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8 Dec. 2007
The Spokes Person
When an old acquaintance turns up boasting of her perfect life, Susan is on a mission to prove her own life is better. Meanwhile, Ben angers cyclists with his rant on a radio programme, and Abi is influenced by the wrong chef.
5 Jan. 2007
And Other Animals
Michael's gone for the weekend and Janey's moving back to her flat, so Susan fills the hole in her heart by adopting yet another stray. Elsewhere, Abi begins to question whether Roger is really interested in her.. or any females.
12 Jan. 2007
The Art of Being Susan
Ben's away for the week, and Susan's mother comes to help... or torment; love hits several of the family in different forms as Michael processes a break-up, Roger screws up his courage to ask a question, and Susan and Grace manage to find admirers.
6 Apr. 2007
The Ego Has Landed
The Harpers re-encounter the Mortons, a couple they met on holiday, and go to dinner with them. To Ben's surprise - and a good massaging of his ego - the couple ask him to be a sperm donor so that they can try I.V.F. treatment. However, when his results come through, they prove that he has no reason to crow. Janey is annoyed to find that Mark, Kenzo's long-absent father who has come back into the picture, has been married for two years without telling her and expects Kenzo to greet his 'new mummy'.
13 Apr. 2007
Four Affairs and a Funeral
Elderly patient Henry Phillips dies of natural causes in Ben's surgery, having confessed to Ben that he has a much younger wife Celia and a much younger mistress Stacey. Ben goes to comfort the widow but is mindful that he must keep the two women apart, in which capacity he goes to the old man's funeral. Susan, however, starts to suspect that her husband may be having the affair and, armed with her new mobile phone that takes photographs, follows him.
20 Apr. 2007
Once More with Feeling
Ben and Susan renew their wedding vows, much to Ben's disappointment.
27 Apr. 2007
Dutch Art and Dutch Courage
Susan is accompanying millionaire businessman James Garrett on an art- buying weekend and, due to an oversight, they must share a twin bedroom. Ben is jealous but without foundation. Michael has a university interview and Ben drives him there, stopping to buy him his first pint on the way. Unfortunately this causes Michael to be sick all over the interviewer.
4 May 2007
Susan of Troy
Susan's mother Grace returns from her holidays having got married again. Michael gets the Harpers and Abi, Roger and Alfie on 'The Weakest Link' quiz show where Grace reveals on air that, in 1973, Susan got married to an all-in wrestler called Troy the Punisher in Las Vegas, though the marriage was quickly annulled. Whilst Ben and Susan argue over her little secret Alfie wins the cash prize.
11 May 2007
One of the Boys
Charlie Briggs, Ben's old student friend, is getting married but it's to a man because Charlie has had gender realignment and is now a woman. Charlie asks Ben to give her away but Ben is lost for words so Susan steps in instead. Roger's domineering mother arrives. She plans to buy Abi and Roger the house next to hers, an idea which appalls Abi and Susan persuades Roger to talk her out of it for his bride's sake.
18 May 2007
Abi Ever After
A party is held on the eve of Abi's wedding to Roger. Abi's mother gets drunk and tries to flirt with Ben whilst Michael and Alfie try to chat up the same girl. On the wedding day bridesmaid Janey gets dumped by her boyfriend over the phone and Abi has cold feet about getting married but Susan persuades her to go through with the wedding.
25 May 2007
Breaking Up Ain't Hard to Do
The Drapers are amongst the Harpers' oldest friends so Ben and Susan are amazed to learn that they are breaking up. However this leads to Ben and Susan having their own domestic argument. Janey gets Kenzo an audition in an advertisement for breakfast cereal but starts to feel guilty when she thinks that she never asked if he wanted to take part. In the event the job goes to her instead.
8 Jun. 2007
Life Begins at Fifty
Susan gets caught shop-lifting an expensive pair of sun-glasses and is taken to court. Despite her protestations, Ben insists on defending her and putting her actions down to the female menopause. The lady judge is impressed by Ben's performance and dismisses the case. Whilst taking Kenzo to the park for Janey, Alfie meets a girl called Melanie and pretends Kenzo is his son to impress her. Janey is less taken with this idea.
26 Dec. 2007
Ho Ho No
Susan treats Ben to a Christmas hotel break supposedly just for the two of them, but she has secretly invited other family members, including Alfie and his strange Uncle Idris and Michael's left-wing girl-friend Gwen. Abi is also working as the hotel's masseuse. Crystal, a patient besotted with Ben, arrives to say her jealous boy-friend has escaped from jail and is on his way to kill Ben. Fortunately he is caught but Ben still has to face the rest of the family, though all ends well in a room full of presents.

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