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Season 1

3 Feb. 2001
Force from the Future: Part 1
1000 years in the future, a mutant criminal, Ransick is captured and sentenced to prison. But he manages to escape as he and his followers make their way to a time ship, Alex, the Time Force Red Ranger tries to stop them. Ransick defeats him, and escapes to the past. Jen and a team grab some equipment and follow him into the past. When they find Ransick, the future Rangers find they cannot morph. Alex's Morpher can unlock the other morphers, the Rangers must find someone who can unlock the morpher so they can fight Ransick.
10 Feb. 2001
Force from the Future: Part 2
The Rangers have found someone who looks like Alex, Jen tries to persuade him to use the morpher, once so they can unlock the other morphers. Wes Collins, though, is rich and will not cooperate partly because he doesn't believe Jen's from the future and also he doesn't really care that much. But then he witnesses Jen using some of her future devices. As the Ranger face Ransick again, Wes shows up, willing to help. With Wes using Alex's morpher, they're able to stop a rampaging mutant. After the battle, Jen takes back Alex's morpher, she doesn't think Wes is suited for...
17 Feb. 2001
Something to Fight For
Wes witnesses a bank robbery by some mutants and tries to help. The rangers arrive. Jen scolds him, telling him he's not fighting, he's just playing. Trip talks to Wes and tells him about Alex and the future. Wes and Jen talk, and a mutant attacks the city. Jen gives Wes a chance to prove himself, and gives him Alex's morpher. After the battle, Wes offers the morpher back to Jen, but Jen says he's earned it.
24 Feb. 2001
Ransik Lives
Wes offers the Rangers a place to stay. A clock tower that his father owns. They set up the tower as their home and Wes helps them blend in with the people from the present. A business person notices an old sign on the entrance to the clock tower advertising odd jobs. He hires Wes and Jen for some painting at a new station. Ransick attacks the news station and captures Wes. He tells Wes about how he was treated in the future, causing Wes have some doubts.
3 Mar. 2001
A Blue Streak
Wes allows Lucas to drive his sports car, unaware that Lucas is a race car driver. He's cited by the police, and must get a driver's license. A mutant with a knack for speed leads Lucas on a chase during his driving exam. Trip breaks out the Time Force Cycles.
10 Mar. 2001
A Parting of Ways
Ransick sends a mutant to capture a bus load of children and holds them for ransom. While the Rangers try to locate the children/free them. Wes goes to his father to ask for money to pay the ransom. His father refuses, Wes tricks a business client of his father into giving him a check. Wes offers the money to the mutants, but they refuse to release the hostages. The rangers manage to defeat the mutant. When Wes comes home with the money, his father is furious at Wes. The press found out about the money, and thought Mr Collins had donated it willingly to free the ...
17 Mar. 2001
Nadira watches as Circuit helps the Rangers in their battle. Realizing Circuit summons the Megazord, Nadira hatches a plan to keep Circuit from helping them. Trip uses his Gem to read Lucas's mind, and is forbidden from using his Gem for a day. Nadira takes advantage of Trip's good nature and rewires Circuit. When the mutant attacks the city, the Rangers can't summon their Megazord without Circuit. Lucas tells Trip it's okay to use his powers and orders him to search for Circuit. Will he find Circuit in time?
24 Mar. 2001
Jen's Revenge
Jen tracks down Fat Cat Fish she's encountered him before, the mutant offers her a deal, in exchange for some leniency, he'll lead her to Ransick. But Jen also wants Fat Cat Fish for personal reasons.
31 Mar. 2001
The Time Shadow
Mr. Collns's company develops a new weapon, an armored tank to defend itself against Ransick's attacks. But it's no match for the mutant attacks. Even the Rangers Megazord can't stand up to the latest mutant. In the future, a mysterious figure sends them the Time Shadow.
