werewolf-tales and witnessing how these legendary creatures are abused here to serve for childish purposes makes me furious. Werewolves don't care for eliminating sexual competition! They don't care about how cute boys look!! There's absolutely no tension in "Cursed", the script is predictable and the attempts to scare the audience are lame. The gore-factor is weak and the werewolf-transformation sequences are downright pitiful. Movies like "An American werewolf in London" and "the Howling" are almost 25 years older but the special effects team of "Cursed" surely could have learned something from them on how making a transformation creepy instead of laughable. Christina Ricci looks yummy in her heroine-role but her boring performance definitely can't make this turkey any more appealing. My humble opinion is that you avoid watching "Cursed" like you would avoid getting Syphillys! There are good recent movies handling about werewolves, like "Dog Soilders" or the "Ginger Snaps"-trilogy, that you can watch instead. Those are good movies, mainly because nor Wes Craven, nor Kevin Williamson had anything to do with them.
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Tongue in Cheek Horror Movie
Jalea16 April 2006
**possible spoilers**

I saw this movie on cable, it's not bad. I thought it was kind of quirky. When I read the trivia and saw the changes that they went through to make the movie, it made sense. The plot is underdeveloped and seems to be a foil for the horror scenes. The character development was scanty and the relationships were sketchy. But somehow you manage to feel for Ellie and her brother Jimmy who was having a "pathetic" high school experience. Becoming a werewolf (temporarily) got him cool points (and the girl). The funniest parts are the scenes between Ellie (Ricci) and Joanie (Greer)who sees Ellie as a rival for Jake the werewolf (Jackson).

This movie maintains a quirky tone to the end. The special effects overall are okay with the exception of the metamorphosis of Joanie into a werewolf, which was a bit cartoonish. The creature makeup was good though. Although this is not one of Wes's best movies, it was entertaining.
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A Film That Was Truly Cursed
domino100324 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Cursed" was a great idea that sprung from the mind of Kevin Williamson ("Scream," "I Know What You Did Last Summer."). But it seemed that the script and the production WAS truly cursed. Due to problems with the script and production (including re-castings), the film had some major problems before it was finally released. I am curious to see what the original would have looked like.

Ellie (Christina Ricci) and Jimmy are siblings whose parents are dead. They also don't seem to get along much. Jimmy is also getting bullied at school. One night, they get into an accident in which they hit what looks life a dog, crashing into another car in the process. As they are attempting to help the passenger, a wolf grabs the passenger, apparently to have a midnight snack. In the process of saving her, both Ellie and Jimmy get bitten by the wolf. Jimmy suspects that they were attacked by a werewolf, but Ellie is in denial, despite the fact that her senses are heightened, and all of the guys are giving her some intense looks (Including Scott Baio, who just seems happy to be in any film these days). Jimmy is just as happy, going against the jocks that are messing with him. However, good things don't last for long as there are attacks through L.A.

The film is loaded with flaws (A lot of flat places in the film), but the cast does its best to bring it back to life (Especially Judy Greer as Ricci's rival, who steals what bit of film there is). The film could have turned out a lot worse than it did, and should be given a look.
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' hey there Lil' Red Riding Hood, you sure are lookin' good...'
Nightman8511 January 2006
Craven's first horror movie since the Scream films is this fun little werewolf flick that's not as bad as some critics would have you think.

During a car wreck, brother and sister are bitten by a monstrous wolf and sure enough there's a full moon on the rise!

While granted Cursed doesn't live up to some of the other films of Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, the recent Red Eye) it's an enjoyable horror romp. Screen writer Kevin Williamson, as usual, delivers a story that's both effectively thrilling and funny. Craven adds his nice directorial touches, giving the film some slick style. Rick Baker provides some outstanding gore FX (be sure to see this film unrated!). There's also a terrific rock soundtrack.

The cast is pretty good, but it's really the lesser known stars Jesse Eisenberg and Judy Greer who turn in the best performances.

It's not American Werewolf in London (1981), but Cursed is a good watch and one of the better werewolf movies in quite some time.

*** out of ****
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Bizarrely Entertaining
abracafabulous18 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
It's hard to tell what genre this movie is... It isn't a horror movie... and even though many parts or hilariously entertaining it's not a comedy... I'm gonna say it's more a thriller/ spoof but even then it's not quite that...

Seeing other user comments i realized this is a movie you either get or you just don't...

It opens up at a carnival with Shannon Elizabeth and Mya getting their fortune read by Portia DeRossi, who warns them of danger by the moon. This might be horridly boring and predictable to you unless you see the spoof-like ness.

