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Tasty Treat
lorist20 April 2001
There aren't many sitcoms worth watching on TV, but 'Grounded For Life' is the exception. A fresh approach, an intelligent look at family life, and a wry sense of humor bring 'Grounded' head and shoulders above the other lame competitors in the field.

Are there other original sitcoms out there... yes, if you search long and hard. But this brings together elements that haven't seen the little screen and leave you screaming with laughter.

The buzz is low but good on this one. I encourage everyone to watch it, otherwise another bright, intelligent bit of TV will bite the dust.
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One of the good shows
thiu3 February 2004
This is one of the few shows that i really look forward to. its really funny and the characters seem so real. Not only because of how they act but also the way they look. They look like people not super model types.

The show is so refreshing and it doesn't try to emulate any other show that it just makes me feel happy watching them and their antics.
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I love this show!
ktblanche30 January 2002
This show is hilarious. All the characters are funny!! Sean and his brother crack me up. I enjoy the format of the show, which starts at the end and then tells back the story of what happened earlier. I hope it does not get tossed off the network any time soon, but I am sure it won't last for more than a few more seasons.
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hs40718 July 2001
This has got to be one of the funniest shows to come along in a long time. Just when it seemed like there were no more traces of good 80's-esque comes another. There are very few good shows on nowadays. This is a great one in an era of too many "reality-shows". Yet this could be some peoples' reality. Don't miss this one! Megyn Price is terrific....what a find!
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so far, so good
Trevor_T10 January 2001
Just got done watching the 1st episode and I liked it. The mom doesn't have the same presence as Jane K. in Malcolm, but there were plenty of puberty and dysfunctional family jokes to go around. Also, Griffin Frazen (Jimmy) is really cute, he reminds me of a younger Justin Berfield. I give this show a 9 out of 10 stars.
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Thus far, Grounded has shown itself to be sharp and nimble.
thisguyjones2 February 2001
Granted, there have only been four episodes aired as of today, but it has shown remarkable promise. The writing is sharp, the timing tight and the storylines not so outrageous that they become ridiculous. True, some may say this format has been done before, but if it's done well, so what?
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100% Hilarious
hipchick32026 May 2001
Every time I turn on the TV at 8:30 on Wednesday nights, I laugh hysterically at this very funny show, Grounded for Life. The uncle and Lily are my favorite! They are so funny! The parents are awesome!! I never miss a show! I totally recomend this show to EVERYONE!!!!!
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Pretty Good why?
thetoygeek6 November 2004
so this is'nt Malcolm in the's grounded for life, which is a pretty good show. it is now in it's fourth year on TV and it fills the Friday 8:30 PM slot just fine. i would guess that it won't be everybody's cup of tea, but give it a shot and i'm sure you'll find it quite funny. the actress who plays claudia is played by Megan Pryce, just watching her alone is worth the show, finally TV has a beautiful woman that is not under 106 lbs. for those of us in our 30's who are raising a family, i am sure you will find this program worth the watch. the Finnerty's get my vote for a Friday night viewing! hope you like them as well. WB Friday nights at 8:30PM (as of 10/4/04)
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bound to be cancelled, as all great shows are ...
elspethm23 January 2001
When my husband first saw "Grounded for Life" he said "Well this isnt' going to last .. it's way too good." The writing isn't amazing, but the casting is so good that it makes the show worth waiting for each week. You wouldn't think of Kevin Corrigan as the quintessential slacker brother but he practically makes this show. Not to mention Richard Riehle, who we loved in "Office Space". So enjoy this show while you can.
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Being Grounded isn't so bad...
thudleiber24 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Unlike many other viewers, I believe "Grounded..." does not follow the standard sitcom mold of wacky kids and whipped parents. What often begins as a small mishap or sticky situation, always escalates to hilarious proportions! Sean, Claudia, Eddie, Lily, Jimmy, Henry, Brad, and Sister Helen each give their own unique perspective to a subject and each have characteristics that make every episode a true treat to watch. It also never fails to surprise viewers, like (spoiler ahead!) when Season 3's Finale of Lily's 16th Birthday gave us the impression that she would lose her virginity to longtime boyfriend Dean, but instead loses it to the boy-next-door with a longtime crush on her, Brad!

