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adult sex comedy
jimakros19 February 2003
This movie is very funny.I laughed out loud a lot.A lot of people here criticize it as if it was supposed to be some serious movie.Its a silly and sexy comedy with a lot of adult language.If you are offended by sex jokes its not the movie for you.I think Diaz and Applegate were great in it and its soooo refreshing to see actresses not being afraid to make fools of themselves on screen.
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Chick flick meets There's Something About Mary
Brui4ns14 June 2003
When I first saw the previews this movie I dismissed it as just another chick flick. But after watching it, I must admit I was dead wrong. Though it is part chick flick, it's more like chick flick meets "There's Something About Mary". It was funny to see how women can get as downright raunchy as us guys. I think it tried to be like "Sex in the City". But it actually turned out much funnier and dirtier, and far more entertaining. How all of these people can give it such a low rating is beyond me. There must be a lot of prudes out there. I give it a 9 (only because I can't give it a 9.5).
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maybe its just me
lauren_peterson0631 January 2006
it could be just me but i really love this movie. i don't know one girl who doesn't have it in their DVD collection and i'm proud to be one of them....the movie is funny, stupid, and all around a good time. so its not gonna win any awards or looked upon as "superior" but come on, don't you remember what its like to watch a movie just for the sake of entertainment? i have a section of my movie collection devoted to those chick flicks that while embarrassing to have are my guilty pleasures and i can't feel bad for that. what more do you want out of a stupid/funny movie? please don't pull some critical analysis on this movie people cause it is what it is. take it for face value and relax...
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Poekie21 July 2003
I know a lot of you out there hated this film (looking at the voting certainly makes me think so!) But why? It is funny, it is what girls talk about and so what if some of the plot is a bit farfetched? I want to enjoy myself and if it is slapstick, great! The only thing wrong with it, is that Selma Blair should have had a bigger role than she had now. But otherwise: completely enjoyable to watch over and over, and that includes that absolutely fantastic penis song!
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funniest movie ever
sk8erlamb1323 June 2003
i never laughed so hard watching a movie. first of all, christina applegate is the best actress EVER and has great comic timing. she steals the show! also, the movie just gets funnier and funnier as it goes along. "the penis song" is probably the funniest part, but i feel so happy after watching this movie. it also makes me wish i had a group of friends like the ones in the movie who i could live with and do stuff with everyday! it's evident that cameron diaz, christina applegate, and selma blair had a blast making this movie. i hope it soon gets the recognition it deserves and finds a bigger fanbase. you wont regret watching this.
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Devastatingly Dumb---and Fun ^_^
Caitlin9 March 2003
While not meant to be taken at all seriously, The Sweetest Thing is a great movie to watch with the gals when you're looking for something light and funny. It's almost like the female There's Something About Mary; it has a lot of bathroom humor, which I usually am not really amused by, but this works, and it's basically just about three best friends just being happy, which is a nice message for a change. I couldn't believe the things in it, though, since I thought the movie was PG-13 the first time I watched it. O_o The best touch is that it's slightly absurd, like Wet Hot American Summer, which brings in more attention and unparalleled amusement. Highly recommended for girls--they'd enjoy it a lot more than's the Rated R Chick Flick.

7/10--rather silly, but cute and feel good all the same ^_^
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A truly witty, fun, stress relieving flick!
lesalf14 September 2002
This movie turned a hectic crappy day into something fun and spectacularly silly. For those who are strung a bit too tight, this movie may not make much of an impression but for those of us who remember partying with the girls, being silly and just letting our hair down, this movie scores a 10. I think Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate are terrific together and Selma Blair adds just a hint of awkward innocence where it's needed. Kudos to the cast and writer. It's a movie I'll watch again.
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The Funniest Movie I have ever seen.
sweet_9_200414 September 2002
This Movie is the funniest movie ever I have watched it every day since I bought it. Although poorly directed I think they have the best cast for it Cameron Diaz is stunning and Christina Applegate is hillarious and Thomas Jane is hot and funny and just the best person for the part I think. Selma Blaire Is always great. The movie has a great script and hysterical moments (The Glory Hole) I highly recommend seeing this movie...............................
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mledinh1 September 2002
I didn't expect to enjoy this movie but loved it almost from the start. I don't understand the scathing vitriol heaped at this movie from US critics -- how is it more "offensive" or "insulting" than 'American Pie' or 'Animal House'? Is it because in this movie the women are the ones being bawdy and crass and not in their usual roles as naive school girls, there to be played by the male leads? It's not a coincidence that the majority of critics who panned this movie are crotchety old men.

