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Hilarious! very crude and edgy.
insomniac_rod18 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is the raunchiest of the Scary Movies. If you thought the original was "too much", well, this one will truly give you more reasons to avoid it for it's vulgar content and crude sex jokes. That's for you, easily offended people.

I had a great time with it when it first came out in theaters. I really liked the crude sex humor and vulgar spoofs. So for those who are into sex jokes and scatological humor, you will be amused.

The opening sequence is truly hilarious and in my opinion, the best part of the movie. It was about time that the "Scary Movie" franchise had an Exorcist spoof! It was great. James Woods in the role of Father Merrin delivers a hysterical performance relying most of his scenes on scatological humor and profanity. For example, when Reagan says "f*** me" and he immediately jumps into her and simulates to be penetrating her. Another example is the line where Reagan's mother says "she won't even let me touch her!" and the priest responds "yeah sometimes that happens, you have to give candy to the children" (or something like that); obviously referring to recent pederastry cases. On the other side, the movie also has "classical" but always effective teen humor . For example, when entering the room for the first time, he gets scared and runs away when Reagan turns her head on 180º; and the always effective vomiting cycle.

After the Exorcist spoof, the movie centers on the Poltergeist and Entity spoofs. That's when the movie takes a new direction and does not changes from it. Expect spoofs from popular t.v. commercials, songs (Vitamin C), and even racist and homophobic jokes. The sex jokes worth a watch specially on the infamous clown scene, and the sex ghost.

"Scary Movie 2" does not "cross" the line on the vulgar factor. It's just a good rated R movie with spoofs for all tastes; of course, if you are not easily offended. But be sure to watch it on DVD; do not watch the t.v. version because it's very cut (specially on dialogs).

This is in my opinion the best of the "Scary Movies".
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Oh, come on! Let go! Trust me, it's not that bad!
Smells_Like_Cheese5 August 2001
OK, not Oscar material and this was pretty badly made. But again like most brainless comedies, I walked in the theater with a good mood and expecting a laugh and I got that with "Scary Movie 2". I mean people are being so harsh on this film, I understand, I know this isn't the greatest movie or comedy. But if you aren't expecting fun and laughter, I think normally you just feel like bashing the movie then.

We have some of the old cast members from the original Scary Movie: Anna Farris, a surprising return of Regina Hall, and Marlon and Shawn Wayne. This Scary Movie took on the films like The Exorcist(hilarious scene by the way), Poltergeist, The Haunting, Mission Impossible, Charlie's Angels, and What lies beneath. With some great add ons like Tim Curry, I just had a great time. Tori Spelling, yeah, she's a bit scary, but for some reason she still gets her equal share of laughs.

The Butler just killed me with the hand. Yes, it was gross, but I think you just have to let go and just go with the joke. Scary Movie 2 isn't the best comedy ever, but it's a decent one with your brain turned off. Sick jokes, yes, and very crude one's, this movie isn't for everyone. But I think if you enjoyed the first Scary Movie, you'll enjoy this one too!

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I thought it was a great sequel that lived up to the first quite well
Dragoneyed3636 June 2008
Why do a lot of people who really enjoyed the first movie hate this installment? I can understand why some critics would, or people that just thought the first was okay, however, I enjoyed both the previous film before this and this film itself, thinking this film is really funny and enjoyable. It was great fun and total entertainment to watch, and I have watched it quite a few times.

The comedy might have been a little too over-the-top and repitive at times, as it seemed like this one tried really hard to please the audience when the first one just went with the flow, but that is really how a lot of comedies are like, even more so now than then, so I do not see how this one is any different. Anna Faris pulls off Cindy Campbell's character wonderfully, again, and nobody could have done it better than her. All the other familiar characters, as well as the new ones, are excellently portrayed and likable, in a sense, and the movie has a high replay value, for me at least. This movie was not a disappoint to me either, because I thought it lived up to Scary Movie perfectly.

There were a lot of funny parts in this film, such as the opening song, the Charlie's Angels spoof scene, the scene were buddy gives back Cindy's book, and the Cindy singing in the car scene. If you have seen the film, you know what I am talking about and hopefully enjoyed those scenes as well. If you hated this film, please try to watch it again, and you'll see just how good it really was, hopefully.
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A Weak Storyline Filled With Constant Hilarity
loserking5 July 2001
Since the first Scary Movie completely ripped off Scream, at some points scene for scene, the film had a very developed, rich storyline which was filled with tons of hilarious gags.