For those who have never watched, give it a try. And for those who have seen it only once, give it a second chance! - I know it never fails to please me :)
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TV's Little Show That Could
Thor200023 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Started out on FOX, became a hit, canceled by FOX, rescued by WB, dropped by the WB, syndicated by FOX Family.... this wonderful, funny show has been struggling for a long time for the respect it deserves. It's not a bad show; it's actually quite under-appreciated, but then, only the fans seem to love it. It had a revolutionary style that started with the end and then flashed back on the events that got them there. The back story was that Donal Logue, the happy go-lucky husband, and Megyn Price, the hot-looking wife, were teenage parents trying to get by with their demurely sexy daughter Lynsey Bartilson and feuding sons, Griffin Frazen and Jake Burbage (who mysteriously vanished but still spoken of just before the last season). Their lives were tested by the idiot brother, a possible shady character who didn't understand why he was always in trouble, played by Kevin Corrigan; Richard Reihle, the widowed father with out-dated parenting tips and Bret Harrison, the kind of nerdy and socially-inept neighbor kid with the hots for the daughter. The show had a surprisingly winning formula and the stars all had excellent chemistry, but very little faith by the networks. Riehle, the consummate character actor, even left to co-star in ABC's short-lived hit, "Married to the Kellys," and even faithfully returned for the last episode while the youngest son remained inexplicably and noticeably missing, something that was never explained (did Burbage's parents ask for more money? we may never know). Several things occurred in the series that took the characters away from their original roles: the dad quit his job to save his favorite bar and fight to keep it open, the mom quit his job to go to college, the uncle tried going legit but still remained basically demented and the daughter took the next door boy as her boyfriend after realizing he was the kind of guy she wanted. Oddly, of all the strange incidents that happened in the series, the one incident that stands out in my mind never occurred in the series. For a promo, Frankie Munez of "Malcolm in the Middle" once described the daughter growing to a hundred feet tall and turning her parents into finger puppets then confessed he was lying. Still, that's an image that has never left my mind and as Fox Family brings the series back, that image will remain my picture of the style and crazy wit of this series.
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Why is this show so underrated?
jonathansanders19 August 2002
I have noticed that some people hate this show becuase of the flashbacks, some people hate the show because of the "bratty" kids, and others hate the show because they say it is overly derivative. But the fact is, there's nothing new under the sun, and in the end, EVERYTHING is derivative of something done before! If you're waiting for a new show to come along that is totally original, you're in for a long wait, because it isn't going to happen. Sure, the Simpsons broke new ground in the late 80s, but even that show is beginning to become derivative of itself . . .

Now on to "Grounded . . ."

I love this show. I'm a college student, and I don't have a ton of time to sit around and watch TV. But "Grounded For Life" is one show I make time to see, along with such prime shows as "24" (maybe the first real ground breaker in a while) and "Futurama". The writing isn't always the best on the planet, but I love all the characters. People say the parents are bad parents, but really they're like everyone else on this planet. They f*** something up, and they do their best to fix it. As for annoying kids, these kids aren't that bad, they're just playing the parts that were written for them. Lilly, the daughter, plays her part perfectly, accenting the trouble kids can get into and the way parents can overreact (though she thinks she knows everything, she isn't always right). The oldest son is obsessive, always worried about hygiene, while the other younger son is just plain goofy. The parents are aptly played by Donal Logue and Megyn Price, and they do a decent job of going through these hilarious episodes. We also have the brother Eddie, who is my favorite character, always in some kind of trouble, but we never do get a full idea of what all he's involved in. And then there's the grandfather, who finds himself always hanging out at the house of his son, essentially involving himself in every story, reminding me somewhat of the way the parents of Ray Romano act on "Everybody Loves Raymond", minus the utter insanity.