7 Apr. 2001
Future Unknown
The Rangers try to fight some 21st century weapons to help them. They discover some technology was developed as a result of Ransick's attacks. Consequently, the future has been altered. This creates doubts for Katie who starts to question their reason for being in this time. Frax unleashes a mutant on the city. Now each Ranger must find their own motivation for stopping this latest mutant.
14 Apr. 2001
Uniquely Trip
Tripp begins to feel like he's not contributing to the Rangers. He tries to emulate the others in battle, but ends up causing more problems. As Ransick releases a mutant who feeds off energy, Tripp realizes how he helps the team in their battles, and finishes building a new weapon for the team.
21 Apr. 2001
Worlds Apart
Mr. Collins drives to work, and spots Wes and his friends picking up trash. Mr Collins stops the car and tells his son how bitterly disappointed he is in him. The Silver Guardians arrive as Nadira and some crybots "Shop"/attack a business. The Rangers, in their civilian guise, watch as the Guardians easily handle the crybots. One of the Guardians spots, Wes. Eric Meyers talks to Wes, the went to the same Prep School. Fraxx unleashes a mutant from the X vault, the silver guardians arrive but can't handle him. Time Force shows up, and Wes takes a shot that was intended ...
28 Apr. 2001
The Quantum Quest
On a dig, some researchers discover a metallic object. As word of the discovery spreads, Ransick recognizes the object as the Quantum Controller, and unleashes a mutant to get it for him. Circuit also recognizes the object, and the Time Force Rangers try to recover the object before it falls into the wrong hands. As the Rangers fight the mutant, one ambitious Guardian manages to take the controller, and hides it away. He then tries to become the Guardian's new leader, but is turned down. So he goes back to where the controller is. The mutant attacks. As the Rangers ...
5 May 2001
Clash for Control: Part 1
Even without the Quantum morpher, Ransick wants to possess the Quantum Rex, the Quantum Ranger's megazord. He sends Commandcom to retrieve it. The Rangers try to talk Eric into giving up the morpher, but he refuses. They all witness a time portal opening, realizing someone is after the Q Rex, Eric summons the Eagle flyer and enters the portal. Wes jumps on to the flyer. In the past, they try to locate the Q-Rex. But Commandcom gets to it first, and takes control of the Q-Rex and journeys back to the 21 century. Eric and Wes follow him back through the time portal.
12 May 2001
Clash for Control: Part 2
The Q-Rex is rampaging in the city. The Rangers need the Quantum Morpher to get control of the the Q-Rex. While Wes tries to talk to Eric, Mr Collins makes the other Rangers an offer to join the Silver Guardians, with his company they could defeat Ransick faster. Will they join the Guardins?
19 May 2001
Bodyguard in Blue
As Dr Zaskin works to unlock the secrets of the Quantum Morpher, his daughter, Holly, witnesses Nadira, and a squad of Cyclobots, abduct her father! Holly manages to escape, and tries to hire a hesitant Lucas -- as her own personal bodyguard! When he discovers who her father is, Lucas -- reluctantly -- agrees to be her bodyguard, while the other Rangers search for Dr. Zaskin. Lucas protects Holly from Ransik's latest monster, Klawiox -- to the point of sacrificing his secret identity, as the Blue Ranger!
19 May 2001
The Legend of the Clock Tower
The Rangers try to fix the clock in the tower. But are having no luck. Wes tells them of a ghost that is supposed to inhabit the tower. That night Katie hears a noise, an investigates. She finds herself the past, and meets the people from Wes's story. With her help, there's a different ending to the story, then she wakes up as a mutant attacks. After the battle, she tells her friends about her dream and how the ending had changed, but Wes corrects her and says that's how he had told it. Leaving her wondering if it really was a dream.
2 Jun. 2001
Trust and Triumph
Jen tells Wes to guard the back so the Rangers can cut off Nadira's escape route. But the Guardians show up, and Wes tries to deal with them, giving Nadira a chance to escape. Jen yells at Wes saying she can't trust him. Turtlecon attacks and sends the Rangers to a different dimension after a short battle with duplicate Ranger, Wes and Jen manage to escape. They have to learn to trust each other if they want to rescue their friends.