Half of that works in the sequel. The storyline is weak, mainly copying the plot of the lackluster "The Haunting" which leads the main characters to spend a weekend in a haunted house. This is a great idea, but the story is not developed enough and after watching the film, I couldn't even remember why the characters ended up in the house in the first place.

Yet, the film's cast and writers give constant hilarious moments to add to the weak storyline and make a great film. Anna Farris returns as Cindy Campbell and is just as hilarious as she was in the first film. Other returning members are Shawn Wayans as Shorty, Regina Hall as Brenda, and Marlon Wayans as Ray.

There are several other new cast members, such as Tori Spelling, who does a tolorable job as a fellow college student, Alex. Several other cast members make the film enjoyable and the gags are hilarious. This is a great movie to see, because it's short and just something to laugh about, so fork over the nine bucks and laugh your ass off.
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Sequel returns with great original characters and brilliant new ones
Chiidatbe28 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
To start with, I love the way this film was worked around a storyline where the original Scary Movie seemed rather random. Ferris, Hall and Marlon Wayans all once again completely steal the film, but new additions Cross and Elliott also have some amazing writing and scenes.

The highlights for me were the opening scene with the spoof of The Exorcist, Cindy vs. Cat, the talking parrot and any scene involving Chris Elliott. I also thought the Charlie's Angels spoof towards the end of the film was also brilliant, particularly when a cow was being sucked around the tornado.

Definitely a movie to watch if you want some good amusing immature fun with over the top acting and great gags.
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Phoenix-10720 July 2001
Although not quite as funny as the original, I still enjoyed Scary Movie 2 very much. While some bits are downright idiotic, some are genuinely hilarious, and will have you rolling in the aisles. If you're not a fan of Scary Movie, you won't like this one either, however. But, if you enjoyed the first, come back to see this one too.
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The definition of mixed bag comedy
blackaugust7921 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'll admit that I written off Scary Movie 2 when I first seen it as a sporadically funny sequel to Scary Movie(which I love). After seeing it again it's a lot better than I gave it credit for and is better than what comes after it.

Scary Movie 2 pokes fun at haunted house movies, The Exorcist and even Charlie's Angels. The movie has its fair share of laughs in the beginning of the movie but sometimes the gross out gags are way over the top. To explain why I think this movie is a mixed bag, I'll contrast the funny parts from the unfunny parts.

Funny Scene#1: The beginning with the spoof on the Exorcist was pretty funny stuff.

Unfunny scene#1: The scene with James Woods on the toilet is flat out disgusting. Bleeech! James Woods already gives me the creeps so the last thing I need to see is him on the john.

Funny Scene:# 2: Marlon's character teaching Anna Faris's character how to be hip and she mistakenly beats up on some unsuspecting girl.

Unfunny Scene# 2: Chris Elliot's abnormal hand digging into a pie as well as a turkey. Nuff said! Funny Scene# 3: Tori Spelling's character becomes clingy to a ghost after a night of sex.

Unfunny Scene# 3: Shawn Wayan's character impaling the evil clown from Poltergeist with his third leg. Need I say more? Funny Scene: # 4: The spoof on the Nike commercial.

Unfunny Scene: #4: The wisecracking parrot pooping.

I could go on forever.

Scary Movie 2 is a lot better than most people give it credit for but it could have been a lot better than it predecessor. What kills it is the excessive gross out gags are focused on more than the movie that its supposed to poke fun at. All in all it was a good spoof not a great spoof. Its definitely better than Scary Movie 3 and 4.
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Even funnier than Scary Movie! (some spoilers)
I just got back from "Scary Movie 2" just about an hour ago and I'm still laughing from thinking about it.

The cameos by James Woods, Veronica Cartwright, and Natasha Lyonne are funny enough just to pay for admission. But that's before the film starts to get funnier as the Wayans spoof "The Haunting," "Hannibal," "Save the Last Dance," and "Charlie's Angels." The only (semi) downside to the movie was that the sex jokes in this were racier than the ones in the original film, especially the spoof of "Titanic" that ends very messily.