I laughed out loud constantly, the dialogue was pretty good -- there were lots of quote-worthy scenes and the best part was that the girls seemed to have such a good time. I had fun watching them goofing around. The interaction between the female characters and the depth of their friendship was entirely realistic. Women DO sit around being crass, they DO (sometimes) use men for sex and leave them to eat dirt and have fun all the while.

What endeared me forever was the scene where Christinia Applegate is dressed up as Vivian the hooker from 'Pretty Woman' -- her send up of Julia Robert's horsey overlaugh (TM was SPOT. ON. (America's Sweetheart? Gag me with a fork). The scene where Cameron Diaz kisses the male lead was great because the producers allowed her to get her lipstick all messed up. That is such a refreshing change from movies where the makers seem to think it's perfectly normal that a woman who has been skydiving/engaged in mortal combat/enjoyed a night lovin' has not even smudged her makeup.
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Joyce P28 August 2002
I don't really get it why most of the comments are so negative. I personally think the movie was very, very funny. Ok, perhaps some of the jokes were kind of predictable, but hey, once you've seen a few good jokes, all the lesser ones are funny too.

My friend and I picked this movie ten minutes before it started and without knowing what to expect. But we're certainly glad we chose this one.

I don't know wether there was poor acting in this film or that it should have been directed more professionally... I was just too busy laughing!!
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Cameron Diaz is The Sweetest Thing
paulhersh-116 August 2002
Of course it's a female version of any Adam Sandler or Farrelly Brothers flick but Cameron Diaz is great. She's one of the few actors whose presence alone makes a movie watchable.
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What women want
pri_e31 July 2002
You will always find either women are portrayed as hopelessly romantic or completely sex driven, the difference with "The Sweetest Thing" is that they want to have fun and explore their feminity without going overboard. Cameron Diaz is a classic as Christina Walters, proving again that she's a good actress. It was good to see Christina Applegate again, this time playing a more diverse role as Courtney Rockcliffe. The chemistry the two actresses shared as best friends was great to see, Selma Blair's Jane Burns was funny but not as interesting as the other two.

The movie is fun and a good laugh
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The Sweetest Girly movie around...
superkidd_199912 April 2002
There are many movies where it is the "guy's" search for love tied in with his zainy adventures. Well, here is finally a movie that shows girls as they really are... hilarious, sexual creatures that own themselves. This is a very funny movie, go see it with some of your lady friends! It reminded me of my own group of gals... you all know who you are!
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It was a very good and funny movie! :)
ms_thin_mint3 August 2002
This movie was very good! I think that people should go see it! Yes, I understand that it had some sick humor but that is what is so funny!I guess it was just my type of movie, but I'm sure that plenty of others have or will love this film!
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You'll bust a guy laughing
Groundhog5 May 2002
I haven't see a movie this funny since Meet the Parents. Cameron Diaz is in a league all her own. Her performance in this movie reminds me of her performance in There's Something About Mary. Christina Applegate also impressed me with her performance in this movie. Trust will enjoy this movie. The laughs keep coming about every 10 minutes or so.
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Very funny, but not expected...
princessmkg14 April 2002
This movie was really funny, but not at all what I expected. I thought it would be more of a cute comedy, but be warned, it's the true side of girls! Jokes that I have never seen any movie dare to make about women ("High five on the clean...") but they really work well. If you want a romantic comedy out of this movie, you will be disappointed, but if you want to laugh, then this is your film! Anyone who liked "Bridget Jones Diary" is bound to like this.
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You've been warned.
Steve b22 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot express in words how bad this movie is but I'm going to try.

First, I can't imagine what demographic this movie was supposed to appeal to. Or are there enough superficial shallow bimbos in their very late twenties whose brains are made of cotton candy walking this earth to actually have caused someone to think this movie could make money?

Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz in this film are not sexy, not funny, they're simply annoying beyond comprehension. They were what I would imagine their real life counterparts would be like, more so Cameron Diaz. I'm sure she didn't tap into her "acting talent" one bit to perform this role. She just showed up on set and somehow memorized her lines.

I can imagine the executive in Hollywood who approved this script is some old, horny, fat, repulsive swine with a huge cigar in his mouth and whiskey on his desk. Wheezing with laughter as he read the script while his fat lips watered at the thought of either of the two leads getting naked. I'm sure he was incredibly disappointed to find neither of them actually got naked in the film, which in a desperate sort of way, would have been the only thing that could have even remotely made this film worth watching.

I can't remember very many details from this film, probably my subconscious protecting me from mental trauma, but I do remember feeling all the more stupid for having watched this.

Christina Appelgate's character meets Thomas Jane's character in a nightclub which instantly annoyed me. Who the hell goes to a nightclub to meet the man of their dreams? She becomes fond of him, in the only way a superficial tramp can become fond of someone, and decides to chase him down via a road trip to stop his imminent wedding and profess her crush/lust whatever to him.

Thomas Jane is cool though, he starred in a movie called "Thursday", which is a great sleeper of a film. However having him in the film was like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound, that just wasn't enough to fix it.

You won't enjoy this unless you're a stupid, self centered, shallow, ditsy yet sarcastic and fairly heartless bimbo. Even then if you watch this movie and like it there is absolutely no hope for you, you know who you are.

You've been warned.
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An Unsuspected Gem!
gnxfan18 July 2003
The Sweetest Thing was something I would not have rented - it looked more like a 'chick flick' than a true comedy. Luckily it was on HBO one night when nothing else was on and I tuned in.

So glad I did! It is absolutely hilarious. Sort of a more adult version of Charlie's Angels. Loud. In your face. Colorful. Sorta like an old Vaudeville show. Spicey and racey - the 3 girls are excellent dead panning while dropping sexual innuendo and cursing like truckers.

I am having a tough time comparing it because it is like a bunch of films rolled into one. The one major difference is that the major players are women. Think Animal House, Road Trip, American Pie, Swingers, History of the World Part I, Something about Mary, AND even Monty Python! The penis song is a classic. And the fact that its done full scale muscial like (think Grease) yet the topic is about the size of a man's member - you've never seen anything like this before!

You'll be telling your buds about the Dry Cleaner scene. Think classic 'young male purchasing condoms in family pharmacy mayhem' and maybe you'll have an idea what's to come - but they pushed the envelope to the edge. (There are 2 versions, make sure you get the unrated one).

Daring Cameron Diaz has really set herself apart from the rest of hollywood's boring actresses.

Be ready for a goofy, raucous, and fun film - and you won't be disappointed.
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the best movie ever!!!!
surfie_chik27 April 2003
what the hell is with all you people bad mouthing The Sweetest Thing!!! its the best movie ever and the actors and actresses are hell good too! i was reading one comment that said that any movie with Christina Applegate is a bad one, well i disagree, she is a fabulous actress and i bet she does a better job than anything you could do!! yea mabye this isnt your type of movie, thats cool with me, but at least u guys shouldnt come on here and say all this crap about it!! anyway i just wanted 2 say that its a hell good movie and to that person who gave it an f i give it an a.
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Awesome, fun, girly movie
LovelyJade11 January 2003
This movie is just a blast. Don't go in expecting to see something deep and artistic because it's not. It's just pure comedy with just a hint of romance. What I really love about this movie is that it truly captures what (some) girls are like. All the sexual reference and man-izing reminds me of my girlfriends. Go see the movie, have fun and laugh your butt off. If you go in expecting anything more, you will not enjoy yourself.
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Friends stick together through any obstacle
socerluvor20028 October 2002
This movie was really funny, and it kept me interested throughout the whole movie. Three friends take an adventure to find the true love and in the end it is a funny tale to tell. You have the player, the sweet innocent girl and the one that holds them together. Take a journey through this movie and you will enjoy yourself.
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Not too shabby
cafegirl17 September 2002
I've read many of the comments left by previous viewers. If you glance over them, you will notice a pattern. Most of the scathing, heated comments are left by men, while the praising and positive ones are left by women. That should leave you with this logical conclusion. This is not a movie that most men will enjoy. This is a movie primarily aimed at single women (although I'm married and I found it amusing). Also, I realized that for some reason, people just can't seem to resist comparing this to "There's Something About Mary." I could be wrong, but I don't think this is supposed to be a sequel or anything of the sort, so why compare? It's two different movies. If you're a single female, who likes to have fun and not take things so seriously, I would highly recommend this movie. If you're male or of the Ethan Frome-type movie goer--then this is not for you. Enjoy.
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A sweet comedy
style_grrl15 April 2002
I saw this movie on its opening weekend and its a very sweet comedy. I'd recommend this for a girls night out, it knows when to mix the hilarious humour with sweet moments.

