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Sex & Nudity

  • Sex is referenced very often in many episodes. The word 'sex' is often used explicitly.
  • Mild scenes of making out are shown sometimes. They last generally a short time, and no nudity is shown.
  • Many couples are often seen kissing.
  • A man and a woman are occasionally shown to be both in bed, but no nudity or sexual activity are ever shown (although it is sometimes clear that they are naked, and often clear that they are/were having sex).
  • There are a few instances of implied nudity, that is, a significant part of someone's body shown naked. This happens at least two times: one time with one man only, and another with a man and a woman who are declared to be naturists. No breasts, bottoms or genitalia are ever shown.
  • Seduction is sometimes shown. One time, a man is seen grabbing a woman's breasts in front of her wife and with her authorisation.

Violence & Gore

  • Sometimes, there are some scenes of fighting, but they are often mild. One time, a man is seen being pushed across a table filled with glasses, but minimal injury is shown at the end. On another instance, people are seen fighting with food. It hardly ever gets any more violent than that.


  • Mild obscenities are often uttered, such as 'bloody', 'damn', 'heck' and 'hell'. Other slang terms are 'git' and 'butt out'. Other mild offences are also sometimes used.
  • God's names are often misused.
  • In series 6, episode 2, a woman utters the F-word (in the gerund) eight times, but always with a bleep censor over it. Only the initial 'f' sound (and perhaps also the final 'ng') is heard. In the DVD captions, the word is replaced with '(bleep!)', thus never really showing it.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many characters are sometimes seen smoking and drinking, and also under the clear effects of alcohol.
  • Drugs are also mentioned sometimes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Very rarely are there any frightening scenes.
  • In series 8, episode 2, a man is taken hostage by two thieves. Anything frightening or intense about that is minimised thanks to the humour of the man as well as the incompetence of the thieves. No real action or real threats to anyone's security are actually shown.

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