But besides that, "Scary Movie 2" may probably be the most fun you will probably have at the movies this summer.
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Clever and Witty but Mixed Emotions.
remember_the_daze15 October 2002
I have various mixed emotions about this sequel to the hit SCARY MOVIE. It wasn't as good but it delivered many laughs and slap-on-knees. I was a little surprised at this one on how they could spoof any movie right after the other. If you really liked the first one, you could be disappointed or satisfied with this one. I was satisfied. 7/10

My MPAA rating: R for strong crude sexual content and humor, drug use and language.
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Bottom of the Barrel
Tom Schulz17 July 2001
I might have to do some checking up on this, but I'm pretty sure that seven writers is a record high for a non-anthology film. And just what is this cinematic treat scripted with so many pens? It's probably really good, right? I mean, with seven writers, it would have to be extremely good…or very, very bad. Unfortunately, it is the latter, and the movie is `Scary Movie 2.' This sequel of the funny teen-horror spoof `Scary Movie' has none of the subtleties, parodies, or even big laughs the original film did. Instead, it digresses to overtly sexual and gross-out humor which doesn't even work on a gut level. I feel sorry for every person associated with this project.

The story line is actually a little more involved for `Scary Movie 2,' as if you needed a plot to set up the horrendous `laugh scenes,' which are fewer and far between this time. Classic camp actor Tim Curry is Professor Oldman, a college teacher who recruits a group of students to spend the night in a haunted house so he can conduct some sort of experiment (though we never really understand what that experiment is all about). Of course, this group contains most of the kids from the first `Scary Movie,' including innocent Cindy (Anna Faris), loud-mouthed Brenda (Regina Hall), marijuana-obsessed Shorty (Marlon Wayans), and sexually questionable Ray (Shawn Wayans). New this time is straight-arrow Clark (Christopher Masterson). The house is inhabited by the twisted butler Hanson (Chris Elliot) and even a ghost (`Night Court's' Richard Moll). The kids slowly discover the mysteries and secrets of the house, and make every bodily function, sexually oriented, inappropriate joke along the way.

There are those who complain about this style of humor in general, and therefor will not see this movie. However, sometimes it works, such as in the original `Scary Movie,' `American Pie,' and even at the far end of the scale, `There's Something About Mary.' There, the gross out is permissible because there are characters we mildly care about, or there are other types of humor going on as well.

However, `Scary Movie 2' is the prime example of where gross out humor can go wrong. Instead of playing up some of the humorous character stereotypes, or mixing in some creative horror movie parodies with the gross-out humor, `Scary Movie 2' relies solely on it. It seems to me that many scenes in the film were robbed of their comic potential so our seven scriptwriters could fit more vomit, feces, and other unmentionable bodily concoctions into the film.

There are a few laughs that harked back to `Scary Movie,' and those scenes always feature one of the two Wayans brother's characters. Even though they had five other folks working with them, its clear that this is their project. Maybe those other five scriptwriters fought back and added in the gross-out stuff.

As for performances, the same can be said. Both Wayans seem to have more comedic experience than their fellow teen-age counterparts. Faris is better than she was in the first `Scary Movie,' but nowhere near as funny. Plus, she still looks and sounds just a little too odd for me. Curry hasn't had a good role since the mid 80's, and its sad that this is the caliber of film he works in. There are other famous cameos including James Woods as a priest and former Conan O'Brien sidekick Andy Richter as his assistant, but one must wonder what they are doing slumming around in this film. After watching Woods in his worst performance to date, it frightened me to realize that Marlon Brando was originally cast in the role. There would be no saving his career had he gone through with this.

If you have any desire to be thoroughly disgusted, or like your humor from the bottom of the barrel (and I mean bottom!) then check out `Scary Movie 2.' Otherwise, go on living your life with the knowledge than unlike myself, you managed to escape this waste of a sequel.
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Such a let-down from the first one! (Spoilers)
JadeEagle22419 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I *loved* the original Scary Movie. I'm a huge fan of parody- it is my favorite form of humor. It is sometimes regarded as the most intelligent form of humor. The Wayans boys seemed to grasp that concept perfectly in the original film, then temporarily forgot it when making the sequel. I think the Wayans' are a family of comical geniuses. Alas, even geniuses make mistakes.

