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Charlotte Observer
A dark comedy that's as emotionally honest as any picture of 2002.
Miami Herald
Ever the satirist, Payne mines humor from his characters, be it Randall's cockeyed pyramid-scheme ideas or the banality of a ridiculous wedding toast.
Washington Post
Payne is a comic miniaturist, who works in a small compass, as if through a magnifying glass with tweezers.
A quiet, heart-rending masterpiece, one with an actor's turn that people will remember, and rediscover, eons into the future.
What makes this exquisitely observed slice of American screen realism transcend itself is finally its moral sensibility.
Boston Globe
How you feel about About Schmidt may depend in large part on how you feel About Jack.
New York Post
A must-see for Nicholson's mesmerizing performance, which would probably hold interest even if the sound were turned off.
Chicago Reader
Much more deserving of plaudits is the secondary cast--Hope Davis as Schmidt's resentful daughter, Dermot Mulroney as the waterbed salesman she's engaged to, and, above all, Kathy Bates in a hilarious turn as the latter's New Age mother.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
It’s the difference between artistry and knowingness. About Schmidt doesn’t bring us deeply into the lives of its people because it’s too busy trying to feel superior to them.
Baltimore Sun
Starts out as a barbed, poignant little movie and turns into an excruciating slow-motion car wreck.

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