9 Jun. 2001
Trip Takes a Stand
Frax release Notacon, only to find he's a gentle mutant. Frax attach's a device to Notacon, to control him but Notacon escapes. In the city, people are afraid of the mutant. Trip finds him and learns he was in the vault for stealing vegetables, he only stole because he was hungry, his only desire is to go back into the vault. Eric shows up wanting to destroy the mutant, and is willing to do almost anything to accomplish his goal.
16 Jun. 2001
Quantum Secrets
As researchers work on unlocking the secrets of the Quantum Morpher, Ransik release Wingcon. Wingcon captures Eric, takes the morpher, and replicates Eric's voice, which lets him take control of the Q-Rex. Eric finds out where/when the morpher comes from. The Rangers show up, and try to help out but Eric wants to handle it alone, he does get some help from the future, and uses Mega Battle mode. Will Eric reveal the Rangers secrets.
23 Jun. 2001
Lovestruck Rangers
The male members of Time Force all seem to be attracted to the same girl for different reasons. When it starts to cause friction in the team, she orders them to stop seeing her. Hearing Wes missed a job, Jen tracks him down and finds he's still seeing Angelique, who it turns out is a mutant. Now it's up to Jen and Katie to free their team mates from her influence.
7 Jul. 2001
The Last Race
Lucas has to attend traffic school. Nadira releases Dash, a former racing champion, to be her personal driver. The Rangers arrive, Dash and Lucas recognize each other. Dash had caused a huge accident while street racing, Lucas had to testify against him. Dash challenges him to one last race. If Lucas wins, he promises to accept responsibility for his actions and turn himself in. But Nadira has other plans for him.
14 Jul. 2001
Full Exposure
A photographer working for a tabloid is given a new assignment, to take pictures of the Rangers in their civilian guise. He needs help carrying his equipment and hires Katie to help him. His first attempt fails, and Katie manages to warn the others. Katie sticks with him so she can keep tabs on him. Artillicon attack again, the Rangers attack backfires on them resulting in them reverting to their civilian identities. As the photographer prepares to sell his pictures, Katie tries to talk him out of it.
21 Jul. 2001
Movie Madness: Part 1
The Rangers find out a movie is being filmed nearby, Jen refuses to go but then she learns it's starring her favorite movie star, Frankie Chan. The Rangers watch the filming, when a stuntman is injured, Wes volunteers to replace him. As Wes films his fight scene, he soon realizes the action's a little too real. Cinecon reveals his trap, and sends the Rangers to different dimensions where they're trapped inside their favorite genre movie. Circuit tries to get Eric to help, then Cinecon arrives and sends Eric into a Jungle picture.
28 Jul. 2001
Movie Madness: Part 2
The Rangers are still trapped in the movie dimensions. Wes and Trip figure a way to free everyone from their dimensional movies. They appear on set, and the Cyclobots give chase. Cinecon puts the Rangers in their Megazord, and summons the Q-Rex. He wants to destroy all the Rangers at once, even summons the Transwarp Megazord. Everything has been written for Cinecon's movie "End of the Power Rangers," can the Rangers find another ending?
4 Aug. 2001
Time Force Traitor
Former Time Force officer, Steelix is released. And is determined to get revenge on his former partner, Jen.
11 Aug. 2001
Frax's Fury
Frax unleashes Venomark on the city. Venomark attacks the Rangers, everyone but Wes falls victim to his bite. Ransick finds out Venomark has been freed and goes after him, Venomark attacked Ransick in the future, so Ransick wants revenge. Wes notices Ransick taking medicine to fight off the effects of Venomark's poison, and gets a sample to his father, so they can mass produce a cure for everyone affected. An unexpected visitor from the visitor shows up and shakes up the Rangers
18 Aug. 2001
Dawn of Destiny
Alex has come from the future, he tells the Rangers that the future has shifted, and he has arrived to put it on track again. He tells Wes where his destiny lies, but Wes refuses to believe him. Then Wes's father is injured, Wes gives his morpher to Alex, so that Wes can run his father's business.
