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Season 5

12 Mar. 2004
Susan is lying in bed, bored and depressed, with a broken leg, after Ben accidentally reversed the car into her. When Ben comes upstairs to see how she is they end up discussing their family, which depresses them both.
19 Mar. 2004
The Mummy Returns
Janey returns home. Susan lies to the police. Michael becomes born again. Abi confuses nature with naturism.
26 Mar. 2004
You Don't Know Jack
Michael's new friend likes Susan.
What's Up, Docklands?
Ben and Susan flat-sit for some friends.
16 Apr. 2004
Luck Be a Lady Tonight
Susan tries to find a date for Roger to make Abi jealous.
23 Apr. 2004
First Past the Post
Susan decides to run for the council. Ben enters a crossword contest. Michael gets a pet.
30 Apr. 2004
My Will Be Done
Ben starts thinking about his will. Nick takes a job at a funeral home.
7 May 2004
My Fair Charlady
Susan employs a cleaner. Abi learns the dictionary.
14 May 2004
The Mouthtrap
When one of Ben's patients admits to murdering his wife, Susan tries to expose the killer.
21 May 2004
While You Weren't Sleeping
Problems in the bedroom threaten to drive Ben and Susan apart.
28 May 2004
Dentist to the Stars
One of Britain's best loved heartthrobs visits Ben's surgery. Susan is fired.
4 Jun. 2004
A Wife Less Ordinary
Susan and Janey agree to switch lives for a week. Roger embraces the "cowboy way".
11 Jun. 2004
The Book of Love
Susan attends a neighbor's book club. Janey works for Ben. Abi wants Coldplay tickets.
18 Jun. 2004
Going Dental
Ben seeks a new partnership in Harley Street. Susan decides to write a novel. Ben takes Janey to a dental conference.
24 Nov. 2006
Glad Tidings We Bring
Janey's announcement makes the Harpers more festive, but complications, of course, set in, beginning with her fiancé
11 Mar. 2005
Comic Relief Special
A particularly fearsome thunder-storm results in the family taking refuge in the master bedroom. However they are joined by a host of well-known faces including actors and television presenters, thanks to Nick, who is now a party reviewer and has decided to bring them home to meet the family.

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