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Exactly what I expected...
MMartian1 June 2001
Let me preface by saying I am a fan of Rob Schneider, and of Adam Sandler. I enjoyed Deuce Bigalow, and all (except for Big Daddy) of Adam Sandler's movies. So I basically was expecting some (Ok, a lot) of low-brow humor, a decent plot to keep rolling through, and to laugh throughout the movie. This movie provided just that. It wasn't the greatest comedy in the world, or a landmark motion picture, and it wasn't made to be that. Colleen Haskell's skills at acting reminded me of when they put a "famous" non-actor on Saturday Night Live, and don't give them too much to do in the skits. She's only in the movie probably a total of 15 minutes, but does what they ask of her, and does a decent job of it. The movie is a hoot, and doesn't actually stoop to every joke being a f**t joke. I laughed about every 3-4 minutes, and enjoyed the ending as well. If you're expecting something similar to Deuce Bigalow, you won't be disappointed.
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I Have To Admit: This Is Pretty Funny
ccthemovieman-115 February 2007
This was just plain funny and very entertaining throughout the goofy 83 minutes. Crude? Yes, at times, but what modern-day comedy isn't lately? The PG-13 rating is a joke. With all the sexual stuff in here, "R" is more appropriate.

Some of that sleazy stuff, to be honest, was pretty funny, though and there isn't much profanity.

Rob Schneider, as "Marvin," lays his goofy Deuce Bigelow-type character on us, trying to get the pretty girl "Rianna" (Colleen Haskell).

I really thought this would be a stupid film but Schneider's animal imitations are hilarious and, overall, this a very fast-moving, silly-but-lots of laughs film.
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I laughed till I cried!
dizzycris1 June 2001
What a great movie! Rob is one of my favorites anyway so I went in expecting to like it and I came out loving it. Top notch comedy! I was really impressed with Coleen Haskell. Rob was just too good though. I love Duece Bigalow and I liked this one even more....I took my Mom and she is now a big Rob Schneider fan. If you need a good laugh go see this!
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Great comedy flick.
Johnrx8621 March 2002
Lol funny funny movie. It took me a little while to get into it, but it had a solid middle and end. Norm McDonald was wonderful. I recommend it to any adam sandler fans.
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famousgir19 November 2001
Marvin is a wimpy guy, who's determined to follow in his fathers footsteps by becoming a cop. Things aren't going well, until Marvins in a car accident and when a very strange scientist finds him, he uses animal body parts to rebuild Marvin. With all the animal parts in his body Marvin gets very energized and leaves all his weakness behind, which them leads him to become a cop and a famous one at that. Something he's of course always wanted. Life is going great for Marvin until his the animals in his body start taking over his body and makes him do the strangest things like falling in love with animals and eating from bins. With all this going on, Marvin has to remain the perfect gentleman to his new love, Rianna, which leads to a strange and quite predictable twist at the end.

The Animal is produced by the brilliant Adam Sandler, who also has a really funny cameo as a Townie in this movie, which stars Rob Schneider, who also wrote the screenplay here. Rob really funny. Schneiders love interest is Colleen Haskell, from the US reality TV show, Survivor.

