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One of best series not yet on DVD
classic-231 May 2006
Glasgow Kiss is a lovely six episode drama chronicling the personal and professional dramas in Stuart (a newspaper sport's writer) and Cara's (a corporate reorganizer) lives. The two begin an unexpected love affair.

The beauty of Glasgow is revealed through glorious cinematography. The emotions of the story are echoed in the ever present drizzle of rain, dark Gothic architecture, vibrant green parks.

The writing in this series is top notch. Dry and witty humor at times. Serious and painfully sharp words at others. An absolutely griping series unfolds.

Iain Glen (Stuart) and Sharon Small (Cara) share a chemistry that sizzles on screen.

I watched the series on BBCAmerica many years ago and the story remains clear in my mind today. The acting, writing and cinematography are that strong.

I can only hope that it will come to DVD one day. I'd buy several copies for friends and family. A real delight.
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interesting and fun love story
world20 August 2000
Great tv-serie in the best tradition of the BBC . This is the perfect entertainment for a exciting evening wondering what to do about your life.

Glasgow is the scene , but u wished it'd happen in a nearer town. Made me melancholic and wanting to love again.
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This show was delightful and so full of a sense of "place"
av-351 October 2006
I watched this on the BBC channel here in the states, and I was utterly enchanted. I have been to Scotland, and I felt like they captured that feeling really well. I just recently discovered the actress I loved, Sharon Small, is the lead in the mystery series, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. So I'm quite happy to watch her in all those! I thought they cast the entire thing wonderfully. I wanted to see more of these people and their lives.

I was very sad when this ended and I went online and discovered they had no plan to continue the series. I will buy it if it ever comes out on DVD.
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A Delightful Series
schnappi_croc10 June 2010
Glasgow Kiss is a wonderful story. The main characters, Cara and Stuart, are well cast, with chemistry that one can only hope to find in real life. Stuart's son, seven-year-old Denis, is an amazing young actor. Unfortunately, I could find no biographical information on him. I hope he continues to act! This six-part series, set in Glasgow, captures the mood of the city very well. The supporting cast are superb, especially the actors who play Cara's sisters. There is a lot of humour in this series, as well as some serious issues which are dealt with sensitively. Highly recommended. I would like to mention that Iain Glen (Stuart) is excellent in everything I has seen him in, especially "Wives and Daughters" and "The Diary of Anne Frank".
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Brilliant. Fell in love with Iain Glen
Kirstie4 September 2012
Absolutely wonderful series, I'm so disappointed that they only have six episodes. Iain Glen and Sharon Small have fiery chemistry, even in a short romantic comedy, they truly shine in their parts. Their complicated and profound relationship is heartwarming as it is entertaining. The numerous situations are laugh out loud funny, charming and sweet especially episode 3. Though they are a few morose moments that are tear-jerkers, the show does not drag. It stays true to its main purpose, which is being a romantic comedy. I only hope they release a DVD set with extras and even bloopers cause this series is really a gem.
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A Warm and Witty Comedy Drama
petermcginn-125751 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have possessed this series on a DVD I recorded for a long time and only recently did my wife and I watch it. We enjoyed it immensely. There are two main stars, of course, but it really is an ensemble piece. Many of the minor characters are fully developed and add to the story. And almost all of the characters fit in and have good chemistry with each other. There are a couple of unlikeable ones, but even one of them is presented in such a balanced fashion that we can't hate her in the end, but rather fell sorry for her.

There are accents here, obviously. We watch a lot of UK programming and there were a few places where I couldn't understand what was being said, but I think it was because of the quality of the recording rather than the accents.

There is real drama here, but enough humor to offset the heavier bits. In fact, though it does get serious now and then, there were other times I was expecting the worst and it didn't happen. I found it to be predictable in a few places but by no means throughout.

And a final word about the character of the main character's young son. He is not the wisecracking precocious kid you often get in movies and sitcoms. He is sweet and believable and, in much of the series, he resides at the center of the plot.

These people care about each other and try to do the right thing, but life is complicated, isn't it?
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