The movie begins with promise. I liked "The Exorcist" parody, especially the "come on out, ma" gag. Now, that's Wayans-quality material. But, other than that, I can only think of two other times I laughed: 1) when Tori Spelling is seduced in the middle of the night by a spirit, then becomes clingy and starts talking about marriage with him. Meanwhile, he's saying, "It was just a booty call!!" That was kinda funny. 2) The "Save the Last Dance" parody where the Cindy character inadvertently beats up a girl while practicing her new moves. But even the short-lived giggles are no match for the side-splitting laughs of the first Scary Movie.

The rest of the movie is pure trash, filled with cheap gross-out gags. Jokes from the first movie which were subtle or implied are magnified and overdone. For example, in Scary Movie I, several innuendos are made to imply that the character Ray is gay. This was hilarious. But, in Scary Movie II, the whole penis-strangulation scene with Ray under the bed was mind-numbing and incredibly unfunny. This is the pattern of the whole film. Shock humor *alone* doesn't take a movie very far. This was a trend in 2000 and 2001, unfortunately.

As much as it pains me to rate a Wayans movie so low, I have to give this one a 2 out of 10.
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tedg16 January 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

You know why I like this movie? I spent easily over a thousand dollars on all the bad movies this makes fun of. Now I get double my bad movie value.

The first `Scary' was great. It made fun of the audience. You couldn't get what was being made fun of unless you were just the kind of dope who both went to the original movie being made fun of AND you thought the spoof joke was funny. This was pretty clever stuff, right on the edge of spitting in your eye and expecting you to laugh. But we did.

The sequel bears the same relation to the original that the Blair Witch sequel did. The original BWP was an intelligent reference to the state of film. The sequel referenced not the same state that the original did, instead it referenced the phenomenon of the first film.

And so it is here. This sequel doesn't make fun of the audience directly as before, but indirectly by reference to the first. Not every kid will be able to follow this. But I'm impressed by those that can.

Your tipoff is James Woods, and the reference to `Shadow of the Vampire.'
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Mildy funny, mostly immature.
codehaxor19 January 2002
This movie is totally one that only immature teens will love. There is nothing really funny in it except the first few exorcist scenes... the rest is mostly garbage. Obviously don't expect a plot when seeing a movie like this. It is purely meant to be humourous in a sick and childish way.
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How did James Woods end up in this mess?
Predator-115 July 2001
That was the only question I was asking myself after watching Scary Movie 2. This movie is bad, VERY BAD. It rarely has jokes that are funny and the shock value is overdone and comes off as desperate. James Woods is the only good actor in the movie and he's also bad in it, he does have the only really funny line in the movie though. He walks into the room with The Exorcist girl, she spins her head around and he takes one look and says "F**k this!" And walks out, I actually laughed at that part. The rest of the humor is just horribly crude and rarely funny. The movie is just one big spoof on many different movies done very poorly. Both of these traits can be very good if done correctly, crude humor is funny in the hands of the Farrelly brothers. Spoofs are funny in the hands of David Zucker. But unfortunatly neither is funny in the hands of the Wayans brothers.

I can't recommend this movie to anyone except for the most immensely immature and perverted. On a scale of 1-10 I give Scary Movie 2 a 3.
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Chris Elliot is the only reason to see this film
horsedevours1 September 2002
I can't remember a time when I laughed so hard at such a horrible, terrible

movie... I'm talking about the scenes with Chris Elliot in them -- especially the dinner scene and how he manages to get his "hand" in every type of food he

