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Season 3

17 Sep. 2002
We Didn't Start the Fire
Claudia is not pregnant, and she is happy. Sean quits his job, and she is not happy. When he says he bought a bar, she's even less happy. Who might have talked Sean into this bar business that is a "can't miss"?
24 Sep. 2002
Mustang Lily
Sean needs money for the bar, so he's forced to swallow his pride and ask Claudia's dad Tony for it. And he just has to rub the fact in Sean's face. When he then gives his Mustang to Lily, Sean is convinced Tony is messing with him.
3 Dec. 2002
Cat Scratch Fever
Sean & Eddie are looking for a bartender. When Nicole Fiordelissi, a hot girl from Sean & Claudia's high school, applies, Sean hires her. But she was Claudia's arch nemesis... Lily needs to talk to Dean about something she did.
28 Feb. 2003
Drive Me Crazy
Claudia confiscates Aggravated Assault 2: City of Blood video game from the boys, while Lily fails her driver's test - and she wanted to drive to a party. Brad offers to be her driver and date. Eddie offers to help her pass the test.
28 Feb. 2003
Just Like a Woman
Eddie is having a yard sale - at Sean's yard. Brad takes part. As does Lily. Who's still with Dean. Eddie tells Brad to be patient. Lily succeeds in cheer-leading. But why does Henry think Sean is a wuss? And what did Claudia do?
7 Mar. 2003
Henry's Been Working for the Drug Squad
Henry has had an anti-drug day at school and it's made him an "anti-druglord", who spies on his family. Claudia found that the film in their camera was full, so she had it developed. And that revealed some secrets Sean had kept.
14 Mar. 2003
Cuts Like a Knife
Sean promised Claudia that he'd get a vasectomy. But what really happened at the doctor's office? Also, how come Lily is tutoring Brad at calculus? And why is there a guy building a web site for the bar?
28 Mar. 2003
Who Are You?
Jimmy shoplifted, so Sean talks him into confessing. Why did Jimmy do it? Why does Eddie "understand him"? Why is Lily very nervous to meet Dean's parents? Will Claudia solve both problems? And what is Henry playing with indoors?
25 Apr. 2003
Welcome to the Working Week
The Red Boot Pub gets a bad review in a local paper and Eddie tries in vain to get it recanted.
2 May 2003
Claudia in Disguise (With Glasses)
The Finnertys' health insurance is running out, so Sean is milking it for all it's worth. Lily's birthday is coming up and she asks Eddie to find out what Dean's gift for her will be. Why is Sean happy Claudia lost her glasses?
2 May 2003
Tonight's the Night
Sean throws a sweet-16 birthday party for Lily, who also has romantic plans for Dean. Then something unexpected happens.
16 Oct. 2005
Oh, What a Knight
Lily wants to participate in the beauty pageant of Grampa's Knights' Lodge in order to feel special, so Sean has to join the Lodge for Lily to be eligible. Claudia becomes fixated about Lily winning and Eddie about the Lodge's secrets.
24 Sep. 2004
Part Time Lover
Lily and Brad decide to get Grampa a girlfriend so that they can have him *not* around all the time. Surprisingly, Eddie has developed feelings for Nicole, but has trouble confessing to her. Instead, he does something stupid.

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