After the awful Freddy Got Fingered, I wasn't to sure what I would make out of The Animal, but it was good. Not the most brilliant movie around, but good. Rob Schneider is great in his role here too. There are some funny bits in the movie too. All in all, enjoyable stuff.
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Not bad. actually funny
Skeletors_Hood2 December 2001
I liked this movie, even though I feel the trailer made it seem more funny than it actually is. Still, its enjoyable, and has the type of unbelievable humor that I like, that goofy off-the-wall ingredient that really good comedies have. Worth a watch or two.
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Pure Awesomeness
davishasrisen27 January 2003
Rob Schneider cracks me up. This movie is absolutely one hour and 20 minutes of pure awesomeness. Not making the movie long is great. The guy from office space is so funny. Everything about the animals is hilarious too. This movie is one of my top 5 comedies. I love any body from SNL. This is just another classic. Rob Schneider is absolutely one of the best comedians out there.
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Hilarious, SNL Castmember Makes a Good Movie, First in a While
GoatmealCrisp3 June 2001
I will be honest with you, I went to see The Animal for Norm Macdonald. But what I saw was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Not only is Colleen Haskell a pretty good actress, but Rob Schneider was even funnier than in Deuce!!! And Did I mention Norm's line "I'm not gonna be in a mob to kill a black dude" Funny!!!
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Not a Complete Dog
jhendricks978 July 2001
Well Rob Schneider has done it again! Much like his previous movie "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalow," "The Animal" has little artistic merit. It bears little or no relation to anything resembling reality. It is often stupid, and the dialogue is painful at times. And not only that, "The Animal" is also fairly funny. Unlike Tom Green and David Spade, Schneider has an easygoing likeable quality that translates well onto the big screen. This masks many of the deficiencies in the script, and makes us appreciate the good parts even more. Unfortunately the same can't be said for co-star Colleen Haskell. Colleen, the tribe has spoken; you are not a good actor! As far as I can tell, Haskell has only three different facial expressions. None of which are appealing. The person who hired her needs to extinguish her torch, and ask her to leave the acting business immediately. So what kind of grade do we give "The Animal?" The movie isn't a complete dog, and it does have a certain amount of animal magnetism.

3 stars and a leg of lamb out of 5.
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A delectable tale of man's nature and Badgermilk
Eric Mumford31 January 2005
I was kept on the edge of my seat during this Herculean cinematic experience -- the question of one's very identify with one's self is set against a backdrop of hilarity and monkeys in skirts. The question of police brutality in our society is dealt with on a Ciceronian level as older policemen are cast as blood mongrels and middle aged police officers are cast as muscle headed steroid-freaks -- a casting delight surprise from Office Space is in store for educated viewers.

A dramatic tale from start to end, even the farm animals are in the winner's circle when the time come to roll the credits. Happy Madison productions has done it again. Bravo!
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The best feature length, live action, slapstick, animal based comedy of the year
frog20773 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I think you have missed the point of 'The Animal' completely. It is truly brilliant.

First off there is Schneider himself, with the acrobatic dexterous slapstick genius that is only equalled by Keaton and Chaplin while his characterisation of a failing, loser, police office evidence clerk is the equal to any performance put in by Brando, Olivia, Hopkins or Curry.

The production values, while not overly high, portray an attention to detail unrivalled by any feature length, live action, slapstick, animal based comedy that came out that year. Whilst the script is as cutting and contemporary as anything produced by a Hollywood studio, the directing demonstrates a brilliance that a comedy (even of this calibre) rarely get the luxury of having.

The over loud animal noises, the nob gags, the bum gags, the brilliant juxtaposing of 'funny' animal related physical jokes and human social events that on the face of it a 7 year old could have wrote but in reality could only have been penned by a genius.

The plot is brilliant, inspired and in places truly emotional. (I don't want to spoil this truly great movie so don't read on if you haven't seen it).

Mourning the loss of his father, Marvin has to come to terms with his inability to find a companion and his spiralling out of control lack of self confidence. Ostracised by his work colleagues, ritually abused by his neighbour (and her viscous dog) and devoid of any and all satisfaction personally and professionally. Its to this backdrop that Marvin suffers a hideous debilitating car accident but is miraculously saved by having his DNA spliced with an unknown amount of domesticated animal DNA and having some body part replacement.

The movie covers politically hot topics such as whether using animal DNA in humans is acceptable, the ethics of breeding animals for body parts, the threat of hunting on animal populations and the cost of animal conservation, that cannibalism is acceptable and that bestiality is…OK. This is not to mention the exploration between god, man and animal and the questions regarding animal consciousness.

This is apart form the everyday elements of work place rivalry, racism, fat-ism, sexism, gun control, murder, meat eating and monkey jokes.