brings out. I don't know why I found this hilarious. My insides hurt so much from all the laughing. Aside from this, I hardly smiled or laughed at anything else...
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A very poor and lackluster effort.
Coventry16 January 2005
The unexpected success of "Scary Movie" demanded an immediate sequel and all the Wayans' brothers could come up with was this uninspired, irritating story that (attempts to) spoof Haunted House horror films such as the "House on Haunted Hill", "Poltergeist" and "the Haunting". Part two was released only a good 10 months after the original and this clearly resulted in a hack job that never should have come out. Apart from a bearable intro, in which a deranged James Woods performs a wacky exorcism, "Scary Movie 2" is nothing but a dreadful series of unfunny jokes, exaggerated graphics and gags that show no insight in the wonderful genre of horror. The complete cast returns and a few fresh ones are introduced (like the sexy Kathleen Robertson and the tasteless Tori Spelling) for spending a couple of nights in an ancient mansion where spirits dwell, cats become kick-boxers and the indoor plants smoke pot. Tim Curry, once the star of cult-classics, lowers himself to playing the horny college professor. This film is vulgar, tasteless and very offensive…yet, I couldn't care less about that! It's not funny and that's pretty bad for a supposedly hilarious parody/comedy. Avoid in case you've got some brain capacity left!
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The nadir of Western civilisation
JohnSeal25 February 2003
Rejoice fundamentalists of all religious persuasions, because surely this film is a sign of the coming apocalypse. Never have so many (seven screenwriters! three editors! THIRTEEN producers of various persuasions!) achieved so little. I spent 83 minutes absolutely slack-jawed at the unending display of sub-sophomoric 'naughty' humour and said to myself: Lenny Bruce, forgive them, they know not what they've done. Unbelievably, it's worse than Scary Movie.
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Loved Scary movie 1, sequel is TERRIBLE. STAY AWAY
tombell16 July 2001
I can't believe how bad this movie is. The entire movie revolves around extremely crude stupid sexual jokes, anything somewhat funny is already covered in the trailers. I would give this movie a - 4 if it were possible. Please try to avoid this movie at all costs. It is one of the worst i have ever seen.
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Doesn't beat the first, but still has a lot of potential.
moviemaniac00814 June 2008
Scary Movie 2 is way badder than the first. Scary Movie 1 had laughs every single minute of the movie, but the second one is less funny. The interpretation was still very good, and Keenan Ivory Williams is still able to direct his movie, but let's just say it's not as funny and as organized as the first Scary Movie. Yeah, you get a laugh every once a while, but still, that's not enough to make this movie one of my favourites. It's watchable, but still, as I said many times, Scary Movie 1 is way much better. The Wayans brothers are still pretty good, but I've seen a lot better (and funnier) results from them than from Scary Movie 2.
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This is not a movie, this is an uninspiring, disgraceful, pointless crappy spiel of wasted film. Trust me, there are better ways to spend your time then watching this garbage.
Old Joe29 December 2004
I have to say that writing about Scary Movie 2 is a painful experience, but not as painful as actually watching the ridiculous film that we are given by Keenan Ivory Wayan and his crew. To put this movie in perspective, it was supposed to make me laugh, right? I did not laugh once, which shows where it fails for me.

So I am not going to deeply analyse this film, just tell you that it is not funny, has virtually no moments of greatness, the performances are pretty poor from all involved (including the Wayan brothers, Anne Faris, Malcolm in the middle star James DeBello, Tori Spelling, in a career destroying role, James Wood and Natasha Lyonne). While the direction of the film lacks any sense and is just one contrived mess in my view.

To learn that acting legend Marlon Brando was going to accept a role on this film almost made me faint from shock. Thankfully the great man was not well enough to do so, because if he had have been a part of this terrible conglomeration, I believe it could have cost him more than his health. Scary movie (2000), the very original movie spoof, was a surprise in the cinemas, taking off some of the great horror movies of our time much better and was more to my liking. Yet with that film, I could only enjoy it once as it ran thin on me after that. This is the sort of comedy where you are either going to love it or hate it. I hate it with an absolute vengeance.

So my rating? CMRS gives 'Scary Movie 2': 0


Sorry there is nothing here to really get your hopes up about this film. After turning this film off four times in disgust, the best part about this movie was seeing the closing credits, knowing that it was finally over and I was out my misery.

P.S. Now seeing that there is a 'Scary Movie 3' out, I just sit, cringing in silence, hoping that this is the end to these bad movies. If I had one request as a movie-watcher, it would be that I could have those 100 minutes of my life back. I am disappointed that will not be happening. A friend warned me that this would happen. Why, oh why did I not listen to him? I am such an idiot!
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What a waste of time & money!
gevalher6 January 2002
Well, the first movie was OK at least due to the "originality".

But the second only reinforced the failures of the first film.

The moments I got a laugh were so few that I can count them with

the fingers of one hand.

The parodies of some movies were great. but they were spoiled

for so many gross jokes about sex and bodily functions, that the

Wayans ruined the intended effect.

