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  • A criminal carrying stolen money and gold hijacks a plane that crashes in a Mexican swamp, where the survivors are terrorized by a giant crocodile.

  • After a bank robbery, four criminals escape to Mexico, but a storm causes an accident which takes down the plane where several die in the crash. The criminals take it into their own hands to continue when one survivor is attacked and eaten by a crocodile. The criminals kill it, but from then on the mother Crocodile is on a killing spree with a goal to kill each survivor. But that is not the only worry, because they're trapped within it's world, and if it doesn't kill them, the criminals will.


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  • The film begins with a bank robbery perpetrated by men in black masks led by a man named Max. They rob a bank and board a plane hoping to escape for the village of Santo Cristo in Acapulco. The flight attendant, Mia, is introduced and one of the criminals tries to force himself upon her. The criminals then hijack the plane and take the pilots as hostages. When the pilots fight back, the plane crashes in the center of a vast swamp and breaks in two. The criminals retrieve their money and kill the injured passengers, taking Mia and the rest of them hostage.

    As the copilot is making his way through the water, he is devoured by a crocodile. The criminals fire back and the crocodile dies. The 30 foot mother of the crocodile from the first film then stalks the people. Meanwhile, Mia's boyfriend, Zach, in another location, tries to charter a helicopter to fly him to the swamp and attempt to find Mia. He finds a charter named Roland who flies him to the swamp, quickly befriending him.

    The criminals and the hostages take refuge in an abandoned building before the lawyer is eaten by the crocodile. The criminal who tried to harm Mia before attempts to continue and she fights back, stabbing him before throwing him off a balcony. The crocodile appears and eats him. It also eats the rest of the hostages and the criminals, separating Mia from Max. Mia then is found by Zach who brings her to Roland's helicopter.

    Just then they are accosted by Max who forces them to stay behind while Roland flies off at gunpoint with him in the helicopter. However, as the helicopter is taking flight, Roland fights back and is shot in the shoulder. He manages to gain the upper hand however, and shoots Max twice, sending him falling out of the chopper into the river below. However, the crocodile bursts out from the river and grabs hold of the helicopter, dragging it down into the river as well, where it explodes, killing Roland.

    Zach and Mia enter into a nearby boat and attempt to motor away but are tailed instantly by the crocodile. They then dump all of their gasoline into the currents behind them which the beast is swimming through. Having dumped all of their gasoline into the crocodile's swimming trail, Mia ignites her lighter and throws it into the gas-fueled water. The crocodile gets caught in the ensuing fire and explodes, apparently dying. Having escaped, the boat stops running (due to the gas being used to kill the crocodile) and Zach and Mia, happy to be alive share a kiss.

    The film ends with Zach and Mia celebrating a vacation together at a swimming pool. Mia walks onto the diving board and leaps into the pool, only to be devoured alive by the crocodile who appears suddenly. Mia awakens in a cold sweat, this revealed to having been a nightmare, implying she will be struggling with trauma for a long time to come. Then the swamp is shown one last time, seemingly tranquil until a roar is heard, implying that the crocodile may yet be still alive.

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