On a personal level, I have watched this movie 1000 times and have yet to not find it funny, I literally end up doubled up in pain, crying.....with laughter its just that good. I challenge anyone to get through this movie and not laugh at one joke, its not possible. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

The bit where the scientist suggest Marvin get rid of his latent aggression fuelled by his sexual urge by sleeping with a chimpanzee in a pink tutu is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life!! If you don't laugh at this movie your just dead inside.

Mr Schneider we salute you another fantastic movie, lets hope he ignores the billions of ignorant critics, the unjust reviews and the failing box office returns and goes on to make the animal 2 and 3. Brilliant!
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Dr. Moreau Meets Police Academy
mike481285 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Plays better on cable with 4 minutes missing. A funny premise that borders on the obscene, as Rob Schneider's animal instincts take over after a zany mad scientist puts him back together with animal parts and glands after a near-fatal car crash. Originally meant as an Adam Sandler vehicle, Rob does a masterful comical performance in a really silly movie actually funnier than "Ace Ventura Pet Detective". Because of his "special abilities", "The Animal" can smell heroin being smuggled in an airplane passenger's body and saves the mayor's child from drowning. He is hopelessly harassed by his boss as he tries to survive probation on the police force. Right up there as a farce reminiscent of "The Man with Two Brains". Like "Blazing Saddles" it even has several uncomfortable "black prejudice" comments by the only black man in the film. Look for Ed Asner as an old policeman in a very insignificant role. Collen Haskell is really cute as the love interest who ends up being part "Animal" herself. ("We have the same doctor.") Rob tries to hump everything in sight, gorges on cattle and wakes up in a butcher shop window, stuffed with salami and ham. It even makes fun of the Frankenstein movie's torch-lit mob scenes. A short funny movie, very well done, but with low-class humor, to be sure. Not for young children, although much more is suggested than actually shown.
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Way better than I expected
joseayarza31 March 2002
When my family rented this movie, I was just expecting a stupid movie with a stupid plot and stupid jokes. Well, let me tell you, some jokes are unpredictable, and will cause you to laugh very loudly. Of course, there many other jokes that aer too silly (and sometimes very disgusting), but overall, this movie is a good and highly entertaining one. I really recommend it to you. Sure it´s silly, but aren´t comedy movies supposed to be silly after all?
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great flick
iceman0697 June 2001
If you liked deuce bigalow you'll love the Animal. Rob Schneider is at his best. The plot was not realistic but come on do you really need a plot with sandler producing the movie. A definite must see for the people that love the humor of Saturday Night Live.
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Unleashing the animal in all of us.
reviewguy2 June 2001
Being a big fan of Rob Schneider had me wanting to go to this movie from the time I first heard about it. I really don't know what to expect when the movie is produced through Adam Sandler. Sometime it's a hit , sometimes a miss. This movie falls somewhere in the middle. We follow Marvin as he tries to get his big break and become a policeman. Standing in his way are other cops, and also his lack of physical prowess. That is until he has a horrendous accident, and is repaired by a mad scientist played by Michael Caton. He suddenly has the abilities of different kinds of animals, and also there instincts. That's the funny part about this movie as he tries to control these conflicting feelings going through his head. Colleen Haskell plays his love interest in the movie, and she comes off as the sweet, innocent she is supposed to be. Her main goal in life seems to be to save as many animals as possible. This is one more in a fine line of comedic performances for Rob Schneider who seems to have found his niche playing the underdog role.
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This movie rocks!
shriker-129 June 2001
Unlike some other reviewers here, I'm not really fond of movies like 'The English Patient' nor 'Titanic' or stuff like that.

I do like mindless entertainment, and like usual Schneider succeeds 100% in doing that. This is really good stuff if you just want to sit back, relax and laugh alot. Nothing more, nothing less.

Rob Schneider is in fact a really cool funny guy, he proved that with Deuce Bigalow, SNL and Men Behaving Badly.

Some girls might not like his humor, but that's up to them.