I don't know, but the people who likes this bad film, must be

people either very young or very inexperienced moviegoers,

because I can tell you, with my 38 years of moviegoing, that this

opus from the Wayans Bros., is a total waste of time & money.
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Makes "pull my finger" seem like sophisticated wit
Asteri-Atypical21 August 2002
I can only imagine this movie being enjoyed by teenagers who find "pull my finger" to be "mature, sophisticated" humour.

It's remarkably childish - but not in a funny way. No clever ironies, no "just plain fun" moments. Merely jokes that are of the ilk of those which you might hear in junior high beting uttered by pre-teens just discovering certain body parts. The few moments which might have been slightly funny could not be enjoyed because we've heard it all before in junior high.

If you think passing gas in an elevator is quite amusing, you may enjoy parts of this movie. Otherwise avoid it like the plague.
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One of the worst sequels I've EVER seen!
stev770829 July 2002
1/2* out of ****

What on earth happened? I don't think I have ever in my entire life seen a film so funny and original have such a TERRIBLE sequel. The things they spoofed weren't really well done, some of the gags weren't even spoofs but rather replicas of what the film was TRYING to spoof, some gags were reused, horribly, and frankly, the comedy tried too hard.

I have a feeling the only reason people are saying this one was funnier than the first (which I've heard a lot of) is because of one of the following:

1: They are saying what they think their friends will say, and their friends are saying what they think THEIR friends will say, merely for popularity reasons, however untrue.

2: They are overly optimistic. I personally know very few people who didn't enjoy the first film, so the fact that the sequel was garbage just can't be!

3: They saw the film on the worst day of their life, which had subsequently demolished their taste and humor to horrific lows,thus ANY comedic movie, good or bad, funny or unfunny, was just what the doctor ordered.

4: They were really, REALLY toasted when they saw this movie, thus EVERYTHING, including the projector rays penetrating through the dust of the theatre, was funny.

Admittedly I am somewhat grading this film compared to the first installment, which isn't really fair, but I doubt even without that bit of criteria that this movie would have been enjoyable. Besides, that's the price you pay when you make a sequel, especially when you promised that there wasn't going to BE a sequel! (see tagline of "Scary Movie (2000)" The first film was VERY good, I can't stress that enough, frankly I haven't laughed that hard in a movie theatre since. With the sequel, I giggled a few times, but that hardly makes it a genuinely funny movie. Am I being overly harsh? Nope. I myself was in the midst of an average, take it or leave it day, am only slyly optimistic, care not what my friends think about my tastes, and had not taken part in any mind altering benders that day, and hence saw the movie for what it was: A WASTE OF TIME.
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Do Not Waste Your Time or Money
movie_watcher8 July 2001
The first one was different and funny. This attempt should have never left the studio. This movie does not make you laugh. It is a weak attempt at gross out humor. The movie picks out current and old movies to rip-off. This time the jokes seem used and overdone. The audience that I saw it with only re-acted to Hannibal dinner scene and was otherwise asleep.
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Expulsion of seminal fluid from the urethra of the penis during orgasm....this movie ain't.
M0KUJIN16 October 2005
"No mercy. No shame. No sequel." If only those two groups of brothers--Wayans and Weinstein--had heeded the last part of that tag-line for the original Scary Movie.

Scary Movie 2 is an all new low in modern comedic cinema. Anna Faris's only talent is making men mass-ejaculate. Shawn Wayans is homosexual. Marlon Wayans is a pot-head. Tori Spelling performs fellatio on a ghost, and Christopher Masterson does zip. Yes ladies and gentleman, these are their main character traits.

For a supposed comedy, the film fails on every single level.

It's quite ironic, because in the first movie, the Wayans brothers wanted to not only parody horror movies but also the countless teen movies that have recently come into existence since the mid 90's. Now, they too, have befallen the same trap that they once set out to destroy through comedy -- they're coming up with half-brain ideas, full of young actors, making a comedy movie simply because they can and in the foolish belief (although at least 60% of the time it's not financially foolish) it will sell lots of tickets/DVD's.

Face it, the Wayans brothers have become what they most feared -- cheap writers making teen movies for the mere purpose to make a few bucks.

More power to them – but sellouts nonetheless.

83 minutes too long.

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