Now, up until Jimmy (Jamie Eisenberg) 's dog, Zipper, ran away i had forgotten Milo Ventimiglia was in this movie... i was immediately excited. I decided he played a good jerk as Jimmy's crush's boyfriend, Bo...

Then of course Christina Ricci's character, Ellie gets in a car accident Shannon Elizabeth gets torn apart (literally) and attempts to drag half her body up the hill... this of course made me laugh my guts out... because there's something about this film that just makes it not scary...and funny...

Ellie has a creepy dream where i predicted that it was a dream and that the person that opened the door was her boyfriend by the way (which should make the movie bad but it just doesn't) It's gory, and obviously gutburstingly funny.

hmmm let's see... other people get killed, but not before Ricci talks to Scott Baio playing Scott Baio (who later saves her from a werewolf), and not before Mya's hilarious comment to Joshua Jackson's character(Ricci's boyfriend): "Becky will just die when she finds out you were here" (cause she's already dead...ha ha...) The speedy transformations of Ricci and Eisenberg into werewolves, make them stronger so Jimmy decides to try out for the wrestling team kicking Bo's ass and returning the accusatory homosexual comments Bo had said to him.

Late that night Bo shows up to tell Jimmy that indeed he is a homosexual and that only Jimmy knew that. (no it is not a joke) Bo then attempts to kiss Jimmy. Ventimiglia's performance during this scene was brilliant. This is another part of the movie that you just get or don't get. There's no other way to explain it. Another line said by Jimmy which struck me as hilarious was when he explains to Bo that he's not gay and he's a werewolf. It was something like i need to go, but i'm glad you're gay, that's great, go be gay, yay gay! He had to take care of his dog, because he too was turning into a wolf.

Then the scene came where they were in the (what was it haunted house, fun house thing i don't know) and your scrambling to figure out who is the head werewolf... is it Jake... no really it was Joanie (Ellie's colleague? Who i recently saw in 13 going on 30 ha ha drastically different) who killed everyone after contracting the virus from sleeping with Jake... she then proceeds to flip the bird to Christina Ricci in her beast state...(indescribably hilarious) and then the cops kill her blah blah while all the time i'm wondering whether Bo was actually killed by the werewolf...(bites nails nervously) and... he wasn't... he's fine and my friend's hoping that Jimmy will turn gay and date him (Sorry, but it just doesn't work that way) Then the characters go home thinking everything's okay, and we the audience, knowing the mockery know that it is not so... The house is trashed (from Zipper) and the lights are out... So LET's GO TO THE BASEMENT! Where Jake can convince Ellie to join him as a werewolf where they can learn to deal with it. The scenes with Ellie and Jake aren't meant to be heartwarming ... I think they're meant to be clichéd. Anyways he tries to kill them, fails has his cut off by a shovel (I swear they show his decapitated head for like 5 minutes)and bursts into flames (conviently getting rid of the body and evidence) all the while Bo's (ex? i guess) girlfriend returns Zipper and walks off to the sunset making out with jimmy and apparently still hanging out with Bo, who she doesn't seem to care has recently come out of the closet.

Awww... Don't you just love happy endings?! Now, before you think i'm horribly morbid for laughing at all the death scenes... This movie is not scary. I like it because there's something indescribably entertaining, and not because it's bad either, cause it's's something else...
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cool movie trashed by problems on set and pg-13 rating
ovacritical200429 June 2005
i watched cursed after viewing the trailer at the cinema it looked brilliant,but when i ended up watching the watered down version shown at cinemas with no gore and nothing interesting about it me and my friend walked out. soon after watching it at the cinema a friend of mine bought the unrated version of cursed from amazon and forced me to sit and watch it. i did thinking that nothing could really save this movie from being another piece of Hollywood trash,but the added gore made the film run much more smoothly and i ended up enjoying it.i think that anyone who is a fan of the scream movies or i know what you did last summer should check this movie out, but make sure you get the unrated version because its a whole different movie:)
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billysherman42028 February 2005
I liked the movie Because it was Scary and made me and my girl friend jump and some of it was funny but mostly it was scary as f*** for me at least the best part was when in the beginning of the movie the girl rolls down the hill and That Wearwolf Yanks her right out of her car it was cool that movie was cool as He** for sure i loved it but it took me like an half hour to get my ticket there was a long line in the movies and after that i wait for my Girl Friend and her friend and me went and seen the movie if i had to rate this from 1-10 on a scary scale i would give it a 8.9 because some of the parts were moreless gay and i also liked when Zipper the dog turned into a wearwolf that part was good
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