If you're cool, you love this movie, just like other Sandler/Schneider stuff.
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Not the best, but still better than JOE DIRT.
Jack the Ripper188829 December 2002
Okay, let's start with this: it was written by the guy who has written episodes of "The Simpsons". This tells us it is a comedy. It stars Rob Schneider. This, too, tells us it is a comedy. It also stars Colleen Haskel, who was the forgotten "Survivor" of the TV show. This, tells us that the movie is not a comedy. It tells us it is a director and writer combination that wants desperately to be the Adam Sandler movies from the early 90's. The movies I am referring to are BILLY MADISON, HAPPY GILMORE, THE WEDDING SINGER and BIG DADDY. These, right here, were the movies that started the trend. And now every single star of SNL just has to have thier own movie.

Aside from the not-so-good DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO, this is Schneider's big moment. We even had Chris Farley doing his movies (good movies, I might add) back in the very early 90's that even dragged David Spade along for the ride. Now that Farley is gone, Spade has to have his own movies. This brought us the terrible JOE DIRT. What brought us THE ANIMAL? Answer: Tom Brady. Again, the guy who wrote episodes of "The Simpsons" is the man responsible for this atrocity of a comedy that IS sometimes funny, I will admit. Director Luke Greenfield was also pretty unexperienced, as some of his only other film credits are attributed to a 'Swimsuit' video made for Sports Illustrated, I think.

Edward Asner (the guy from HARD RAIN) was hardly in the movie at all. His scenes mainly consist of him entering a room as if he wanted to talk about something and sees somebody doing something stupid and then he delivers an un-funny one-liner and then just walks back out again. The end of the movie is what saves it. The whole end of the movie is comedic brilliance. It is very funny (I never thought I would say that about this movie) and is actually entertaining. The whole end of the movie made me actually want to see more. But, since this was the end of the movie, this did not happen.

While the movie was not all good, it was not all bad either. It was ordinary and just plain average. It is a good comedy, one to take off the shelf every now and then when you are in the mood for something different or for something you haven't seen for a while. THE ANIMAL gets 3/5.
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Good for a giggle.
aramo117 November 2001
Hypochondriac loser Marvin is not a real police office but an evidence clerk. While answering a 911 call he suffers near fatal injuries and is refurbished by some mad doctor with spare animal parts [for exact list see cuts]. Added to the is a 'boy meets girl' story and 'my boss hates me' story. The boss is very well played by John McGinley. Also included are some decent man-as-animal stunts and a good 'torch & mob' scene. Most of the comedy is action based fortunately the movie steers clear of slapstick (almost). Good for a giggle with perhaps a little too much cutting to meet the PG-13 rating.
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porter-429 May 2001
After a flood of really gross gross-out comedies, it's refreshing to see a comedy that's not gross at all, and actually genuinely FUNNY. Just like Deuce Bigalow before it, The Animal is a well-made, well-acted, and very funny film. Best part is it doesn't feel like someone took the teeth out of it just to make it a PG-13, unlike two other movies recently released by two of Schneider's former SNL castmates.
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Makes effort to be hilarious!!!
Avinash Patalay6 December 2004
I watched this movie over TV a few days ago and it did make me evoke a few laughs.

Marvin is a human fitted by animal parts by a scientists. Subsequently the animal instincts begin to crop up at wrong times leading to hilarious situations. I particularly liked the way Marvin eyes on the goat. And the way he marks his territory around the Rianna's table and her house. Or the way he goes to the loo.... and neighs like a horse.

Personally I feel that Jim Carrey would have been best-fit for the role of Marvin. Rob appeared to be over-doing it. Colleen Haskell plays the love interest Rianna. Rest of the cast goes unnoticed.

Watch it for laughs and when you have no much choice.
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bad? yes. but its still pretty funny
puttputtk24 June 2010
The Animal (2001)

5 word summary

Loser cop gets animal power

Now I don't wanna sit here and lie and say this is a good movie, because its not, and it deserves the low ratings that it has. However, it does have some cheap fun laughs such as the reverse racism, and sniffing peoples butts, and John C McGinley. And if you're young like I was when I first saw it, or drunk you probably will find some humor in it. If you are looking for a good movie look elsewhere.