25 Aug. 2001
Fight Against Fate
As Mr. Collins lies injured and dying in the hospital. Wes runs the company. Alex leads the Rangers in a battle against a new powerful robot. But his attitude and leadership style creates friction within the group.
8 Sep. 2001
Destiny Defeated
Alex's leadership has created friction, the others don't like his methods. They try to fight Frax's machine, to no avail. Eric contemplates leaving the city. Wes has taken over his father's company, but hates his job. He goes back to the clock tower, and thinks of his life as a Ranger. Meanwhile the TF Megazord is immobilized, and Alex orders the team to fight on, claiming they don't care about the future. The Rangers start yelling back at Alex, telling him they preferred Wes as their leader, Alex has lost Jen's support also. Wes arrives and helps his friends. Jen ...
15 Sep. 2001
Undercover Rangers
After breaking up with Alex, Jen realizes she has feelings for someone else. Katie and Trip witness the owner of a new fitness club give an individual some juice, and are amazed when he displays superhuman strength. Jen and Wes go undercover at the club to see if there's anything going on. Alex contacts Wes, and gives him the Strata Cycle.
22 Sep. 2001
Beware the Knight
While returning to the Clock Tower with some pizzas, Tripp encounters a knight on a horse. The mysterious knight vanishes into the forest. The knight is after something that is guarded by a dragon. Debut of the Fire Battle Armor.
29 Sep. 2001
Time for Lightspeed
As Vypra returns with a new plan to destroy the rangers. Carter and the Lightspeed Rangers team up with Wes and the Time Force Rangers to try and stop Vypra before her plans are unleashed.
6 Oct. 2001
Reflections of Evil
The Power Rangers fight to escape a dimension of mirrors full of monsters.
13 Oct. 2001
Nadira's Dream Date
Nadira falls in love with Lucas after reading a love poem he wrote about his car and mistakenly assuming it was written for her.
20 Oct. 2001
Circuit Unsure
The Time Force Rangers ask Circuit about historical events. Realizing Circuit has access to events up to their own time, they ask Circuit about up coming events. BUT someone in the future does not want them to find out, and subsequently prevents Circuit from revealing the information. Thinking he malfunctioned, Circuit loses confidence, just as a mutant attacks the city.
27 Oct. 2001
A Calm Before the Storm
Ransik runs out of mutant prisoners to fight for him while Frax prepares to launch his own assault on Silver Hills.
3 Nov. 2001
The End of Time: Part 1
Ransick prepares to attack the city. Alex orders the TF rangers to return to the future, the crystals are causing disruptions, if they don't leave they might not be able to return to their own time, he tells them Wes has to stay in his own time. The Rangers refuse, and try to prevent the attack. Wes knows his friends can't stay in the present, and has a plan to send them back to their own time
10 Nov. 2001
The End of Time: Part 2
Wes sends the team back to the future. Now it's up to Wes and Eric to resolve their issues, and defend the city. In the future, the Rangers discover what happened to the city and their friend. They're ordered to have their minds erased of their adventures in the past so they can adjust back to their lives in their own time. They're not willing to give up their memories, and decide to go back to help their friend.
17 Nov. 2001
The End of Time: Part 3
When the four TF Officers return from the future to assist Wes, Doomtron is defeated, destroying the brainwashed Frax along with it. Ransik ignores Nadira's pleas, and takes on the Time Force Rangers personally. During his rage against them, he accidentally strikes out against his daughter, and a baby she saved. This snaps Ransik out of his vengeance-filled state of mind, and he willingly gives up to Time Force. With all the mutants now captured, Jen and the gang return to the year 3000. She and Wes reluctantly part ways, their relationship coming to a premature end. ...

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