There's also a solid cast of regular side characters, including Brad, the ineptly goofy neighbor boy who's obsessed with Lilly, and his father, who hates the Finnertys worse than any people on earth (just watch the episode about the charity boxing match, you'll see EXACTLY what I mean!) These characters give the show a flavor lacking in all but the best shows (i.e. "Malcolm")

The best thing about this show is the flashback motif, because they're not the kind of flashbacks as used by Titus, where they're mostly (annoyingly) for the benefit of a quick laugh. These propel the story, because they ARE the story. Each episode starts after the fact, and each character tries to explain what has happened. Like one other reviewer here said, often the stories overlap, and it isn't until the end, when we find out what really happened.

Give this show a chance! It's a hilarious riot whenever I sit down to watch it, I only wish I had caught this series during its first season! Give this underrated show a chance to show you what good television is!
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Another Network Crime
jimel983 September 2006
In the saga of "Grounded for Life" we have another perfect example of how many television network executives should not be allowed to make decisions more complicated than what to put in their coffee. Here was a program that was funny and relevant. I'm not a big believer in TV being responsible for teaching lessons, but in many episodes, you could laugh your way right up to lesson they snuck in under your nose.

Of course one of the best lessons was a cautionary tale to young viewers, DON'T HAVE SEX BEFORE may CAUSE marriage! It just so happens the Finnerty's have a wonderful marriage and three very normal (yeah, isn't THAT scary) kids. Sean's dad is cranky and a bit of but-in-ski, but his heart is always in the right place and brother Eddie, well let's just say, he's different. The entire cast is wonderful and definitely had a chemistry that came across as a real family. Each has strengths that mesh with the others. Kevin Corrigan as Eddie would without a doubt steal the show all together if the others didn't hold their own so well. Megyn Price, not only a fantastic actor but worth watching even if she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag.

When one network dumped this show and another picked it up, I had hope, but it seemed that the network that picked it up felt the need to play around with the show and Dad and then Henry seemed to just disappear. Retooling is usually the death knell for a program and sadly it was the case here.

This has gotten too long, so I'll simply conclude with hope for a reunion movie. This show was just too good and too young to die.
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The Best Show Since Seinfeld...
kalojado9 May 2002
"Grounded For Life" is definately the best sitcom since Seinfeld went off the air. The family is so real. As far as people comparing this to Titus, thats like comparing a Porche to a Pinto. Titus isn't even remotely funny. We really do need to get the word out on this show. I really think it should be in the Top 10 of the Neilsen ratings. There is sooo much crap on television right now, that Grounded is a breath of fresh air. It really does have that "Married... with Children" feel to it... and thats a good thing. Every show I have watched, since the beginning of the show, has had me cracking up. Don't listen to me, don't listen to the others here, just sit down, or set your VCR's, on Wednesday nights at 8:30 on FOX and see what I am talking about. I promise, you wont regret it :) Rating: A+
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Consistently hilarious!
Lee-1072 June 2003
I love this show! It always has me fresh-faced and doubled up with laughter! And always leaves me with the same goofy grin on my face! The flashback pattern keeps up the pace of comedy as the viewer is left waiting expectantly for the next hilarious side to the story. Eddie is wild with his hanging-loose-but-always-there charisma...and the way he plays the 'been-there-done-that' understanding protective uncle is quite endearing. Sean and Claudia play their growing up parent's pathos perfectly , grandpa and kids are cute and complete the nutty bunch. Love the youngest son's freckle-faced grin!

All in all a show that manages to appear original every time! I hope it doesnt loose it's edge! Kudos to the makers!
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Great show.
impactplayer66626 January 2002
This is the best sitcom on tv right now. All the actors are great. Comparing this show to Titus is ridiculous. Grounded for life is a thousand times funnier and the characters are much better. If you haven't seen the show, you should really check it out.
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I can not make up my mind about this one yet...
jacksonc21 March 2001
Usually I have strong opinions about movies and television. This one has me on the fence.