If you like Rob Schneider films such as Deuce Bigalow, The Hot Chick, Benchwarmers, then most likely you will enjoy this film, if you hated those films you will definitely hate this one because it is probably the worst out of those four.

So again it does have some good, cheap jokes and is humorous at times as long as you can look past the bad acting. Have a few beers and perhaps you will enjoy it.

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Looks like I'll have to defend this one
Spleen8 June 2002
No, it's not well-made, as such. And perhaps its greatest virtue is purely negative: contrary to what you would conclude from the fact that it was released in 2001 and concerns a man who has been given powerful "animal" instincts, it DOESN'T rely - not even once, so far as I can recall - on gross-out tactics. (The closest we come is when Marvin takes out a package of raw mincemeat and eats it when he thinks nobody's looking. Really, that's the closest we come.) It's NOT nasty, it's NOT unpleasant. And to move on to positive virtues: it's actually funny. Yes, I was as surprised as anyone else.

The writers are often content to stand back and let the premise do the work, but at least the premise and the fairly obvious situations that follow from it are inherently amusing. A man humping a goat isn't funny; a man fighting his urge to hump a goat because he knows it will be frowned upon, is ... actually, this particular part of the movie isn't THAT funny, but other parts are, and it's because the principle is the same throughout. When the animal humour wears thin there's often a good unrelated gag to supplement it. "That's good badger milk," says Marvin, as though badger milk were like wine and he wasn't certain what kind he was going to get. "Don't be ashamed, son," says the police chief. "I'VE eaten out of the garbage, too..." (Not THE greatest line, I'll admit, but Ed Asner gets points for delivering it in an inspired way.) And there's the guy who asks a series of questions that reveal the shy delight and eagerness he feels to be part of a mob.

I didn't know, before reading other people's comments, that Colleen Haskell was a star of one of those schlocky reality TV shows and that this was her first acting role; people who DID know this, it seemed, noticed all manner of deficiencies in her performance that simply weren't there. Haskell plays the cute chick who ends up falling for the hero. The ROLE is limited. I honestly don't see how Haskell could have played it any better than she did. (In fact, more experienced actresses usually get it wrong, and Haskell doesn't.) And at least she, unlike most actresses called upon to play this kind of role, really is gorgeous.
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Very Funny
amazing1-21 June 2001
This is a very funny movie. Take it for what it is...lowbrow humor. We aren't talking a Merchant Ivory production here. To get an idea of what we're talking about: the funniest part was the "purple nurple" that Schneider gives the orangutan. Survivor's Colleen holds her own here as far as acting goes. And she's so cute Meg Ryan had better watch out because Colleen can outscrunch circles around her!! Overall, I'd give this movie a 7 out of 10.
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Rob Schneider Future Superstar !
sb-292 July 2001
Ok, I liked Deuce Bigalow a lot. This movie is not quite that good, but it starts to showcase Rob Schneider as truly one of America's best hopes for comedy superstardom (like Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphy before him). His timing is perfect and the film's direction is as good as it could be. Don't get me wrong, its a stupid movie and the plot is really terrible. However, it has enough well-directed funny interludes to keep you going. But just to watch Rob's screen presence is amazing. See it many times and I'm sure you will agree, Rob is the next big thing in Hollywood comedic film. Who knows?, after another 8 or so of these, he will move into dramatic acting. As this film has made back its money big-time at the box office, we can be sure to see many more of these. Keep it up Rob ! Great job!

My favorite scene ? Got to be his cat imitation near the fish tank.
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Great Movie
mohosoqueso2 June 2001
This movie is pretty funny. The gags are spread throughout the movie, so you'll be laughing the whole time you're watching. I know I couldn't stop laughing. This is a great movie that deserves to be seen by anyone who loves comedies. The ending was predictable but it was still a good ending. It's just as good as the other happy madison movies (Little Nicky,Joe Dirt, Deuce Bigalow)and if you like those movies, you'll like this as well. Overall,it's better than joe dirt, but not as good as little nicky or deuce bigalow.
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