Guys have many gross out comedies, well finally their letting girls have one, because really this is how girls are. There are plenty of girls like the ones in this movie in real life. I don't think its as gross as the guy gross out comedies.

I think this film portrays girls in a realistic way and its hilarious, I would definately recommend it if you're into some crude humour. Its a fun movie that you can go and just laugh! It doesn't try to teach its audience anything.

Its really good, I'd recommend it only if this is the kind of comedy that you'd be into. I also liked the bond that these three girl friends have between each other because that's how girls are in real life.

Someone noted that it was kind of sitcomish but you know that's just how girls are and this is how they really act, and the movie portrays that very good.
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SWEET! 8 of 10
svwebzine9 April 2002
The Sweetest Thing (8 of 10) By C.J. Cauley

"The Sweetest Thing" truly is just that. If you want to see a comedy that will make you laugh hysterically for an hour and a half, this is it. I went into this movie not expecting much but "The Sweetest Thing" was an unexpected treat. There were a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. In fact, guys everywhere who are going to get drugged to this movie by their significant others will find themselves pleasantly surprised.

Cameron Diaz stars as Christina Walters, a successful San Franciscan "player" who decides it's time to be serious about love with Peter Donahue, played by Thomas Jane. Her best friend is Courtney Rockliffe, played sweetly by Christina Applegate. It's about time Applegate was given a starring vehicle in a good film. Best known as Kelly Bundy in TV's "Married...With Children," Applegate is so hysterical in "The Sweetest Thing" it will leave you thinking "Kelly Who?"

Another former television star, Jason Bateman, is given a nice role as Peter's brother, Roger. Best remembered as David Hogan from "The Hogan Family" (aka "Valerie's Family"), Bateman, who is the brother of "Family Ties'" Justine Bateman, is excellent as the quirky sidekick. This foursome unfortunately don't get to spend a lot of screen time together but their individual scenes are very funny. Last, but not least, is Selma Blair who plays Christina's roommate, Jane Burns. Jane has man trouble herself, having just been dumped by her boyfriend.

The three girls go out on the town looking for fun but Christina accidentally finds the man of her dreams. Christina and Courtney soon head out on a road trip (Jane has to work) to hunt him down. The slapstick adventure that ensues is quite comical. Not to be left out, Jane has some madcap experiences of her own, back home. The scene that awaits Christina and Courtney when they return is the height of hilarity. Diaz and Applegate make a great pair of friends. They even took a break from the plot to perform an impromptu "movie montage" that kept the audience in stitches.

At times, "The Sweetest Thing" could give some teen movies a run for their money in gross-out humor. It even out does the "hair gel" scene from "There's Something About Mary." It also has it's fair share of clever humor too, via Nancy Pimental's screenplay. Like last year's "Legally Blonde," this film doesn't take itself seriously. The female stars are cute, the male stars are cuddly and all are good at what they do.

The commercials say "If you like 'There's Something About Mary' and 'My Best Friend's Wedding,' go see this movie" but I say "The Sweetest Thing" is better than both of them put together. No Oscars will given to "The Sweetest Thing" this time next year but like the apple pie in "America Pie," it has moments that will stay with you forever. It's a fun date movie that will have you rolling in the isles..go see it!
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A Woman's movie
mm-393 September 2002
It is nice to see a movie that is totally woman's humor that is based on the male role. Women can be just as bad as their male counterparts. This movie had a lot of toilet humor. Males will find this movie funny also. I think you had to be a woman through to understand some of the jokes or sayings. Overall, it was a great comedy. 7/10
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