For the genre, it is not as good as "Malcolm in the Middle," but it is nowhere nearly as bad as some others. Like a great many other family style situation comedies, it needs to make up its mind about whether it wants to be funny or preachy. If its writers are smart, they will opt for funny (like "Malcolm in the Middle" or the wonderful and brilliant "Married...With Children." There are far too many preachy ones already...
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Ouustanding Watch it
Leonboss27 April 2007
I have just watched this again as it plays on Trouble channel in the UK I think it is very different to anything else around it deserves respect, Everyone in the show is perfect for their roles. Honestly I thought it was tacky, crap when I first watched it but it grows on you and whoever writes it is a genius. Clever and original if you ask me. I love the original writing its real and very funny, Sean is hilarious but believable, Claudia is very attractive and holds her own whilst acting as the mom of three kids, Lily the little Ginger does great as well as the loud mouth nutter, Jimmy the little pervert plays his role good as well, he is believable. I cannot fault this sitcom, it makes the likes of the War at Home look like crap. And do not forget Eddie. Dry sense of humor love it
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An absolute FOX classic!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh25 July 2006
"GROUNDED FOR LIFE," in my opinion, is an absolute FOX classic! I haven't seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. It's hard to say which episode was my favorite. However, I think it was always funny when a mishap occurred. I always laughed at that. Despite the fact that it was a short-lived series, it was nice that all of the main characters had stayed with the show throughout its entire run. It seems that no one stays with a show throughout its entire run. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, although it can currently be seen on FOX Family Channel, I hope you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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Better than I expected
isotope21128 February 2002
I only tuned into this show because I read that Ween was doing the music. This show was better than I had expected it to be. Sure it is no Malcolm in the Middle or The Simpsons, but it's better than most of the sitcoms on TV right now. Comparisons to Titus are unwarranted. No show deserves to get compared to that black hole of anti-comedy. Titus is so bad it actually sucks comedic value from any show that occupies a time slot before or after it... but I digress.

Donal Logue and Kevin Corrigan are the stand-outs on Grounded for Life. It probably won't last 3 seasons, but it is definitely worth checking out if you like the family sitcom genre. 6/10

BTW, regarding the feedback comment about FOX having an affinity for smart-aleck kids... that's not just FOX, that's every family sitcom produced since Good Times.
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Wicked Nice Show
cmobrien843 June 2015
I really liked this show back in the day and I think it's still good today plus I think the mom is really fit for an older bird! The show follows a lower/medium income urban family of 5 with a witty renegade uncle and jovial aloof grandfather making constant appearances. Originally airing on fox in 2001 it last for a few seasons then canceled and picked up by ABC family for the last of the series. Good acting for laugh track comedy, it kind of reminds me of a modern, more slap stick version of Roseanne. Ground for Life hits on all the stereotypical family dilemma but does it with pretty high production value given the nature of the show. Plus Donald Logue is a top notch character actor in his own right!
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Nice try
hecubus-510 January 2001
Despite engaging performances by Donal Logue and Megyn Price, this show has a long way to go. Most of the elements of the show are far too derivative of other, better shows. The two sons seem as though they wandered in from 'Malcolm in the Middle,' the grandfather is a mixture of Red Foreman of 'That 70's Show' and Stacy Keach from 'Titus.' The creators of the show also need to get rid of the stupid, Christopher Walken wannabe best friend character. (Does EVERYONE on television have to have a moron as a best friend?) They also need to rethink the 'Titus'-esque flashback sequences.

I'm going to give the show a few weeks, but they had better find a more distinctive voice for the show, and stop ripping off elements from other shows.
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very bad show
trentsteele198318 July 2002
This has to be the worst show on the planet. The father character is not funny, he has never been funny and never will be funny. The two sons annoy me very much. The younger son is stupid and the older son is just a horrible character. The daughter is there for sex appeal, she has the acting ability of Judy Jetson. The mother acts more like a teenager than a mother. The worst character on the that show is the brother Eddie. He looks worthless, he acts worthless and christopher walken called.. he wants his routine back please.

Watching this shows horrible plots, stupid flashbacks and basically just boring people to death is a waste of good air time. Truly one of the worst shows ever
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